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[Uniforce Side Stories] Helion Beasts: The Conservation and Dangers of the Helion Animal Kingdom! (A Zazul and RKRobot project)

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[Uniforce Side Stories] Helion Beasts: The Conservation and Dangers of the Helion Animal Kingdom! (A Zazul and RKRobot project)

Post by Zazul on 11/12/2018, 7:38 pm

~The Helion System, deep space~

Deep within the mysterious and ancient Helion System's open space, a single ship sails through the blackness of the cosmos. It was a simple Necral Tomb-ship, appearing like a metal mausoleum with thrusters and anti-gravity pads for landing gear. However, on the side of the ship was a sigil. Not that of Rapture, the home planet of the Necrals, but of the Mosaic Intergalactic Wildlife Foundation, a group of dedicated Mosaic citizens who formed for the purpose of preserving plant and animal life all throughout the galaxy. The ship's course was straight and true: Avalon, Capital of the Helion System and home of the Helion Axis, the military alliance that kept the ancient galaxy together. It was on this planet that many visitors from the greater Mosaic Cloud would arrive before departing to their desired destination in Helion. As it nears the planet, the ship stops, hanging in orbit as it receives the proper clearance to enter Avalon airspace.

The inside of the Tomb-ship was quite unexpected. Instead of being dark, decrepit, and dingy, it was actually very warm and bright, with different hanging plant vines and flowers all over. The sound of various animals rummaging through the hold echoes throughout the ship as its sole Humanoid occupant finally reveals himself. He was a Satyr-Necral of average height with shaggy brown hair, a brown, pointed goatee, large goat ears, and two curved ram horns on his head, his pitch black, dead skin decorated with a white nervous system map tattoo, the lines made to look like roots while his face was pure white from the neck up. He wore the brown robes of a Vanguard on his body, the bottoms ripped up from years of travel and fighting dangerous beasts. On his back sat two massive gauntlets made of a strange metal that seemed to give off a radiant, life-like energy. He scrambles over what appeared to be a large, lumbering worm-creature the size of a warthog so he can enter the codes for his ship, so he would be allowed entry into Avalon. His name is Herb Foulhoof, and he is a Conservationalist with the M.I.W.F.

"H-Henrietta! Quit lazing about and get out of my way, you bloated caterpillar!" The Undead Satyr chides the large worm. However, the worm only trembles slightly and starts lumbering off into the thicket surrounding them. He sighs, finally able to get at his holo-screen. "Alright...the Foundation said we had a new recruit meeting me at Avalon Spaceport today..." Suddenly, a small screech echoes out as a bat-like creature with eight wings and large pincers on the sides of its mouth lands on Herb's shoulder, completely covering it like a cloak as it clicks and begins nuzzling him affectionately. "S-Sebastian! Stop being so clingy! Can't you see I'm busy here?! Shoo!" He gently nudges the creature, trying to get it off him. However, it just chitters and snuggles closer, determined to give its friend affection. "Ugh...alright, fine. Give me the love." He rolls his eyes, smiling as he chuckles. "Lets hope this newbie is ready for what we do...after all, you guys are bottom of the food chain on your planets. Nah...Our jobs involve the real big ones...Helion's Apex Species!"

Upon receiving the green light to enter, he engages the ship's thrusters and enters the planet's airspace. Next stop...Avalon City Spaceport!
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Re: [Uniforce Side Stories] Helion Beasts: The Conservation and Dangers of the Helion Animal Kingdom! (A Zazul and RKRobot project)

Post by RKRobot on 12/1/2018, 8:58 pm

~Avalon City Spaceport, Spacecraft Terminals~

Harmony was a different kind of alien.  She wasn't born, she was created.  Years after she came to be, she was set free by others like her.  It was then she met him.

His voice was like liquid comfort, his smile was soft and his eyes always glowed with life.  Everyone called him 'Melody' or 'Mel' for short, due to his incredible vocal talent.  Melody was a newer experiment, but he was as powerful as if he'd been the first.  He helped lead the attack on the facility they were made in, along with dozens of other creatures.

In the end, Harmony, Melody and the other monsters escaped their 'home planet' and left to find a new life they could truly call their own.  They collectively called themselves 'Monsters of the Mosaic.'

Harmony clenched her fist, reading the labeled map of the Spaceport with her free hand.  Her orange eyes darted all over the laminated sheet she had printed out, and eventually found out where she was supposed to go.  She continued to reminisce as she walked.

Among the Monsters, groups formed.  They gained elected leaders, and the leaders had to have enforcers to maintain this hierarchy.  The leaders chose their staff, and Melody was selected to be an enforcer.  Harmony didn't want to part with her new friend and tried to convince the leader to choose another.  The leader refused, and either Harmony could join that group and travel with them, or say goodbye now and go it alone.

Their goodbye was tearful, even though they'd only been friends for a short period of time.  Harmony thusly took off for the Helion System, where she learned to speak the language of the others.  In order to learn more about the Universe she had hardly seen, she applied for Mosaic Intergalactic Wildlife Foundation.

Her testing and physical performance went... interestingly enough... she had very little idea as to what she had the potential to do, as the rest of her 'species' was so diverse and amazing.  So far, she had discovered she was just over five feet tall, weighed about 200 pounds and had qualities of the water and the ground.  She could project both things from the energy she carried within her, and manipulate such elements things to her will.  How much she could take, they hadn't yet figured that out.  As for her 'species,' the examiners simply reffered to her as a Mosaic Monster, like she prefered to be called.  Harmony wasn't as intellectually capable as she was physical, however, this was merely due to her being 'new' to the Universe.  She also had trouble understanding jokes and references to pain and suffering (honestly, sarcasm as a whole) and took it seriously, acting on impulse to protect those that made such references.  This... caused quite a few misunderstandings, however, she still managed to pass all of the tests.

Even if it was just by sheer luck.

"This is the place," she sighed to herself, finally arriving at the specific port she was told to go.  She kept looking up at the signs around her and the map in her hand, hoping she hadn't read it wrong.  Language and things were still very confusing to her.  Hopefully, she would be meeting up with someone who would be more understanding of her... situation.


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