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[BnHA] The death of Tirinus Furrashu (Non-Canon) Empty

[BnHA] The death of Tirinus Furrashu (Non-Canon)

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[BnHA] The death of Tirinus Furrashu (Non-Canon) Empty [BnHA] The death of Tirinus Furrashu (Non-Canon)

Post by ShadowFantasy on 11/15/2018, 10:31 pm


There so much of it! He coughed as his lungs felt the burn that he knew only too well. His quirk made this stuff after all. He pushes through the burning building that he knew as his home, using his quirk to snuff out older flames with new ones as he went to make the goings on a little easier on himself. He knew that the person he had sleeping over at his house wouldn't be able to last much longer.

Just hang on a little longer Mozi! I'm almost there! He thought to himself, hoping and praying that the small moth girl was still alive within his burning home.

It was then that he finally came to the stairs that lead up to his room. He starts up them, the creaking of the quickly degrading floor boards making it very quickly obvious that they wouldn't last much longer under his weight. Then one of them breaks under his paws, causing him to cry out in pain from the splinters of heated wood that went into his leg. He tried to lift himself out but the bigger splinters of the wooden boards were stuck in his leg. With a growl he wrenches his leg free, blood leaking down his leg as it sizzles against the still burning flooring. His leg was going to be busted up after this, that much was certain.

Soon he manages to make it up to the second floor, quickly rushing to his own room to find Mozi. He spies her in a crumpled heap on the floor, racing to her side as he bends down and lifts her into his arms. He brushes the soot and ash from her cheek and sees her coughing, the sounds of it muffled by the crashing and crumbling of the house around him. She was still alive! Thinking quickly, he spies the window to his room and gets up, Mozi's weight forcing pain to shoot through his bloodied leg. With a cry in the mixture of a bracing growl and searing anguish, he launches himself at the window, smashing through it to the grass beneath behind his house. He feels the cracking and creaking of his bones as he lands and rolls onto the now brittle grass, slowly getting up as he feels the pain in his arm. He was breaking his body for this girl but he knew he wasn't out of the woods yet. Panting from the heat, he gathers the strength in his legs and leaps, going up and over his back fence and to the safety of the street behind his former home. Reiko and Inori were there, having spotted the burning building from a mile away. He was near UA campus after all!

They rush to his side and is immediately patted down to put out the burning fur on his body. "Tirinus! What's going on?!" Reiko cries out, seeing Mozi clutched tightly in his arms.

He grunts in pain and releases the girl in his arms. "Get her somewhere safe! Right now!" He barks at them, shakily standing onto his paws. He could feel his body ready to give up, but he knew this wasn't over. Someone had caused this fire....and he knew that person would be nearby.

Inori helps him stand up as she speaks. "You're hurt too! Come on, we should get you to-!"

He shoves her away as he growls, looking down the street at a woman with long blonde and silver hair with a huge blade on her back. One side of her face was covered by the hair, her casual clothing and headphones around her neck being a look he knew all too well. She was an infamous face for the Sinister Society of Villains. The Kinesis Villain; Myst. "Go! I'll be fine!"

Reiko spots the woman as she begins approaching the trio of hero hopeful's, looking from her to Tirinus and back. "You can't fight her in your condition! We need to run!"

Inori nods, trying to help him walk again, only to be pushed away. "She's right! Don't be stupid!"

Tirinus only huffs as his tails begin to split into four, one of them still thick with the other five. "If I don't delay her here she'll go after all of us. I can at least keep her busy here. Tell Bakugou sensei that I'm here and that I need help. Go!"


He flashes fire into the street with a sweep of his legs, a wall of fire separating him from the others. "I said GO! Leave me!"

Hesitantly, Inori and Reiko exchange concerned expressions before nodding slowly to one another. They knew he was right; either they left him here to fight in his state or there would be no strong heroes to defend Mozi. Reluctantly they help Mozi onto Reiko's back and then they begin running away to UA high, leaving Tirinus to deal with the new villain in front of him.

Myst stares calmly at Tirinus in his desperate and broken state, blinking at him. "So the fox hero chooses to give up his own life for the sake of others. How cliche....I hope you know I have no intention of leaving you here. You were supposed to die in that fire....same with your moth friend."

He grins defiantly, embers from the still spreading fire going over his form as he reaches for one of the charred waterskins on his belt. He takes a swig of water from it, letting out a breath afterwards. "I'm a hero to the end. We protect the innocent and do whatever we can to minimize the losses in the event of an attack or a disaster. Such is our duty as heroes. But I thought you would've known that by now....being a former hero yourself."

She narrows her eye at him. "How much do you know of me...."

He tosses the waterskin to the side as the blade begins floating off of the woman's back, his fur rippling as fire begins to dance around it and off of it. "Enough. Now are you going to stand there or are you going to attack me? Because I'll be damned if I let you get any further than where you're standing right now...."

Myst herself begins floating into the air as she lets the blunt side of the huge blade float over to the palm of her hand. "Poor choice of words...." The blade suddenly begins spinning like a saw blade as it flies at him, making him dodge to the side.

He silently cries out as he feels his leg injury from before creak under his own weight, forcing him to take a knee. But he wasn't done. He couldn't let this woman get to the others! He goes down onto all fours and charges at Myst, arms igniting into flames as he tackles Myst to the ground and flings her into a building with a small explosion of fire from his hand. Thank you Bakugou sensei....Your training was ever valuable....But I fear I won't be able to live long enough for you to see your teachings come to fruition....

Myst kicks off of the building where she had landed, a blast of kinetic energy blowing him backwards....into the waiting blade behind him. Unbeknownst to him, Myst's weapon had never stopped chasing him. He screams out loud as the blade quickly sinks into his spine, coughing as blood comes up from his lungs and through his clenched teeth.

Myst floats up to him and only stares at him as he struggles to get off of the blade that was now firmly embedded into his spine. "Pitiful....You and your will never become the heroes you hoped you could be....the big names won't even remember your name....Kyuubi...."

He chuckles painfully, feeling his vision fading. "That was never what I wanted....I only....wanted to protect others....and those....precious to me....and to that end...." He grins through his bloodied fangs and teeth. "I would say....I did enough....They are safe....and you will never get to them now...."

She growls and the air distorts around his form. Soon slashes begin to slice across his fur as he silently opens his jaws to yell in pain. But with the blade in his back, he couldn't. His voice was gone. Soon he could feel his life ebbing away from the various gashes now in his mangled body. As his vision turned black, only one thought crossed his mind.

I'm sorry Mozi....I guess....I wasn't strong enough for you....after all....
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