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The Human/Demon Cultural Exchange Program Empty The Human/Demon Cultural Exchange Program

Post by Genesis on 9/16/2019, 9:48 am

Hello everyone, it's me with with a new story idea I had while at work that I just had to write down. Think of this as a Pilot of sorts to see if I can keep going with the idea. And Please leave me some comments on if you like the idea and want to see me continue the story. Anyways, here is the first chapter for your entertainment.

Chapter 1: The Demon Lord.

“Demons, monsters of pure darkness. Their only desire, to lay waste to the human world and rule everything themselves. They attack unsuspecting and innocent villages, burning houses and crops until nothing but ash remains. They then plunder anything they can including gold, jewels, and even young women. They are a blight on this world, and an affront to the mighty Goddess of Light. All demons should be eradicated at once. Do not trust a demon, they are only trying to destroy you!”

Laughter, starting with a slow chuckle but slowly building to an outright bellow. A man, roughly six feet tall with messy black hair and crimson red eyes, slowly crumbled up the parchment he was holding, tossing it at the far wall. He wiped the tears from his eyes from laughter and looked to the servant in front of him who had brought the parchment to his attention. The servant, a reanimated Skeleton wearing light leather armor that barely covered its body, was shaking waiting for his master’s response.

“This is a joke, right?” The tall man asked, looking to his servant with a hoped of him laughing along with him. The skeleton, while unable to express much emotion, showed its dismay and responded with a clatter.

“I am sorry My Lord, but this is no joke. The Humans have been spreading these parchments all throughout their world. Condoning the demons. I fear they are planning to start another great war with us, or worse. They may plan to send a Hero to slay you.” The skeleton rattled out, looking away from his master before he spoke his final thought.

The man listening looked his servant over, looking for any signs of lying, but sadly found none.

“If what you say is true then I have a follow up question. What percentage of the human species is able to read this parchment?” The man asked.

The skeleton rattled as it reached into a small messenger bag it wore on its side, slipping out another piece of parchment before responding.

“Based on our research sir, we estimate approximately 13% of the human population is actually able to read. And, while the number may appear low, they truth is that each human city has a squire to whom the notices are meant for. They are then supposed to read out the parchment to the rest of the citizens of each village.” The Skeleton concluded, returning the parchment back into its bag and awaiting his lord’s responses.

“And what of this hero you mentioned?” The man questioned, his curiosity now peaked. The skeleton once more reached into its bag and rummaged around before finally finding the parchment it was seeking. Then he responded once more.

“Yes, the “HERO” of the humans. We haven’t been able to gather too much information on them but what we do know is that they are still young, having only been born within the last 20 years or so. We have also managed to narrow down their current location to a few possibilities. Our research team has concluded that they must still be training to hone their abilities. If we could find their location, we could take them out before they even had a chance to attack my lord.”

The man listened intently before nodding. He rose from his large throne before speaking.

“Thank you, my loyal messenger. With this new information I must now head to my private chambers and begin making plans. I will do everything in my power to protect my people. You may return to your duties now. Thank you.”

The skeleton paused only for a moment before raising to its full height, roughly 5’8”, before bowing and speaking his thanks as well.

“Anything to help serve the mighty Demon Lord. Praise to you my lord”.

As the Demon lord waved off the praise, he waited for the skeleton to leave his throne. After, he retreated to his private chambers, a large and lavash bedroom. As he closed the door behind himself, he slowly walked over to his bed before sitting on the edge of it. He let out a sigh.


He panicked, his once cool visage now gone. He frantically scrubbed his head with his hands trying to loosen his mind so he could think.

“Alright calm down. Let’s think for a second.”

He said, trying to calm his own thoughts.

“The humans hate demons, when you look at their rulers and what they believe in it only makes sense.”

He thought back to his teachings about the humans. He was taught that the humans all worshipped a mighty goddess. The Goddess of Light, was said to have given birth to all the humans. Granting them the power to grow and become strong. Giving them the blessings of life. Meanwhile, they were also taught that the demons were creators born from the darkness, meant only to consume the gifts that the Goddess of Light had left behind. Truly an unfair story to hear.

“And then there’s the Hero.” He ruminated to himself.

The Hero, another thing he had to learn about before he became the Demon Lord. The human with unique properties. Someone versed in both magic, and swordsmanship. The ultimate equalizer in the world. It was said that the Humans sole purpose was to kill the Demon Lord and bring in a new era of prosperity for humanity. Every Demon Lord who had come before the current one had been slain by the mighty Hero, or at least, that’s what the humans wanted to keep telling people. The truth was, of the One Hundred Demon Lords who had come before, only one Demon Lord in recorded history had actually been killed by the Hero. More than half the others had died from natural causes such as old age or sickness, one died choking on some under cooked meat, and many others were assassinated by other demons wanting to become the next Demon Lord.

“So, with all this, what is the best course of action?”

The man continued to pounder, going back and forth between the information he had. Finally, he spoke his conclusion.

“Maybe I should just give up!?”

He fell to his bed, exasperated. Being the Demon Lord had proved to be a lot harder then he had originally thought. While he wasn’t the strongest Demon, he had proven to be one of the brightest, finding ways to use his opponents’ strengths against themselves and easily climbed his way to the top, only to find that leading the other demons was a lot harder then he had thought. He finally sat up chuckling to himself again.

“Like I could just give up, the humans would slaughter everyone in my domain. I would love to find a way to broker peace between our kinds, but I just can’t think of any way to do so, unless…”

Hiss thoughts lingered as he rose from his bed and exited his chamber. As he stumbled around his large castle lost in thought, he was found by a trusted companion.

“My lord, are you alright, you seem to be confused by something?”

A young woman, roughly in her early to mid-20’s and standing at just shy of 5’4”, wearing a simple maid outfit approached the Demon Lord. She was a simple maid, but one that the Demon Lord had been acquainted with many times.

“Oh, Lalata. Just the person I was looking for.”

The Demon Lord snapped back to attention, realizing who was in front of him. He had known the Maid in question for quite some time. Ever since he had become the new Demon Lord, he had gone out to find someone who could keep up with his hectic lifestyle. He also needed someone who could comprehend the inane ideas he would suggest, but more importantly he needed someone who could shoot down a terrible idea quickly. The maid he had come to know as Lalata was just that person.

“If there is anything you need of me my lord, you know I am ready to assist you.”

She replied, bowing as she said so. The Demon Lord chuckled before placing his hand on her head.

“How many times do I have to tell you, when we are alone like this you don’t have to be so formal to me.”

Lalata blushed from the contact and hearing her master’s words. She then stutterd out a reply.

“V-very well. Then what I can I do for you today Kamnar Archala? Or would you prefer I just use Kamnar?

The Demon Lord, Kamnar, chuckled once more to himself before finally replying.

“Kamnar will do just fine, as for what I need. I need to head to that place. I have an idea, but I need to figure out the best way to handle it. If everything goes well, this may be the start of a new age for us demons.”

Lalata, listened intently before being shocked. She stammered after her lord who had started walking again. After catching up the Kamnar she spoke once again.

“Are you sure you want to go in their again? Last time you barely got out. You could have died in there.”

Kamnar listened to her warning before replying in kind.

“I understand your concern, but I won’t be in as much risk this time. Last time I was overwhelmed, this time I will be ready.”

As the two continued to walk they finally reached their destination. In front of them was a massive metal double door. Engraved were ancient runes and letters, none of which were readable by any demons still living in the demon realm. Kamnar placed his hand on the door as the runes began to glow. The doors slowly slid open on their own, a bright light shooting forth from the inside of the doors.

“This is it, what I need is in this room. The knowledge I require is within my grasp. Thanks to this. The Cosmic Knowledge.”

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The Human/Demon Cultural Exchange Program Empty Re: The Human/Demon Cultural Exchange Program

Post by Rocky on 9/18/2019, 3:59 pm

I really like the introduction to this! There's strong parallels between this and two major things: your primary series featuring Genesis, and the Legend of Zelda. I don't know if those things at all inspired you, or if this is a clever reimagining of those two things; if it is a retelling, then it works pretty well! If it isn't, it's already super easy for us to grasp, as most of us are familiar with this set up! At this point, I'm looking out for the gimmick. What separates this from the stories of Genesis and Link?

I like the idea that we're following a view from the villain's perspective. It's not often that we write about our foes, so I enjoy this fresh piece! I also enjoy the 'humanity' the characters show between each other, as there's a good amount of emotion being displayed here. I like the names you also chose.

What am I most interested in, by far, is the title... Cultural Exchange Program? Is the Demon Lord going to be the main character, or will we get other characters in the mix? What does this mean? I hope you go into more detail about these cultures as you go on!

Overall, I think this ia good start to something interesting! It has a lot of potential in the same way Psychic Warfare does! I hope you continue to surprise us!

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The Human/Demon Cultural Exchange Program Empty Re: The Human/Demon Cultural Exchange Program

Post by Genesis on 9/19/2019, 9:22 am

Thanks for the comment Rocky. And while I could see where you would make those comparisons, I can guarantee that this story is going to be different what you are expecting.

Speaking of, IT"S TIME FOR CHAPTER 2. I hope you guys really enjoy the story because we are now going to start moving forwards with it.

And as always, please leave me a comment since they let me know what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong with the story.

Chapter 2: Knowledge is Power.

No matter what world you go to, no matter what time, there is one golden rule that all must follow. A rule that many have tried to fight against but have always failed. That rule is simply, Knowledge is Power. Who ever has the knowledge will have the power to use it to mold their world to their liking.

The Cosmic Knowledge considered by few to be the greatest treasure in the Demon Lord’s possession. While many believe the greatest treasure would be something like a sword that can cut through anything, or armor that can block any attack, those who understand this golden rule can see the truth.

Kamnar stood at the threshold to his greatest treasure, mentally preparing himself for what was to come. Lalata stood next to him, concern clear on her face.

“I still don’t understand what your obsession with this thing is. Most Demon Lords before you spent their time working on perfecting their swordsmanship or becoming as strong as possible, but you only seem to be concerned with this silly room.”

Lalata expressed her exasperation. While she was a simple maid, Kamnar had made it clear many times that he valued her opinions on all matters. Kamnar looked to her with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah, most of those past Lords focused on who was stronger, who could lift the heaviest thing. They ruled with power and look where they are now.”

He turned to face his companion with a now stern expression.

“Diseases are abundant in our world. Small Pox, Pneumonia, the Flu. All these things kill millions of not only our people, but the humans as well. And why? Because we don’t have the knowledge on how to fight these threats.”

He turned back to the doorway in front of him. A swirling bright light filling his vision.

“Inside this room lies the knowledge that can change this world for the better. The Cosmic Knowledge contains knowledge form not only this world, but from possible other worlds. Worlds that we can learn from to make ourselves greater then we could be by ourselves.”

Lalata listened to her master, nodding occasionally like she understands what he was saying. Truth be told, she was only able to pick up a few things here and there that was explained to her. Still, she knew her master had a desire to learn, and that this was the best place for him to do that.

“So, are you planning to find something in there to help you destroy the Hero? Something to let you take control of the entire Demon World?”

Lalata asked, trying to think of the different ways past Demon Lords would have used such a powerful artifact. Kamnar shook his head before focusing once more on the path in front of him.

“All the past Demon Lords have ever done is try to kill the Hero and conquer the world of the humans. But why? What is there to gain from controlling both sides of the world. And even if we did win, it wouldn’t stop the humans. They would always try to fight back. They won’t ever just give up and roll over. That’s why I want to try an alternate path. I want to try something no Lord has ever tried before.”

Kamnar explained as he took his first steps towards the Cosmic Knowledge, sweat dripping down his face. He had entered this thing once before. And he had been stuck in there for almost four days straight. It was only thanks to Lalata’s calling to him that he was able to even escape from the vast knowledge that had engulfed him.

Lalata reached out, grabbing her master’s sleeve. She was shaking, afraid of loosing him again to the cursed knowledge that lied within. Kamnar noticed and gently gripped her hand, turning to face her with a warm smile.

“Don’t worry, last time I was overwhelmed by the vast knowledge that was laid out before me, this time, I plan on looking for something specific and I don’t plan on loosing myself.”

He gently pealed her hand off himself. He would have loved to have her come with him, but only those with strong constitutions could survive the experience. Something that, to his knowledge, only the Demon Lord possessed.

Kamnar walked into the doorway to the Cosmic Knowledge, the bright light engulfing him. The doors behind him closed as he entered. The runes and letters continuing to glow for a few moments before they faded, sealing the door.

“Come back safely My Lord”

Lalata whispered to herself, unable to do anything more.

Day turned to night, and night was slowly turning to day again. Lalata had not left her spot in front of the doorway to the Cosmic Knowledge since her master had entered. While it wasn’t as long as the last time, she was starting to get concerned about the amount of time he was spending there. Worried that he might lose himself to it again. If it came down to it, she would be more than willing to burst in and drag him out herself, even if it might cost her her life.

“My Lord, what are you doing in there. Please hurry back.”

As if hearing her words, the runes and letters around the doorway slowly started to glow. Then slowly, the doors slide open once more and a tall visage made its way out. Lalata smiled brightly at seeing the man exiting the doorway. As Kamnar exited the Cosmic Knowledge, he looked to his trusted companion, a weak smile on his face. Suddenly, after exiting the doorway, he quickly collapsed.

Lalata dashed to her master quickly, catching him before he could fall to the ground completely. She looked him over calling his name.

“Kamnar? KAMNAR!?”

Worry permeated her thoughts, concerned about her trusted friend. Kamnar slowly opened his eyes, seeing his friend in near tears in front of him. He slowly reached up and caressed her face. Smiling weakly to her.

“I’m-I’m alright Lalata. Just tired. Searching for the knowledge you want in there takes a lot more effort then just being swarmed with all of it at once.”

Kamnar tried to calm her down weakly. His voice was tired, and he felt a little cold, but after Lalata had cleared her head from hearing his words she could fell there was still plenty of life in him. She shook her head, slinging his arm around her shoulders to support him.

“Come now my Lord, let’s get you to your chambers so you can rest up.”

She slowly helped to carry him back to his room. For most Demon Lords, this would have been the ultimate insult.  Having to be helped to their room, appearing weak in front of other Demons. Kamnar however, did not have such shame and cared more about his work rather than his appearances.

As they reached Kamnar’s personal Chambers, Lalata slowly helped him onto the bed so he could rest.

“So my lord, did you manage to find what you were searching for?”

She asked, her curiosity now getting the better of her. Kamnar turned to his companion and gave a strong smile, the strongest one he had shown since entering the Cosmic Knowledge. Then he responded.

“Yeah, I found the one thing that no other Demon Lord has ever been able to find. I have found a way to bring peace between the Humans and the Demons.”

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