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No Tears on Christmas; BtTG holiday Special Empty

No Tears on Christmas; BtTG holiday Special

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No Tears on Christmas; BtTG holiday Special Empty No Tears on Christmas; BtTG holiday Special

Post by Maxwell on 12/14/2017, 5:16 pm

((Note: The following story is semi canon.))

In the warm sand of Alola, Loka sat alone, overlooking the waves of the vast ocean. On her left rested Blitz; a Houndoom who looked like he was in his older days. On her right was Sai; a Mightyena who was close behind in age as well. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she gently stroked the thinning fur of her pokemon, the three of them knowing their years together were coming to a close.


The trainer thought about her friends that he had to leave back in Unova; Wes, Catia, Cerise... Decoda. They were the one who suggested that she came here, to make the Dark types final days as comfortable as possible. 

"You could also use the break, Loka. You've been through just as much as them." Cerise had said.

"Y'all actually forcin' on this damn vacation?" Loka frowns, but looks down into the soft eyes of her own pokemon. As hardened as they were, they had the gaze of innocent puppies. Their trainer swallowed the lump in her throat, no words needed to be said between her and her pokemon. She finally looked back up at her friends. "...When do I go...?"

Decoda handed her the first class plane tickets. "You're set to take off from Unova International in a week."


Loka looked at her pokegear, Dec 24th, but was surprised to see a video message in her inbox. She nudged her two pokemon who sat up and looked over her shoulder to watch the recording. She pressed play.

"Loka! Hey, doll!" Decoda's cheerful face beamed at her through the screen. "The others have a couple things they wanna say, but I'm first for you, so here goes!" he takes a deep breath.  "I know you're really far from us, but I wanted to let you know that you're not alone this Christmas. You've got us! We really miss you three, and hope you guys are relaxing it up over there in Alola! I heard that your cousin Artemis is there, so give her our regards! Here's Cerise. Oh! Merry Christmas!"

"Hey there, Loka. I hope everything is as easy as it can be for you; you're going through a lot, but Decoda's right. You still have us, and we're here for you every step of the way." He gives her a smile. "Loss is never an easy thing, at it's going to hurt a lot, but your wounds will heal. You'll become stronger than ever, because that's the type of person you are. You turn your lowest times, into your proudest moments. I'm glad you're my friend... I miss you! Happy holidays from all of us!" His pokemon released themselves, and soon the screen was filled with both his and Decoda's pokemon.

Loka could feel her tears welling up,  but refused to let them spill. There was still more to the video.

Next was Catia. She smiled awkwardly and waved, unsure of what to say. "Ah, hey Loka! I hope things start looking up for you! I wanted to let you know that I'm proud of you, and how far you've come. Merry Christmas!!

Wes and Espeon nodded to her before finally adding in their two cents. "Loka." He started. "What you're going through... I'm sorry. They lived full lives with a trainer who loved them more than herself. All three of you deserve peace, and I hope you find it. The following days aren't going to be easy, but just take it one step at a time. And pups... when you do cross... give Umbreon our regards. Merry Christmas, partners."

It ended with a photo of all of them, even rotom. A tear splattered onto the screen as a sob escaped the dark trainers throat as she forced away her tears. The cold noses of her Pokemon pushing against her face in comfort.

She gently stroked their fur and sent a photo of the three of them to the group. "Come on... Artemis is waiting." The three took their time returning to the Cousin's home, enjoying the gentle breeze and setting sun. Upon their return, Artemis and her icy Vulpix greeted them. 

It took all of Sai's strength to make it up the three wooden steps leading to the house, but it proved to be too much. The Mightyena collapsed onto the porch, it's raspy breath piercing through the terrified silence. Loka gently picked up her Pokemon, holding him close as she went inside.

"Yall can go..." She whispers quietly as she lays Sai down next to the fireplace. "...I can feel that yer ready..."

The trainer remained at her Pokemon side, holding back her tears as her beloved Pokemon left her. She held them back even Blitz lay next to his companion, whimpering quietly as the last of his life force left him as well. She held her passed Pokemon close, burying her face in their warm fur. Loka remained as such for a long time, silently mourning the two beasts who helped her live. Who gave her happiness and freedom. 

Loka buried them that night. Two crosses, covered in Leis and their pokeballs marked their resting places. She didn't sleep. She couldn't.  Not even that was the same with them gone.


Christmas morning was silent. Artemis wrapped her cousin in a blanket and handed her a mug of coffee, kissing her forehead. 

"You going to be okay, Loka?" She asked, worry shining in her bright yellow eyes.

"...eventually." was the only reply Loka gave as she stroked the fur of the Vulpix on her lap.


Both of them looked at the door. Loka frowned slightly. "Ya expectin' anyone?"

"No, I'm not..." Artemis goes over to the door and looks through the peephole, before smiling. She opens the door and steps aside, as Cerise, Catia, Wes, and Decoda marched inside. "Merry Christmas, everyone." Artemis giggles.

Loka's eye went wide in surprise as her friends stood in the foyer before her. "What're y'all doin' here?" She gets up.

"...we couldn't let you and Artemis go through this alone." Decoda admitted. "We hopped on a flight after we sent the message last night... and we come bearing gifts!"

They took their seats around the tree, each holding out a box to loka, who took them one at a time. She opened Catia's first, which turned out to be a framed photo of Loka and her to canine companions; the one she has sent them in response. Her hands shook slightly as she held it close, but once more, she held her tears. "Its beautiful... thank you Catia."

She took Cerise's next, which was a set of two prototype pokeballs; each with an engravement on them. One was a mightyena, the other a houndoom. "Cerise... They're incredible..."

Next up, was Wes. He actually chuckled, looking to Decoda. "We actually have a combined gift." 

Decoda nodded, pulling out a box with holes all over it. Together, they presented it to Loka. Everyone in the room watched with eager eyes as the mourning trainer slowly opened the box and peered inside. 

A litten poked it's head up, licking Loka on the nose. She jumped a little, caught off guard before slowly taking the fire cat out of the box and holding it close. The heat it gave off reminded her of Blitz when they curled up to sleep on colder nights. And the soft purring sounded like Sai when he would 'sing' his trainer to sleep.

Her body jerked and trembled slightly, as her demeanor finally broke and the tears freely fell. She sobbed into the tiny kitten's fur, letting out her emotions. Loka finally looked up, her face stained from tears.

"Her name... Miracle." The trained whispered. The finest of smiles in her face. " 'cause it's a miracle how I made friends like all y'all..."

A gust of wind then blew the door open, everyone shuddering with the unnatural chill. The gusts swirled about the house for several minutes before dying down. Artemis got up to shut the door but stopped, staring at the sandy pawprints all over her floor.

"There's three sets here." The blonde noted, watching Loka trace a finger around the prints.

"...They're sayin' goodbye..." Loka whispered hoarsely as she moved to the window to look out. What she saw next, she would never come to tell anyone, but it gave her peace.

The same person who breathed life back into her, Ho-Oh, was looking at her from across the street. He smiles and nodded, motioning to the two canines next to him.

"They will cross safely and in peace." She heard him say. "You've done well with your second chance, Loka. Continue changing trainers hearts like these two have done for you. Enjoy your Christmas and your friends."

With that, he was gone.

"...Everything okay, Loka?" Catia asked.

"...yeah." She smiled, looking back at everyone. "Everythin' is gonna be alrigh'..." Loka got up, returned to her friends and began her healing. Even with friends and Miracle, it would be a tough road...

But she could manage.

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