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[BnHA] The Death of Inori Kyoto (non-canon) Empty

[BnHA] The Death of Inori Kyoto (non-canon)

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[BnHA] The Death of Inori Kyoto (non-canon) Empty [BnHA] The Death of Inori Kyoto (non-canon)

Post by Maxwell on 11/9/2018, 11:57 pm

The virus was spreading faster than Inori calculated. If her team didn't hurry, not only would the security defenses of UA go down, but so would every other important building in the city. Hospitals. Police stations, firehouses. Government facilities.

Reiko's voice crackled over the communicator in Data-Link's helmet for everyone on the signal to hear.

"We have to find a way to stop the virus! Daizo and I are about to take on Moredcai, so we cant do much!"

"Inori," she could hear Tirinus over the comms as well. "I think this falls to you. Mozi and I can guide you to the control room of the tower and provide cover, but after that... you're on your own."

Inori remained silent for a few minutes, eyes wide and breath heavy. Did something so important really have to fall to her shoulders? They had JUST gotten the provisional licenses... she wasn't ready!

"Dammit!!" She shouts, making everyone in their locations jump from the sudden burst of sound over the radio. "Just... dammit it all..." Data-Link steadied her breathing and clenched her fist in an attempt to calm her shaking. "...Here's my location. Meet me and lets end this. Rei, Dai... my brother isn't to be taken lightly. His quirk... Its nonexistence."

It was only a few minutes before The fox and the moth joined up with Inori, running through the halls of the tower. The two used their quirks to focus down any enemies in the way and made sure that Inori made it to the control room safely. Bodies littered the halls behind the three of them; this was serious, and they didn't have time to show mercy, no matter how uncomfortable they were with the action of killing.

"I dont like this one bit..." Mozi stated, uncertainty clear in her voice.

"I don't either, but we need to get Inori to the control room." Tirinus attempted to comfort the moth girl. "The entire city's fate rests on our actions. As heroes, we cant stand by and watch it crumble around us!"

"Tirinus is right." Inori responded to her two current teammates. "We must put our all into this mission, even if it kills us. Remember, we must go beyond! Plus Ultra!"

"PLUS ULTRA!" Tirinus and Mozi shouted.

"PLUS ULTRAAAA!" was shouted by the others over the comms, who seemed to be listening in.

The door to the control room was in front of them now. Inori looked to her shaking hands, then up at her teammates. She was pouring all of her trust into them, silently asking them to guard the doors until she came back out. She needed all her focus on her quirk in here. The emitter and the mutant nodded in understanding, taking their positions outside the door.

"...don't come in, no matter what you hear. Do you guys understand?"

"Inori, what does that-"


The two looked to each other before reluctantly agreeing. They both hugged the techspeaker tightly before letting her go. Be safes and see you soons were exchanged. She stepped through, the door closing behind her.

Inori ran to the central controls and began tapping away, pulling everything she needed up onto the holo-screens. Sweat rolled down the side of her face as her fingers flew over the keyboard, her anxiety flaring.

"Okay... now talk to me..." she presses a key, the screen flooding with information and a code she wasn't familiar with. Her eyes went wide and she slammed a fist down on the keyboard, activating her quirk. "COME ON!"

She reached out to all pieces of technology in the room, pushing her will into every aspect of them. Inori needed to break this code otherwise, the entire city is doomed. The blue screens around her lit up purple as Data-Link connected into the main system.

Inori blinked, feeling the migraine settling in. She dropped to her knees in disbelief.

"My brother... was one step ahead of us. I can't get in... I can't stop it..." she whispered over the comms to her allies.

"Shut up." Reiko's voice cut sharp. "What happened to going beyond? What happened to you becoming a hero? One who wouldn't let entire cities get destroyed? Remember what you told us! REMEMBER YOUR MOTHER, NORI!!"

"Please don't give up, Inori-tan!" Mozi.

"We need you." Tirinus.

"Inori, if you give up here... we aren't friends." Daizo.

They were right; she couldn't give up. She stood up and rubbed her eyes, reestablishing her connection with the room. Data-Link racked her mind for an answer. Something. Anything. Her typing slowed as a solution dawned on her. She looked down at her suit, focusing her quirk to her fingertips. With a grunt, she stabs her fingers into the keyboard, electricity erupting from the machinery.

Her screams flooded the room and the hall, Mozi falling to the ground in shock and Tirinus stumbling away from the wall. Mozi reached for the door to rush to her friends aid, but was stopped by the fox.

"Don't disturb her. We promised that she would take care of this."

"But what if Inori-tan's hurt??"

"Trust her, Mozi. She would trust us if the roles were reversed."

The doors opened, but nothing save for the sound of incredibly slow footsteps came out. Moth-Chan and Kyuubi held their breaths as a figure emerged. Inori stepped put into the hall, the arms of her suit destroyed. Black circuit lines coursed through her suit before fading. She turned her gaze to the approximate location of her teammates, revealing her pale lavender eyes; her blindness.

Her back met the wall and she screamed out as her veins became blackened, the virus spreading through her system.



They rushed to their friends side as her screaming died down into pained sobs. Her body shook violently, black tears streaking down her cheeks from her suffering-filled eyes. Darkened blood leaked from her right ear.

"...i stopped it... The virus..." she whispered. "I pulled it from the system... and into the hardware of... my hero suit..."

"Didn't you say that was connected to your nerves or something?" Tirinus questioned, concern shining through as Inori nodded in response.

"Its... spreading... it wont be long before..." Her voice raises into another scream as her quirk activated, wires flying out from the control room and ramming themselves into Inori's body.

"Make it stop MAKE IT STOP!" She roared, writhing in pain. Mozi and Tirinus stumbled back, taken aback by this sudden action. Blood sprayed across the hall, across the faces of two of the people who she held dear. Her quirk faded as the blackened tears cleared up.

"I can't... control... my quirk... The corruption has spread... too far to stop..." she sobs, her body jerking in anguish. "Take this... to Riot Hero... Agency..." she holds out a bloody flash-drive, which Tirinus pockets with a shaking hand. "....i have a request..."

"What is it, Inori-tan?"

"I don't... have long. Maybe... a few minutes. Leave me here..." she placed a finger to her comms, turning it on. "Daizo... get Rei out of there... Tell Mordecai... to come to the... control room..."

Wires erupted from the floor around her, stabbing into her fallen form as her quirk activated once more. The face she made mirrored excruciating pain, but no sound came out. Fresh tears began to fall as she lurched forward, mixing with the blood on the floor.

"Looks like... I wont be coming home... dad..." she let out a weak chuckle, but it was full of warmth and life. "Thank you everyone... for pushing me this far..."

Her head fell back against the wall as she let out a sigh, shutting her eyes.

"Now... go... he'll kill you... if he sees you here..." she smiled to her friends.

Wordlessly, the two stood up and gave their silent goodbyes before heading out to meet up with Reiko and Daizo.


Steel toed boots changed loudly as Moredcai made his way down the hall to the control room. His breath caught in his throat as he came across the dead hero in the hall. He slowly approached, recognizing his sisters childish face as she rested eternally.

"I....Inori...?" He knelt down, gently pulling the wiring from her body. Moredcai held the girls lifeless body close to his own. "What did you do...?" He went to hold her hand, realizing there was a crumbled paper in it. He took it out and read the three words scrawled in her last moments.

'You did this'

The villain let our a cry of rage and anguish as he realized what his actions had lead up to.

Inori Kyoto, rising hero 'Data-Link' from the Kamino Ward of Yokohama...

Was dead.

[BnHA] The Death of Inori Kyoto (non-canon) Lokapo10[BnHA] The Death of Inori Kyoto (non-canon) Spr_Pt_Riley

[BnHA] The Death of Inori Kyoto (non-canon) Pkmncard [BnHA] The Death of Inori Kyoto (non-canon) Pkmncard [BnHA] The Death of Inori Kyoto (non-canon) Pkmncard

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