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[BnHA] The Death of Shikakuu (non-canon) *TRIGGER WARNING* Empty

[BnHA] The Death of Shikakuu (non-canon) *TRIGGER WARNING*

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[BnHA] The Death of Shikakuu (non-canon) *TRIGGER WARNING* Empty [BnHA] The Death of Shikakuu (non-canon) *TRIGGER WARNING*

Post by Maxwell on 11/12/2018, 3:34 pm

*TRIGGER WARNING: This story touches on suicide, so if its something you are uncomfortable with reading, please don't*


It spattered across the darkened windows of the empty street that Shikakuu walked. Thunder cracked and lightning flashed, revealing the almost lifeless eyes of the dragon girl. Her steps slowed to a stop as she looked up at one of the houses; Daizo's. She didn't have the heart to go in and face his family, let alone reveal to them the truth about the loss of their kin. Her gaze turned back to the empty street as she continued her walk. She could feel the rain cold water as it finally sank into her boots, causing a shudder to run up her back. Her hands shook violently as she wiped away the tears that threatened to fall.

Shikakuu had made a huge mistake; one that she couldn't fix, forgiven or not. After this night... there was no way she could face the others. She had gone too far with this, and there was no turning back. After all Banryu had promised, the dragon girl was now truly alone. As she walked, everything evil she had done surfaced in her thoughts. The sports festival was an accident, but that's what triggered everything. The defenses of the school were almost destroyed. She had hurt each and every one of her friends, even tried to convert them to villainy, just like the other dragon quirked male had done with her. There were other smaller crimes such as theft and such, but those paled in comparison.

 Then there was Daizo. She was the one who gave the command. His blood was on her hands, and no amount of repentance could remove it. 

She came to a stop at the entrance of the park she and everyone used to hang out at after school, and before returning to the dorms. They took up the one bench, watching battle videos on Inori's tablet and betting candy and favors on who would win. Taking over the playground just to feel like kids again, then showing off their quirks when real children came around. 

A hollow smile crossed her lips as the warmer, better memories began to overlap the bad ones. Shikakuu took her seat on the bench, the smile fading as the memories focused in on Daizo hanging up-side-down from the monkey bars, his uniform blazer falling over his face. Reiko's bright red face as she shouted at him to fix his shirt, and everyone else's laughter. She reached into the holster on her leg and removed the 9mm, turning it over in her claws. It's sleek black form made her sick as the echoes of mass gunshots and the sound of a single body hitting the ground filled her eardrums. 

Maybe she could apologize to him in the afterlife. Spend eternity doing what she can to rectify her wrongs, but maybe that wouldn't be enough. Maybe she wouldn't even end up in the same place as him.

Yeah, she knew where she was going. 

With her other hand, she pulled out her secondary phone, dialing the single number that was stored in the contacts. When the call connected, she smiled.

"Sorry, Nii-chan."

A single gunshot was masked by the sound of cracking thunder. There was then no sound, save for one.


Shikakuu Votaire from Tokyo, hero in training turned villain, was dead.

[BnHA] The Death of Shikakuu (non-canon) *TRIGGER WARNING* Lokapo10[BnHA] The Death of Shikakuu (non-canon) *TRIGGER WARNING* Spr_Pt_Riley

[BnHA] The Death of Shikakuu (non-canon) *TRIGGER WARNING* Pkmncard [BnHA] The Death of Shikakuu (non-canon) *TRIGGER WARNING* Pkmncard [BnHA] The Death of Shikakuu (non-canon) *TRIGGER WARNING* Pkmncard

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