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The Shazul-Verse

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The Shazul-Verse Empty The Shazul-Verse

Post by Zazul on 11/24/2017, 2:42 pm

(~Hello, all! This will be the information center for the new fictional universe created by yours truly (Zazul) and ShadowFantasy, dubbed the Shazul-verse! While there will be many things similar to the Helion System from Geneforce, this place, dubbed the Hyperion Galaxy, will be a completely separate universe and timeline, with many elements from Geneforce not existing at all. However, there will be many similarities, such as Aura Wake being a major element as well as many things from another of Shadow and my joint projects, Myrr Saga, also appearing. A warning as well, there will be mature content in this version, such as cursing, gore, and extreme violence. That being said, I hope you all enjoy reading!~)

The Hyperion Galaxy

A vast cluster of star systems, revolving around a massive central mega sun, this is the setting of our story. Long ago, an ancient race of sentient machines known as the Sylvians harnessed the power of this central mega sun. Using a combination of powerful sorcery and advanced technology, they created an fusion reactor that kept the sun alive indefinitely, creating an endless energy source. The Sylvians, in their benevolence, reached out to the intelligent species of the Hyperion Galaxy, and with them, forged a powerful alliance known as the Hyperion Axis. With the Sylvian's endless energy and technology, they integrated the cultures and ideals of the various races of the galaxy into one vast, utopian government, in which all planets are treated equally and are given voice in the Senate. However, not all races agreed with the Sylvian vision of a utopia. Many opposed it, and thus the Hyperion galaxy was divided into three sides in a large-scale intergalactic war known as the Great Hyperion War. In the center of the galaxy, its populated worlds protected by a vast energy shield known as Tartarus's Wall, the Hyperion Axis fights a war on two fronts. On one side, the fanatical Celestial Faith wage a holy crusade to wipe out all Magic-users within the galaxy, believing that they are a slight to their God, Deus, and the lesser gods that serve him. On the other, a vast cosmic anomaly that acts as home to the tyrannical Fortesian Imperium, who seek to cover the entire galaxy in their Echidna Cloud cosmic anomaly, as well as conquer all the planets therein and enslave their populations. As Flame Meridian, a Wake Team under the College of Avalon's Aura Wake division, continues their duty to protect the galaxy from magical threats, they also must deal with the ongoing war as the two conflicts overlap.

 The Hyperion Axis

A vast, utopian democracy brought together by the Sylvians and their benevolent gift of knowledge and technology, the Hyperion Axis has hundreds of thousands of worlds within their borders. Possessing a powerful, combined military as well as the infinite energy and power provided by the Sylvian's never-dying mega sun, known as Mother Hyperion, has allowed this alliance to not only make incredible leaps and bounds in technological advancements, but also advancements in the Magical arts, resulting in a vast industrial revolution known as the Mysto-Tech Revolution. In order to protect the Axis' borders and ensure the continued evolution of their Revolution, a great barrier, comprised of powerful generators located on key worlds, was erected around the entirety of the Axis. This protected them from invasions by the neighboring Celestial Faith, as well as stunted the spreading of the Echidna Cloud, a cosmic anomaly that makes up the home space of the Fortesian Imperium. At the cornerstone of the Mysto-Tech Revolution, the pride of the Axis is the three great Magic Schools, which promote the legal practice and advancement of the mystic arts. The schools also hold the duty of assisting in protecting the peace from magical-based threats, while the military focuses on protecting the Axis from foreign threats from the other two alliances. The first of the schools, located on the Human and Celestian home world of Avalon, is known as the College of Avalon, and sports the most diverse curriculum of the three. With its Wake Team of Aura Wake, the school is lead by the Saint Wizard Neir Desudari, and stands as a shining beacon for those who wish to learn all walks of magic. The second of the schools, known as Blackwald University for the Dark Arts, is located on the dead Necral home world of Rapture. Specializing in the dark arts, it is the perfect place for those who's talents lie in all things considered evil and black. However, they are taught there to use their dark gifts for the good of the Axis and all those in it. Lead by the Saint Wizard, Worm Lord Grom Reaver, Blackwald currently holds the title of top school in the annual Mage's Games, with their team from their Wake division, Dread Wake, winning for numerous years in a row now. The final school, located on the Silvean home world of Radiance, is known as the Radiance School for The Healing Arts. Known for its advancements in healing magic as well as their overwhelming magical power, this school is the most secretive of the Schools and will only allow the most talented of mages in. With their Wake group, Hope Wake, they also stand as the center of healing and medical advancement within the Hyperion Axis, with only big, corporate-built medical facilities competing in effectiveness.
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