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Fallen Stars

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Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/23/2012, 9:15 am

It was a very rainy afternoon at the Time & Space Administration Bureau. The cafeteira was busy and hissing with moans and groans about the rain. As they ate, a small group grew louder and louder with laughter. Once a silence grew, everyone looked at the group of girls. it was strange ands yet exciting to see, atleast some people, having fun while the rain fell.

Sitting at the table was a group of five young ladies. One had short blue hair. Another had smei-long pink hair and was the youngest of the group. A taller woment had long blonde hair in a side ponytail like style. Another of the tall women had short brown hair And the final one had a blend of purple & red like hair. They were joking and laughing about the activites that occured in their dorm spaces & loft spaces.

"Fate." The one girl stated.

"Yes Athina?" She replied

"Today would be perfect for some weather training. I mean, not all of our enemies will attack when its nice out. They will see that we dont mobilize in all the elements and strike when our guard is down." She acts upon the owrds that come to mind.

"I understand. what you are sayying Athina. But, as head commander, i think this storm is a little bit rougher for your beginners to face already." Hayate tells her.

"Oh." Subaru exclaims. "Athina, want to go spare then?"

"Sure Subaru." She agrees by nodding

As the cafeteria files out leaving the five, a uneasy feeling sets. Realizing this, they act.

"Bardiche Assult."
"Mach Caliber."

"Set UP!" They all shout.

Once their armor and weapons have appeared, they prepare themselves for something. Who knows what, but this feeling is terrible and could strike. They separate and move around the cafeteria to search for sometihng unusual. Athina was walking and then stopped. hearing a soft yet soothing voice, her eyes bcame blank for a moment. With a blank stare, a dark circle appear beneath her. Shaking her head, these arm like things reahced up and grabbed her. Squirming, she tried to get free. "SOMEONE! ANYONE! HELP!"

The others turned and raced over. Fate grabbed her arms trying to pull along with Subaru. Trying to pull, Hayate and Caro tried using magic to break her free, Seeing nthing working, they were stumped. The arm like things gripped harder and pulled her further in, pulling the others with her.

"Whats going on?" Caro asked scared.

"I am unsure. I have never seen this before." Hayate told them not letting go.

"Well whatever it is, we wont let you go Athina." Fate spoke softly to try and calm her down.

Being swallowed by this dark circle scared her senseless. Within no time, she was gone.

"ATHINA!" Subaru shouted.


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/24/2012, 1:17 am

In the medieval time, it was a bright pink orange sky, the sun setting down, a girl with long brown hair, bhangs almost covering part of her right eye, wearing a bow in the back of her hair, has purple eyes, wearing a priestess uniform, white socks and sandals, she was out for an evening stroll. She looked up at the sky and see the sun was going down and a smile appeared on her face and then thinks to herself.

'My what a beautiful sunset, it's ashame it goes so quickly.'

A girl who is around in her teen years at the age of 13, short pink hair, with light pink eyes wearing like a knight armor but into a female version, her name is Celeria Bloodriver, the youngest sister of Amelia Bloodriver. She runs up to her sister and asked.

" Hey Amelia, there is a vistior for you."

Amelia looked at her sister confused, and asked.

" A vistior? Who would here at this time."

She walks into her house, it's like a beautiful palace, she goes up to the door and then it was a girl with long pink hair that was in a pony tail wearing in her knight armor form as well, her name is Selena Lovehart, Amelia's friend.

" Amelia, hey we have got a problem."

Selena cried out as she tries to catch her breath when she was running.

" What's wrong Selena?"

Selena looked directly into Amelia's purple eyes.

" There is a very strange presence coming this way. Something is going on, bring Celeria and we need to check it out."

Amelia nodded, and she shouted.


She grabs her katana sword and Celeria grabs her bow and arrow, and the 3 girls ran out the door and they headed into a strange forest, then all of a sudden a black dark circle energy coming through the woods, all of a sudden Amelia was about to be sucked into the dark hole, Selena, and Celeria grabbed her and then Amelia had a scared look on her face, the wind was blowing it was so strong.


Selena shout as she and Celeria were about to pull her but then the strong wind sucked her into the dark hole and Amelia starts to scream as she vanished. The back portal was gone, Celeria and Selena stood there in shocked and then they had fear and sadness in their eyes.

" Amelia..."

Celeria spoke softly and she fell onto the ground as she is on her knees and tears came down her cheek, Selena starts to cry.

" No...she's...gone...we were too late."

She formed her hand into a fist and then she got on the floor and punched the ground hard, tears came down. Amelia is gone, no one knows where she is, where did the black portal sent her to. We will know soon enough but in the mean time everyone in the village went tracking down for Amelia, it took them 5 hours to search for her, but no luck.


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/24/2012, 3:45 am

Athina's eyes fluttered open. Laying upon the solid ground looking up. The sky was clear and blue. Sitting up quickly, she looked around scared. The area was different and nothing she has ever seen before. Her hand moved sidesways looking for her weapon, but didnt feel it. Looking down, she was in her brown cadet uniform. Slowly standing, she wiped the dust away from her uniform.

The area was green with nature and animals. But the area she was in, was a ruin of some sort. It was broken and rubble.

'A major fight or battle had to have caused such damages.' She thought.

Walking towards the leveled area, she felt an uneasy feeling. It was hard not to feel this way, but when you are thrown into a strange world, you tend to freak out. Feeling for her earing she smiled.



"Can you tell me where we are"

"My records or indicators have nothing. Set up mode?"

"Ok. Antauri. SET UP!"

He uniform disappeared and changed into her Striker uniform. Antauri was set in his Device Mode. As she walked closer, Antauri began to glow.

"There is a human presence nearby. 700 metters ahead"

"Ohh? Lets take a look."

Mving slowly and staying aware, Athina walked through the ruined city. The walls were covered in a light shade of red. Streets crumbled and forged with craters. It was something terrible to see a city thet fell to viloence.


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/24/2012, 4:04 am

Amelia was laying on the ground as she fluttered her eyes open she sits up and then she looks around and then she stands up and starts to freak out.

" W-Wha...where am I? What's going on here?"

She stands up and then she looks around and then she felt a rain drop on her hand and see it was pouring rain, she spoke softly.

" Shit, it's raining. I have to find shelter."

She runs off as she getting soak and wet and she kept wondering where she went, she looked both directions turning left and right to figure out where she is at. But it was a like a ghost town, she started sprinting so she can get out of the rain and then all of a sudden a male figure was following her, she didn't notice it but she kept running, all off a sudden there was a bright light coming by near by the city, she stopped for a minute to catch her breath, she gazed at the bright light amazed and thinks to herself.

' Where is that light coming from?'

She just stood there until the mysterious male was so close to reach her until she turned around and she thought there was something in front of her. But she looked confused and sighed and then she turned around and then the male boy around her age was in front of her, she starts to scream and then he pinned her against the tree hard, the male boy had black emoish hair but with silver bhangs, he has one gold eye and one red eye, he was very sexy but he was a villian, he was in his black tattered cloak, black and red fingerless arm warmer gloves, black shirt, black pants and black combat boots. His name is Hayden Yurkovich, a villian, he pushed her against the tree hard as her arm is in the back like he is trying to break her arm.

" Who the hell are you? Do you dare enter this world?"

He sounded eagerly pissed. Amelia slowly turned her head and she was stopped by looking into his eyes, she began to blush but she began to struggle.


Hayden began to chuckle.

" Perv huh? That ain't nothing little outsider."

He takes out his sword and he pressed the blade against her neck, she stood there in fear like she couldn't move or couldn't scream out the words until she heard a female voice as Amelia's eyes were closed afraid that she is going to die


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/25/2012, 7:37 pm

Athina stopped. her movements halted as she heard another voice close by. First it was a girl then, what sounded like a males voiced. Taking cover in an old building, she knelt down.



"How many people can you detect that are close by now? I just heard two voices but you stated there was one person."

"My sensors indicate that there is another heat source around or near the first."

"Right. Lets keep moving."

Stepping out of the area, she turned as she heard a sound. Standing there was this female. She had soft blonde colored hair. WIth one braid that was weaved on the left side of her skull, it reached the high ponytal that webt down to herwaist line. Her outfit was that of a warrior. The top was cut off right under the breasts and had one strap that went over her right shoulder. Her lower half was overed with a borwn sknnied like skirt with pants underneath. Her boots were black with soemthing red splattered upon them. Her soft, pale green eyes had an empty stare. Its like they were peircing through Athina.

Confused, Athina took a step back. not knowing if she was a friend, well of course she wasn't a friend, she never met her before this point in time. Or a foe. Shaking her head and blinking once, the women was nw face to face with her. Shock, Athina jumped bacck. As she was in the air, the women threw what seemed to be needles, at the ground. Once Athina landed, the began to glow and exploded. Athina was sent flying back into a already crumbled building.

Athina's soft pink eyes fluttered open. Looking across at the women, she stood shakily. Gripping the bar shaft of Antauri, she grinned. The blue crystal ball like item in the head of her weapon began to glow.

"Antauri. Cartridge Load!" She shouted

"Load Cartridge." The male voice repeated.

Under the top of her weapon, the device spat out several cartridges. With Athina now angry, she looked at the woman. Her weapon ready for a counter attack, but before she could strike, the women charged her. Laying her palm against the Strikers stomach, a ball of energy formed. With a smirk, it shot and sent Athina flying. Screams filled the area around them as she went through several buildings. Landing on the ground, skidding and causing an extented crater, she laid there. Her body ached. Looking down. her uniform was torn slightly. Thank god their barrier jackets defended against not magical attacks.

Looking over at how far she is, Athina smiled. Laying her hand on the wall next to her, she stood. The wall was her support system. Leaning against it, she now had a better chance to counter attack. Keeping her distance, she smiled. Knowing that long ranger was something she liked, she took up the opportunity.

"Let go Antauri. I havven't had to use a long range attack in a long time. Switch to Shooting Mode." She told him with a serious voice.

"Yes milady." The weapon replied. The top part of her weapon glowed and switched forms. A few more cartridges were used to support the switch over. Stepping forwards, a lilac colored spell circle appeared beneath her. Withone hand set at the base of Antauri and the other near the middle of the shaft, she grinned.

"Lets go. Time to strike back."

"Range Set."

A magical ring appeared around the head of Antauri. A small of energy formed. A small sphere of energy appeared. Then, these strings of lilac energies were peing pulled out of the air and ground around her. The sphere doubled, then tripled in size.


The sphere shot out in a large beam like attack. Like a previous attack her mentor used called Starlight Breaker, Silver Stars is a power shooting spell. Spells of this type are usually guided at their targets but can also be aimed to inflict more damage. The large beam went flying at the target.. Engulfing, the gift and the surrounding area behind her. The attack ended. The cylinder like objects attached to the purple like wings opened and let out the built up pressure. Breathing heavily, Athina relaxed.

"No signs of survial or momvements from her." Antauri spoke.

Shaking her head, she turned around, wand walked towards the other voices. Her weapon returned to its Device Mode.


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/25/2012, 7:50 pm

Amelia felt him release her because a girl with silver long hair, wearing a gothic headband, has purple eyes, wearing a black kinda like midnight blue slutty outfit, she is a 13 year old and she pulls Hayden away from Amelia.

" Hayden, what the hell are you doing here? And who is she?" She points at Amelia.

" An introuder, but i sensed another one, she has purple hair its like she is from the future. And this one..." He grabs her wrist and like she is being lifted up and he smirked." She is from the medieval times. I don' know what's going on but we have to track the other one down...she is coming with us."

Amelia glared at him and then she arched her back and she kicked him in the face hard and he released her wrist and she did a flip and draws out her katana sword and then all of a sudden cherry blossom petals are surrounding her, she controls cherry blossoms, but she can also control lightning. She shouts.


" My, my what a fiesty little priestess. You are in the present time, you see you are the past but the other one is the future and we made you come here because we came to destroy something powerful in between those times. But for now you will be our hostage. So i suggest you lower your weapon and be a good little priestess." says the silver haired girl.

Hayden smirked and then he draws out his sword and it's huge, he was in the position to kill her but all of a sudden they see a bright light coming toward them and they see the purple haired future girl. Amelia gazed at the bright light coming her direction.

'That's the light I saw not to long ago. And who is she?"

Hayden turns around and shouts.



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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/25/2012, 9:13 pm

Looking down at the ground she smiled. Athina wasn't very hhappy that she was spotted. her sneak attack failed. Oh well. "I will." a voice called from the sky.

When Athina was a little girll, she dreamed of being an Air Striker like her father. It was her destiny to be one. When she first arrived at the School for Mages, everyone laughed at her. No one believed she had the skills to be a Air mage. The teachers put her in every category or class and she failed each one. it was hard groing up like that. Telling people what you were and not having them believe you. Once she reachhed the TSBA, she told them of her journey and parents. No one really knew what she was saying. She tried out for the Air Strikers and got in on the first ry Usualy it would take people 3-5 times before getting accepted. Nope being accused of cheating by classmates, she was forced to test again. she had to be watched heavily to make sure no items were used. Her classmates still didnt believe she made it in on the first try and avoided her. When the test and such came about, she passed with the highest grades all the time. She was spart and knew her destiny was as a Air Striker. When sparring matches came about, she would win. She knew how far to be distanced for each attack and spell used. She graduated at top of her class and then joined Section 6.

Her skills in long ranged attacks was a speciality of hers. Now this, this was just easy. She could wipe those three out in seconds if given the chance and cartridges neeeded. But her mind wonder somehitng. She was listening tothe conversation and heard a strange part. To destopry someting inbetween our times. That was such an odd statement but it didnt matter, she had to get theother girl away and chat. That was the first priority. But to do this, she had to make a decision. Which attach type will she use. Shooting was effective, but bombardment seemed even better.
Bombardent is a type denotes any aimed attack that fires a cone or stream of energy. This includes collection type. 'Focused Ordnance' or 'Accumulatory Cannonfire' spells, which gather up mana dispersed in the surroundings to release it as a single blast.

Athina was slowly starting to fall to the ground. Antauri began to glow. A small wing-like energy formed on her ankles. "Axel Fin." was spoken by the male voice. She took off to get higher and higher in the sky. Once at the right distance, she stopped and looked down. Her spell cirlce appeared beneath her. Setting and pointing Antauri towards the ground, his form changed. From Device Mode to Shooter Mode. Cartridges loaded themselves without a call.

A smalled spell ring formed around the head of Antauri. Then, several star-like strings were being pulled out othe sky. It started off as a very then sveral then many started to be pulled. A small sphere of engery started to form. It doubled then tripled in size in a matter of seconds.

"Axel Fin." she whispered. The same wing-like shapes took form on the brown haired girl and started to carry to Athina. Once in the sky, she was placed behind her.

"Strike...Stars!" She called.

Small star-like beams were shot at the ground. It was like a star shower, but with energy. This attack is one thhat is hard to black or defend against. It can shatter and blast through any attack ot defence used to try and counter. It peirced the ground and tore it to peices.


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/25/2012, 10:13 pm

Amelia gazed at the female Striker, she was completely amazed and wondered how she had that kind of power and then Amelia asked.

" Who are you? And where did you..."

Amelia couldn't figure out who she was and she can tell she isnt from this world but she is from the future, and then Amelia looked at Athina.

" Are you from the future?" Amelia's eyes are half closed and then she was about to black out, she tilted her head and she blacked out and the wind was blowing in her hair, feeling a cool breeze, still raining, it was pouring hard Hayden and Acantha the girl with silver hair, they retreated and Hayden shouts.

"MARK MY WORDS YOU OUTSIDERS!! YOU WILL REGRET BEING IN THIS WORLD!!!!AND YOU, THE MEDIEVAL GIRL, I WILL COME AFTER YOU AND TAKE WHAT'S MINE, I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU!!!!" Hayden and Acantha teleported and Amelia is still passed out and she didn't wake up for the next 2 hours, a few hours later she was on a warm bed and in a wooden cabin, and Athina was next to her on the right side sittiing down and Amelia fluttered her eyes open and she turns her head and stares at Athina.

" saved me?"


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/25/2012, 10:26 pm

The day had just ended. It was crazy to be brought to a strange world and everything. And she just saved someone strange. Well thats not new to her. Thats her job as a Striker to do. They save and protect the innocent from creeps like that often.

Looking at the girl beside her, she had to find a place to stay. Antauri restored back to standby mode. A small earing-like form. Grabbing the girls hand, she flew over the area looking for something to hide in. Looking down, she found a cabin. Landing on the ground, she looked in and no one was around. Opening the door, she carried the girl in and placed her on the bed. Closing the door, she sat beside her and closed her eyes.

When the other girl spoke, it woke her up. Rubbing her eyes, she looked her over. The outfit was of course dated but it was odd. It felt old but it didnt seem to fit her describition. Oh well. She gave a soft smile to her.

"I believe i was."

She gave a soft giggle as sh ecleared her throat. Her soft pink eyes looked down at her brown cadet uniform. She had to revert back into it when she got inside. It was not to make the other worry for freak out. Well, she could have already done that earlier. With the outfit and the weapon sh e used ealier, plus that large attack, who wouldn't be scared already. What a great first impression she made on her,

It was silent for a few moments. She looked backat the other girl.

"I am Athina." She told her.

Honesty was always the best way to start with making a friendship or partnership. Whatever you wanted to call this. Well, they both needed to try and become partners or friends inorder to stop those two or more from destroying Athina's future. The past had already occured and really wouldn't really mess her life up, but Athina's.

"I am Athina Tribeca. I am from the future. the weapon you saw before, that is my partner Antauri."


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/25/2012, 10:46 pm

Amelia smiled and she sat up and then she looked at Athina.

" It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Amelia Bloodriver, i'm from the past, i don't know where i am but did you...get sucked into a black hole and was sent here?"

Amelia had a flashback about what happened, that Selena, and Celeria were trying to pull her in and then that she screamed getting sucked into the black hole and was sent here. Amelia looks down worrying about her best friend and little sister. Hopefully everyone in her village is looking for her. She looked at Athina, seeing that she is from the future and the weapon she has. Amelia was a little soak and wet but her clothes are dampeed but it didnt matter. Amelia stands up and asks.

" Who were those guys? What did they want? They said something about they are after something from the future and past. But i don't know what they are talking about. I was wondering if you knew, Athina."

Amelia still looked confused and she placed her hand on her head because she had a headache, but she calmed down and relaxed. She still wants to know what city this is. But the good thing is she is safe and that she met Athina. Hopefully they can be friends or are they going to be rivals. We will never know but they will have to work together.

" I want to thank you for saving me, i didn't know what i would have done but i felt like i couldnt move and speak but thank you so much."


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/26/2012, 8:36 pm

"You are welcome. I was just doing what i knew was right. O help those and believe me, you needed help." She said giggling.

After looking at Amelia, she looked down. Someone from the past had come here as well, but that doesn't stop her from wondering. If they came here, maybe a few others were pulled her as well. It can't be just the two of the, but if it is, then they can deal with it it and fight back.

"I am not sure who they were. I am not from this time era. I am from the future as are, well my weapons and outfit."

Looking down, Athina didn't know what to say to Amelia. WHat could you say to someone who is from the past. Athina learned about that past in one of her classes. She had to, to understand how the future came to be and things like that.

The rain began to fall faster and heavier. They were stuck in thie unknown world and cabin for god knows how long. It was a terrible thing.


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/26/2012, 11:02 pm

Amelia looks directly at Athina. She sighed.

" Looks like we are going to be stuck here tonight. But anyway since we are here what do you want to do?"

She sits on the bed with her legs crossed and she patted a spot for Athina.

" Come."

Amelia smiled and her eyes were closed. This is her first friend who is from the future, but it doesn't matter. Past and future may be different but they can be friends. Amelia was shivering a little but she grabbed a blanket thats wrapped around herself and see there is a fire cabin there so they can be warm. She sighed and felt relaxed.

" So tell me, Athina, what's it like in the future?"


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/27/2012, 7:24 pm

"Well, my future is bright. I am know as a Air Striker. Meaning my rank is to fight those enemies that choose to fight by using the sky as a supposive advantage." She informed her

It was nice to actualy talk to another. I mean, i have friends but not anyone who would like to hear about this stuff.

"My future will be different to yours. I mean, you have the past to finish before the present and future. When you get to the part of the world, the future, i might not be around to enjoy it with you Amelia. And besides, i am pretty sure we are from two different planets as well."

That was a hard part to dimit. With being from two different time zones and planets, a friendship between the two would be hard. They really wouldn't be able to communicate or even see each other. Well, Athina could see Amelia, its just that, Amelia wouldn't be able to see Athina. her time has yet to discover the ability to time travel. Its a harsh fact,. but for now they can befriends until they leave this place. After that, it will be time to forget.

"I my worldd, each person has a weapon. Well, only mages like me. Each is designed and constructed to fit the mages personality and fighting style. Antauri was given to me by my father. He built him especially for me and i love that. He is also another reason i chased after my dream to become the rank i am. No one ever believed me until i showed them. Like with what you saw. I can cast high level spells if i am the right distance away."


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/27/2012, 9:59 pm

Amelia was quite amazed at her story, she smiled softly.

" That is so cool, we have weapons in the past we always have swords, I use a katana sword, it belonged to my father, who is dead. But I know it seems different around here. I would like to see what's it like in the future sometime. I'm a priestess in my village. They call me the Priestess Sakura Hime...because i was born under the cherry blossom trees and i even was a warrior when i was little until my rank came up and became a priestess. But in my world...we are medieval and it seems like royality, we are very pleasant, serving, and royality. We have what we had. You are my first friend who is from another world that is in the future."

Athinia had a hug smile on her face and then she looked at Athina, and asked

" So...what's it like to be a Striker? Are you proud of what you are that you always got your dream?"

This is starting to get interesting, the two females from different generations getting to know eachother about the past and future. They have been talking for a few hours until then a bright light outside appears by the door step and then Amelia gets off her bed and ran to the door step and then she opens the door, it was an old ancient mirror from her time. It's a mirror to contact, and to know what's going on at any time, like her past or the future. Amelia picks it up and gazed at the mirror and she closes the door and she sits on the bed and she see's Athina looking at her and the mirror.


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/28/2012, 1:30 am

"I do like what i do. I enjoy helping those in need. When i can lend a hand, then i know i am doing my job."

The sun was shinning and it was nice. The dark cabin lit up in no time. But the item Amelia retrieved, that seemed a bit odd. Why would a mirror of from her would, when it wasn't laying with her, be here. It had to be some kind of a trap set by the two earlier. Whatever it was, Athina wanted no part of. She stood and walked to the door.

"We should get moving. now that the rain is gone, we can try to figure stuff out sooner. Then maybe we can leave the wretched place."

She walked right outside. The atmosphere had a moist taste to it. Well, it did just rain anyways. Walking away, she turned to see if the other was following. She shook her head in shame.

Why would something so small cause someone to be so absorbed?

Looking up, the sun was shining bright. It was starting to grow slightly humid outside. This weather sure was moody. Sun then rain. Rain then sun with high humidity. Earth has always been such a strange planet. Mid-Childa was different from earth. It was a more advanced version with mages all around. The scenary was beautiful and the cities extravigent. The beauty of the forests and parks to the glimmering oceans and lakes, was enough to shame the Earth itself. May humans of Earth left and moved to Mid-Childa. It was a bit of a change, and then having to get used to the mages and other kinds of people, it sure was life changing. But more or less, the good one.

"Amelia. Lets go."


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/28/2012, 8:46 am

Amelia was running with Athina and then all of a sudden the mirror starts glowing and Amelia looks in the mirror and then she see's a girl with long pink hair with a halo, has dark pink eyes, wearing a pink and purple angel elegant dress, and has a huge shape star on her breasts area, she was wearing ribbons around her legs and a golden bracelet, and Amelia gazed at the angel in the mirror and thinks to herself.

' Who is she...I have never...seen anyone so beautiful...and with so much graciousness from this angel.'

Amelia looks at Athina and then she asked.

" Who are you miss?"

" My name is Lystra. I'm an angel of freedom....I am actually your true form, u are me...and i am you. And someone from your village sent this to you, and i needed to see you, because your sisters, and Selena are kidnapped by the " Black Fang Force, those villians you saw earlier today thats one of them, and the woman is the master...and she is hunting you down. At will transform into what i must hurry you have to destroy Unaria."

Amelia looked so confused but she was wondering about what was really happening. She looked at Athina and then the mirror glows and the female disappears and then she asked.

" Athina what should we do? "


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Re: Fallen Stars

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This sure was turning to a strange adventure. The nemies. The people. The mirror, it was overwhelming but she could overcome it. This was somethign she was going to treat as a challenge. This will help her reach her goals faster when she returns to Mid-childa. She can learn how other techinques are used and how to properly defend agaist them. Plus, new ways to strike and attack. Maybe she will master Exelion Mode too. Maybe that one was wishful thinking, but she had to try of course.

The others words snapped her out of her trance. Shaking her head, she turned with a smile upon her face. Athina had to keep Amelia calm and try to figure something out. They were sitting ducks in their world. With only Antauri as a censor and radar as well, this could be easier but there was of course the challenge of fighting. Now that she showed those two before her talents, she was of course no longer able to hide. But she still had a few tricks up her sleaves.

"We have to keep moving Amelia. I know it might be hard, but no matter what challenges come or way, we can over come them together."

Those were words her friend Subaru would always say to cheer her up. Gosh she missed thet girl. it was hard not too. Subaru was that friend that would never let you be upset. You always had to smile and have a good time with everything. A frown was something that made her frown. In her mind, it ment she was a bad friend somehow.

Feeling for Antauri in standby mode, the earing started to glow.

"Antauri. Its time to wake up."

"Yes MiLady?"

"Can you set for tracking and radar mode?"

"Yes MiLady."

"Antauri will warn up when someone is closer or attacking, that way we are ready for suprise attacks. Be ready for anothing Amelia."


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/29/2012, 9:38 pm

Amelia looks down thinking about what has been happening. It's been strange but right now it's difficult, she sighed and she followed Athina, they were walking through the woods and they see a beautiful waterfall, it had so much beautiful scenary, Amelia smiled until an explosion occurs up top, they see the male boy who attacked Amelia and there was another person up there a girl with red long hair that was in a ponytail, bhangs on the left side, has lavender eyes, wearing a brownish red long dress that shows part of both her legs, its like a cape,black gloves, a black braless shirt and brown boots, she shot daggers at the villian, Hayden smirked and he tackles her down, she starts to struggle until he heard a voice and Amelia takes out her katana.

"HEY GET AWAY FROM HER!!!" Amelia jumps in the air and Hayden a huge smug on his face and then his right hand he starts to activate blue and black flames and he throws them at her her speed was incredibly fast and then she dodged the flames and then her eyes r filled with hatred and pure anger to kill him.

" Touch her you die!!" Then Amelia turns around and she sees Athina transform. Amelia smiled and then the red haired girl stands up and then she and Amelia looked directly at eachother and then they gasped, but then Hayden and Acantha summoned their power together and then Amelia and the red haired girl cursed.


Amelia runs up and jumped up onto the highest tree branch, same with the red haired girl. Hayden felt a strong wind and he was hit against the tree and then he growled and he looked at Athina with dead daggers.

" Y...YOU..."


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Re: Fallen Stars

Post by Guest on 4/30/2012, 4:25 am

Looking around, Atina was slightly confused. Amelia went to help out a red haired girl. A girl who just appeared out of no where. Confused, she stood on the ground; waited and watched. Looking into the clear sky, she smiled. If this the red head was a friend of Amelia's, at least she knew someone. Shaking her head, she watched. Looking directly at the male against the tree, she grinned.

"Antauri, Cartrdige Load!"

"Laod Cartridge. Barrier Jacket Agressor Mode. Shooting Mode Activated. Axel Fin."

Those soft lilac colored wings appeared on Ahtina's ankles. Looking up she took off soaring high into the sky. Soaring into the sky. She looked down smiling. Reaching the correct height and the height in which certain attacks and wings ant reach. she set Antauri downwards. Her magical circle appearing beneather her. Her device spat out several cartridges as well.

"Distance controlled. Ready for command MiLady."

Around Athina and her body and presense, these orange colored spheres appeared. As they began to multiply, Antauri spat out a few more cartridges. Looking down., she grinned again.


The orange sphere shot down towards the ground like rain falling from the sky. They would hit and hit hard. As they made contact, the surrounding area began to fall. Trees were being smashed and the ground shattering.


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Re: Fallen Stars

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