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[Mabinogi] Beast Summons of Old Empty

[Mabinogi] Beast Summons of Old

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[Mabinogi] Beast Summons of Old Empty [Mabinogi] Beast Summons of Old

Post by Maxwell on 8/26/2018, 8:45 pm

They're here to help.

Or so they claimed. They gave the world remarkable abilities; the ability to call upon the powers of all kinds of beasts for assistance. Like fools, we took the kindness and teaching of these strangers and harnessed it for ourselves. We became strong. We were able to actually thrive because of them. And when the time came... They attacked us. They feared that we would become stronger than them, as they've never seen people harness the power so quickly. 

Those who had the beast summoning power fought against them. ...We lost. Most of them were wiped out, and our world was sent into turmoil. And then they left... well, most of them. We were forced to rebuild, and those with the beast summoning ability never dared to use the ability out in the open, in fear of the ones who stayed behind would kill them. 

Erinn used to be a safe place to live. Our lives were all but ruined as we lived in the tense time that was now knows as 'The Beastless Era'.

They were here to hurt.


*Our story begins in the Village of Tir Chonaill. My name is Luminere; an Elf from Filia. I am one of the few with the beast summoning ability, but I don't dare to use it. They're everywhere, but you can't tell who they are. Not everyone can have this ability, but those who have knowledge of it can eventually learn! Please ask the DM before stating you have this ability!*

She sat on the steps to the town square, staring at the dragonstone amulet in her grasp. Her blue hair fell over her face as she sighed, turning her gaze to look up at the sun. She squinted at the bright light before closing them and falling back to rest on the ground. All was peaceful, for once. She glanced around, left, than right. Viewing the people within her vicinity.

(The intro is short, because i want to have you guys introduce your characters before i actually start the story. Thank you for playing!)

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[Mabinogi] Beast Summons of Old Empty Re: [Mabinogi] Beast Summons of Old

Post by Rocky on 8/27/2018, 6:28 pm

Sitting down in the shade of the back of the general store, a silver-violet haired female dressed in turquoise and white armor munched on an apple.  The Shuriken and Kunai strapped to her 14-year-old back remained hidden by her waist-length, straight hair.  Her innocent-looking brown eyes focused on the fruit, but occasionally darted between her left and right.  Her light skin and bright clothing didn't do much for blending in with the shadows, but as a Ninja, she knew she just had to blend in with the crowds.

To anyone else, she looked like a normal adventuring Milletian, enjoying a snack in a quiet place.

To her, she was Kyokho Tanikawa, a fourth-generation ninja caught in the Soul Stream and given new life - a second chance to change her fate - by Nao.  To hide her heritage, she went by Kyokho Tarumi, a humble herb farmer and scourer of new forms of treatment.  She wouldn't dare waste a day in this new life, so she took each day one by one.

Finishing the apple, she chewed on the core until there were was nothing but the stem left.  She tossed it over the fence with the flick of her wrist and it landed in a berry bush.  There.  No one would know, now.

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