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Tropican Holiday: Horror's Day

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Tropican Holiday: Horror's Day

Post by RKRobot on 10/21/2014, 1:48 am

Similar to Planet Earth's Halloween/All Hallows Eve, Tropic offers a spooky alternative with an equally dark and mysterious legend.
During the Second World War on Tropic, a rich nobleman who went by the name of Jhanes Horror loved to lighten dim moods with fun tricks and surprises. He loved doing this so much that he chose a dark and stormy night every year to host a costume party. As the tradition went on, he had accidentally scared one of his fellow nobles to death one year, but it was quickly forgotten about in the midst of all the others' merriment. In the years to come, Horror had felt no guilt or shame for what barely remained in the back of his mind. However, the next year would be the last time he would recall such an incident. During the next Horror's Day, the nobleman discovered a plethora of masks and decided to use them to startle and amuse his guests. When he had run out by the night's end, he came across one that looked eerily familiar, yet he had never seen such a mask in his life. Blissfully, he put it on, but upon roaming around with it, he had scared nearly all of his guests half to death, some having strokes or heart attacks because of how frightening it was. Horror was distraught, and quickly went to take it off, but it wouldn't budge. He hurried to a mirror, expecting to find a tassle or hook that he could untie or unhinge, but the second he saw his reflection, he had a heart attack himself, and died. The investigation went on for several years after, trying to determine the cause of all these tragedies, but no mask was ever found.
In the later centuries, Horror is honored for his parties and bringing joy to the people, so Horror's Day was invented as an annual scarefest involving costumes, treats and tricks! But there is a strong encouragement not to disrespect the dead and to be careful which costumes you choose, for it could be the last Horror's Day you celebrate...

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