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Geneforce Christmas Carol

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Geneforce Christmas Carol

Post by Luna on 12/18/2011, 11:40 am

*Christmas time has fallen once more in Neo Geneforce City. The snow falls gently, courtesy of Luna, and everyone seems to be in the holiday spirit. Well... almost everyone. In one of the higher buildings. Genesis the Hedgehog stared down at the busy streets, watching people run around shopping, and the kids playing in the large snow mounds that have formed on the sides of the roads. He sighed with slight disgust and turned away from the window. His eyes widened at the sight before him. Emily and Juliet were decking his office out in twinkling lights, beautiful green garland, and a tree covered top to bottom with ornaments. The two girls giggled as they tried and failed to put the star on top*

Emily: Genesis, can you help us with the star?

Genesis: Why would I help set up for such a ridiculous time of year? To me, it is just another excuse for spending money...

Juliet: Awww, come on! Christmas is a beautiful time! Everyone is kind to each other, other kids are happy, and its the only time of year where rivalries are put aside.

Genesis: . . . . . Ba Humbug.... *He grabs his scarf and heads for the elevator, leaving to go to his house.*

*As Genesis walks down the bustling streets of the city strip, he runs into Blastion, who had also been doing a bit of shopping.*

Blastion: Oh hey there Genesis! How’s your Christmas shopping coming along?

Genesis: *He stops and stares at the fox, amazed that he was so cheery... and shopping none the less. He couldn’t remember a time where the firefox did ANY shopping. He nods towards the bags in the fox’s hands* Bought new knives to cut yourself with, I suppose?

Blastion: Not this year! Besides, this stuff is for Luna and the kids. I want this to be a really good Christmas for them all. Speaking of, Luna wants to throw a Christmas party and your invited!

Genesis: *he starts walking again* Don’t expect me to show...

Blastion: . . . . . . . . . *He looks a little saddened, but quickly perks up* Merry Christmas Genesis!

*The hedgehog continues on his way up the street until he comes to the police station where Chief Charisma is supervising the decoration of the station and the large tree in the front*

Charisma: Hello Sir! *She salutes him*

Genesis: At ease Chief...

Charisma: *Her hand drops to her side and she turns back to the tree.* Angel or star, sir?

Genesis: Like it really matters... This is all just a waste of time in my opinion.

Charisma: How is it a waste sir? In fact, it’s quite the opposite! We have plenty of time on our hands. Around this time of the year, the crime rate drops significantly!

Genesis: Yeah yeah... *he starts walking to his house again*

Charisma: Merry Christmas to you too! *she mutters under her breath* Jerk...

*Night falls as Genesis reaches his house. He walks in and throws a small zephyr of wind into the dying embers of the fireplace, making it roar to life. He flops down onto the couch, turns on the TV and drifts off into a deep sleep.*


*From a cliff that overlooks Neo Geneforce City, Luna and Wrave stood, ready to make the snowstorm. Wrave took off, but floated in place, waiting for Luna to begin. The she-hog’s body glowed slightly with ice energy as she spread her wings and followed the Falchidna’s lead. The two flew over the city; Luna making the heavy snow, and Wrave rocketing through, strong winds following. The two stop and stare into their creation before high fiveing and flying to their homes.*


*Genesis slowly opened his eyes to see a brown hedgehog girl staring at him. He rubbed his eyes vigorously, checking to see if he was seeing things. He wasn’t.*

Genesis: WHAAAAAH!!! *he falls off the couch* W-who are you...?

???: I am Ikari; the ghost of warnings...

Genesis: Warnings? What kind of warnings...?

Ikari: You will be haunted by three spirits tonight. At the stroke of midnight, you will meet the first one.

Genesis: *he stays silent for a few minutes, waiting for her to say more* So... That’s all?

Ikari: ....Pretty much. *she looks at the grandfather clock in the corner of the room* It’s 11:40 now. You have 20 minutes. *she looks back to Genesis* Well, I need to go. Places to go, people to warn~ *Ikari vanishes into the air*

Genesis: *he shakes his head in disbelief* It was probably just Wrave using the wind to play a joke on me....


*He lays back down on the couch and falls back asleep, only to be woken up 20 minutes later by the chiming of the clock. He sits up and listens to all 12 chimes then looks around. No ghost was to be found. He sighs and closes his eyes. Maybe it WAS just Wrave, that bastard. He opens them again to see an old looking cat floating a few inches off the ground, gazing wistfully at him. Genesis stared at him wide-eyed. Was this really a ghost before him?*

???: Genesis...


???: I am Annex... The ghost of Christmas past...

Genesis: So Ikari wasn’t joking...

Annex: It is time to see into your past... Time to see what went wrong...

Genesis: Yeeeeaaahhhhh.... About that. I really need so sleep, so if you could come back later....

Annex: *he smacks the hedgehog in the back of the head* You are already annoying me! This must be a new record... *he heads for the window and opens it* Let’s go.

Genesis: In case you haven’t noticed... THERE IS A SNOWSTORM OUT THERE.

Annex: . . . . *he puts a hand to Genesis’s head so his body falls. All that is left is his ghost, who is still looking at Annex like he’s crazy* Now lets go, before you find something else to complain about...

Genesis: *He grabs Annex’s arm and the two disappear into a flash of light*

*They arrive in the past, when Genesis was still a little child. It was the day before Christmas and Young him and a Younger version of ShadowChris were outside in the snow.*

Young Chris: Take this! It’s the ChrisCo. Snowball machine! *he points excitedly at a cardboard box with an empty paper towel roll taped to the top.*

Young Genesis: Idiot! Thats just a box and a paper towel roll. It can’t really fire snowballs!

Young Chris: Oh yeah? Is that a challenge?

-Genesis: Wow... I was so... Happy back then.

-Annex: I know you were, but this is the day before the turn of events...

-Genesis: What event..... *he was starting to feel a sense of dread.*

-Annex: Just keep watching.

Young Genesis: You know it is! *he starts throwing snowballs, using his wind to launch them.*

Young Chris: *he pokes his cardboard box and it starts firing snowballs*

Young Genesis: HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIB- *hit with a giant snowball that was impossible to go through the paper towel roll*

*The two kids laugh and continue playing until night finally settles. They go inside, playfully pushing each other, faces red from the cold*

Young Genesis: Yay! Tonight is Christmas Eve!

Young Chris: I hope I get my castle, and my robot panda, and unobtainium, some cardboardium, maybe some adamantium... *he goes on listing what he wants.*

Young Genesis: Lets just get to sleep! 8D

Young Chris: I am the Great Lord ShadowChris! I don’t need to sleep!

Young Genesis: I believe that you cant sleep.

Young Chris: *he yawns and runs back to his room, dead tired*

Young Genesis: *goes back to his own room* Works every time...

-Genesis: Wow. Lord ShadowChris and I were so close back then. I like it better now. Hahaha...

-Annex: Lets fast forward to the next morning.

The Next Morning

*Young Genesis runs out into the living room to see gifts, but also to Chris with a solemn look on his face*

Young Genesis: Chris? What’s wrong?

Young Chris: *he wordlessly hold out their mom’s wind staff to his brother*

Young Genesis: *he flinches and starts to cry* She’s...

Young Chris: *he slowly nods*

Young Genesis: *He takes the staff and runs outside with it* I HATE CHRISTMAS!

-Annex: And there lies the cause...

-Genesis: . . . . . .I didn’t think this was the reason I hated Christmas...

-Annex: Well it is. Time for you to go back to your real time.

-Genesis: . . . . . alright.


*Genesis wakes up in his living room on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. What the hell just happened? He looks around for Annex, but the ghost cat is nowhere to be found. Sighing deeply, he lay back down on the couch, wanting to sleep more then anything right now. He closed his eyes and started to drift off, until he heard something coming from the kitchen. A little ticked off,he gets up and goes into the kitchen. Silence. Nothing stirred. Genesis rubbed his temples and turned back to go into the living room until...*


Genesis: *He jumps back and falls to the ground, hitting his head on the hardwood floor* OW! *he looks up at whoever scared him*

*It is a red wolf girl with black plating on her tail. She’s wearing a green sweater, a black skirt, and black thigh-high boots. A Santa hat sits on her head, covering her right ear. Genesis stared up at her, almost scared into unconsciousness.*

Genesis: ....And y-you are-e-e?

???: *she giggles and hold out a hand to help him up* I’m Pointsettia, the ghost of Christmas Present.

Genesis: *takes her hand, surprised that he could* Present? If I wanted to see this Christmas, I could just walk outside.

Pointsettia: You could, but that won’t do you any good at all. Besides, there are things that you need to see.

Genesis: What kind of things?

Pointsettia: Come with me and find out.

Genesis: *He slowly nods* So... How do I get around with you?

Pointsettia: Simple! *she smacks him across the face so his body hits the ground* It’s the best way for females like me! *she laughs heartily at her joke*

Genesis: ....Right.

*The two take off into the night, unaffected by the snowstorm. She takes him to the highest point of the city, which is on top of a large clock tower in the center of the square*

Pointsettia: Take a look around, Genesis. And you called all of this a waste of time...

Genesis: *He stare all around, taking in all of the lights and decorations. He looked over at the Police Station where the large tree was lit up beautifully.* This is what everyone does? It’s so beautiful!

Pointsettia: Exactly. This is how they show their Christmas Spirit. These are good people, always helping each other out.

*As she spoke, Wrave and Luna passed by, putting a stop to the snowstorm, and reducing it to a very gentle flurry. Genesis watched as the two beings high fived, hugged, said “Merry Christmas!” to each other, then flew off in different directions to their homes.*

-Pointsettia: There is something else that you need to see Genesis. I warn you though, It won’t be like this view... *She starts flying, but waits for the hedgehog.*

-Genesis: *He follows her, wondering what she was going to show him next.*

-Pointsettia: *She leads him to the home of one of his friends; Xanthos Aliuro. She opened the door and the two entered the household* Upstairs...

-Genesis: *He goes up the steps and stops outside one of the rooms*

-Pointsettia: Go ahead in. They can’t see us.

-Genesis: *he opens the bedroom door and gasps. Xanthos is sitting in a chair next to the bed, face in his hands. In the bed lay his son, Ouranos.*

Xanthos: *He looks back at the door as Simoa enters, teary eyed* . . .

Simoa: Anything?

Xanthos: *He doesn’t speak, but just turns and takes Ouranos’s hand*

-Genesis: What’s going on?

-Pointsettia: This will most likely be Ouranos’s last Christmas...

-Genesis: WHAT?! Why?

-Pointsettia: He’s been sick for quite a while. Something wrong with his heart. He’ll be lucky if he makes it to New Years.

Xanthos: I don’t want to lose him Simoa...

Simoa: None of us do. It would tear his friends, and destroy Iodes. I wish there was something we could do... wait! Did you have Lu-

Xanthos: ....Already tried. She said there was nothing really that could be done.

Simoa: *she sits down on the other side of Ouranos and takes his other hand. Tears start to spill* Why him? Why our son?!

Ouranos: *he slowly opens his eyes, and looks over to Xanthos* Daddy... *He forces a smile* Don’t be sad.

Xanthos: Why’s that Ouranos?

Ouranos: Because. *his grin gets a little larger* It’s Christmas. You shouldn’t be sad on Christmas!

Simoa: *She chokes out a laugh and kisses her son on the forehead* Get some rest sweetie.

Ouranos: OK mommy... And don’t cry! Smile!

Simoa: I will. For you.

*The two leave the room and head down the stairs into their living room. Genesis and Pointsettia follow them*

-Genesis: Ouranos is dying... Why did I never know? Why did he never tell me?

-Pointsettia: Xanthos is a Ninja Genesis. He doesn’t like showing emotions. In public, at least....

Xanthos: When will we ever tell him of his condition?

Simoa: I’m not sure... Would it be a good idea to tell him?

Xanthos: He will know sooner or later...

-Genesis: Pointsettia... I don’t want to see anymore.

-Pointsettia: Very well. Let’s head back. *She slaps him across the face once more*

*He wakes up once more, on the floor of his living room. He glances nervously around, fearing what the third and final ghost would being him to. He sat there for around 12 minutes, until he was sure that nothing would happen. So he got up and headed back to his room to sleep.*

Genesis: Finally... Some peace and quiet. *he slowly drifts off.*


*Genesis is woken up by a strong tension in his room. He slowly sits up to see darkness condensing in front of him. Violent winds swirled about until a form was created. The tempest dissipated and there stood a sole hooded figure, scythe glistening in what little light was in the room. The figure slowly pointed at him with the scythe.*

Genesis: O_O Who..... who are you.....?

???: . . . . . . . Future...

Genesis: The ghost of Christmas Future?

??? : *slowly nods and slashes a hole in the air* Come.....

Genesis: *scared silent, he followed the hooded being into the portal*

*The two arrive in Genesis’s office. Wrave and Xanthos are standing there, while ShadowChris was going through his brother’s stuff*

-Genesis: Hey! What are they doing in here?

-???: *It points to Xanthos and Wrave*

Wrave: Honestly, I think we are better off now that Genesis is gone, ya know?

Xanthos: I guess...

Wrave: Xan, think about it. You told him about Ouranos. What did he do? Nothing. He didn’t even try to do anything.

Xanthos: . . . .

ShadowChris: *He holds up Genesis’s staff* Wrave! I think you should take this.


Wrave: *he takes the staff from ShadowChris* I’m sure this will fetch a nice penny on the market. I know wind staffs aren’t cheap.

Xanthos: *He looks around and spots a crystal ball* Hey Chris?

ShadowChris: hmm?

Xanthos: What is this?

ShadowChris: It’s a crystal ball. you know, to predict the future?

Xanthos: *he looks into the ball as dark shadows race through it. He sees Ouranos in there for a split second, before the image disappears for good. He blinks an looks around, spotting a sleek metal glove on one of the shelves. Slowly, he put it on, and it seems to be easier to control his electricity.* I like this... I think I’ll keep it.

Wrave: Christmas is now so much better with Emily and Juliet running the town! Genesis didn’t deserve this town. He hated Christmas. But with him out of the way, we dont have to worry about that!

*Xanthos and ShadowChris laugh*

-???: . . . . *he slashes open another portal*

-Genesis: *hurt by what was going on in his office, quickly goes through*

*They come to a graveyard full of deep fog and an odd, tense feel about the earth. The hooded figure points it’s scythe at a small gravestone that reads: ‘Here lies Genesis. He who hated Christmas’*

-Genesis: WHAT?! NO!

-???: *he slowly pulls down his hood, revealing Wrave’s face*

-Genesis: O_O V-V-Vein...?

-Vein: This is what the future will come to if you do not change your heart.

-Genesis: I’ll die...

-Vein: And hardly anyone will remember you. Those who do remember, will only see you as a selfish, Christmas hating, prick...

-Genesis: I don’t want this!

-Vein: Then you better change your ways. If you do not...

-Genesis: *he collapses to his knees and covers his face* No... I must prevent this!

-Vein: *a small smirk plays onto his face.* You may want to start with that invite you received earlier...

-Genesis: You’re right! Thank you Vein! *he freezes* Did I just THANK you?!
-Vein: Merry Christmas dumbass... *he fades out of existence*

*Genesis is sent back to his own time, but he is asleep in his bed*


*Genesis wakes up, seeing the snow falling gently outside. He smiled as he remembered Wrave and Luna. Quickly jumped out of bed, grabbed his scarf and staff, and flew straight to Blastion and Luna’s house.*

Genesis: *knocks on the door*

*A young Hedgefox that had lava coated shoulders, crimson colored hair, and sky blue fur answered*


Blastion: *he goes over to the door, surprised to see the Hedgehog standing there* What are you doing here?

Genesis: Luna is having a party, right?

Blastion: Well yeah, but you said-

Genesis: Disregard what I said yesterday.

Luna: Come on in then! Everyone is going to be here very shortly!

Genesis: *He steps inside. Mystess, their daughter looks up from her laptop and waves to Genesis.* Heh...

Blastion: Garm, go upstairs and get the gold wrapped gift.

Garm: OK! *he runs up the stairs, but falls back down* hahahahaha!!! *he just gets right back up and grabs the present*

*The door is knocked upon again, this time it was ShadowChris, Xero, and Gearick*

Xero: Happy Holidays everyone!

ShadowChris: Genesis? Why are you here at a CHRISTMAS party? You hate Christmas!

Genesis: Not anymore.

Gearick: Beep.

Mystess: I’ll get it! *she went to the door and opened it before Xanthos could even knock* Uncle Xanthos!os enters the house along with Simoa, Iodes, and Ouranos. The young cat was bundled up from head to toe, but in a few minutes, the layers were removed.

Xanthos: He sets the gifts he brought under the tree in the corner, then walked over to give Luna a hug* How’s the Ice Queen doing?

Luna: same old, same old... hahaha.

Garm: *he goes into the kitchen to grab a snack*

Genesis: Hey cat!

Xanthos: Genesis? You’re here?

Genesis: Mmhm. Why wouldn’t I be?

Simoa: Well....

Genesis: On second thought, don’t answer that. Is Ouranos any better...?

Xanthos: how did....

Genesis: It wasn’t that hard to figure out. You’ve looked like you’ve been under a great deal of stress, and you seem to want to hug someone every time someone says your son’s name...

Xanthos: . . . . *he whisper so only Genesis can hear* His condition isn’t getting any better...

Genesis: Is there anything I can do to help you?

Xanthos: I don’t think there is anything anyone can do... I had Luna try her advanced healing on him. Nothing worked....

Genesis: I suggest we make this the best Christmas for him then.

Xanthos: Thank you Genesis.

*Garm leaves the kitchen while Iodes enters it*

Luna: Hold it you two!

*The two stop and automatically look up; mistletoe. Iodes and Garm look at each other, faces redder the the ornaments on the tree.*

Ouranos: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Iodes: O-ouranos... Please d-don-

*Garm grabs Iodes around the waist and kisses her*

Luna: O_O

Blastion: Well then... THAT just happened.

Ouranos: GO IODES!!!!

Xanthos: O-O;;; *doesn’t know how to respond*

Garm: *he lets go of her and walks out into the living room, sitting down on the couch, with a happy look on his face.*

Iodes: *She covers her face and stands in the kitchen, when no one can see her.*

Mystess: *Walks into the kitchen* Didn’t know he would actually do it...

Iodes: I-I... That was... um..

Mystess: You wanted him to do it, didn’t you?

Iodes: Well yeah, but I didn’t think he would...

Mystess: He likes you Iodes. I mean a lot.

Iodes: *She looks into the living room, where Garm is sitting with Ouranos, talking about the newest game, Call of Warfare: Obsidian Ops.*

Garm: ...So I crept up behind the guy and used my photon dagger to take him out silently and swiftly!

Ouranos: Why would you use the Photon dagger? I see the Curver’s blade as a better choice.

Blastion: Curver’s blades? Nah... Your best bet would be using the tazer arrows to stun, the switch over to the Crossbow of Silence for a well aimed shot to the back.

Iodes: *She grabs a bottle of water then goes into the living room and sits right next to Garm, leaning on his shoulder* Uncle Blastion, the Crossbow of Silence only offers the scoping feature in free play, so your range of hitting the target directly in the back is greatly reduced. In my opinion, the best assassination weapon to use would be the Dragon Scale Switchblade.

*As the morning progresses, a few others show. Soon the house is full of friends and family.*

Luna: PRESENT TIME! *She begins to hand out the gifts to everyone*

Genesis: *He smiles as Ouranos’s face lights up*

Ouranos: WOW!! a Z-Cube 180? Garm! Now we can Co-Op!

Garm: YEAH!!

Xanthos: *He opens his gift and pulls out a sleek metal glove.* What is it?

Genesis: Try it on.

Xanthos: He puts the gauntlet on and an electrical current begins to charge* Whoa! An electro-gauntlet! This is amazing... Thank you Genesis.

*The party drags on and before everyone realized it, night had fallen.*

Xanthos: We better head out... Don’t want Ouranos getting sick anymore, so...

Luna: Alright~ Thank you so much for coming Xanthos!

Xanthos: No probs. Merry Christmas!

Iodes: *She hugs Garm and kisses his cheek before walking out of the house with her parents and brother.*

*Soon, the only ones that are left in the house are Luna, Blastion, their kids, Genesis, and ShadowChris*

Blastion: So Genesis. What made you love Christmas again?

Genesis: *he glances out the window to see Ikari looking in, smiling and nodding at Genesis* Lets just say I saw the past, figured out the present, and caught a glimpse of the future...

ShadowChris: Well, I best be off. Have a very merry ShadowChris-mas! *He vanishes in a puff of smoke*

Luna: I really appreciate you coming Genesis. It really warmed my heart to see everyone so happy.

Blastion: Same here. I have never seen so much love in one household. Thank you Genesis.

*There is a knock at the door. Blastion answers it, revealing Wrave.*

Wrave: Luna, They’re calling for another snowstorm. Heheh...

Luna: Well then. We may as well get started! *she leaves with Wrave to make the storm*

Genesis: Thats my cue to go to I guess. Merry Christmas, Blast.

Blastion: Same to you!

*Genesis leaves the house, to be greeted by Ikari*

Ikari: You did well Genesis.

Genesis: None of this wouldn’t have happened if you never warned me.

Ikari: Well, maybe it would have, but maybe at a later date?

Genesis: Who knows...

Ikari: The ghost of Christmas Future does. o-o

Genesis: Never again...

Ikari: Merry Christmas Genesis. Have a wonderful life. *She fades away*



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Re: Geneforce Christmas Carol

Post by RKRobot on 11/15/2013, 1:33 am

Well f**k me, I don't think I've ever read this story before…

It's good.  Like it's really good.  Especially for 2 years ago, I feel like it almost still holds up.
I feel like sh*t for not reading it sooner.  F**k.

I'm sorry about that.
I had no idea.
*feels bad for not supporting it*

*smashes head into wall*


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Re: Geneforce Christmas Carol

Post by Luna on 11/15/2013, 3:26 am

im thinking about doing another christmas story for this year.

this one is gonna be for ChrisCo.



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Re: Geneforce Christmas Carol

Post by ShadowFantasy on 11/15/2013, 10:17 am

So THIS is what you had been working on last night! I wish you had have told me about it! This is so cool! I look forward to the other christmas story if you should do another one this year!
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Re: Geneforce Christmas Carol

Post by Genesis on 11/15/2013, 1:41 pm

A Chris-co Christmas sounds like fun. Sorry. A Chris-co CHRIS-MAS sounds like fun.

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Re: Geneforce Christmas Carol

Post by Luna on 11/15/2013, 3:21 pm

xD exactly!!!



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Re: Geneforce Christmas Carol

Post by Sponsored content

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