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Aura Wake: Starlight Sonata

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Aura Wake: Starlight Sonata - Page 2 Empty Re: Aura Wake: Starlight Sonata

Post by Zazul on 10/16/2019, 5:44 am

Mercer lets out a sigh as he lets Mari help him up. "I wish...Crazy cat-chick freaking stupid-punched me! Didn't even aim it, just hauled off. Got a monster of a left hook, I tell ya..." He smirks, though, nodding to Mari. "Name's Mercer. Nice to meet ya." He then looks around to Morgan, Sek'Kuar, and Michael as well. "Quite the uh...unique bunch we got here."

Meanwhile, Arthur and Noah arrive finally, the half-Catian waving while the half-Fenrir sheepishly brings up the rear.

"So, you all must be the new members of Aura Wake? I'm Arthur. Arthur Desudari, and from today onwards, we're all classmates and teammates!~ I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. Though this is my first official year as a student, I've been training and living here at the College all my life. If any of you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will answer them to the best of my ability!"

Noah waves timidly to the others. "H-Hey! I'm Noah Ash-Claw, from Frostguard...Sun Shaman-in-training, at your service! Hehe..." There was no denying it, Noah was nervous as hell.

"Well, isn't this sweet?" Alvin's voice rang out as the Witch-kin male drops down in front of the students, landing gracefully on one foot as his aura's pressure spikes, but then dies down once he fully lands. How did he stop himself from being hurt from falling from so high up!? With a slight nod, Alvin looks to the teachers. "Good work bringing them here. You all can head back to the dorms and rest up. Classes begin tomorrow at first light, Arch Mage's orders."

Aurora lets out an audible groan. "CAN'T WE START THEM THE DAY AFTER!? WE ALL JUST GOT HERE AND-"

Alvin cuts her off flatly. "He said 'If Aurora complains about it, remind her of that she still owes me for all the broken desks and other furniture from LAST YEAR' and that 'You're still on probation for your anger, remember?'."

Aurora lets out a small, deep, cat-like growlish groan. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

Alvin does not smile at all. "Thoroughly." He then looks over to the other students. "My name is Alk'Veign, but you can call me Alvin for short. I'm an S-Rank here at the College, and I also happen to be Arch Mage Neir's own apprentice. I've been assigned to your little group as your minder for the first two weeks that you all are here. That means I will probably be accompanying you all on your first mission, if you are given one in that time. If you all will come with me, the Arch Mage would like to speak with all of you in his study." He inclines with his head to the staircase behind him, putting the apple in his hand in his mouth and holding it in his teeth while he places his hands in his pockets and begins casually walking up the stairs.

Mercer looks around to the others, shrugging. "I guess we follow him?"

Arthur chuckles, nodding as he waves for the others to come with him and Alvin. "Very perceptive. Come, you're all about to meet one of the most powerful Mages in all of the Mosaic Cloud.~"
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Aura Wake: Starlight Sonata - Page 2 Empty Re: Aura Wake: Starlight Sonata

Post by ShadowFantasy on 10/30/2019, 2:48 pm

Morgan watches the goings on with her usual straight face. Though she was in a neutral mood, her typically facial expression would make anyone paying attention to her think that she was irritated or annoyed in some way. However, when the introductions go around, she glances elsewhere, not interested in the subject but still giving her own response. “My name isn’t important.” She said simply, not bothering to dull the sharpness of her tongue. She then spots the newcomer, Alvin. Listening to his words, she couldn’t help but think he was a little too prideful about being the apprentice to an Arch Mage. Not that she knew what being an apprentice Mage was like. She had to develop her brand of magic on her own given where and how she’d grown up. Still, she follows him to meet the Arch Mage he was speaking of. In the back of her mind, she hoped that not all of the S-Rank’s at the college seemed so....prideful.
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