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Tales of Talarus: Dawn of the Magic Knights Empty

Tales of Talarus: Dawn of the Magic Knights

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Tales of Talarus: Dawn of the Magic Knights Empty Tales of Talarus: Dawn of the Magic Knights

Post by ShadowFantasy on 10/13/2019, 6:22 pm


It has been many years since the dawn of the technological revolution on Talarus. Due to many technological advancements and thanks to the efforts of many of its inhabitants, Talarus has entered a time of peace and prosperity. But many years ago, this was not so. Soon after the defeat of Raithas and the resulting clash with the god of chaos Nephilim, a new threat emerged from the rogue forces that had once been under the tutelage and control of Raithas himself; the Spawn. Once dark creatures from the plane of Shadow and referred to as the Neiri, these dark creatures have since run amok and have been collected under the control of an unknown leader. These newer, stronger, faster creatures have laid ruin to the land called Spira and since then, have made it their home.

Far away on another continent within Talarus, a new academy was founded. The goal of the academy was to train the best and the brightest warriors possible in order to combat this new threat. Amongst them were people, both young and old, who would train them to be the best possible heroes that the planet needed. They are the Magic Knights. And this is their story.

-----------------Continent of New Spira, Circa 20th century---------------

While the area within the safety of the city is blooming and flourishing with people and creatures of all shapes, sizes and races, the land outside of that world is a stark contrast to this peace. A barren wasteland where night never ceases, creatures and monsters of all shapes and sizes roam the lands freely and very little plant life is all around it. The night is cold and the storms of rain, lightning and sand occur regularly outside of the city. It is within these lands too that the Spawn lurk, eagerly awaiting the next foolish adventurer or naive young Magic Knight to come across them so that they can devour them and send their souls to the afterlife.

Within the vast white walls of the Academy of the Magi however, lays a huge town devoted specifically to training and housing the trainees that would apply to the Academy. Within its walls was the safest possible place to be in the world. Therefore, a full city was built around the school, complete with shops, residential housing, a full port, magical defense systems and more. This place is called Lullin City.

Tales of Talarus: Dawn of the Magic Knights 3461c73215d1b7cbac56a02fbeef740b--futuristic-city-space-opera

Rules of the RP:
Character creation follows a specific template that can be further developed as the story goes on. It reads as follows:

Magic Specialty:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Manifested Weapon Type:
Fighting Style (optional):
Look-Alike (Optional):

You may choose one Magical Specialty be it a school of magic (Transmutation, Illusion, Conjuration, etc.) or some form of elemental or Divine magic (Such as fire, darkness, light, healing, etc.). Your character can have one weapon of choice and this weapon is typically specially attuned to allow its user to cast their magic through it like an amplifier would through a guitar. It can be magically summoned at will and desummoned in the same way. These weapons also have what is called a 'Phantom Form' which is typically used when settling a dispute between students as any resulting attacks and magic cast through them is considered non-lethal. Though fighting competitions within the schools to determine rankings do not have a Phantom Form restriction.

The arrival of your character to the school can be done via a boat or train as both are safe methods of transportation into and out of the city. Other methods are not as safe. You may arrive via these other methods but be warned; you may have an unfortunate event occur!
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