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Geneforce Homepage: Geneforce Comics

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Geneforce Homepage: Geneforce Comics Empty Geneforce Homepage: Geneforce Comics

Post by Rocky on 6/19/2015, 1:29 am

Hey NewGener's!  How's it going??

Not sure if you guys've noticed, but we actually have a Homepage other than the regular forum's regular Portal and Index!  Check it out on the top Navigation bar (it doesn't have a graphic yet), or check out this link to get straight to the most interesting section:


If you have been with us long enough, you'll probably know that most of us have an affinity for comics of all kinds (manga, american, european, does it really matter?).  Actually, most of our Mod Family is very familiar with making these comics (but you've probably seen mine more than anything else unless you dug around a bit in the Creativity corner).

Admin Genesis has mostly done Sprite Comics and is almost always the main color artist for mine and Luna's artwork (if he gets around to it).  He and I go waaaay back with the comics, one of our first attempts being a drawn Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction that never really got past the sketch stage.  We also tried Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon (which may or may not see a come back), a variety of Chris Co. Shorts and silly one-pagers, and a romance comic that we're currently remaking known as Hidden Feelings.  We hope you enjoy that when it comes out!

Admin Luna likes working on comics and hopes to finish the remake of an oldie-but-goodie.  I've personally also done several one-pagers with her in the past and it's always a joy to work with her~!  As for me, I've been making bad comics since 2004, so my sketched or inked stuff is easier to run into, especially here or on my decaying DA.  Phirania, I'm positive, has a few comics of his own, but I've yet to actually see any (either IRL or scans).  He's also a genius when it comes to these things though, so I look forward to making a comic with him someday!

Either way, this was just a quick little post promoting our Comics page on the Homepage (which is a Google-driven-site by the way)!  Hope you enjoy and I'll see you around!

Geneforce Homepage: Geneforce Comics PkmncardGeneforce Homepage: Geneforce Comics PkmncardGeneforce Homepage: Geneforce Comics Pkmncard
Geneforce Homepage: Geneforce Comics Pinktr10
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Geneforce Homepage: Geneforce Comics Empty Re: Geneforce Homepage: Geneforce Comics

Post by Genesis on 6/19/2015, 2:27 pm

I have now officially uploaded the first couple of pages of hidden feelings to the homepage and gave it its own page. I will also be putting up a topic to get peoples thoughts on the comics as well as a comment section for the comics. Plase tell us what you think so we can make a better comic for all of you.

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