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[BnHA] The Death of Daizo (non-canon) Empty

[BnHA] The Death of Daizo (non-canon)

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[BnHA] The Death of Daizo (non-canon) Empty [BnHA] The Death of Daizo (non-canon)

Post by Zazul on 11/9/2018, 10:37 am

As the rains fall hard, the night air filled with moisture and the haze of the Okinawa city streets, Daizo slowly got up from one knee. He arms were both broken, snapped at the forearm like branches on a tree, and his one leg was completely black from frostbite. All over his body, cuts and bruises the size of grapefruit dotted his muscular form. His kimono had been ripped to shreds, his hair left as nothing more than a messy nest on the top of his head, and his Kabuki-style makeup was smeared all over his blood-stained face. He glares defiantly at the figures in front of him, spitting a large wad of bloody mucus from his mouth as he breathes heavily.

"'re expecting me to beg...for my're gonna be really disappointed."

One of the figures, a massive man with six arms who's features were hidden in the shadows, scoffs at Daizo's courage. "Bold words, coming from a walking punching bag..."

Next to the figure, two more figures emerge, this time revealing their features. The first was Shikaku, one of Daizo's classmates who had been placed in B Class. However, she was no longer clad in her UA uniform, but instead wore a white, loose-fitting shirt that hung off her shoulder, as well as a pair of dark shorts, combat boots, and matching, torn leggings. Her eyes and face were cold as she glares daggers at Daizo, a handgun glinting in her hand in the streetlights' eerie glow.

By her side, though, was the man who Daizo's hatred was primarily focused on. He was large, strong, and had the entirety of his lower body covered in what appeared to be gunmetal grey, plate-like scales. His feet and hands were clawed, like a reptile's claws, and his head was a smooth, hairless orb with two slits for nostrils, red draconian eyes, and a wide, smiling, snake-like mouth. He wore a simple, white wife beater tank top over his massive chest, and a pair of torn-up jeans with no shoes or socks covering his reptilian feet. on his head, he wore a black beanie with the symbol of the gang Yamatano No Orochi, an eight headed snake forming a circle with its heads, emblazoned on it. The man smiled at Daizo with a look of utter victory, the sounds of guns cocking behind him echoing in the night. When he speaks, his voice is smooth, articulate, and filled with cunning and venom. "Now this IS a sad sight...oh, how the mighty Delinquent King of Katahara Village has fallen. It truly does pain me to do this to you, Dai-chan...after all, you and I had so much fun in the past together."

Daizo growls through the pain, punching the ground as he nearly falls back over. "You only got this far because you had your little lackies backing you, Koda! Trust me when I say, if this was one on one, I'd have clobbered your ass again!"

The draconian man sighs, shaking his head. "Coulda', shoulda', woulda'.....Didn't. Either way, look around you. The pro heroes are beaten. I personally put a bullet between that jackass Ingenium's eyes, myself. Okinawa is no longer open to Heroes...This is now MY city! A city where villains and Gangsters can finally make it in this world, without living in fear of some clown in tights throwing their plans into the shitter! You've lost, Matsumoto...and now, all of Japan will tremble at the name 'Yamatano No Orochi', and at my name....KODA BANRYU!"

Daizo chuckles, spitting out more blood. Around him, the members of Orochi begin looking concerned. Why was this beaten hero laughing?

"You're a fool, Koda...While you were busy with me, Deku and the others have already rescued my classmates and my cousin...your drug facility in Katahara is probably burning by now, knowing Explosion-sensei..."

To Daizo's horror, Banryu simply smirks and walks over to him, kneeling as he grabs Daizo by the hair and forces him to look him in the eye. "You are the one who's foolish, Daizo. You think I care about them? About ONE facility out of dozens that I have all throughout Okinawa? No...all of that, all of their lives, are meaningless. But, yours...I've been waiting and planning for this day for years, Daizo. Now, after so long, I can finally repay you for all the years of you getting in my way. Because of you, I had to wait this long to assume my rightful place at the top of Okinawa's criminal underworld. I could have been a major crime lord AT 16! But because of you, I had to wait three long more. Your friends may be alive, but I want you to know they will be in pain, Daizo. All of them. Because today, I take away the thing that supposedly 'saved them' from me...Today, I take your life." He turns around, walking back to his gang. He stops, however, and stands next to Shikaku, his back to Daizo as he then looks to his fellow Dragon Quirk user and nods to her. "Do it."

Shikaku lets out a sharp whistle, the gangsters walking up and standing next to her, all armed with various firearms from sub-machine guns, to assault rifles, to handguns. She takes aim, pointing her pistol at him before exhaling and speaking. "LIGHT 'EM UP!"

The sounds of gunfire ring out all through the block as the alleyway glows with the flashes of the discharge of bullets. When the hailstorm ends, Daizo is still standing, his body riddled full of holes and bleeding heavily. He coughs, staggering at first as a massive flood of blood flows out from his stomach, chest, and mouth. With a gasp, he falls forward into the wet ground, his body landing in a puddle that quickly turns to a bright red. He holds his hand out desperately, the pain so intense that he can barely speak. His mind whirled as he thought back on everything that happened until now. The Practicals, the Sports Festival, the Cultural Festival, the Provisional Exams, all the classes, and every single one of his classmates. He kept thinking, at least they are safe...that's all he could ask for. As his thoughts dwelled on his classmates, one in particular came to mind. He knew he would never see her again, hear her laughter again, smell her cooking at her place like he had gotten used to, or ever hold her warm hands ever again. The thought saddened him. If only he could see her one last time, tell her one last time how he felt. He turns over onto his back, looking up at the sky and reaching out with the last of his strength, using his last breath to utter only one, final word. "Rei...chan..."

With that, his hand falls to the ground, the heroic career of what would have been Okinawa's first Hero, cut short. Matsumoto Daizo, Jet Murokumo, was dead.
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