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Dominion's War

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Dominion's War

Post by Zazul on 1/17/2019, 12:34 am

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to yet another NewGen original! The Minds of Zazul, Phirania, and RkRobot are proud to present....


1: There is no limit to the number of characters you may control, but stick to controlling your own characters only.
2. General forum rules. No godmodding, harassment, etc.
3. This one is going to be 18+, so there will be plenty of foul language and graphic violence. Reader discretion is advised
4. The most important rule of all: Have fun!

Within Dominion's War's setting, the world/planet called Karma, there are three main factions to choose from: the Gods, The Mortals, and the Devils.

The Gods. Ageless, powerful, and ancient, this race has dominated Karma since the beginning of recorded history. Before this, they fought against the Devil race for control of the world and all that comes with it, leading to the world we know today. Draconian in features, the Gods are a proud and noble race, but their pride is also the main source of their conflict with the Mortals and Devils, as they believe that all lesser races should be placed beneath them as servants. However, there are multiple outcast Gods who do not share this belief, and actively help Mortals in need. The Gods wield the power of Immortal Vigor, a powerful energy that dwells only within Gods and Half-Gods. It is the lifeblood of their power and the source of their eternal youth and longevity. Should a God be injured, Immortal Vigor can be used to heal their wounds quickly, almost like an automatic regeneration. However, should a God run out of Immortal Vigor, or should they be mortally wounded to the point that no healing would help them (Beheading, etc.), then that God can and will die. Immortal Vigor can be regenerated through meditation, either at the Jade Citadel or in the Land of Gods, homeland of the Gods.

The powers of Gods are separated into seven spheres of influence, or Affiliations, each with three sub-divisions.

Fighting: The Fighting Affiliation is a sphere that represents the spirit of warriors, and boasts the most martial might of all the Affiliations. Typically, gods who specialize in this Affiliation are strong in both body and mind, and show unwavering willpower to the point of stubbornness in some cases. The sub-divisions for Fighting consist of the branches "Indestructible", "Savage", and "Tactical". "Indestructible" deals with empowering the body, making it an unstoppable force or immovable object and strengthening strikes and attacks as well as increasing durability. "Savage" deals with powers that send its user into wild rages and furies, and increases their own might proportionately to the bloodshed that they cause. "Tactical" deals with powers that allow the user to coordinate and enhance their allies focus and might, as well as predict enemy movements and strategies.

Fire: The Fire Affiliation is a sphere that deals with the primal element of Fire, and is known as the Affiliation of passion and desire, with Gods that belong to this sphere typically being wild and boisterous, or passionate and heated. Their sub-divisions include the branches "Inferno", "Scalding Heat", and "Explosive Light". "Inferno" deals with powers that involve the manipulation and control of Fire itself, and are the most common of the Fire Affiliation users. "Scalding Heat" deals with powers that specialize in the emission of heat and the transferring of that heat to other objects or the use of that heat on targets. Lastly, "Explosive Light" deals with powers involving explosions, spontaneous bursts of energy, and light.

Thunder: Gods of the Thunder Affiliation are able to wield the powers of storms themselves, and as such are known for being commanding and imposing in figure and manner. They are also known for being sharp and quick-witted as well. The sub-division under the Thunder Affiliation include "Lightning", "Storm Clouds", and "Rolling Thunder". The Lightning division deals in powers using the speed and power of lightning itself, such as striking bolts and lightning speed. "Storm Clouds" involve the wielding and manipulation of thunder storm clouds, allowing for not only complicated offense, but control-based defense as well. Lastly, "Rolling Thunder" deals with powers involving the force, sound and power behind the very thunder within a storm, allowing for powerful shock waves and loud sound-based attacks.

Plague: The Plague Affiliation, often referred to as the cruelest of the Affiliations, is a sphere that deals with powers involving diseases, venoms, poisons, rot, and things generally considered to be foul in nature. Separated in the sub-divisions of "Pestilence", "Toxins", and "Corruption", Plague Gods are typically known for being sneaky, conniving, manipulative, and typically darker in nature. They are also the most envious and prideful, making them terrible foes to cross. "Pestilence" encompasses powers involving the use of diseases, pests, and vermin known for spreading rampant sickness. "Toxins" deals in powers involving venom, poison, and acids known to eat at the flesh and wither all life it touches. Lastly, "Corruption" involves powers that twist and mutilate the surroundings and the enemies themselves, causing pain and agony through rot and decay.

Life: Gods of Life are said to be the most diverse of the Gods, as their Affiliation deals in matters of both healing and harming. They can range from being gentle, wise and thoughtful, to void of all emotion entirely. It is said the Life Affiliation is also one of the most difficult to master, but is easily one of the most powerful. The sub-divisions of Life are broken into the three branches of "Growth", "Mending", and "Nullification". "Growth" typically deals with living things themselves, such as plants and simple life, though some of the more powerful Gods can extend this and control or manipulate even more advanced life forms. "Mending" deals in the healing of wounds and the curing of diseases, as well as cleansing of ailments and curses, and is said to be the anti-thesis of the Plague Affiliation's own "Corruption" power. Lastly, "Nullification" is the taking of life energy from an area or object, leaving it gray, lightless, and devoid of all life. "Nullification" is said to be the rarest of all powers among the Affiliations, and is said to be capable of becoming an ultimate defense or offense if successfully mastered.

Wind: The Wind Affiliation is known as the Affiliation of freedom, and many of the Gods who specialize in this element are known for being carefree, aloof, and free-spirited. However, some are also known for being unpredictable and loud, making this Affiliation a rather volatile Affiliation. The Wind Affiliation is broken into the branches of "Gale", "Dust", and "Heaven" respectively. "Gale" typically involves controlling the wind itself, creating powerful gusts or wind blades, as well as abilities like being able to move like the wind. "Dust" encompasses abilities involving small, airborne particles, such as dust and sand. Lastly, "Heaven" involves controlling the air pressure, gravitational forces, and various other aspects.

Water: The Water Affiliation is known as the Affiliation of Clarity, and as such is filled with Gods known for their wisdom and deep knowledge, calm tranquility, fluid adaptability to any situation they may be exposed to. Claiming the sub-divisions of "Mists", "Currents", and "Glacier", the Water Affiliation is known for being incredibly balanced in power, defensive capabilities, and versatility. "Mists" encompasses powers that control vapor and fog, and is known for being an art capable of creating illusions. "Currents" involves the ability to control water itself, from massive, crushing waves to high pressure blasts capable of cutting metal. "Glacier" involves the controlling of ice and cold, and is capable of freezing the very water in the air.

All Gods are also capable of casting spell-like abilities called "Sutras". These Sutras allow them to transport to and from locations, communicate telepathically with other Gods and Mortals that serve them, and seal or lock objects.

The Hierarchy of the Gods is a massive pyramid, with the ranks as followed:

Lowest tier: "Gods" and "Lesser Gods", who act as servants and basic foot soldiers in the Gods' army.
Mid tier: "Great Gods", who act as commanding officers and diplomats. These gods typically seem to have the same wealth as a Mortal noble.
High tier: "Elder Gods", who act as the supreme commanders of the Gods army and the leaders of Godly society. The Elders reside within the Jade Citadel's Sanctum of Elders, and among them are the twelve "Saintly Elders", who act as the spiritual and political leaders of the Gods.
Supreme tier: "The Grand Dragons", seven Ancient Gods, and the last survivors of the first War of Dominion from ancient times. They have completely mastered all aspects of their respective Affiliations, and are considers "Gods among Gods", acting as the supreme leaders of the entire God Race. Their word is absolute, and to defy it means certain death.

"Demons", "Unholy Ones", "Dark Ones", they have gone by many names over many countless centuries. However, the Devil Hordes have kept three constants over those countless centuries: A healthy love of combat, a passionate desire for freedom, and a burning hatred for the Gods. During a period known as the "War of Dominion", the Ancient Devils and Ancient Gods did battle for control of the world and all its boons. The Ancient Devils were defeated, and a deep fear of the Gods was burned into their racial memory. They were driven from the Mortal World and over the Edge, down into the Planes of Hell below. There, they cowered and waited, breeding until their race became small and, amazingly, began to resemble the very Mortals that they used to hunt for food long ago. Eventually, the Ancient Devils disappeared, either dying off or crawling off to slink in the shadows of the many dark corners of Hell's landscapes. Now forming massive groups of several families called Hordes, the new race, simply called "Devils", make Hell their home as well as the Mortal Plane, accessing it through small openings in the Mortal Plane's surface called "Hell Mouths".

The new Devils now live life as nomadic warriors and hunters, wielding the ancient Devil art of Soul Power to ignite their souls and channel their emotions into energy. Their Soul Power is then transferred into powerful living weapons called Devil's Arms, which are bound to their Devil host and allow them to access powerful and unique abilities. However, such power comes at a cost. Burning one's soul for fuel carries the risk of burning it too much, causing their Devil's Arm to completely consume their very existence, leaving only an ashen husk where the Devil once stood. Added to the risk, if a Devil's Arm breaks, then the Devil wielding the Devil's Arm will die as well. However, if a Devil is about to die, they are capable of granting their Soul Power to another Devil or a Mortal, allowing them to wield the Devil's Arm themselves as well as access Soul Power. The Devil's Arm, also, will change in a way that will benefit its user.

The Mortals of Karma are, by far, the most populous of the factions, despite being physically weaker than Devils and Gods. It is also the most divided of the factions, with several Kingdoms supporting the reign of the Gods, be it out of fear or admiration, while others support overthrowing them in favor of a new age, dominated by no single group but instead free to exist free of control. Among the Mortals, there are a few special cases who are capable of wielding a power called "Forge Aura", an ability that allows them to take their own life energy and the life energy surrounding them and forge it into powerful weapons and armor. The product forged is unique depending on the Forger, and its effects are reliant of the Forger's own strength of will. Aura can be recharged through sleeping, eating, and rest, and running out will leave the user feeling fatigued, as if they had ran as far as their bodies could carry them all at once. The Mortals also come in a variety of Races, including:

Humans: The most common Mortal Race, the Humans are known for being all-around balanced in terms of physical power, mental power, and Aura capacity. They also have the shortest life spans of all the Mortal races, only around 100 years or so at the most. Currently, the Humans have three massive Kingdoms; the industrial utopia of Telamon, the God-worshiping military superpower that is the Lucent Bastille, and the icy, snow-swept city-nation of Sieggard, who seeks to liberate themselves and their allies from the tyranny of the Gods.

Enma: Ape-like, the Enma-people are a diverse people, with various different branch-types existing, such as Snow Enma, Swamp Enma, and Desert Enma to name a few. In the recent years, the Enma have established the city of New Verduria as a type of mecha for their people, and are attempting to unify under the city's banner.

Sages: Long-lived, naturally wise, and fair-bodied, the Sages are the longest-lived of the Mortal Races, with the oldest being nearly 500 years old. A secretive race, the Sages appear more interested in the preservation of knowledge than freedom from the Gods. Claiming the ancient Obsidian Spire as the capital of their people, the Sages hold no kings, and instead rely on a council of elders to rule in place of an official monarchy.

Sief: Hailing from the forests and mountains of the farthest North, as well as the Deserts of the West, the Sief are a race of dog-like humanoids with fur-covered bodies, dog-like ears and tails as well as feet, human-like hands, and animal-like faces. Typically nomadic in both variants, the Sief believe not in Gods, but in Nature itself, and that Gods and Devils are no different from the animals and Mortals that inhabit the world as well. While many remain in a simple, tribalism-based lifestyle, many have found success in more civilized Kingdoms by adapting to the local cultures. In the Deserts of the West, there is said to be a massive city of cloth and sand, where hundreds of thousands of Sief gather to trade and live; the Billowing City, Isgal.

Among the Morals, there are also powerful "Half Breeds", Mortals born from the union of a Mortal parent and a God or Devil. "Half Gods" are unique in that they are also able to learn a Divine Affiliation as well as Aura Forging. However, this limits the potential of the Affiliation, meaning that a Half God who specializes in both will never be as strong in that one area as one who only specializes in their Divine Affiliation or Aura Forging. As for Half Devils, they are capable of completely inheriting their parent's Devil's Arm should their parent pass their Soul Power and Devil's Arm to them before death. Unlike Half Gods, Half Devils are not hindered by Aura Forging weakening their Soul Power. However, like a Devil or Mortal wielding a Devil's Arm, they also run the risk of burning their soul too much using Soul Power or their Devil's Arm breaking and them dying along with it.

The World of Karma:
The World of Karma is a world with three, flat plane-like disk-worlds making up two layers as its structure. The first layer consists of the Mortal Plane, which is similar to Earth in climate and appearance, with oceans, continents, deserts, jungles, and various, thriving ecosystems. Across a massive expanse known as "The Great Divide", a literal void separating the Mortal Plane from the other upper Plane, is the Land of Gods, the birthplace of the God Race and home of their seven "Grand Dragons", as well as their main seat of power in the world of Karma. The lower layer is a massive disk, seven times the size of both disks, called the Planes of Hell. They are a cruel, unforgiving landscape, fraught with toxic wastelands, scorching deserts of black sand, acidic swamps, venomous mushroom forests, and massive, horrific beasts. The Mortal Plane possesses a few "holes" in its structure that lead directly to Hell, and these openings, called "Hell Mouths" allow various things, such as the monsters of hell called "Deva" as well as Devil Hordes to enter the Mortal Plane and make themselves at home.

Prologue: And So The Wheel Of Karma Begins To Turn....

In the beginning, there was The Heart. A powerful artifact, capable of focusing all the world's prosperity and fortune, and deflecting all its harm and misfortune away. So powerful was its boon, that it was said "He Who Held The Heart Held The World". And so, as all great powers draw, it was not long before conflict arose...the Ancient Gods, clad in scales of shining jewels and horns of iron crystal came forth to claim the Heart, and with it, what they viewed as their natural birthright: Complete dominion of the world. However, these mighty Dragons had one natural enemy...The Ancient Devils. Monstrous, ghastly, cruel, and bloodthirsty, these ash-skinned horrors came forth, believing themselves the apex predators of the world, and therefore the rightful owners of the Heart. A great war broke out, known only as the "War of Dominon", in which the Heart was stolen by an unseen force. The Ancient Gods and Ancient Devils fought each other to near-extinction, the bloody war resulting in only seven Ancient Gods surviving and the Ancient Devils being thrown from the edge of the world, down to the Planes of Hell below.
The centuries past, and in the Mortal Plane, various creatures were gaining Intelligence and the ability to build Civilizations. Eventually the seven Ancient Gods created a new generation of Gods, ones with less Draconian traits, to carry out their will while they remained in the Land of the Gods, attempting to divine the Heart's location through their own, ancient means. Meanwhile, the Ancient Devils had all but devolved into a race not unlike the very Mortals they once hunted for food. Mortal Kingdoms rose and fell, all while the Gods used the Mortals as slaves to mine resources and produce food and services for themselves. Eventually, several Mortal Kingdoms began to rise up, with some declaring open rebellion. A new, chaotic age of war was about to unfold, and in the center of it...a small, beating pulse can be heard, as the wheels of the world of Karma begin to turn. Dominion's War.
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Re: Dominion's War

Post by Zazul on 1/28/2019, 9:35 am

Chapter 1: Graced by Heaven, Scorched by Hell, Stolen by Corruption

~The Mortal Plane, the western Kingdom of Telemon~

Within the great Industrial Kingdom of Telemon sat a massive city of steel wheels and smoke stacks, of trade and production. Akval, City of Wheels. Spanning a stretch of six miles in all four directions, the city was one of the largest Mortal civilizations in the world, and supported one of the most booming economies on the whole of the Mortal Plane. Having been built on the site of a massive oil deposit, the town's very lifeblood was the oil beneath it and the coal in the mountains a few miles to the north. It was a town of soot and production, and like all cities within Telemon, from the small mining villages to the massive Capital by the ocean, it had a very hard, neutral stance in the wars going on in the world today.

Raging rivers of traders and travelers streamed into and out of the city through its massive iron gates, the whole wall surrounding the city being made entirely metal, reinforced with a stone foundation and core that made it capable of withstanding even the fury of an army of Gods! Even the Devil Hordes thought twice before invading such a massive and powerful city. Not to mention, Akval's standing army had begun incorporating the use of a new substance developed in the Capital, called "black powder", into their weaponry. It appeared to harness the power of destruction itself, and could bring even stone down with an explosion of force and heat! With it, they were more than a match for most threats.

Within the city, however, there were other dangers. Street gangs, cutthroats, muggers, to name only a few of the obvious ones. A few Devil Hordes even called the city their home, mostly sticking to the deepest parts of the slums. However, there were also quite a few Gods who resided there as well, both those who supported the God's Rule, and those who did not. However, telling the Gods, Devils, and Half-Breeds apart was something anyone could do. "Blue is the hue, for the Gods divine. Yellow, like rot, may the Devils be forgot. Purple like silk, the Half-God's ilk, Red like flame, Half-Devils and shame." That was how the old rhymes went, told to children so they could tell if someone was Mortal or not by their eyes. So here, in this melting pot, does our story begin....
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Re: Dominion's War

Post by Phirania on 2/12/2019, 8:36 pm

"Of all the damned places to be...!" A blonde youth stomps through the dirt-covered streets, his hands firmly wedged in his pants pockets. Hunched slightly, he wears a scowl on his face as he passes a colorful variety of pedestrians, partly hoping his sour mood would make them less inclined to give him friendly waves and greetings. And he swore he'd lose it if another street merchant tried to charm his way into his wallet -- He'd already bought several items without knowing it from this damned place. Who'd actually need an Isgalian letter-opener, anyway? Quite literally some of the worst craftsmanship this side of Karma. Yet in the kingdom of Telamon, every merchant was as silver-tongued as the coin they conspired to pilfer from the unsuspecting. In its own way, the war waged over one's coinpurse was more lethal than any battlefield.

And Albrave Vernithier had business to attend to.

He pauses briefly at an intersection, glancing at the streetpost above as he waited for yet another traveling merchant to move his damned wagon out of the way. This trip had better be fruitful -- the cesspool that was New Verduria would've been preferable to this literal nightmare. According to the signs, his contact would be nearby... assuming that someone else in the Ash Lodge hadn't already knocked the poor sap off of the totem pole. That was the trouble with being part of the Lodge -- you never quite know when you'll get a knife in the back. Still, things had been quiet enough since the last coup, and Al was sure that the remaining branch heads were re-consolidating their power and making alliances. Nothing that concerned him at the moment. Right now, he had a unique mission to fulfill.

With the traveling caravan now clear of the intersection, Al continued walking forward towards an unassuming masonry building in Akval's south-western district. He briefly glanced around the room as he stepped inside, slightly irritated. Or rather, slightly more irritated than he'd been before. This was supposed to be the place, so...ah! Seeing the subtle symbolism planted throughout the masonry, Al nods to himself and approaches the head mason, resting a fist on the counter with his thumb, pinky, and ring finger outstretched -- the callsign of the Ash Lodge. The mason nods, jutting a finger towards the more private back of the building, locked behind a steel portcullis. Subtle.

The two men head inside, with the steel grating and a metal door closing behind them and leaving the two in a mostly featureless domed room. Al placed his hands on his hips, raising an eyebrow at the mason as the man seemed to drop a facade and repeat the same hand gesture Al had given just moments ago. The man waits for Al expectantly, and the blonde sighs as he drops his hands.

"May the Ash fall upon your steps." Al finally responds. "Now, what was so important that my regular handler couldn't tell me in person?"

The mason crosses his arms, then rubs his chin. "New head of the Lodge's making new changes. Radical ones. And not everyone's willing to play ball on 'em."

"What else is new? Get to the point, please?"

The mason grunts. "With people already placed in several local government positions, the Lodge is in the perfect spot to establish a sister organization here in Telamon -- not one based on our usual operations, mind you. Boss is thinking the winds are changing for a few kingdoms, and with a few nudges here and there in the right spots..."

"They'll be the next Verduria, I get it... What kind of operations, exactly?"

"Like I said, some groundwork's already in place, but we were looking to establish a... a kind of Lodge for money-things, if you know what I mean."

"So, putting a hurt on the merchants...? I'm not exactly complaining, but..."

"Nah, on Telamon. If Telamon can't keep up its economy..."

"Other kingdoms falter as collateral, and the Lodge can reap the benefits." Al shrugs. It was well-known that the kingdom of Telamon was an economic superpower this side of Karma. Most other kingdoms heavily relied on them for their industrial advancements. "So, I'm establishing this new Lodge, then? Not exactly exciting, is it?"

"We've already made some contact with the local homeless community as an information network. You'd be running the show until it can get its feet off the ground, then you can go back to romping 'round wherever it is that you wanna go." The mason smiles, with an unnerving glint in his eyes. Albrave rubs the back of his head as the mason continues. "The Lodge don't have many people with your particular skills runnin' around, with the whole Half-God deal..."

Albrave narrows his eyes, wishing yet again that he hadn't been singled out for their purple coloration. "So, I fuck around, find some guys who can crunch numbers, and get the merchants wrapped in a death-grip in the process. It's... something, I guess."

The mason nods, now moving back towards the exit. "Try making contact with the homeless first -- get on their good side, they see everything that goes down 'round here. Oh, and... like I said, not everyone's liking the new direction, so you might face some push-back from other Lodgemen. Name's Raye, by the way. Hope to see you 'round, kid -- and welcome to Telamon."

Al nods, if only to finally get out of this room and get this damned mission over and done with. But he already knew he'd be in Akval for a while... How long could he go before he strangled a merchant? It'd be a joy to find out.


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Re: Dominion's War

Post by RKRobot on 2/13/2019, 12:12 am

"Falling skies, burning bright
Bring the Blight upon our land.
Swear you life, spear held tight,
Charge the monster with all your might.

Banished forever, never again
Come to harm us, foe or friend.
Seal the Hearts, see no threat
Protect the innocent 'til the end."

Over and over, she would remind herself of the chant she learned as a child, using its deep, revitalizing meaning to pump herself up for the day of training she would endure.  Daughter of farmers, but destined for greatness as a defender of Oshos, that's what Xyminzia always wanted.  That was her purpose in life, so she determined herself.

After her morning stretches, even flexing out her curly tail, the pug-nosed girl headed out of her humble hut of wood, leaves and woven fibers.  With a light skip in her step, she made her way to the central most part of the village.  All the farmers and fishers were out as early as usual, making their way to their fields and docks.  A painted, clay sculpture of a horrendous battle stood high above their canine heads.  Xyminzia always admired how they made the hero Seifs look, standing tall and victorious atop the bloodied, dead god and demon scum beneath their calloused paws.

A gust of wind from the shores fluttered past her face and blew her short, blonde and black hair around her face.  The sea smelled especially inviting today.

Continuing her walk, saying 'hello' to everyone that she would cross paths with, she knocked on the door frame to the local armory.  The Seif that lived here made their own custom weapons and would lend them to the beach patrollers for training and for combat, should there be any.  Today, Xyminzia was hoping to get some training in, but she couldn't decide between a whip or a knife.

A call came from inside the house-turned-shop.  "Yes, one second!  Come in!"

Her brown eyes wide and tail wagging with excitement, Xyminzia called back as she stepped inside.  "Alright!  I'll wait here!"

All around her were fantastic pieces of armor and tools that everyone in the village used or may have used in the past.  The walls were covered in what one might describe as 'one of everything!'  Sickles and hoes, nets and rods, kindling stones and blades, handles with or without blades, this place was floor to ceiling with everything a fighter could ever need.  The girl couldn't help but notice some alien metals attached to a spear's shaft.  Could this be what was recovered from the last time a monster tried to come to the island?

Before she could reach out and touch it, the owner of the shop appeared to come from a room closed off by a curtain.  He cleared his throat.  His long hound's ears were hanging beneath his light brown hair, and his green eyes were missing life and spark that his patron had.  "Xyminzia," he coughed again, putting his paws behind his back.  "Thank you for returning the sword you borrowed last time.  It was in very good condition, almost like you hadn't used it at all."

The teenager heaved out a sigh before responding, "That's because I hardly did.  Father and Mother found that one, too."

"And to think I was believing that you were trying your best to keep my weapons clean out of respect," the weaponsmith shook his head.  "I was sure you talked to them about your wish."

"Many times," the girl shrugged, moving to the other side of the room to look at the armor sets.  Seeing her own reflection in one of the polished metal chest plates, she frowned and her ears swivelled back.  "Many arguments follow, though."

The dirt on her unwashed, padded paws proved that she'd tried to do as they said.  She tried to play by their rules and follow in their footsteps as a crop farmer.  Why was she so unhappy picking potatoes and carrots and planting new ones in their stead?

She reached out and touched the hilt of a sword.  Why did it feel so good to hold one of these and declare war on her enemies?  Why did she enjoy running around and playing with training dummies more than the other village children?  Why did she feel so alone on an island where everyone was just like her?

"Would you care to use the dojo for an hour or so?" the owner suggested, taking a seat on a wooden stool behind his counter.  "It's not sand training.  It's not ocean training, but you could get something done."

With his generous offer, Xyminzia eagerly swiped two a set of curved daggers from a display.  She leapt over his counter and passed through the curtain door, and outside the other end of his shop.  She could hear the wheezing laughter from the man as she left the one building and jumped into another, red roofed and round-shaped structure.  Maybe this day wouldn't be as bad as she thought!


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Re: Dominion's War

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