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[Myrr Saga AU] Alter Hymn

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[Myrr Saga AU] Alter Hymn Empty [Myrr Saga AU] Alter Hymn

Post by Zazul on 10/2/2019, 8:53 pm

The World of Myrr, and ancient world of magic, strife, glory, and ambition. Long ago, the Mortal Races were kept under the constant tyrannical rule of the Immortals; The Dragons, the Demons, and the Giants who served their Dragon masters. Mortal lives were fleeting, and easily extinguished. To the Immortals, they were but mere play things and servants. Then, one day, a mortal fought back. Breaking the horn off a Dragon, this mortal used it to pierce the Dragon's scales, which normally would have kept it safe from any harm. This Mortal discovered he was blessed by the energies of the world, and capable of wielding a great power born from this energy. In time, he discovered he was not alone, that several other Mortals possessed these gifts. Together, they rallied behind their unique powers and ability to wield weapons made from Dragon parts, and the first War of the Immortals began. The Mortal Hunter, named Felix, who fashioned his Dragon horn into a spear, made pilgrimage to the Land of Dragons, and there met the patron of freedom to all Mortals; the Elder Dragon, Phoenix, twin brother to the King of Dragons, Father Behemoth. Revealing to the hunter that he and the Elder Dragon Phoenix were one in the same soul, united by a bond, the two led the Mortals in a great campaign that saw several settlements break free from Dragon control. However, this revolution was not to succeed. As the Hunter and his army laid siege to Father Behemoth's mountain stronghold of Sinai, they were ambushed by a pincer attack from Nifelheim, King of Demons, Lord of Rape and Murder, and Monarch of the Black Throne of Dis. Fearing the loss of their cause, Phoenix and Felix passed command to Felix's son, Garlith, and protected the army as they made their way to Jotunheim, the land of Giants. There, they found an unexpected ally in the Mag-Theron Giants, who allowed the Mortals to use their long boats to cross the ocean to a new land, untouched by Dragons or Demons. Meanwhile, Felix continued his epic battle with the King of Demons and King of Dragons, finally falling after commanding Phoenix to withdraw, the Dragon Lord of the Heavens disappearing into the horizon. And thus, the surviving Mortals named him Felix, the First of His Name, and crowned him the first King of Mortals. Upon arriving to their new home, they named the land Myrr, after the clan name of Felix and his kin, who were blessed by Phoenix and the Fae who he protected until his departure.

It is the year 459 A.E, four hundred and fifty nine years after the great Exodus lead by Felix, the First of His Name, King of Mortals, from the Immortal Continent to the Mortal Lands of Myrr. The Mortals, ruled by Garlith Myrr, son of Felix and Lord-Protector of the Mortal Realm, sit at the precipice of crisis. The Giants and Dragons, having forged a powerful alliance with the Demons of Dis under King Nifelheim, have waged a constant, bloody siege upon the Mortal Kingdom, the peace only barely being maintained by the talented Royal Knights and King's Knights, the two great divisions of powerful Spell-Blood warriors under King Garlith's command. With constant assaults on their key defensive cities, the recruitment of Spell-Blood Knights and Knight-Apprentices has become priority for the Crown of Myrr. So, we come to you, our heroes. Will you save the Mortals from certain destruction, or will you embrace other paths? The melody has no conductor, and so, the hymn is yours to write. Myrr Saga: Alter Hymn!

General Rules:
This will be an 18+ rp. Expect raw elements known from the particular time period, including bloodshed, violence, and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

As a Moral Knight, you have your pick of several Mortal Races;

Humans: Also known as Myrrians, Crag-Men, Avalonians, or Crewn, depending on their birthplace. The most well-rounded of the Mortal Races, as well as the most abundant.

Kong: Ape-like humanoids who hail from not only the Immortal Lands, but also from the lush jungle islands of the South Seas, the bogs of the Great Swamp in the Mortal Lands, as well as the snow-capped mountains surrounding Jotunheim and Dis. Known for their impressive strength and agility. Many Kong, however, gain a bad reputation as thieves and bandits, leading to a bad stereotypical view of the race.

Drow: A race of dark blue to light yellow-skinned, point-eared, elf-like beings from the Southern Islands and Western Forests of the Mortal Lands. They joined the Myrrian Kingdom officially after the arrival of Felix's army to the Mortal Lands, the two societies quickly finding peace and integrating.

Ogres: A race of large, purple to dark green-skinned humanoid creatures known for their amazing strength and endurance. While not known for their intelligence, they are known for their prowess in crafting and battle. The Ogres originated in the Great Mountain Stretch between Avalon, Dis, and the Eastern Lands.

Mag-Theron Half-Giants: Mortals born with the blood of Mag-Theron giants in their veins. Supposedly, when the Mag-Theron gave their boats to the Mortal Army, several Giants went with them to ensure their safe voyage. Shortly after the establishment of the Mortal Kingdom, the Mag-Theron sent an emissary, and established a strong alliance with the Mortal Lands for trade purposes. This has led to several cases of Half-Giants being born from unions between Mortals and Mag-Theron. These Half-Giants are given permission to either stay with their Giant Clan, or cross the sea and join the Myrrian Army.

Each Spell-Blood will be given a Dragon Iron weapon of their choice to start off, until they are sent to kill their first Dragon to make their first Dragon Weapon. However, if you would like to inherit a Dragon Weapon, this can also be allowed. Each Spell-Blood will also be given a Sorcery. This is an ability derived from one's Aura Pool, the supply of Mystic Energy within their body. This pool can be expanded upon, like a muscle, with training, as can the power of one's Sorcery. Each person's Sorcery is unique to them, and the way they can apply this Sorcery is all based on the Knigt themselves.

As well as Sorceries, Spell-Bloods will also eventually gain access to abilities such as Mystic Focus and Aural Manifestation.

Mystic Focus is the ability to channel one's Mystic Energy to their five senses or to their physical extremities, increasing power and reflexes to superhuman levels.

Aural Manifestation is the ability to manifest one's Mystic Energy in the forms of raw, pure attacks, such as energy slash arks or powerful beams. Both abilities will require deep training to master.

~Rell's Watch~

Near the southeastern front of Myrr's battle lines sits Rell's Watch, a massive Armory-city used by the Royal Army to supply numerous forces in the area. However, tonight, the skies burn with smoke and the sounds of battle as the great city, surrounded by a massive wall of stone with numerous Siege Ballistae and Tribuchete turrets. The forces of the Immortal Armies, lead by the Dragon Selva'Warg and the Demon Commander Valak, lay siege with an army of Half-Demons, both born from Giants and Dragons, and from Mortals. The Dragons had even brought their own army of Giant soldiers and Tamed Drakes. All around the perimeter of the city wall, the sounds of chaos ring out as Half-Dragons and Drakes are shot out from the air by mortal Ballistae spears and Sorceries meant for long range. Below, the armies of Myrr engage the enemy outside the city walls, trying to keep the foes at bay with a mixture of trench warfare and melee combat formations.

Suddenly, a loud horn rings out in the distance as reinforcements arrive to the city! Slowly, a line of Knights clad in Dragon Iron and leather armor astride Myrrian Chargers ride out from a large wedge formation. At the head was a Drow Knight in full leather armor, armed with a rapier of black dragon bone, as if it was a long, thin tooth of some kind. Green venom drips from its tip as the Knight points forward. Behind him, the flags of Zorrin the Threader, Royal Knight and Commander of the Rangers flies proudly, announcing the arrival of Ser Zorrin and his Company!


His men, inspired by their commander's valor, roar in response as they crash into the line of Half-Demons and Giants, slowly cutting into their formations as they begin to route the enemy from the rear. Zorrin looks back to one of the Knights, a Kong in simple, steel armor with a longsword. "HUE! WHERE ARE THE KNIGHT-APPRENTICES!?"

The Kong looks back to the infantry ranks bringing up the rear, smiling from atop his mount as he looks to Zorrin. "THEY'RE WITH THE INFANTRY, BRINGING UP THE REAR, SER!" He rides back to the rear, calling out to the new recruits eagerly.

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[Myrr Saga AU] Alter Hymn Empty Re: [Myrr Saga AU] Alter Hymn

Post by Rocky on 10/14/2019, 8:12 pm

Hyngr of Stoatpaw:
Name: Hyngr (HING-er)
Age: 31 mortal years
Race: Mag-Theron Half Giant, half Crewn
Sorcery: Ignition (allows the user to detonate explosives via mystic activation; can light anything from candle wicks to canon fuses)
Personality: respectful, studious, passionate, values equality, selfless, aloof, quiet, resentful, untidy
Weapon of Choice: Dragon Iron Rifle, Dragon Iron Hand Canon, Combustive Powder (Gunpowder), Pop Capsules (Grenades), Iron Pan

A muscular 7'6" Half-Giant amid the other Myrrians in Commander Zorrin's armed forces pushed the other new recruits forward.  He did not intend to be rude by his rough march onward, especially towards the other plenty capable soldiers beside him, he only wanted to fight.  More importantly, he wanted to put his newly-honed power to good use.

The deafening sounds of roaring, screaming, and fighting quickly flooded both of his slightly pointed ears, while dust and ash wisped through his dark wispy locks.  It was hard to see at first, as the light of the sun hit his beige-brown eyes.  Once he got used to the sight of the battle ground, his mind readjusted to the task at hand: to win.

The vicious demons came at them from all sides, and the troops split off to take on their own foes.  The Half-Giant apprentice soldier decided to take this chance and withdrew a Dragon Iron-barreled mechanism.  It's rich, redwood stock fit perfectly under his bicep, and his finger perfectly fit around the slate-gray metal trigger.  Charging the strange machine with a bright red energy welling up within his hands, he concentrated on a particularly horrendous-looking half-demon.  As he exhaled, he let the sparkling ammunition fly out of the weapon, blasting it through the air at a blazing speed!  It pierced the skin of the abomination and exploded the area of impact, severely crippling the demon's upper half.

Hyngr the Marskman landed a direct hit, and he didn't plan to miss anytime soon.

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