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Welcome to My Immoral Empty

Welcome to My Immoral

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Welcome to My Immoral Empty Welcome to My Immoral

Post by Star Phoenix on 10/5/2018, 1:23 pm

Here we go again! I present the *obviously* much-anticipated sequel to the original badfic “My Immoral.” Like the previous installment, there’s inspiration from the notorious Harry Potter fanfiction “My Immortal” and the twice-monthly podcast “Welcome to Night Vale” but it's mostly just whatever comes to mind for me to type down. If you, for whatever reason, haven’t already feasted your eyes on the crown jewel of my NewGen writing career thus far, I implore you to do so! For everyone else, sit back and enjoy the show.

Welcome to MY IMMORAL

Omg hai my name is Xenon Arachne Blood Dark’ling Ailuro nd lyk yu alredy know i hav hair that rly super red and im jus gonna skip tht other stuff for now cuz the best thang evur just hapened!!! So when wrave dark n me were sacrifing Sugartea for a ritual i fuond (after i made out wit the hotness that is wrath kaos obv) the sky turned blak and there was a hole bunch of purple litning that was all over tha place and Solins started talkin in some language that i kinda think i kno but im not 2 sure anyways her voice was all deep and she was lyk “who dares summon me, Rameses of the End, to the relm of mortals” and i was like “o wow yu arent th dark lord gearic but this is sooooooo goffik right guys” and wrave dark and wrath jus has this look tht im p sure means they were just so overwelmd by how gofik the ritual was nd Solin (or this Ramesses guy i gues) said “spek yur name so Rammeses may know yu” and i said “hey there mr end guy im xenon arakne blud dark’ling ailuro and i have long red hair like a furtruk you know and” then this huuuuge bolt of lightnin just came down right in front o me and i was lyk “o shit thats scurrvy” so then Soln I mean Ramsseses was lik “you xenon will provide me a suitable vesl for this carrier rejects me” nd i was lik “mmmmmm okie but wut kinda vessel yu lookin for I know this rly cool app tht can hook yu tf up” n then Rammy was like “o wait really yu have it downloded” n I was like “ye lemme load it up its called hostr nd it ws maed by chrisco" n apparently the best vesel for Rammy was Warth n tht makes sense cuz who wuldnt want a bod like his so I was like “Wrath yur about to be super goffic im so happy like wow" n then Warht was like “wait idk if I'm ok with this" but then a litning bolt hit him and blak smoke came outta Submarines mouth and into Wrath nd now my bf is posesed by an ancient demon!!!! All those preps are gunna be soooooo jelous

anyway Rams and me r hangin out nd lisyenin to my dark dark death cd that Warht got me nd ramses was lik “I lik yur interior decorating skillz but it needs more lik demonic sigils nd weegee boreds nd mayb some more skullz" and i was lik “danggg rames yu kno ur goffic sht" nd he was lik “well ye I'm an ancient demin whose livd since this galaxy was born nyway I need a plan to subjugate the mrtal worlds" so I said “hm that's gunna be hard with all these preps around" and he said “ah so to claim my berthrite I must eliminate these preps” nd im lik “yep but theyre evvverywher so it wont be esy” and he stares at me nd says “why not make them ur thralls that shuld be easi cuz of ur bludline" but idk wut he ment by that so now rammy teaches me sum demony magicks

so tht brings us to today when the best thang evur hapened I am wearin all black as always with a short blak dres with long slevs and rely high stokings and these kute earings rammy got me tht look like dimonic spel sircles and I think i saw him drawing those in the house in my dads fruit punch but that all ddried up a wile ago but nyway my dorbal rang n it was wrave at the door cuz I made him nd dark my succubus thralls n theyre rely goff now nd wrave was lik “lady xenon theres sum stuff going down in town” nd I was lik “hm ok letsgo rammi nd wrave” nd wen we got tjere we saw scarlet whos another rely goff garl but not as goth as me cause im the gothes gurl evur so scarlet was lik “oh hey yu guys got here" nd wrave was lik “ye xenon it was scarlet who told me about wits goin down” nd scarlet was lik “ye it's Skyline shes tearin through the town w/ sum1 named Riona cause of something yu did to her" nd wrave said “it's Souline" and I was lik “w/e but that bitch is still alive dammm she's a tough prep nd who tf is riona” nd then scarlet was lik “idk much but rionas kinda off i just saw her bout an hour ago nd i tried somw witchy magicks to see what tf wus up w/ her but no luck she must be a super strong Prep tho" n then dark came over nd said that soln nd riona were coming that way so I puled out my bitcher knife cuz I'm ready to slay some preps nd rammy krosed his arms nd wrave was macking out with dark I think nd scarlet got some majiks ready so then saltine and riona run up on us tryna complain bout the ritual I did to summon rammy nd some bs about how Simone was tramatized or w/e so I was lik “mkay but u lived rite so get over it" nd Suliva started cryin bout somthin nd this other guy runs up cause shes cryin nd I think his name is tentacos or somthn but I kno he's one of the biger preps around town nd he's tryna give soulin a freakin hankerrchif to dry her eyes nd he's yeling at us about making her cry nd then Rammy just gets fed up nd blasts tacokid with demon majjyks nd then riona starts clapin back nd scarlet n me start goin ham but then teriyaki and sushi start fitin 2

nd thts how the town got in a reel turf war beetweeeen the gofs nd the perps so mayer Emily evakuwaited the town so normies who arent gofs or perps culd be safe or w/e nyway the gofs got nother war meetin to beat the preeps so l8r scrubs

Welcome to My Immoral Pokemo10
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