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Monsters of the Mosaic: Activation Empty

Monsters of the Mosaic: Activation

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Monsters of the Mosaic: Activation Empty Monsters of the Mosaic: Activation

Post by Rocky on 10/7/2017, 2:43 pm

If you would like to be in this RP, please leave a reply!  If you have any questions regarding the story, characters, setting or anything else, send me a PM!

Background information:
Far away from the solar systems familiar to you and I, yet within the same Mosaic Galaxy, there was a team or researchers and scientists that were obsessed with the idea of resurrecting ancient creatures from the distant past.  The project took decades before there were any promising results, but even then, the scientists were not satisfied with what they had produced.
Nothing they created held a proverbial candle to the original beings of the past, even though their newer renditions wielded all sorts of supernatural powers!  Hundreds of living experiments were deemed failures and placed in a "storage" facility, and some were deemed a success, but the successful ones would only be further subjected to various "inhumane" testing.
After many years of existing, the organization in charge of this project became far too confident in their secrecy and was accidentally discovered by an life activist group in the same system.  The activists immediately took action and tried to fight the corporation legally, but at the same time, went under the radar and broke into their laboratories and freed the artificial monsters.
Of course, during the rescue, many lives were lost, primarily belonging to the invading activists and scientists.  However, the activists had done their job and set the beings free to roam the galaxy.
This is the story of the Monsters of the Mosaic.

((TLDR; these Monsters are anthropomorphized creatures that appear to reference popular monster-based franchises in the real world (primarily Pokemon).  So basically Pokemon-like creatures are allowed to exist in the regular Mosaic universe because science.))

What You Can Do:
-first, pick a Pokemon (excluding legendaries, mythicals, ultra beasts, Unown and artificial Pokemon)
-second, choose a name - either name your character based on the Pokemon you chose or give them a name they would refer to themselves as.
-give your character a personality, two attacks (attacks that make sense with the type or with the moveset they normally can use) and one weapon (if you would like one, that's not mandatory)
-give your character a motivation or a goal to work towards

Example, mine is:
Greninja, known here as GeKreon or Kreon.  He's gentle and quiet but determined to get out of hell-hole with those he stayed behind with.  He was originally meant to go with the stronger monsters, but stayed behind to help the weaker ones because he refused to watch them suffer alone.  He sometimes regrets this choice, but other times is glad he can do something for the less fortunate.
He attacks with Water Shuriken and Night Slash that he can generate naturally out of thin air.

Ready?  i touch you when you

Just one planet away from where they were created - that world itself now condemned for the events that occurred mere months ago - these freed monsters live in the slums of a big urban city.  Most of them moved on to different cities and even different worlds, but the least powerful and the least successful remained here... at least for now.
They struggle to get by, can barely afford clothing or food, and live in abandoned, unsafe buildings.  Desperate ones steal from the rich to give to their friends.  Not many natives to the city tolerate their existence and prefer if they just went away.  There's a strong sense of being unwelcome here, but there's not much the monsters can do about it.

It's a cool, cloudy day in the city, but it is day time.  What will you do first?

Monsters of the Mosaic: Activation PkmncardMonsters of the Mosaic: Activation PkmncardMonsters of the Mosaic: Activation Pkmncard
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