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United Nations of the Universe

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United Nations of the Universe

Post by RKRobot on 3/31/2011, 3:30 am

Ladies and Gentlemen, RPGers, artists, and writers alike, I welcome you to the first chapter of one of the most praised, enjoyed, and most demanded story I had ever created, The United Nations of the Universe!! UNU was first created back in 2008, and at first, it was supposed to be a one time-story for solely the Sonic the Hedgehog series. However, when my ideas about the main villains began to float among friends, anticipation began to arise and soon, I found myself in the middle of my very first and only collaboration story! Characters from my own, Sonic Team's, Genesis', ShadowChris', Blastion's, and CodytheOmni's series finally meet in this super-extreme, sort-of-cannon crossover, and I promise to rewrite all the backstories for how each character becomes involved, but first, HAVE A LOOK AT MY PROTOTYPE COVER. WEEE. (You can also find tons of UNU etcetera on my DA page.)


Chapter 1: Resistance is Futile

~Inside the Resistance's inclined conference room, all the people (mostly mammalian critters and whatnot) sat down in their respective chairs in different descending rows. Every one in the room questioned what was going on, but carefully took their seats as the host walked out towards his tall brown podium in the center of the room. Nmeo the New Matter flipped his two pigtails aside and they transformed into a captain's army helmet. The straps hung down on the side of his face and shone like the yellow star streaks around his body. He held his right hand up and quickly swung it down, creating a black long stick item. He gripped it and slashed it down on the podium's top. Everyone shut up. ~

Nmeo: Everyone! I need your attention, please! Can anyone tell me what's going on?

Decoda: WHAT?!



Genesis: WHO ARE YOU?




~Nmeo simply just stood there and nodded as the angry and very frustrated group of people yelled and screamed at him. Finally he held his stick up again, and smashed it down on the podium so hard, he split the stand in two. The raging audience shut up once more. ~

Nmeo: I understand you are all very upset. Now, this feeling you have for your sadness is replaced by anger. WE DO NOT TOLERATE ANGER IN THIS ROOM!! For it is what the enemy feeds energy, and's what they use against us. Unfortunately for us, anger comes easily. We must learn to be happy.


Genesis: Emily, calm down. It'll be all right. *hugs*

Nmeo: AHA! SEE THAT?! She just cried. Why do we cry? Because we are angry. WE DO NOT TOLERATE SADNESS IN THIS ROOM EITHER!! If the enemy figures out we are weak crybabies, then they will have the advantage! We MUST learn to be as happy and caring and smart as possible!

Rocky: Then why did the enemy take our loved ones?

Nmeo: To clear this up easily, I will share with you a brief presentation.

CCody: What? A presentation? We don't have that kind of time!

Draco: We have to go save everyone!

Nmeo: Patience people please! Heh heh, wow, that's a tongue twister! Patience people please, patience people please, patience people please, patience peo--



Xero: ...Can we just stop what we're doing and save Gearic?

Nmeo: Okay! Okay! Here ya go!

~A large white projection screen scrolled itself down from the ceiling's rafters and all stared at it. Nmeo moved out of the way and pulled a tiny gray remote out. He pressed a button and immediately, a small projector flashed itself on behind the last row of people. Nmeo giggled and pressed another button, and the movie began rolling. ~

~A black and white picture of the king and queen of NM appeared. The king was called Neumus and the queen was called Materia. A narrator told them that as they scanned the landscape of the NM Domain in Outer Space. He mentioned that a New Matter has only 4 senses: Taste, Hearing, Sight, and Smell. He also mentioned that a New Matter's worst enemy is itself, Gamma Rays, and being transformed into an impossible form. Then a few images later, the New Matter army was shown. 4 top people were in command: Capella, Aldebaran, Sirius, and Pollux. The narrator told them also that the 4 in command tried to take over the rest of the universe at one point. However, a young and heroic NM stopped them with his resistance team, but had died trying. After many more billions of years, the NM are reinforced and backed by many powerful soldiers. With this, the NM are hereby known as "unbeatable, indestructible, and unstoppable". Then the movie ended. ~

~Nmeo pressed both buttons on his remote control and the projector and the screen rolled up and away to their place in the room. Then the New Matter stepped up onto the broken podium and spoke. ~

Nmeo: Now you know everything I do about them. They're evil and they must be stopped. Surely you have questions...

Rocky: That didn't answer my question!

Nmeo: Of course not! But I can give you a good answer!

Rocky: Then why didn't you answer it to begin with?

Nmeo: It doesn't hurt to know a couple things first... the reason they took your loved ones is because the hostages have powers beyond what you would expect! The reason they took your friend, GENESIS, is because she has some strong magical power that they want! The reason they took your dad, SPEEDSTER, is because he's the fastest thing in the Universe! The reason they took your boyfriend, FERINA, is because he is the Ultimate Life Form! The reason they took your robot, SHADOWCHRIS, is because he's one of the most powerful robotic beings alive! The reason they have your book, DARK RAGE, is because it holds dark and evil secrets they want to access! Don't you see? They captured, and killed, and harmed, and attacked, and violated all your lives was to get something from you! They took away all your heart. They took away your purpose for existence. They took away your spirit. But guess what? THEY CAN'T TAKE AWAY YOUR POWER TO LOVE!! THEY HAVE NO FIFTH SENSE! THE SENSE OF TOUCH IS GONE! THEY CAN'T LOVE! THEY CAN'T FEEL! THEY CAN'T CRY, OR FEEL PAIN, OR CARE FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE! But they can take away the ones you love to make your feelings hurt so badly...that you don't want them anymore...just like them...*tear sheds from left eye*

Ferina: I understand.

Decoda: Seriously? I don't get it.

Ferina: You moron! Geez, don't rock stars have any brains? They took and killed everybody so they could get their powers and hurt us so badly that all we could feel was pain and hate.

Decoda: Why? What for?

Genesis: So we're easier to dominate.

Emily: What?

Speedster: People sometimes get weaker when they’re angry or upset and have bad aim and stuff.

Zane: And they can't control themselves.

Draco: They're easily tricked into doing stupid things, like falling for traps.

SChris: And buying things they already have, even though it's half price...

Xero: When people need to let go of their anger, they usually let it out as violence.

Chase: Making tactics of battle seem useless.

Zeta: And they lose the fight.

DRage: So when they lose, all the other places can take them over and leave the weak even weaker.

CCody: With a poor ruling system, no one will survive and revolution after revolution will continue to collapse the world.

Rocky: We can't let that happen. What do you want us to do?

Nmeo: First, I want you to fight.

Everyone: WHAT?!

Nmeo: Yes. I want you to pick a buddy and fight with them. After I observe you, then I'll give you each a gift. A special gift. Then, when I give the signal, we'll be ready to take on the first dominated area. I'll tell you what's going on when the time comes. For now, rest or battle. I'll be back in a few hours.

~And with those remaining words, Nmeo teleported out of the room. Everyone was deciding on their partners and all their questions were kept silent until he returned. ~

Chapter 2: The Obtained

~All the creatures in the meeting room began to talk to one another. Rocky began to worry about what would happen, and she paced around the middle of the room. Ferina walked over to her and halted her from pacing. ~

Rocky: What is it? *not looking at Ferina; eyes dazed and dialated*

Ferina: Are you okay? I mean, you worry a lot, but never like this...

Rocky: I-I just...I'm scared to death...I really am...

Ferina: We all are. Even that random purple hedgehog in the cape is worried.

SChris: The narrator lies! We all aren't talking to one another! Xero, are you--AH! NOW I'M TALKING TO SOMEONE!! MUST PROVE NARRATOR WRONG!!

~ShadowChris continued to rant along about the narrator, while Decoda talked to Zane. ~

Decoda: So, you were under attack by these New Matter things, while you were in an Olympic Competition?

Zane: Why? Were you there?

Decoda: Look, I just wanted to know if you were serious about the OLYMPICS.

Zane: Yeah...I

Decoda: Were you going to get a trophy?

Zane: *nods gently*

Decoda: Did they nuke that too?

Zane: No, they took it. They took my trophy.

Decoda: That's strange...

~Meanwhile, Emily and Genesis were talking to Speedster and Draco about the battle they were supposed to perform with one another. ~

Genesis: So, aren't we supposed to fight?

Emily: I don't wanna fight!

Speedster: I think so...Wanna verse me Genesis?

Draco: Hey, I don't think I should be fighting your little friend.

Genesis: I’ll fight you Speedster, but maybe you should find someone else Draco.

~All of a sudden, Emily screamed loudly and so piercingly high that everyone in the room became deaf for a spilt second. She was glowing with a bright white light, and slowly lifting off the ground. Genesis faced the light surrounding her, using his one hand to shield some of his eyes. He tried to touch her, but he was shocked with what felt like a cold electricity. He shook out his injured hand and moments later, Emily drifted back down to the floor. Everyone stared at the little hedgehog girl. ~

Genesis: Are you okay, Emily?

Emily: I...I think so...It didn't hurt...but it scared me, so I yelled...

Genesis: Uhh, that was weird.

Speedster: She shocked you when she was glowing...didn't it hurt?

Genesis: Yeah, a little, but it was icy feel...

Speedster: Whoa...

~Emily then went to go and grab Genesis' hand, but her small gloved hand began to glow bright white again. She stopped in the middle of the reach, and oh so suddenly, a narrow beam of white light shot out of her hand, hitting Genesis in the arm. He flinched and looked at his arm. His fur was frayed and his skin burned. Now THAT did not feel cold at all. Emily shocked, held her hands up to her mouth, but her palms faced outward. Both hands glowed, with this new white blast, and they fired at Genesis again, hitting his stomach. He fell on his knees, and stared at his wounds. What was this? Emily looked at her palms. They were faintly glittering with white. She then began to cry, and buried her face in her beam-shooting hands. Genesis got up and slowly and carefully wrapped his arm around her shoulder. She cried even harder, but Genesis just held her close. The whole room stared at the two of them. Just then, ShadowChris jumped on top of the tables they sat at and hopped over to where Genesis and Emily were. Then he took out a calculator looking object. He pressed a bunch of keys on the device, and read it aloud. ~


Draco: What?

SChris: I have no idea what I'm doing!

Draco: That's it? That's it's readings?!

SChris: Yes.

Xero: *slaps forehead* That's the commenting calculator...Depending on what buttons you press, it determines how pathetic you are.

SChris: Yeah, and this piece of junk thinks I have no idea what I'm doing...I MADE YOU, AND YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS?!?!

~Chris throws the device on the ground, and everyone sighs. Crimson Cody then spoke aloud. ~

CCody: Now why would only this girl get such power?

DRage: Maybe because she refused to fight?

Ferina: What'd ya mean?

~Ferina and Rocky along with Decoda and Zane walked over. Chase and Zeta climbed over their chairs and joined in as well. Now, the whole gang of 14 was in the same little deformed circle. ~

DRage: Because she said she didn't want to fight either Genesis or Draco X, she began to glow.

Decoda: Does that mean we all should just claim refusal to fighting?

Rocky: Maybe, but she is after all the youngest. Perhaps that Nmeo guy is still here and he saw what happened? Then he gave her the gift to be able to fight...

Speedster: Aunt Rocky that sounds pretty farfetched...


~The room remained silent. No happy girlish giggling at all. Emily finally stopped crying, and Genesis smiled at her. ~

Genesis: Are you okay now?

Emily: Y-Yes...

Chase: Suppose that each of us get a "gift" such as this. Then what?

Zeta: I believe that if we fight one another, Nmeo will receive an idea on our battle tactics. Then he will give us each a strong gift, like the girl's.

SChris: That's genius! Hey...wait a second...are you upstaging me?

Xero: Then, if each of us has his or her own battle tactics, Nmeo can configure on who shall receive what special power.

Ferina: Maybe he's got a ton of powers stashed away somewhere, and they're so various, that we'll each get a different one!

Decoda: How do you "stash" powers, FERINA?

Ferina: I don't know, DECODA.

Rocky: Hey, hey, hey...we should just all get started. The faster we get these powers, the faster we can save everyone.

Speedster: Sounds good to me! I'm ready to go!

Chapter 2: The Obtained Part 2

~BANG! SHOOM! KA-POW! SHING! SWISH! KA-DOOSH! WAH-POW! SMACK! The whole room was full of fighting and action and attacking. Chase was using his guns on ShadowChris, while the dark lord replied with his dark mage attacks. Xero faced Crimson Cody in a head-smashing, ice clashing battle. Dark Rage attacked Ferina, using his mighty staff to attack. Ferina dodged his moves with quick reflexes and a flexible body. Decoda duked it out with Zane, electrocuting the agile and athletic hedgehog with his guitar. Genesis blew Speedster away with his wind magic, but the red hedgehog struck back with an attack from one of his World Rings. Draco X withdrew his sword and walked over to Rocky, who stood by Emily, holding her close, so she wouldn’t get hit with anything. Zeta was also on the standby since this was Chase’s mission only. ~

Draco: Hey, Rocky! Why don’t we fight? Zeta can take care of Emily.

Zeta: Negative. I can’t heal anyone but Chase if she gets hurt. Besides, I don’t have the data for that anymore.

Draco: Why not?

Zeta: The New Matter creature I analyzed, called a Crusher, beat Chase and I up, and stole the data right out from underneath my hard drive!

Draco: That…that sucks…

Rocky: Here, wait a second.

Emily: What’re you doing miss—ahh!

~Rocky picked up Emily by the armpits and lifted her high into the air. She was only 8, so she was as light as a feather for a strong robot like Rocky. The human then walked over to a high ledge that, when climbed, led up to the rafters. Rocky told her not to climb up there, because then no one would be able to reach her and if she fell, she’d get hurt. Emily nodded, and sat down on the ledge. Rocky stepped back and headed over to Draco. She cracked her fingers and held them out in front of her, prepared to do her special attack, Geokinesis. As soon as Draco charged for her, she lifted her hands high in the air, but nothing happened. She tried it again, and nothing happened. Then, as she was getting ready to try again, Draco belted her in the stomach with the hilt of his sword, expecting her to block it. She toppled over backwards onto the floor of the room. Draco stood in shock as he dropped his weapon and helped the girl up. As soon as she was steady, he picked up his weapon and spoke. ~

Draco: What happened there? You were supposed to block me!

Rocky: I…I tried, but I couldn’t feel…anything geo at all! Where exactly are we? There’s not even a rock solid meteor around here as far as I detected!

Zeta: That’s strange. My readings indicate that we are surrounded by…ah! No wonder! WE’RE SURROUNDED BY EMPTY SPACE!

Rocky & Draco: NO WAY!!

Draco: So, we are in outer space after all…

Rocky: That sure does explain it. And the fact that you’re all here…how else could we all co-exist if neither of us is from the same time line?

Draco: I don’t know. I thought we were all on Mobius, and you all just teleported here.

Zeta: Right. And also right. Chase and I had the same 2 thoughts. I figured out that we must be in or near the New Matter’s territory. I scanned Nmeo, and found that he’s entirely made up of everything there is in the whole universe! He must have some power to bring all the time zones together.

Rocky: Only thing that makes sense around here…Ah!

~Suddenly, Rocky seemed to glow with a similar white light. Then, after a couple moments of astonishment, the white changed to blue fire and flames! Draco and Zeta opened their shielded eyes to find their teammate under the entire consumption of cold embers. Emily back on the ledge near the rafter had seen the event and her eyes glittered. Is this what the others saw her as? When she got her white beam powers? Back at the occurrence, Rocky’s black boots changed to silver, and her gloves followed the same pattern. The tips of her hair, bangs, and “quills” then became a bright pink in color. Then the fire died out in a flash, and Rocky slumped to her knees. Draco and Zeta rushed over to see if she was all right. Rocky got up okay and seemed fine, but she took one look at her shinning gloves and hair and yelled. ~


Zeta: Calm down! You’ll attract too much attention!

Draco: Like that made a difference…hey, your gloves and boots are different too!

Rocky: What the hell is this?!?! Don’t tell me Nmeo made this happen too!!

Zeta: It is likely.

Rocky: GAAAAHHH!!!

~When she screamed, a powerful blue and red fire began underneath the heels and sole of her now shiny boots. She looked down for a brief second, and was now rising up in the air. The other fighters looked in amazement as they saw the android female flying with now jet-powered boots. She flew up so high, that she smashed straight into the roof of the structure and her head and shoulders became stuck. The boots stopped cramming her in the ceiling, and her legs kicked wildly. A muffled yell could be heard. The rumble of the collision didn’t just harm Rocky; Emily who was climbing the pole to the rafters to get a better look, was knocked down and began to fall fast! She would surely hit her head on the desk and smash her fragile little skull! Genesis saw the falling Emily and ran for her. He was fighting on the opposite side of the room, and he was about half way there when he jumped. He soared over the desks and held his arms out as far as he could reach. His eyes strained with focus. His timing had to be correct! It just had to! ~

HAHAHAHAHAHA I CUT IT OFF ON PURPOSE. WEEEEE. If you've already read this story, then you should know what happens, but please, no spoilers. I am going to continue writing this, but for now, up until the last chapter created, I will be refining it. It's an old story, so it needs work. Respect that please. ^_^ Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy the next few chapters I post up! (Also if there are any errors in character, names, certain things, etc. please let me know!)


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Re: United Nations of the Universe

Post by Genesis on 4/3/2011, 9:00 am

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!! This was me and chris' all time favorite story an i need more of it. Great work must never go unnoticed rocky my friend so keep up the good work.

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Re: United Nations of the Universe

Post by Luna on 4/3/2011, 9:48 am

all i gotta say is.....

MOAR PLEASE!!! *holds out plate*



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Re: United Nations of the Universe

Post by RKRobot on 4/5/2011, 3:02 am

DER-HURR I HEART MY FANZ. ^_^ No seriously, thanks for reading and supporting guys. Especially you, B-Brothers; 'f it weren't for you, UNU'd probably remain unfinished. XD And the now, the exciting return of Chapters 3, 4, and 5!!

Chapter 3: Getting Hurt Isn’t Funny

~All of a sudden, an enormous blast of white heat and light erupted from behind the green hedgehog. The white blast shot across the room like a comet and headed for Emily. It hit her, and Genesis fell to the floor. The white blast continued now with Emily in its grasp, and smashed into the wall, where the light subsided to reveal Speedster’s red spines. The two of them fell to the ground; Emily lay on top of the red, drained hedgehog, in shock. Speedster’s eyes were dazed, and his hair now frizzled up. The white blast was indeed he, and apparently he had been given a new power. By taking the form of a comet in spin dash form, he had gone quick enough to save the falling girl. He sighed as he shook himself back to consciousness. Emily immediately got up and headed straight for the grounded Genesis. He smiled at her and asked her if she was okay. When she nodded, he stood, and brushed himself off. Draco rushed over to Speedster and pulled him upright. Speedster’s white hair bang not only was now more frizzled, but tints of light blue were at its tips. Perhaps the icy effect of the comet? Nevertheless, he walked over to Emily to make sure she was all right. She thanked him gracefully, and looked up at the ceiling. Rocky was still stuck. She had stopped squirming, but still trapped. Decoda jumped at the sight of Rocky, and climbed onto a desk. He yelled at the top of his gifted lungs to her. ~


~A muffled, “I’m trying. Just hurry!” was heard from the ceiling. Decoda then demounted the desk and began pacing. Ferina sighed and leaped onto a different desk near her. She looked around and spotted a wooden pole about a few feet away from her in some sort of closed off area. She got off the desk and tore apart the closed off area to reach the pole. She grabbed the pole and realized it was exactly her height: 3 feet and 5 inches. She was surprised the pole was thick, but quite light when she held it. She wrapped her fingers around it and began to run for the wall. Dark Rage, Decoda, Crimson Cody, Chase, Zane, ShadowChris, Zeta, Xero, Genesis, Emily, Draco, and Speedster were all confused on what she was attempting to do with a stick that big and run for the wall. Finally she picked up speed when she reached the wall, and as if she never left the floor, she kept running straight up it! She looked behind her and she was just about the same height as Rocky was in the ceiling! She faced the wall, and in the same moment, back flipped off the side and swung the giant pole so hard, it smashed through the ceiling, cutting Rocky loose. Ferina fell, but caught a hold of one of the rafters leading up to the ceiling. Rocky continued to fall, screaming. Luckily, she came down into the arms of Decoda. He dropped her as gently as possible before collapsing himself. Ferina got down on account of her own athletic leaping and skill. ~

Decoda: You…You all right?

Rocky: Yeah. Thanks. Was that Ferina?

Ferina: Right here! Yeah! Hold your applause ladies and gentlemen! *bows *

~In one of the rows, ShadowChris begins to clap slowly. Ferina glanced at him and sighed. The hedgehog ceased the clapping, folding his arms. Xero gives him a disapproving look and walked away. The lord of darkness shrugged and sat himself on a chair by the desk. ~

Rocky: Wow…looks like we’re all getting—HEY! Ferina look! Your stick!

Ferina: What?! Oh my – Ahh!

~Indeed her weapon had changed into a gleaming and powerful looking ice sword. It’s beautiful craftsmanship gave it the appearance of being layered. The hilt was shifted into a light gold, and the blade looked sharp all around. Yet, it looked flimsy, like a bending, rubber pirate sword. Zane walked over to it from his position and decided to touch the blade. He reared back in a yelp, and began shaking out his hand. Then he put his finger (the one he touched it with) in his mouth and squinted. ~

Ferina: Wimp.

Zane: *with finger still in mouth * WHAT?! That thing hurt me!! It’s friggen sharp as all hell!

Ferina: Who says hell is sharp?

Dark Rage: It always seemed to me that it was dull…

SChris: I’VE BEEN THERE AND BACK!! They cancelled my flight the first time, but they gave me a refund and first class for my second visit.

Zane: IT’S JUST A PHRASE!! Geez…

Decoda: *turns to Rocky * We’re all getting our powers. Soon we’ll go rescue the pyro and his friends…

Emily: And maybe save Juliet?

Genesis: Hopefully.

Chase: But that thing isn’t back yet. Only a few of us have powers.

Zeta: We need more time. Just go as you were.

CCody: Sounds good to me. Let’s go back to fighting.

~Everyone without powers returns to battle against one another. This time, Genesis faced Draco X, Decoda faced Crimson Cody, Zane battled Chase, ShadowChris battled Dark Rage and Xero slumped on a chair and kicked up his legs onto the desk next to him. Rocky, Zeta, Emily, Ferina, and Speedster all sat and watched. Ferina was fascinated in her brand new sword, Rocky still didn’t get over the pink in her hair, Speedster examined his new sunglasses, and Emily talked to Zeta. Everyone did this for the next hour. ~

Chapter 4: The Collection

~On the Planet Tropic, in the country of Cornucopia, in the state of Grapelina, the New Matter held their base. They all resided in the Gray Residence, the capital of the country. This was where Decoda the Guinea Pig lived, and also the President of the country, Mr. Hitachi Han. Now that the President was dead, all of a town called Ivory was covered in fear and new matter goo. The goo was dark colored, and silky, making the escape of its sticky grasp a tough challenge. The creatures had the place surrounded; there was no reasoning with them either. Their leader, a first lieutenant named Capella, was a strong muscular but thick headed and stubborn new matter who had dreamed of joining the force since he was a young star. His dream however kept interfering with reality. When he had captured 3 foreign creatures from different worlds, his dream expanded and his mind churned with ideas. We see him now in his lair, once the capital building of the state, with a ripped military suit on, his facial hair curled, and a look of sin upon his face. ~

Capella: What a day! I find my soldiers captured 2 time travelers from the future with the legendary Chemical Chaos in their veins, and an adorable kitty cat with magical waterpower and the ability to speak with the powerful dragons of many dimensions. Amazing! Capella, you’ve certainly outdone yourself this time! Heh heh!

~The Lt. then marched his way out of the office of the once proud President, down to the main lobby where huge computers were being built and programmed, guards were patrolling, and 3 massive generators stood tall in the middle of all the goo surrounding them. Attached to the 3 green, cylindrical generators placed on their sides, were matching “metal” and inward curved poles. Chained to those poles were 3 unfamiliar faces: Wrath the Hedgehog, Kane the Komodo Dragon, and Aqua the Cat. The hedgehog was colored dark blue with green tipped spines, with long ears of the same pattern and donned an interesting pair of hover shoes specially crafted for him, and he was suspended by the heavy chains. His big brown eyes shimmered with anger, and his fists clenched with the will to fight. On his left, the 6-foot tall, brown komodo wore a small light blue short sleeve shirt and thick, black and green combat boots. His tail was attached to a ball and chain, and his narrow red eyes glistened with frustration. His white teeth and sharp, black claws coming through his orange gloves scared away passing security guards. On the hedgehog’s right, was a small 3-foot, light blue feline, with deep blue hair and a tightly tied but flowing ponytail. She had on black pants, dark blue sandals, a green tank top, and elbow length pink gloves. Her tail was white tipped and her glossy eyes flickered with sadness. All 3 stood helplessly as Capella descended from the stairs to their level. When he reached the floor, he strode over and looked them all in the eye. His dark yellow, and cold eyes melted Aqua’s hope. Kane merely closed his eyes and bowed his head in defeat. Wrath, however, stared him straight in the face. His teeth were bared and his gloved hands began to steam. He snorted on Capella emitting a large puff of steam on his face. The new matter reared back and took his mighty hand and swung it across the boy’s face. Tears ran down his cheeks as Wrath shut his eyes and held back the pain. ~

Capella: I have no time for this kind of mistreatment. You simply invaded by coming back to the past. If you hadn’t, then you wouldn’t probably be born, knowing that we’ve probably killed your parents, but seeing your still here…


Capella: *slaps across face again * One more comment like that and you’ll be history. Got it?

Wrath: Do with me what you will. I won’t stop. I’ll never give in to you.

Aqua: Please…stop it kid…your only making it worse…

Wrath: Wha? You want me…you want US to surrender to this creep? I don’t think so!

Kane: It’s for the best if you shut up. And don’t talk to the lady like that! If I could use my hand, I’d bash you over the skull! Hear me?!

Aqua: It’s okay…don’t try to defend me…I’ll…I’m just waiting for Draco…

Kane: Who’s Draco?

Aqua: My boyfriend…

Wrath: *red pulsing vein appears * SO NOW WE BRING UP THE RELATIONSHIPS?! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!


Kane: Please forgive my Godson…he’s just upset he can’t find a stable girlfriend…that’s all…

Aqua: *shocked expression * You two are b-blood relatives?

Kane: Hahahahaha! *lamely smiles * Not exactly. You see, his mother made me the Godfather of this little rascal about a year ago, present time, and we’ve been friends for so long, it’s a perfect title for me.

Capella: SILENCE, ALL OF YOU!! *shaking his fists in the air * You’re giving me a headache with all that jabber! Sheesh! Back to business…

~The head new matter was on a computer about 20 feet away from the conversing victims. He was telling his army of 200 where to attack next and “needed” the concentration. Then, the front door burst open, and a grunt came in with a familiar Crusher new matter, holding a pile of something. The grunt placed the pile on a tray on top of a wheeling table. A closer look at it revealed the pile to be a gooey mass of binary numbers and syntax codes with numbers and letters. This caught Wrath’s eye. Being a mechanical hedgehog on the inside, he loved to eat his data, raw. To him, this pile looked delicious. He obtained a smile on his face, followed by drool. Aqua jumped at the sight of him and turned to Kane for his advice. ~

Kane: Oh boy…No, Wrath that’s not yours. Bad. No eat data.

Wrath: So…good…mmmm… *continues drooling *

Aqua: That’s disgusting. My guess is he’s part robot?

Kane: Correct, my dear. His favorite drink is cheap oil…if you haven’t already guessed that too…

Aqua: Obvious…

~As Wrath continued to stare at the pile of “delicious” data, the others conversed. Kane told Aqua he was actually a prehistoric dinosaur, brought back to life from just a fossil by the power of Chemical Chaos. She then mentioned how Draco X and her traveled to different dimensions and that she had a brother named Maxwell, who specialized in machinery. The Lt. finished his commanding around for now, and then returned to his misfit hostages. He took long strides of power and stopped when he saw Wrath’s eyes follow the now in-motion pile of data. It was being wheeled to the back room, where he could no longer see it. The boy slumped down and sighed. Capella shook his head, reached out his arm, and grabbed Wrath’s chin. He pulled him close to his own face and tightened his grip. Then he whispered in a deep voice. ~

Capella: You’re going to tell me, who exactly your parents are…

Wrath: In your dreams…

Capella: Unfortunately for you, those dreams are about to become a reality…

Wrath: No…I’m not going to tell you…

Capella: Then you give me no choice…

~The Lt. fiercely let go of Wrath and strode over to Aqua. She shivered as he touched her long hair bang hanging above her face. Wrath and Kane watched as Capella’s fingers ran through her hair. Tears made Aqua’s eyes shine. Then the threat spoke again. ~

Capella: Give me the information, and you won’t have to see this young…beautiful little girl…get…punished…

Wrath: You wouldn’t…

Kane: *through gritted teeth * Don’t do this…C’mon… Wrath just tell him…

Wrath: No, I can’t…

Capella: Be careful of your choice…It could be your last…

Wrath: …the ultimate life form…

Capella: What was that?

Wrath: …my father…is the ultimate life form…

Capella: More like the “ultimate disappointment”…shouldn’t he have taken better care of his…son?


Capella: Fine…it should do…for now…

~The new matter let go of Aqua’s hair and she began to cry out of slight joy that she wasn’t going to die. Wrath’s eyes also filled with water. At least she was okay. Kane swallowed and then spoke out to Capella, who was on his way back to the computer. ~
Kane: And what will you do to the Ultimate Life Form?

Capella: Same as what I do with everyone else who interferes…kill him.

Kane: What?! NO!! YOU INSENSIBLE, VILE, HITEOUS, VERMIN!! DISGUSTING MONSTROSITY!! *rattling chains vigorously *
Capella: Are you quite done?

Kane: *panting * Yes…*bows head *

Chapter 5: The Need for Optimism?

~Back at the base, the powerless were still fighting, and unfortunately getting tired. Some sat down for a few minutes and just panted. Others collapsed. Rocky and Zeta both looked over and noticed how tired everyone had become. The digital hedgehog looked over at Chase who was wiping the sweat from his forehead and heavily breathing. ~

Zeta: Chase, are you all right?

Chase: Yeah, but this blue kid has some energy level!

Zane: Nah, man. I’m getting beat…

Chase: But how do we obtain the powers when we aren’t displaying our original skills?

Zane: Dude, no one’s watching…

Chase: Point…

~The two of them sat down on the nearest desk. Meanwhile Genesis and Draco were now also becoming exhausted. The two gave up and shook hands before sitting down as well. Decoda and Crimson Cody then repeated their action, but commented on each other’s fighting. ShadowChris also stopped and began to walk over to Xero, who was now asleep in his chair. ~

SChris: …wakey wakey…

Xero: …noooo….


~The lord then took off one of his gloves and began to slap Xero’s face several times with it. Finally the hardheaded hedgehog woke up and picked up his chair. He held it over his head. ~

SChris: What do you plan to do with that?

Xero: Smash your face in.

~The action was done, leaving the purple hedgehog injured on the floor. Xero stepped away and dusted off his hands. He muttered to himself, “Nobody bitch-slaps me with a glove,” and turned towards Dark Rage who was laughing at the incident. ShadowChris’ crumpled up body grabbed a hold of the edge of the close by desk and pulled himself up. ~

SChris: Why didn’t I think of that?

~Just as those words were said, a flash of lightning came down from the ceiling onto ShadowChris. He shut his eyes on the impact, but opened them to find him surrounded in cool blue lightning. He stared at his hands as they started to glow. His single gold bracelet then shimmered and expanded to cover his whole hand. The gold sealed his hand, keeping the finger form and like a glove, showed wrinkles. The other hand was kept ungloved. Then, a tiny ball of energy was created in his golden palm giving the impression of a blast attack like Emily’s. However, the ball grew in size and shifted its shape to become a small satellite. The satellite hardened into a tiny model of the Hubble. With it a fuse was placed at the end of it ready to be lit. ShadowChris held it up to his face to get a better look. By this time, the lightning around him had subsided. He stared at it for a bit and concentrated hard on it. Suddenly, the fuse lit! ~



~Everyone screamed and ran under the desks except for the bomb holder, who was jumping around and freaking out. Finally Chase shouted from under a chair: ~


SChris: HAA! *whips the bomb into the air *

~The lord threw the bomb just as the fuse was nearing the satellite’s base. He tossed it up in the air, but just as the mini bomb reached it’s highest point, a quick shimmer of light blasted in that very spot. The hand that caught the bomb in mid air belonged to Nmeo, who looked as if he had just been brought back from the dead. The new matter used his fingers on his other hand to defuse the bomb. Steam rose from the remaining fuse, and the little model of the Hubble was completely unharmed. Nmeo’s eyes went from his original crystalline blue to a darker faded blue. His “eyebrows” narrowed and his usually peppy smile was upside-down. His pigtails were wrinkled and hung down straighter and looser than earlier. His hands were cut and his right arm was damaged. His legs were bruised, and his tail and spines were limply flat against his back. The new matter floated gently down from his position in the air and put the satellite bomb aside. The whole room was quiet. It was almost a deadly silence. Then ShadowChris stepped forward to take the blame. He knelt down and his face got serious. ~

SChris: It was my bomb… just so you know...

Nmeo: How did you do it?

SChris: I didn’t…I mean, I thought you gave me the power to do that. Right?

Nmeo: Nah, I just gave you all the adaptability of space. Now, you can breathe in even the depths of my kingdom, and use superpowers that I thought would fit you best.

SChris: So, my power is making random satellites that blow up stuff?

Nmeo: Yep.

SChris: *grins * SWEET!

~The lord gets up from his crouched position and runs over to the slowly emerging Chase. ~

SChris: Hey, guess what?

Chase: What? *rolls eyes *

SChris: I got a superpower before you! Nah, nah!

Chase: I got more brains than you… nah, nah…

SChris: Don’t use that tone with me, mister!

~Chase then roundhouse kicked his once proud master right in the rear. The lord fell on his face and just left himself there. By this time, everyone remerged from their hiding spots and went to go talk to the new arrival. Emily popped up in front of the calm new matter and crouched down. ~

Emily: What’s wrong?

Nmeo: I lost another base.

Rocky: You went out to battle without backup?

Speedster: You’re crazy! You could’ve been…well, killed!

Decoda: You need to be more aware of what exactly is you are doing!

Nmeo: I can’t take a few of you, because I’m afraid I’ll lose you!

Genesis: For the sake of my friends and world, I’m willing to take all the risks I can.

CCody: We all need to work together! No one man can battle alone!

Nmeo: Apparently, you guys all have what it takes to fight…I just wish I had as much will as you do.

DRage: What’re you talking about? You were our realization! You were there to make sure we had this much energy.

Ferina: That’s right. You said we need to love and take care of each other, and we have been. Just a while ago, Rocky and Emily were in real trouble, but we saved each other.

Zane: If it weren’t for you joining us together, we never would have made so many new friends.

Draco: From now on, we have to stick together.

SChris: I like to watch others fail!

Zeta: 1 for the team!

Xero: Yeah! Let’s go get ‘em!

Nmeo: Boy, you guys sure want to fight, huh? Well, I guess there’s no holding back now!

~The new matter got up and the smile reappeared on his face. His eyes lit up again to their real blue color and he flicked his hair around, returning it to its original puffiness. Everyone’s face was smiling. The ones without powers had to stay behind. Decoda, Genesis, Zane, Dark Rage, Crimson Cody, and Xero all were saddened to stay, but they had to. Nmeo told Draco that Aqua was kept at the base they were attacking, so he was allowed to come. Nmeo also mentioned to Zeta that a piece of her missing data was at the base, therefore he told her that she and Chase could come too. The rest of the fighters, Rocky, Ferina, Speedster, Emily, and ShadowChris, all stood tall and in horizontal line across the center of the room. Decoda sighed as he looked at the two girls he knew as a child; he never knew how independent they really were. After the incident with Image the Cosmic (CCI – unfinished and unreleased), he never got to know more about them until now. Xero saluted ShadowChris goodbye, only to be waved at in response. Dark Rage nodded to Draco X, and Genesis smiled at his little friend. Nmeo shook himself out and waved to all those who stayed behind. Then with a snap of his black and yellow fingers, he was out with the rest of the crew. ~



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Re: United Nations of the Universe

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Chapter 6: The Mission

~The Gray Residence was dark with misery. The Lt. was worried about his next mission. He paced his new, goo-ridden office with his large powerful arms behind his back. His eyes scanned the room looking for something that would help take his mind off of it, but there wasn’t anything. Two knocks came to his door and he welcomed a couple of Grunts inside the room, dragging in a bulky computer monitor set on a rolling pedestal. The mission, for now, was to report back to the Queen of all New Matter, Queen Materia, a nasty and power hungry “woman”, much like all of the species. Queen Materia was very strict and although not very pretty at all, she had her ways of making people do almost anything for her. The screen fuzzed, and the Grunts left the room, shutting the door behind them. The conversation was to be private, and no one was allowed to interrupt them. Capella straightened up, held his chin high, and stared into the clearing screen. Before him, the Queen sat on her throne, draped in clothes of purple and green. There were three symbols on the gown she wore: a round one, an oval-spiral shaped one, and a larger circular symbol that encased both of the other two. These three represented planet, galaxy, and Universe. The fact that those three symbols were on the same plane, signified peace to the Universe, and harmony amongst its inhabitants. Finally, the Queen looked directly into the camera and shouted his name. ~

Materia: CAPELLA! I wanted those hostages destroyed hours ago! Where are my new powers?

Capella: My Queen, I was to destroy those meddling kids as soon I was done talking with you. Forgive my delay.

Materia: Oh, Capella, you flatter me. However, I want those water, fire, and solar powers from your victims at once! Pollux is almost at the Planet ShadowChris and I need his machinery for my new castle! The King would be pleased if he had some more information from Sirius as well, but I understand you have lost contact with him.

Capella: Well, you see…We had a minor fight and…

Materia: You broke the connection with your own selfish lives?! Preposterous!

Capella: I a-apologize my lady.

Materia: Aldebaran has already captured another princess and a robotic panda… they’re going to extract data from it to find out where the resistance is headed. What do your victims know?

Capella: The one is a warrior of some of the most profound dragons in the galaxy of Milky Way, and then some. The hedgehog is the son of the alleged “ultimate life form”, and the dinosaur has enough years on him to date the first attack. They know plenty.

Materia: And how did you get a hold of them?

Capella: A classic raid.

Materia: From the old files? Impressive. You know for a blundering annoyance like yourself, you have done your homework…

Capella: Thank you, my lady.

Materia: The connection is closing…FINISH THE JOB!

~With that, the Queen disappeared from the screen and the fuzz returned. Capella shut off the monitor and sighed. He wasn’t in the mood for killing right now, but he supposed he could get rid of the hedgehog. He left the office and headed down the long stairs again. He entered the room with the three hostages tied to generators and stared at them. Kane was sleeping, Aqua was staring at the ground thinking, and Wrath was still trying to figure out how to escape. Capella caught his eye and the hedgehog struggled. Finally he stopped, and the new matter came over to him. ~

Capella: You have some power, kid.

Wrath: What good is it when you can’t use it to break free from situations like this?

Capella: Good enough for me.

Wrath: Grrrr…I hate you…When my mother gets here ---

Capella: Your mother?

Wrath: Yeah I have a mother, dummy.

~Aqua listened in closely as Capella cocked his head in confusion. It was unusual for most new matters to have 2 parents. Many new matters had more than 2. The binary matter system had last been heard of about 10 million light years ago. That system had died though, giving birth to the unique form of replication. Apparently is was more efficient for the nebulae they lived in to use the newer method rather than the old. But Capella remembered the moment, although he was younger. He himself had a mother, but none of the other soldiers knew. So, the Lt. growled at the comment and grabbed the hedgehog’s chin with his powerful hands. He knew that kids like him hated to be without their parents, so he decided to formulate a new approach to the situation. Wrath winced at the notion. ~

Capella: Now, who’s your mother?

Wrath: I won’t tell you unless you release the search for my father.


Wrath: A creation of Cranium Crackus. She’s his first and only mechanical study of life with an interior robotic skeleton.

Capella: Really now? That’s quite interesting. Do you mind telling me more?

Wrath: There’s nothing more to say about her that you would care about knowing.

Capella: I see. Well then…I hope you mother is in good shape.

Wrath: Or else what?

Capella: Or else she’ll be wiped from the face of the Universe…and you…won’t…exist…future boy…

Wrath: You’ll never lay a claw on my mother…

~Capella let go of the boy’s chin and strolled over to Aqua who had been listening the whole time. He leaned in and raised his eyebrows to her. ~

Capella: Aren’t we gonna have fun?

Aqua: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Capella: You’re my first to kill.

Aqua: WHAT?!

Wrath: LET HER BE!

Aqua: Don’t defend me…

Wrath: I can’t let someone die in front of my face!

Capella: Oh, that’s what you wanted? In your face? All right then, change of plan. *to the Grunts * MOVE THE TABLE TO THE MAIN HALL! *to Aqua * Now, you’ll die in front of his face.

Aqua: Thanks a lot.

Wrath: …I’m…sorry…

Sorry, don't have time right now to post up the long arse chapter that is Chapter 7, so enjoy number 6, and I hope you keep reading! The good stuff isn't even happening yet! XD I also plan to - later on of course - to post up images of all the New Matter characters, because hopefully you know what the others look like from other images! ^_^ Face it, visuals rock.


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Re: United Nations of the Universe

Post by Genesis on 4/12/2011, 6:56 am

Sorry for not saying something sooner. Hold on.

oddish!~ I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!

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Re: United Nations of the Universe

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