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[Reboot] Geneforce Chronicles: Powerless RP

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[Reboot] Geneforce Chronicles: Powerless RP

Post by RKRobot on 7/5/2017, 6:36 am

So Luna and I were exploring the discontinued RPs and discovered one of which was extremely underutilized!  Let's fix that, shall we?  Please make your first post your entry post.

The Lord of Shadows, Chris of Planet Sirhc (or X-17 for the coordinate lovers out there), was in his observatory one gloomy day, when he peered into his telescope and saw something new.

"What's this?!  Something completely new, in MY neck of the galaxy?" he gasped as he grabbed the eyepiece in excitement.  "XERO!  GEARIC!  ENZO!"

The screams of the Lord echoed throughout Castle's daunting, dull walls.  No matter where his minions were in this domain, they heard him call for them.  The crew then hurried to Chris' observatory from their respective locations.  It was there that they could witness Chris pacing around a desk covered in books, papers and maps of the universe.

"What is it, my Lord?" Xero prodded, his armor looking a bit dirty from combat practice.

"He doesn't look mad," Enzo noted with his arms across his chest.  Gearic beeped in agreement.

"It appears as if there's a dwarf planet-sized object coming dangerously close to the Medusa and Sirhc systems..." he announced.  Gearic went over to the scope to check things out for himself, but Chris continued.  "I've got no idea as to why I haven't seen this particular object before - it's like it appeared out of nowhere!  I only know of a handful of beings that can do that, counting me!"

"That is a bit worrisome.  Is there a chance of impact?" Xero asked, putting his hand to his chin.

"No, no, it's not going as fast as it was.  It's now at the mercy of the pace of the galaxy," Chris confirmed.

"What if we sent a satellite to check it out?  If the satellite gets vaporized or something, we know it's probably just a disguised alien craft and they aren't friendly," Enzo suggested intelligently.

Chris pointed at him with a smile.  "I thought the same thing, but I thought of it before you even got to say it, so therefore it was my idea!  However..."

The purple furred being spun around dramatically before he finished his thought.  "Let's send some live bodies there instead!"

Xero, Enzo and Gearic looked at him in surprise, the robotic panda beeped in place of an exclamation.

"You're not thinking of sending you-know-who, are you...?" Xero inquired with a wince.  He had a feeling about where this plan would go, but waited for a response all the same.

"Who, Genesis?!" Chris said with a thick layer of sarcasm, pronouncing his spiritual brother's name incorrectly on purpose.  He then laughed before speaking again.  "Hahaha, what kind of fool do you take me for?!  I'm much more creative than that!"

The Lord of Shadows grinned and outstretched his arm towards the trio of minions.  He then manifested a swirling black and purple ball of energy in his palm, cackling as he whipped the sphere into the air.  As it exploded into dark fireworks, all the light available in the room vanished until everything was pitch black.  Only Chris' voice could be heard in the void.

"Let's play dangerously~"

The rules go as follows:
-Please see the site's rules for more detail.

-2 characters entered per player, MAX.

-Your character(s) was/were suddenly teleported from wherever in the Mosaic Galaxy and placed on the surface of this strange dwarf planet.  The characters ported here are now suddenly powerless.  Any superpowers they may have had are now gone.  Any magic they may have known are now a mystery.  Any robotic enhancements they might've had aren't as useful as they should be.  Super strength, speed, flight, breathing underwater kinds of skills are now null and void.  If you have any questions regarding the character's negations, please ask away!

-Your character can be anything and anyone.  It's the Mosaic Galaxy, we're pretty diverse here.

Character Sheet:
Name: (name accompanied with planet of origin)
Age: (how old is your character?)
Alliance/Affiliation: (does your character belong to a group or organization?)
Powers/Abilities: (what is your character capable of physically or supernaturally?)
Weapon(s) of Choice: (if your character uses a preferred armor, weapons or tools, please list them here)
Weaknesses: (does your character have any triggers, fears, or is there any specific way to disarm your character in combat?  i.e. ticklish, fear of heights, seeing a specific color or symbol that strikes fear into their heart...etc!)
Bio: (what was your character doing prior to being suddenly teleported to this strange world?  Depending on what they were doing, they could be in a state of weakness.  i.e. just got out of the shower, eating lunch, doing something important or heroic, about to pickpocket a stranger...etc!

Alright!  Let's begin!
Your character(s) sees they are in the middle of a blue-grass covered field.  Red rocky mountains border this field that stretches for 10 miles in diameter.  Trees and flowers are abundant.  The sky shows that it is dawn.  What will they do?

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Re: [Reboot] Geneforce Chronicles: Powerless RP

Post by Zazul on 7/5/2017, 7:19 am

Character Sheet:
Name: Spritu "Spirit" Desudari of Planet Avalon
Age: 23
Affiliation: Helion Axis Espionage Branch (formerly), Dark Cosmos Detective Agency
Powers/Abilities: Gravity Magic, Levitation Magic, Enhancement Magic, Swordsmanship
Weapons of Choice: A hilt-like catalyst known as the Vector Blade, capable of channeling Spirit's Gravity Magic into a pseudo-physical state, creating an energy blade styled after an Estoc long sword. While this weapon cannot stab, slice, or pierce anything physically without Spirit's intention being such, anything cut by it will become heavier or lighter, depending on the type of Gravity Magic that is channeled.
Weaknesses: Spirit suffers from slight PTSD due to his time working for the Helion Axis' military. As such, he can be put on edge easily. He also is incredibly reluctant to kill, and will try to solve things diplomatically with violence being a last resort, and lethal force being only used if it is an absolute necessity.
Bio: Before being transported to the mysterious dwarf world, Spirit was continuing his search for Machine Scouts, machines sent by the evil, sentient, hive-like machine race known as the Execution Collective to infiltrate Mosaic and learn the most effective means to wipe out the organic life therein. Suddenly, just as he was about to finally meet with a lead that might have seen a Scout, in person, he was whisked away in a flash of bright light.

All Spirit could feel in his head was a throbbing, dull pain as he sat up from where he had suddenly appeared. Rising to his feet, Spirit groans loudly, cursing as his head rings.

"Deus-dammit....what hit me? Anybody get the number of that bus?" He said the last part loudly, as if to see if anyone was around. All that answered him was silence.

Spirit was a Celestian-Wondermold hybrid, with bright green eyes, dark brown, shaggy hair, and a skinny build. He stood about 5'10, and wore a simple, khaki bucket hat with an open, Hawaiian-style flower shirt that exposed a simple, white shirt. He wore a simple, baggy pair of long legged jeans held up by a black and white mesh belt that wrapped snugly around his waist, and a pair of simple, wooden flip flops held to his feet by small bits of tied rope. Attached to his belt was a silver metal cylinder, no bigger than a twelve inch ruler. His skin was a glossy, gray color that shimmered and rippled like water every time his emotions suddenly changed or he got excited. His face was angular, hairless, and completely lacking a nose, with the area being a smooth patch of skin where his nose would have been. A single fang pokes out mischievously from the left side of his mouth, as if he was always thinking of something unexpected to do.

As the detective began looking around, he finally was able to focus on his surroundings. He was clearly in a large field, surrounded by strange flora. A large ring of mountains seemed to encompass the area, and the dawn sun was bright.

He sighs, his arms falling to his sides. "Well, this is juuuuuust great...How the hell do I get myself into these messes?! If my brother, or Bonesaw could see me now...I'd never hear the end of it! But the question remains....where, in the name of Commander-In-Chief Heinrich's rotten navel, am I?!"

"Great...Dawn. The sky is already bluer than Bonesaw's tongue after blueberry cobbler night..." No planets in sight...he would have to wait until nightfall to see if he was on another planet or not. In the meantime, he looks to the edge of the forest. "Lets see if I can't get a better view of the situation?"

He draws the cylinder from his belt, pointing downward at his feet. "A simple levitation spell should do the trick!" However, when he goes to remember the ancient formula for the spell, his mind comes up surprisingly blank. No matter how hard he thought, he could do nothing to remember the spell!

"....okay, now I'm mad. Mad, and very puzzled. Whatever brought me here...they erased my knowledge of magic!" He then looks to the cylinder, thinking for a moment. However, to his delight, he seemed to remember how to channel energy into the cylinder! In moments, a long, black, pointed blade springs out from the cylinder, the blade humming with energy. "I may not be able to cast spells, but I can still channel my natural energy into the catalyst. However, I don't feel any elements to this would seem that my means of survival are limited to only a simple, hard energy blade...I can't even start a fire with this thing!"

He groans, dropping down and sitting in defeat. "How am I gonna get out of this one?...."
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