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Super Geneforce Bros. Idea? Empty

Super Geneforce Bros. Idea?

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Super Geneforce Bros. Idea? Empty Super Geneforce Bros. Idea?

Post by Rocky on 4/25/2018, 8:15 pm

So, one of our most creative minds on our team, Zazul, thought it would be fun to attempt a special Smash-styled Battle Royal featuring our memorable characters and memorable stages.  Any matches would be played in the Forum Games section, since we're parodying a fighting game most of us know and love.

What do we think?  Do we want to try this idea out?  Please leave your suggestions and feedback below!

I, for one, believe this idea can work well if we're diligent enough with it!  ^_^

*His original suggestion*
"...featuring popular characters from all the different rps and stories on the site!  Eight characters per Site Member; five characters for the starting roster, and three secrets that can be unlocked.  With fighting stages from memorable moments in the stories!"

Super Geneforce Bros. Idea? PkmncardSuper Geneforce Bros. Idea? PkmncardSuper Geneforce Bros. Idea? Pkmncard
Super Geneforce Bros. Idea? Pinktr10
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Super Geneforce Bros. Idea? Empty Re: Super Geneforce Bros. Idea?

Post by Zazul on 4/28/2018, 8:29 pm

Howdy, all!

So, recently, my mind has been aglow with ideas for this new game. My goal when I came up with the concept was that I'm a pretty frequent reader of not only my own work, but the works of everyone else on this site. In other words. I'm not just a poster, I'm a fan as well. And being a fan, the most common question that would pop into my mind was "What if?" What if this hero from here fought this hero from there? What if this character ran into those people? What if this villain teamed up with this other villain? And then, one night, it hit me. Super Smash Bros fighting gameplay, with a dynamic story and a big bad to tie it all together!~ So, thats why I suggested to Rocky, Luna, and ShadowFantasy that we start this little project.

Now, you guys are probably wondering, what big bad would be good enough to make all these different people fight? It definitely wouldn't do to use a character from an existing RP or story. So, then I thought...what about a villain from a dead story? And so, my warped world of a mind began molding a new villain from the name of one of my old ones.

I call him Abyssion, Conflict Incarnate! An extra-dimensional divine entity who exists and survives on conflict, madness, war, and despair! Originally a god of Madness from the Geneforce X rp years back, Abyssion has been re-packaged, along with his Kishin servants, to make for not only interesting adversaries, but also a good basis for an audience for our heroes to fight for!

Thats right, the heroes are fighting not just to survive, but for the entertainment of the masses, as well as various championship titles in the campaign story line. Of course, multiplayer skirmishes that have no impact on story are always going to be a feature, but with how epic so many of the characters are, it would be a waste not to include a little story aspect.~

What do you guys think? Do we have a good concept? :3
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