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[Yu-Gi-Oh!] Yutaka Suna

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[Yu-Gi-Oh!] Yutaka Suna Empty [Yu-Gi-Oh!] Yutaka Suna

Post by Star Phoenix on 8/24/2019, 4:47 pm

- Bio -
Name: Yutaka Suna
Age: 16
Height: 179 cm (5’8’’)
Gender: Male
Relatives: Unnamed parents
Deck: Spell Counter/Invoked

- Signature Duel Cards -
Ace Monster - Endymion, the Master Magician:

[Yu-Gi-Oh!] Yutaka Suna 9c830710
Duel Spirit - Ranryu:

[Yu-Gi-Oh!] Yutaka Suna Ranryu10

- Appearance –
Yutaka is a teenage boy with dark skin, and an average build and physique. He has crimson hair that juts outward in the back, and with white accents on the left side of his hair, and light-blue eyes. His standard attire consists of a sleeveless dark-blue trench coat that features a high collar, a white turtleneck shirt, tight black pants, and blue-black calf-high winklepickers. Clipped onto his belt is his Deck holster, which is typically hidden under his trench coat. He wears a slightly modified KaibaCorp Duel Disk on his left arm, which has blue trim on its edges.

- Decklist –
Yutaka utilizes a Deck that revolved around Spell Counters and Fusion Summoning from the toolbox of “Invoked” monsters. His ace monster, “Endymion, the Master Magician,” is the centerpiece of his Deck, which largely revolves around Control strategies so that Yutaka can control the duel field. That being said, Yutaka is by no means a prodigy at the game, but he can often hold his own in the mid-to-late game of a dueling match. His Deck consists mostly of Spellcasters, but also has Dragons that supplement his Deck’s strategy; otherwise, his Deck consists of a variety of Attributes in order to fuel the Fusion Summoning toolbox that the Invoked monsters rely on.


- Appearances -
First Class Prologue

- Theme Song -

[Yu-Gi-Oh!] Yutaka Suna Pokemo10
[Yu-Gi-Oh!] Yutaka Suna Goldtr10
Formerly known as Phirania.
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Star Phoenix
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