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BtTG: Catia and Decoda's Heart to Heart (Canon) Empty

BtTG: Catia and Decoda's Heart to Heart (Canon)

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BtTG: Catia and Decoda's Heart to Heart (Canon) Empty BtTG: Catia and Decoda's Heart to Heart (Canon)

Post by ShadowFantasy on 4/22/2019, 10:23 pm

(This is a solo RP but was RP'd out through Messenger. After some debate, we decided to make the RP Canon to Beyond the Tall Grass story. Enjoy!)

When Decoda goes after Catia from the Pokemon Center, he finds her in the park area looking as if she were about to walk back to the Center. Worried that his words wouldn't get through the right way via Espeon, he decides to have a conversation with her himself.

She takes a breath and approaches Decoda, Poochy and Espeon walking past him with the girl following closely behind.

“Hey Decoda! Did I worry you? I just needed to go for a walk to clear my head. Sometimes a stroll outside and some fresh air is good for the mind, you know?”

"Actually, I was worried, but I understand why you wanted some thinking space first.  Listen, if you don't mind... can we talk for a minute?"

“Sure! Um....What about? I hope I didn’t say anything wrong.”

"Actually, it's what I said.  In my moment of weakness, I didn't check my emotions and let them control what I say and do.  It was during that time that I acted out and said some things that caused a lot of discourse... For that, I'd like to apologize for something I should have tried a lot harder to keep in control."

She waves her hands in front of her face. “No no! I-It’s okay! I was upset at first, I’ll say that. But I’m not anymore and that’s what matters. I know you didn’t mean it. You were just mad because you had no idea I had something that was so personal to Loka. Although, admittedly that’s kinda why I kept it a secret....I didn’t want you to get mad at me. Fat lot of good that did me huh?” She laughs awkwardly, blushing lightly and rubbing the back of her head anxiously.

He sighs lightly, relieved she accepted his apology at all.  "I won't lie, I'm glad that you brought it up.  It inspired me to want to be completely open with you all!  I've been hiding it, but after I shouted like that, I realized that it was all my fears coming to a head.  I'm afraid of what might happen on this mission, and most importantly, I'm afraid of what can happen to all of you."

“I can tell. This won’t be easy. But it’ll be alright, you’ll see. Honestly, I’ve been too open myself. Espeon....She kind of gave me a shove. Not in a bad way. I needed to hear what she had to say. You guys all have your own sets of problems and me running off so often, even if it is just to clear my head, isn’t solving much. I should’ve been more considerate. I’m so-!” She flinches at her words, stopping herself. “A-Anyway....Don’t worry about me. I’ll be alright. I promise.”

"Yeah, I was hoping it wasn't too obvious, but... yeah," he chuckles, his nerves loosening.  "I should give you more credit.  You jumped out of a window to save someone's life.  I haven't done anything that risky since I was a kid... I shouldn't worry too much about you.  But that's what friends do, right?  Heh~"
She flinches from the window comment. “Y-Yeah....You’re right. I’m a big girl. I do badass all by myself.”

He stops smiling, tilting his head.  "You do.  Your skills are respectable, Catia.  Especially when you use nothing but your bare hands to fight," he affirms, but does not raise his voice.  "I admire that.  It would be pretty cool if we could be work out-pals one of these days.  Go to a fitness club, spot each other... stuff like that."

“Work....out? Really I just need a sparring buddy. Fighting like I do without a weapon, having no sparring partner is honestly terrible. And I’m really not that impressive. There are other people who are worlds better than me.”
He opens his arms wide and looks around before shrugging.  "There aren't any of those people around us now!  Looks like you'll have to do!" he winks.  "Though, waiting until that arm heals up might be a good idea.  Otherwise, my win wouldn't be legitimate! Haha!"

He was hoping to bring out the happier side in her.  He knew they still had a mission to complete, and he knew they wouldn't always get along, but he wanted to at least try to get on the better side of her.
She smiles a little, rolling her eyes. “I think I could handle you even with the one arm. But thanks for the pep talk. Anyway, I’m ready to go back now.”

“Oh really?!” he grins.  “I guess we’ll see about that after we get done with this mission!”  He reaches out and pats her on her good shoulder.  “Let’s work hard to protect the things we love.  I know we can do it, now.”

She nods. “Yeah. You must really like that Marley girl a lot huh?” She gets a mischievous, catty smirk. “Is that a spark of love I see?”
He suddenly retracts his hand and waves it around, blushing.  “H-Hey wait a minute, just because we worked together and she’s super talented and cute doesn’t mean I love her!!  I barely know her!  I don’t even know if she’d be into a long distance relationship, since I still wanna travel... Honestly, there’s a lot of feelings I have and they’re mixing up into one big soup of confusion.”

She giggles and laughs. “Wow I was just picking on you! Decoda, if you like her, why not just give it a try? I mean, Yuno told me she wanted to leave the group for a while. So if we wind up in a long distance relationship for a while then we’d be in the same boat.”

He starts to feel silly for not making that connection sooner.  “Right.  I really would be in a similar situation to you, then.  Do you think asking someone out after all this is really a good idea?  Or will I miss my chance if I don’t do it now?”

She giggles softly. “You’re asking me for love advice? I mean I guess I’m a girl but still. I’ve only got a little more experience than you do. You sure you want my advice?”

“You aaare the only one in a relationship, Catia,” he shrugs.  “Me, I’ve never dated anyone.  I just never found the time to woo girls, on top of my personal goals.  What should I do?”

She takes a breath through her nose. He was right. “Well....I suppose I am a girl too. So I guess you asked the right person. Let’s see....” She thinks for a minute, starting to walk. “Hmm....If I was Marley, the first thing I would want upon being rescued is a hug. Something to calm me down from the situation or relax me. That would be a good start. But after that, you could be really romantic.” She smiles at him. “You’re a musician right? Write a song for her and play it when you get a moment alone with her. Pull her to the side. Doesn’t even have to have lyrics. Just a calm, soothing melody to create a calm mood. Then you just ask her out for something simple. Get a quick bite to eat or some ice cream. A walk in the park....anything.”

Decoda blinked, as if this simple set of instructions seemed so easy!  "That's all?!  Huh.  I was afraid of something much more complex, but yeah!  Those are some really good ideas!"  He nods, blushing and smiling.  "Okay!  I'll give it a shot!  If she says yes, then I'm golden!  If she says no... then what do I do?"

She shrugs. “Just say okay and that you’ll be there for her if she needs you. We’re not that complicated. Although some boys are just jerks....” she sighs and shakes her head. “You just need to be yourself and relax. The worst thing she can say is no.”
He puts his thumb and finger around his chin, thoughtfully.  "Yeah, I guess that's the best kind of reaction.  I don't want to seem desperate!  I'd be happy if anybody liked me like that... Then again, I don't want her to say yes because she feels too bad if she says no.  Truth, rather than ideals, right?"

She trips over an imaginary rock, stumbling a little. “Y-Yeah I guess! The truth is good. But even if she’s feel bad to say no and does say yes, I would still take it. At least be her good friend. Some of the best relationships start that way.”

“Thanks, Catia.  Talking about this with someone is actually helping take some pressure off my shoulders.”  He pauses, thinking for another moment.  “It’s like you’ve done this sort of thing before.  Have you ever been involved with someone before Yuno?”

She blushes and shakes her head. “No no! It’s nothing like that. These are just things that I know I would like. Especially if I were ever in that kind of vulnerable state....The first thing I would want is a hug and for someone to tell me that everything is alright....Because I would probably cry when I was rescued.”

Decoda absorbed this sensitive information, taking mental notes.  He could easily understand where she was coming from.  “So, scoop her up and just hold her, right?  Keep her safe in my arms, tell her I won’t let her out my sight... is that more reassuring to say?  I don’t wanna come across creepy.”

She shakes her head. “Nothing like that. Just tell her that she’s safe once you have her in your arms. If she starts crying don’t be afraid to just sit and hold her for a while if you’ve got the time to do it.”

“Alright,” he mutters with a nod.  “I don’t know how long her bravery can hold out, so I’ll just stick with saying she’s safe.  Being on stage is far less scary than this.”

“I know the feeling. Being hopeless and scared....It hurts more than anything I could imagine. I would rather break my shoulder again before having to experience something like that. It’s never anything I want others to feel.”

Decoda’s face reflects sorrow, her words reminding him of how he felt when he was a kid.  “Feelings like that should be avoided at all costs.”  He then tried to perk up, saying, “Once this is all over, I’d like for you guys to finally meet Marley in person.  You might get along with her well!  She’s into music, like we are!  And she’s even trained her Pokemon to perform!”

“That’s cool. I wish I could play an instrument. It would go great with my singing. And I think I would like meeting Marley. She sounds nice.”

“She’s the one who helped me get Rotom on our side, so I appreciate that!  Not to mention, she helped us get on stage!  Though, she trusted me a little too easily.  I mean, we had just me and she scouted me for a gig?  Heh, back when worries were simpler, I guess!”  He scratches his head.  “That and she’s pretty unpredictable.”

“That sounds like fun honestly. Spontaneous is good.”

“Yeah?  We do experience a lot of random stuff, so having someone who knows how to think fast might be good to have around!”

She nods, the pair finally reaching the Pokémon center. “Well, I better find Yuno and get ready. I hope she won’t be mad at me for taking off like that.”

“She won’t be, especially if she knows that you’re alright and you were with Espeon and I,” he reassures.  “I hope everyone got ready while we were gone!”
She smiles a little. “Yeah, Maybe you’re right. Thanks Decoda. Good luck tonight too okay?”

Decoda hesitated.  “I’d hug you, but, I don’t wanna hurt your arm.  Heh.”
She rolls her eyes. “Oh come here.” She walks up to him and uses her good arm to wrap him in a hug. “I’ve spent this long with my arm in a sling. A little hug isn’t going to hurt me hehe.”

He gently embraces her, careful not to touch her bad arm or shoulder.  “Thank you, Catia.  Just do your best.  I’d hate myself if any of you guys got hurt badly...”
She lets go of him, smiling reassuringly. “If I get hurt it’s going to be my fault. I’d rather take the blow for any of you here, not just Yuno. Although she is important to me, you guys are my friends.”

“Catia,” he sighs out her name, relieved to hear such a thing.  “Same goes for me!  And I’m happy to call you my friend!”

She nods firmly. “Good! Now I’m going to go get ready. I need help putting my kimono on and I don’t see anyone but Yuno helping me into it.”

“Already hoping she steals a glance at you?” Decoda playfully laughs, sticking his tongue out. “Oh, how lewd girls can be~!”

She blushes madly. “Y-You-! Sh-She’s my-! Gah!” She goes back into Pokémon center, blushing and grumbling to herself.
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