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Let's Make Our World Together

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Let's Make Our World Together

Post by RKRobot on 9/26/2018, 8:17 am

Here's an idea I just came up with!  I'll start the group out with an idea, and whoever replies can run with it in the way they'd like to.  There are no rules, other than what the forum already has.  I'm going to start it on a random world so we can play around with it as we please.  Here's your prompt to work with!

It was a dark and stormy night in the countryside.  The winds howled with might.  A mother couldn't stop her child from crying as loud as the thunder clapped.  She huddled her little bundle as close to her as she could with each strike of lighting.  A fire started when one bolt of pure white energy hit the tree beside the barn they resided in.  Things were getting quite scary.

"Don't worry, my baby, everything will clear up by the morning," the mother stammered through her words, brushing a shaky finger along her child's wet cheek.  She could only hope that her words would be true.


And that's all I'll write for now!  It's your turn!  Whoever wants to continue this story, please go ahead!  I've put it in the RP area so that way others can respond to the continuation as if it were a regular RP.  Remember to have fun with this - it doesn't have to be on Earth, with humans, as I did not describe much about the beings in the story.  Just a brief description and the location was all that was needed.  I hope this helps!  Carry on!

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