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The Kaos Family - Explained

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The Kaos Family - Explained

Post by RKRobot on 7/3/2017, 11:42 pm

I primarily center most of my stories, RPs and drawings around the infamously dramatic cluster of characters known as the Kaos family.  I've mentioned their history sporadically around the forum and elsewhere, but let's get the facts straight here and now.

Johnek - the father of Roqueta and Torea Kaos.  He's got an older sister he cut ties with years ago, due to sensitive interpersonal subjects, but he still talks with his father and step mother.  He's aggressive and usually gets what he wants, especially considering he's up high on the corporate chain of command.  He works for an electric company, and therefore knows a few things about electrical engineering.

Cairoule - the mother of Roqueta and Torea Kaos.  She's the eldest sibling compared to her brother, who owns a restaurant overseas.  She only sees him when she goes on business trips, as she works for a housing corporation.  While she does none of the building or architectural planning herself, she knows enough to do her research and management job with proficiency.  She's quite stubborn and nags a lot, but is very protective of her family and the things she works on.

Torea - the younger Tropican Sister.  She gained the ability to manipulate electromagnetic charges during her premature birth incubation, as there was a massive storm outside the hospital.  It was only thanks to her immense well of LFE that she somehow survived without severe damage.  Tori later learned to control this energy in the form of Electrokinesis, weather manipulation (storm clouds, high winds and sparking some fires) and lightning teleportation.  She also trained her body to be acrobatic and flexible to perform flips, cartwheels and jump very high.  As a person, Tori is a challenging girl; she has little patience, lots of energy and a need to see the world and try things for herself.  She refuses to let people baby her forever, though she takes comfort with encouragement.  Tori also has a flair for color, which later leads to her wanting to pursue fashion.  She doesn't care much for fame and fortune, but wants to come and go as she pleases and strives to live a comfortable lifestyle.  She does have a drive for justice, albeit smaller than her sister's, especially if it impacts her or her family, who she does get protective of if provoked enough.  Tori's favorite foods are pastas and leafy greens, and her favorite color is blue.  She hates to be alone for too long, but will shove you away if you overstay your welcome.

Roqueta - the elder Tropican Sister.  Born with a rare disease that nearly killed her without the substitute LFE of a tree, Roqueta found her adoration for giving and justice early on in life.  Inspired by heroism, she took the plunge into becoming the first android in centuries in order to avoid wilting.  Like her sister, she only managed to survive the operation because she had enough LFE in her Spirit.  With death seemingly behind her, she trained her body and mind to master the tree's other gift: Geokinesis.  In addendum to mastering her robotic endoskeleton's functionality over the years, Rocky became invested in trading a regular life for heroics.  Her many missions thereafter involved rescuing her old schoolmates, saving the environment, protecting influential political and business figures and reforming former criminals when possible.  Because she would rather trade a cozy life of fame and fortune for charity and saving the world as a whole, she has a very generous personality.  While earning her trust to gain access to the benefits of befriending such a generous person is a challenge all in itself, she refuses to judge people based on their appearance and believes actions are louder than words.  If you do happen earn her friendship, she remains loyal to you forever, until you do her wrong.  Additionally, despite all the martial arts training she'd undertaken, she prefers diplomacy first, fighting later unless she already knows the offender is troublesome.  That being said, she does have somewhat of a stubborn mind, as she likes hard, convincing evidence before believing something (even if the evidence is faked or full of lies, she might actually believe it if she's particularly in a gullible state of mind).  Admitting to truths or being wrong is no stranger to Rocky.  She also understands its wrong to fight with raw emotion, rather than facts, but can't help herself at times.  When she's not fighting the evils of the world, she keeps to herself, daydreaming of things she wants and can't have or feels like she needs.  Her favorite foods are vegetables and rice, potatoes and her favorite color is red.  She is a notorious crybaby whenever she feels like she failed whatever mission is at stake.

Wrathias - part of the newest generation of Kaos.  Not much is known about this child's birth, other than he was born with many physical disabilities and deformities.  Adopted by the sadly infertile heroic couple, Wrath was given a second chance with the aid of a robotic overhaul, not unlike his new mother.  Thanks to this, the family was able to determine he too, had Geokinesis, but it was also defective.  The new body was thankfully able to turn his natural power into Pyrokinesis, and his Aunt Tori successfully constructed a suit to match his unique ability.  While things seemed to go well for the Kaos' family's new pride and joy, threat after threat attempted to disrupt the happy lives of the heroes.  As he grew, Wrath became more and more aware of the dangers of being a child of superheroes, and asked for training in order to combat these rampant attacks.  Both parents tried to give him the lives they did not have, and even acquired external help in the form of Kane the Komodo Dragon and several other familial resources.  Now surrounded by helpers, Wrath felt safe enough to try and continue the legacy of heroes, doing everything he could to protect his precious parents and loved ones.  That being said, Wrath values his close companions more than anything else in the world.  He thrives on interaction and reactions, easily making him seem obnoxious or bothersome to those who don't know him well.  Deep down, he is quite respectful and accepting of everyone's differences, as he himself was once in an unprivileged position.  He goes out of his way to make others smile or laugh, even at his own expense, but will not stand bullying or any form of injustice.  Wrath's faults lie in his incredible greed for attention, and actually prefers to be in the limelight.  He cannot stand being ignored or pushed aside for others, making him extremely jealous.  Insulting his pride results in a tantrum, back-talk and sarcasm.  Of course, being a teenager, he is prone to telling tall tales and lots of lies to cover his stupid mistakes, though he won't if it's a very serious situation.  He's not exactly lazy either, but when it comes to chores, he'd rather cook and clean the kitchen instead of vacuum, dust the house or clean his room.  His favorite foods involve corn, spices, starches and rices.  His favorite color is green.  Wrath, similarly to his mother, possess a very big, fickle heart and finds himself attracted to lots of different people.

Arianna - the oldest child of Tori and Zane.  This smart-alec sass-master of an athlete is very similar to her Aunt Rocky.  While she does have the energy of her mother, she withholds lots of maturity and understanding.  She's very diplomatic and has a wide vocabulary, despite her skills playing Konoko Ball and Aishee Ball.  She loves to research and experiment, and has a consistent supply of energy no matter what time of day it may be.  She's never bored and always finds something to do, whether its practice for the next game she signs up for, or becoming further educated.  She's not as interested in the hero game as Wrath is, but loves her cousin as a little sister would a big brother.  Arianna is also a tomboy compared to her sister, but isn't the kind to fear putting on a skirt or a dress.  Her favorite foods are burgers and hot dogs, and her favorite color is pink.

Jade - the youngest child of Tori and Zane.  Jade keeps to herself most of the time, like her Aunt Rocky, daydreaming about everything and anything.  She's imaginative in every way possible, being a significantly good puzzle solver.  She comes up with solutions to lots of things, but is actually somewhat lazy in execution (she would attend science fairs or build things, but she doesn't want to and would rather cook or make outfits).  She's not really built for athleticism in the way her older sister is, but she does like listening to music and dancing as a hobby, much like her mother.  She always supports the actions of her older sister whenever they agree, but they do disagree on a lot of things!  Jade tattles on Arianna whenever she feels something sketchy is afoot, and will sometimes feign a tear or two because she doesn't like what she's doing, being rather manipulative in front of authority figures.  Her favorite foods are nuggets and potatoes, preferably smothered in condiments and her favorite color is purple.

I will probably add more the more i come up with, especially since Shadow, Zane, Kane and Wrath's daughter become part of the family in the future!  I hope this cleared a lot of things up for those interested in the family tree!  Thanks for reading!


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