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The Dreaded RULES (Read Me, NOW)

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The Dreaded RULES (Read Me, NOW)

Post by Genesis on 2/3/2011, 5:50 pm

OK Then... Rules time. Obey or Get out.

The Commandments

Commandment I - Thou shall not flame other members
This means, do not go around insulting members. Flaming is immature and counter-productive, so don't do it. Also, do not antagonize or taunt (troll) members to flame you. Flaming is ok between Roleplaying Characters, as long as it is not a attack against someone.

This includes Flaming someone that just Flamed you, You will obtain Equal if not Harsher Punishment

Commandment II - Thou shall not post offensively
Pretty straight forward. Do not make any posts using someone's race, sex, religeon, etc. as a means of insult.

Commandment III - Thou shall not post disruptively
Do not type your posts in such a way that they can't be read unless you have "internet experience." Some examples of this would be:

Messenger talk - "hi howre u 2 day i am gd k thx bb"
Leet Speak - "|_00|< |V0VV | @/V| <00|_!"
Alternate Caps - "oOoO lOoK aT mE aNd My FaNcY aLtErNaTe CaPs"

If you post like this, You either have to little time on your hands and make posts not worth reading, or have to much time on your hands and annoy us.

Other items to note in this commandment:

- No double posting. If you need to add something after a post has been made, use the edit button instead of creating a new post. Double Posting is Ok for updating News on a item.

- TRY to use proper spelling/grammar in your posts. If your post is too difficult to read because of poor spelling/grammar, you will be hearing about it. (Remember, Microsoft Word has a spell check, as well as many web browsers, mobile devices, etc. Use it to your advantage, Then read over the post to make sure it makes sense, or click the preview button to make sure your post looks okay.)

- Do not post anything that could be considered inappropriate or gross. If you are not sure if something is considered inappropreate or gross, just ask a mod or admin.  (examples might contain overly descriptive imagery of gore or vore)

Commandment IV - Thou shall make posts worth reading
Do not just make a post containing a single word or a smiley. These posts are essentially useless and contribute nothing to the conversations. So if you don't have something useful to say, don't say anything at all.

"Okay, let's go," said <character> and then he followed <other character>.  (This has problems because there is no detail, no thought behind this and tells us nothing about the story or character(s).  You wouldn't write this single line in a published book, would you?)

lol that's cool  (adds nothing to the conversation - mind as well be a Youtube or a DeviantArt comment.)

(scrambled text like this: sdkgphfrejokghlejqrhgiporeqhueprtwgb4n2hg4ewuigvnpw also counts if this is all the post contains)

Character: Yeah.  (Again, adds nothing to the plot or character(s).  What expression did they give?  Tone of voice?  Body language?  This isn't interesting or shows any emotion.)

(If the conversation is dying and there is nothing more to be said, bring up another topic to discuss in the same post or simply don't respond if all you have to say is "yeah i agree/disagree" or "whatever".)

Commandment V - Thou shall stay on topic
Do not make posts that have nothing to do with the first post of the topic. If the topic is about ducks swimming in a pond, and you instead talk about the time you drove through your neighborhood on a motorcycle doing 95 mph, you just posted off topic, so don't do it.

- This includes being Random and then talking about the random person, Not on.

- Warning, If you break this rule on a announcement, We will come down hard. A Warning for each offtopic post.

- Have a point to your posts, as well.  Long winded stories should come back around to the main point of discussion, or include a TL:DR (too long; didn't read) section beneath your full explanation.

Commandment VI - Thou shall not spam
No advertising in threads, shoutbox or by creating new threads to show off your websites. You may only do so in your signature and in the Post your Links thread, found in the General Discussion forum.

Commandment VII - Thou shall not post or link to dirty images
Pretty simple. Do not post anything along the lines of Pornography or Hentai. This will result in an immediate ban for you.  Never should you post these directly onto forums or in the gallery.

- Additionally, any R or X-rated content being posted on the forums in the form of adult chat or role-plays is completely and entirely unacceptable.  We are not an adult chatroom where you can pick up guys/girls on the internet.  We also don't want potentially young viewers to read lemons or pornographic text featuring characters they may or may not know, so at most, keep the romantic or smut content rated PG-13.

Commandment VIII - Thou shall not take part in or link to illegal activities
Basically, do not post links to illegal copies of software or files (ROMs, warez, cracks, etc.).

Commandment IX - Thou shall not bump topics
If a topic goes without a new post in sixty (60) days (2 months), the topic is considered "dead." Do not post in a dead topic. Reviving a Dead Topic should be rebooted in the format of a new thread.  If you would like to make apparent that the new thread of the Dead Topic can be found under forum archives, leave a link to prove you are restarting where you left off.

Commandment X - Thou shall not swear
We're pretty loose about this one. It's okay to swear a LITTLE bit here or there, since we have word filters to back it up, but if we see you going around swearing every third word you say, you can bet you'll be hearing about it from me. Usernames also containing bad words or swears will also be unacceptable and your name will be changed on the spot, also resulting in a warning.  On that same note, do not attempt to bypass the censors by making slight modifications to censored words. For example, if the word "slam" is a censored word, it would be against the rules to type "sl@m."

Commandment XI - Thou shall not God Mod
If you are God Modding on the forums, expect your post to be ignored and Warnings issued.

GodModding Includes
- Being Unhitable, You must let a attack in some times.
- Using a Unblockable Power
- Killing others
- Excessive use healing/regeneration abilities
GodModding Excludes
- Being unhitable due to a certain Charastic, For example, a Fire proof cape can Stop all fire attacks. Nothing is Physical attack Proof.
- Being unhitable if it is apart of the story, For example, a boss not being hurtable at first but being hitable later when the Hero has gotten stronger.]
- Healing/Regenerating with time limits, energy limits, or lack of a particular source that allows the healing/regenerating to occur

Commandment XII - Thou shall not use what is someone elses'
Unless premission is granted, you cannot use someone else Character/Ship/Item anything, as it may ruin their story/comic/film/idea/concept.

This Includes
- Controling someone else's character; the only exceptions are free-to-use characters (characters made by any major company or corporation (i.e. SEGA, Nintendo, Capcom, Microsoft, etc.)).  That is only if no one else is using him or her as an NPC.  If that is the case, you cannot turn a free-to-use character into your own without permission from the one currently controlling them.
    -Stealing directly from the company by claiming that the free-to-use character is and was always yours to begin with is also illegal and will result in a warning; if kept up, it will be a ban.
- Storyline: Don't steal someone else's storyline just because you don't have a good one yourself. It is rude and disrespectful to the original author/creator, especially when no credit is provided.
- Items: They may have a use for that HP potion in their bag, or that Lightsaber attached to their belts, so do not take what isn't yours.
-Shippings/Couples: Stealing a [relation]ship that you like, but do not agree with how it is being handled or want it to continue in a certain way is not an ideal way to recommend how you feel it should work.  Please ask the creator of the shipping about whatever you're most concerned with (especially if your character takes part in that shipping) in a Private Message.  If no side is willing to budge despite all your attempts, then ask an Admin or Mod to cut in and force a compromise or suspensions will be upon you both.

Commandment XIII - Thou shall accept all formats of roleplaying
-Roleplayers may be very picky about how they role-play with their friends/partners on the internet.  Please as the one who began the role-play which format they prefer, and if they do not prefer any specific sort, go about it as you normally would.
-If you do not know how to role-play, here are a few helpful tips to follow to make your game flow easier:
  -express your ideas fully and completely
  -fill in as much detail as you feel comfortable doing (facial expressions, body language, internal thoughts)
  -you may use colored text to identify that your character is speaking, but try not to use a color that already has been used by other players
  -if you prefer to use quotation marks or "", make sure you include them when your character speaks
  -if you prefer to write playwright style with asterisks *, colons :, parentheses () or brackets {} [], then indicate a key for yourself to help keep your posts consistent
  -if you get reported for using a style that you like using, when the person running the role-play does not agree with it, try to come to a compromise in a Private Message.  If nothing comes out of it that neither side approve of, please let an Admin or Mod know.

Commandment XIV - Thou shall follow the general configuration for this forums

Avatars are to be no bigger than 200 pixels wide (width) and 300 pixels high (height). Sigutures are to be no bigger then 600x250 pixels. This includes multiplied images.

Usernames may be changed, but if the changing occurs often enough (anything 6 months or under), you will be spoken to about keeping your name the same.  It is very confusing to members on the forum if your name is inconsistent with that of what we will refer to you by.
(Example: RKRobot decides to change her name ever month to that of one of her characters; RKRobot one month, KaosGirl the next, then PlasmaIkari.  That is illegal and she would be warned not to do it again.  If she keeps doing it, then she would be suspended/banned from the forums temporarily.  If she continues to do it upon returning, it results in a permanent ban.)  This is especially true if there is absolutely no rhyme or reason for the name change.

Please also do not Use the Marque up and Down bbcode., or even the Web Code.

Commandment XV - Thou shall report wisely
We aren't here to attend to every little mishap that goes on. Commandments I, II, VII, VIII, X and XIII are not tolerated and should be reported immediately. However, Commandments III - VI, IX, XI, XII and XIII do not need to be reported until someone has clearly stated to stop breaking the rules and the offender continues to break them. Telling us that Dzelda has hit you with his N00b Hammer means you probably deserved it. Tell us when Dzelda is continually hitting you with his N00b Hammer after you told him to stop and we will crack down on him.
-Screencapping or taking a screenshot does and will help with evidence counting.
   -For Windows, the PrntScrn button on the right side of your keyboard is available.
   -For Mac, press and hold the combination Shift+Command+4, then click -> drag with your mouse/trackpad over the area you want to capture.
   -Send the proof to the Mod or Admin you are trying to convince.

Reporting on a post not worth reporting will result in a warning immediately. If you wish to argue, tell us, but my word is final. Do not argue further. Arguing for the sake of a report that is obviously not worth reporting may result in another warning.

Commandment XVII - Thou shall use the shoutbox maturely
The Shout Box, while great, has it rules too. Not only do you have to follow forum rules, but you may not use certain BBcode like Marque Up and Down and different font sizes.  This is just irritating as it takes up to much space. The Shout Box may be watched at all times, even if there is no Admin or Mod on the box... They may be undercover.

Commandment XVIII - Thou shalt NOT use more then one account
Only Mods and Admins are allowed to Multi Account, and it's only for undercover purposes only.
We can tell if you are multi accounting due to your IP record. If we catch you multi accounting, you better have a good excuse, AND EVIDENCE. We are not taking the "oh it's a friend that only uses my computer" as an excuse.

Commandment IXX - Thou shall obey the Admins and Mods and not question their final decisions
As the staff, if you are hiding something from us on our own site, and are asked to turn it over, do so. If a Admin/Mod asks you not to do something on this site, DON'T DO IT.
If you feel an Admin or Mod is asking you something you believe you shouldn't do, PM a different Admin or Mod or another trusted user to help.
This also means you may not exploit loopholes.  If you do, and are caught, you will be dealt with.

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