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[Pokemon] Exploration; Time Flower (Joker's Meeting) Empty

[Pokemon] Exploration; Time Flower (Joker's Meeting)

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[Pokemon] Exploration; Time Flower (Joker's Meeting) Empty [Pokemon] Exploration; Time Flower (Joker's Meeting)

Post by Maxwell on 10/1/2018, 10:33 pm

Joker had since stopped Max's bleeding, the trainer now in an uneasy slumber up against the bloodstained rocks. Jericho scowled at the fact that this human would survive, but was more intrigued that someone of this Vaporeon's stature would treat such a lowly human with respect and love. 

"From one 'Avatar' to another..." The Kabutops hissed as he reverted to his humanoid form. "Why do you care for this human so much? Their kind has done nothing but bring war and destruction to our lands."

Joker frowned and sighed, also reverting to a humanoid form. She cast a gentle gaze to the sleeping trainer, who Joker hoped would never find out about this, before looking back to Jericho. 

"This human saved my life when I was still an eevee. She treated me with love and kindness; such that I know I would never find anywhere else. Maxwell opened her heart and home to me, and accepted me despite what had happened." She gestured to the scars that littered her body. "Its only right that I return that care and love when she needs it most."

"You're much too soft on her." He snapped. "She was going to destroy this place by taking knowledge of it back to the surface! It would have ruined the lives of myself and all of the pokemon who live down here!"

"Your wrong, fossil." Joker glared, her dark eyes filling with an anger. "Maxwell isn't that type of human!"

"What does she do on the surface? Why does she take notes? Sketchings? Samples?"

Joker couldn't answer; He had her there. She instead placed a hand to Max's forehead, checking her temperature. 

"She shares that information, doesn't she? With the world?"

"...she uses it to study the past. To study the mythology and the truths. Not to harm anyone..."

"Anyone can read that and come see for themselves. With that, comes the disturbance of the fragile ecosystem that exists here. How did she even find this place?"

"She's an explorer. Maxwell has a knack for finding such things. She is also a user of aura, so she can see things normal humans cannot. She was able to see the ecosystem here. She could tell it was alive. Believe me when I tell you harm is never in her agenda." Joker argued, now standing defensively in front of the sleeping Max. 

Jericho moved to strike the fallen trainer, but stopped each time; the Vaporeon kept standing in the way. He dared not strike one of his own. Jericho knew the consequences of such actions. 

"I will not allow you to harm her. So I suggest that you stop trying to strike her." Jokers torn smile managed a frown. "If not, then I will make you. And we both know which of us would win in a fight."

Jericho growled savagely before sighing in defeat. "...I do not understand why you believe that this human is so different from the rest." He kicked the skull of a dead human into a wall, watching it crumble to dust. "... Convince me and I will let you both walk. Otherwise, I will not let you leave."

"...Very well. May you please have a seat, Jericho?"

The Kabutops avatar begrudgingly took a seat on one of the rocks, staring angrily at Max's sleeping form in anger. Each moment she was here was just more contamination that would spread through the chambers. For now, there was nothing he could do, at least until he decided to believe Joker or not. He gestures to the Vaporeon to sit as well, promising that he would not move from this spot until she was done speaking.

"... From what her partner, Eris, has told me. Max had been studying history and Mythology her entire life; even before those two had met. Alongside all of that studying, she trained fiercely to become a Master of Aura. She has spent her entire life training and researching how to better the lives of humans and pokemon alike. Myself and her other partner; a Mimikyu, also aid her in this endeavor. Maxwell rescued me from death at the hands of abusive trainers. She rescued Noir from the clutches of loneliness. All she seeks to do with the knowledge of what she finds down here is to piece together the past of our homeland... to better our future."

Jericho sat in a long silence, processing Joker's words. He wasn't entirely convinced, but he was intrigued. 

"Tell me more about this human." was all he could find himself saying, to Joker's delight.

"Maxwell comes from Canalave City, and has spent half of her life in the library, Iron Island, and Here in Oreburgh. The other half was spent working so she could save money to travel the world. She has this goal... one to uncover secrets and myths all over the world and fill the library back home. Max does her part of helping the world by spreading her knowledge." Joker smiles nostalgically. "It's quite rare that she ever takes breaks or goes on vacations, but with times like that come opportunities. That's how I met her."

"So she works more than anything. Reminds me of... well, me. When I used to be an explorer, that is." 

Joker nodded, continuing. "When we started here today, we were only in the back farther sector of the mine. A hole in the floor opened up and I fell." She cast a glance back at the sleeping trainer. " She didn't hesitate; Max jumped down to save me, but injured herself in the process. She did everything she could, short of draining her aura dry to find a way out, when a second hole opened up. That's how we got to this level."

"You two actually came here on accident?" Jericho inquired, leaning in. "...My apologies for making such an assumption earlier. However, you two still have come where you shouldn't be."

"We saw what the time flowers held. We understand why you would want to protect such a place, Jericho. Which is why I ask you to help us leave. We can use what Max has learned to protect this place further. She would give her word as a Guardian of Aura if she were awake, but shes not."

"...Promise on your human's life you will do exactly as you've said to me." He hissed. "Should anyone else ever find this place, I will surface and I will kill her. You too, if I must."

Joker paled at he other Avatar's words. Promise on Max's life? Could she really do that? She swallowed and stuck out a delicate hand. "...Jericho, I promise on both her life and mine. We will use what we learned here today to further protect this place. Should you feel that this deal has been broken...." she paused, uneasy with the words coming from her marred lips. "You are free to surface and eliminate us both. Do we have a deal?"

Jericho took the Vaporeon's hand. "Come with me; I'll take you back to the entrance." He picked up his old satchel and draped it over Max's body before looking to the water type for permission to pick her up. Her eyes narrowed, but she allowed it, watching him very closely.

It had been a long time since he was this close to an actual human. He inhaled deeply as he walked. She smelled of sweat, blood, iron, and beneath it all... Pecha Berries. His favorite. A smile tugged at his lips, but he quickly forced it away as she relaxed further into his grasp. The avatar shifted her weight slightly, wincing as Max grunted in pain. The two pokemon walked in awkward silence, the only sounds being their footsteps and the occasional sound from Max. 

Truth be told, this human interested Jericho greatly. He wanted to know more about her. He needed to know. Who she was, what she did... it was all so fascinating to him. ...What was this feeling? He glanced down at the sleeping form of the girl in his arms. This all felt natural, and he wanted it. 

Maybe not someday soon... but someday... He would come back and make her his. 

No one would stand in his way.


"Continue forward for a bit. You'll be back in the main sector of the mine." He sat Max against the wall and dusted himself off. "You should go find your help." Jericho morphed into he Kabutops form and melded with the wall, disappearing. Joker morphed as well and ran off, yipping loudly. She eventually came back with Eris, Noir, and several others, who rushed Max away. Jericho watched intently until everyone was out of sight.

"...Maxwell..." he smirked. "My Maxwell..."

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