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[Pokemon] Exploration; Distortion Empty

[Pokemon] Exploration; Distortion

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[Pokemon] Exploration; Distortion Empty [Pokemon] Exploration; Distortion

Post by Maxwell on 6/8/2018, 12:52 am

"...According to Cynthia, This is the right place." Max looked up from the map to the area in front of her; a break in the treeline that created a thin, almost unnoticeable path. "Spring Path? What do you guys think?" She set her gaze upon the three pokemon with her. Eris; the Lucario who had been with her since childhood. Joker; the Vaporeon that Max rescued from a couple of abusive trainers. Noir; a Mimikyu who ripped Max into a nightmare realm just so it didn't have to be lonely.

Eris placed a paw to Max's arm and spoke directly to her. ~"Maxwell, I don't like the idea of following this path. We don't know what lies beyond it."~

~"Aye," she responded to him with a smile. "But that's what being an explorer is all about! Discovering the unknown!"~

"...I just do not with for a repeat of the Mine."~

Max's grin faded and she stole a glance at Her Vaporeon who had a couple new scars adorning her body. What happened in the Oreburgh Mine was a daunting experience; one that Max could only hope Joker could fully recover from. She felt Noir's grip around her torso tighten a bit, sending a sense of east through the Aura Guardian. The Mimikyu loved riding backpack on Max whenever they went exploring; otherwise the little ghost wouldn't be able to keep up.

"...Thank you, Noir." she pat the tendrils wrapped around her body. "Now, let's do some exploring!"

The group left Route 214 behind as they traversed Spring path, the noise of both people and pokemon swiftly being forgotten until nothing but an unsettling silence remained. No birds, no wind... nothing.

Just silence.

Eris took Max's hand and Joker walked next to her trainer, body right up against her leg. The four traveled in the quiet for what felt like an eternity until the path finally broke open into a vast clearing with an incredible view of the forgotten 4th Lake of the Sinnoh Region.

"Whoa..." Max's eyes widened at the sight of the cloudless skies and crystal clear water. She pulled out her notebook and began sketching out the breathtaking scene before her. The guardian didn't want to miss any details, so after the sketching, she activated her pokètch's camera and snapped a couple of landscape photos. "This alone was worth the trip." she smiled.

Noir tapped her shoulder and pointed to the far end of the lake, towards a small ledge jutting out over the still waters. Max squinted before her smile widened.

"Good work, Noir! A cave!" she looked down to Joker. "Little miss, I know you don't like water, but do you think you would be able to give us a lift to the other side? If not, we can walk. I don't mind. I just want you to be comfortable." 

The Vaporeon shuddered and backed away from the water, giving her answer. Max nodded in understanding.
"It's okay, Joker. We'll walk to the other side and repel down. We don;t have to go in the lake." She assured her water type, who blew a bubble in response. Max chuckled and began the walk to the far side of the lake. Even here, there was no noise. Nothing dared to break the silence; not even the grass beneath them rustled.

Another eternity later, they finally reached the area they needed to start their repel. Max pulled two sets of rope from her bag and fastened them to trees, tying herself into a harness, and Eris as well. Noir was backpacking the trainer, and Vaporeon was curled around the Aura Pokemon's neck. the two bipeds descended down the side of the cliff, dropping in front of the cave mouth. A thick fog rolled out of the entrance, crawling it's way across the water. 

~"Maxwell... Are you absolutely sure about this? I can feel your unease growing; it is not too late to turn back."~ Eris questioned, taking a hold of his partner's hand worriedly.

"...Everyone, stay close. We can't afford to get separated in this fog." Max spoke aloud, finalizing her decision to continue forth with her expedition.

With that, the quartet stepped inside the forboding formation. They were greeted with a massive cavern, an equally massive pillar in the center of the room. Max made her way over to it, searching it for any writings. To her liking, she found some; written in unown.

"...Past three the sleeping... ...before 30 is surpassed..." She read aloud before turning to her group. Even though they were only a couple feet away, it was incredibly difficult to see them. "I wonder what that means."

Once more, she felt Mimikyu tap her shoulder. she looked into the direction it pointed, barely making out the faintest outline of a doorway. "Follow me, everyone." She made her way to the opening in the wall. As she passed through the gateway, she felt herself drawn to several other doorways. Without realizing it, she had separated herself from Eris and Joker, leaving only Noir as her company. She came to another pillar, this one not having any writing.

"...Two." she stops in her tracks, thinking back to the first inscription. "...Past three pillars. We've already seen two. Eris, what do you think?" she looked around, seeing nothing within the fog. "...Eris? ERIS!" she called out, her voice muffled by the vapor that clung to the air. "...Fuck! That means Joker isn't here either. Noir? You still with me?"

"Kyuuu..." she felt it tighten around her torso out of worry.

"...Good. It's okay, buddy. We're together." she placed a reassuring hand to it's dark appendage and proceeded through another doorway.

The third pillar.

Max felt her heart drop as the fog seemed to lift a bit. She closed her eyes and attempted to focus on locating Eris's aura. While she could feel the connection, all attempts of finding him were bounced right back at her, creating a headache.

"...Looks like we're on our own with this, buddy."


"I know; I'm afraid too. But we're explorers, right? All of the stories we can tell after this, and the knowledge we bring back with each journey. Noir, I trust you with my life. Do you trust me with yours?"


"Atta boi!" she rubbed his disguised head and turned towards one of the three doorways. "You ready to see what lies beyond this last pillar?"


The two of them crossed the threshold into a fog-less room. An altar stood in the center, covered in cave dust and untouched for who knows how long. Max pulled out her notebook once more and sketched down the room before here before repeating the photo process. Alongside the sketches, she wrote about her experience with the fog, her aura, the pillars, and this final room. After putting her notebook away, the two made their way to the altar, which had something written in unown. Noir hopped off Max's back and dusted off the writing to allow it's partner to read it easier.

"Thank, buddy. Now lets see here..." she spoke as she examined the writing. 

"...I call upon command that which shall be, A portal unto distortion. Created in entirety , That which shall be protected & solid in stay?" she looks down at Noir, rather puzzled. "That's a weird inscription....!!"

The cavern began to rumble. Max had triggering flashbacks to Oreburgh Mine and immediately held Noir close, curling up to protect it's body with hers. Instead of anything collapsing, a swirling mass of dark colors formed in the air in front of the altar. The guardian slowly uncurled and examined the portal. 

"This.... is something I didn't expect at all." she shuddered at the frigid air that poured from this portal. "Well, Noir. Ready?"

"K-K-Kyuu?!" it's eyes widened as it realized what it's trainer was suggesting. "Kyu! Mim! Mimikyu!!"

Max picked up the ghost type and stepped through the portal to find herself upside down. Noir shifted to her back as Max jumped up? down? She couldn't tell. Either way, she reached the ceiling/floor. Each step she took was like a minature jump; gravity was strange too! Her foot slipped sending pebbles into the air, and herself down a gently inclined waterfall. The wierdest part of all of this was that despite being in water, she wasn't getting wet. The water finally deposited her in a spot where gravity seemed normal. As she slapped her cheeks and tried to make sense of this place, a screeching roar echoed through the nonexistent air of this strange realm. A snake-like shadow loomed behind her, black tendrils tipped in red slowly encircling the Aura Guardian and her ghostly companion. Max turned and fell back, clutching Mimikyu close to her chest. Noir wrestled from Max's grasp, the urge to protect it's partner for once, rising. It's own little appendages of darkness pulled themselves from under it's disguise and formed a ball of darkness, throwing it towards the massive beast. The snake-like thing gracefully arced around the shadowball and retreated... for now.

"Noir..." Max smiled and gently pet her friend, but didn't move from her spot. "Thank you for protecting me." She pulled out the notebook and sketched down a visual of the creature that had attacked. Without color, she could only manage shades of blacks and greys. However, she took the time to label each part she could. She was lost in knowledge until an urgent tug from Noir brought her back. "Right. We're sitting duckletts here."

The two got up and traversed further into the world of Distortion.

Dread. Unease. Silence.

These three things where the most prominent as the human and her pokemon slowly got used to the strange atmosphere and ever changing gravity. They came to a little hidey-hole, which they took shelter in; and not a second too late as the creature circled past, looking in. Noir covered Max's mouth with a shadowy hand to muffle the shout of surprise when the Pokemon's massive eye looked in to their hiding place. Not seeing what it was looking for, it left. Noir removed it's hand and both trainer and pokemon gave a sigh of relief. Finally exiting their hidey-hole, Max once more sketched out what she saw before her. Platforms of land facing all sorts of directions, each with their own gravity and magnetic fields. Waterfalls and lakes that were up-side-down, and right-side-up; sideways too. The water in these didn't even make objects that entered wet. There were trees everywhere. some attached to the land, the water, some just floating about the airspace. But what fascinated Max the most, was the bubbles.

Bubbles that showed different locations from the outside world. She could look into one and see Hearthome City, then turn to her left and see her home in Canalave. 


Max looked to Noir, who was examining a bubble of its own; Turnback Cave. Max looked in and was greeted by the site of Eris and Joker at the room the portal was in. Eris was studying every inch of the room, trying to reach his partner, while Joker was looking under rocks for hidden treasures. Max chuckled at her antics; the Vaporeon loved finding little things. Much to the water type's pleasure, an overturned rock produced a dark gem; the dark mist swirling and glowing with it's power. The trainer turned her attention away from the bubbles and to the pokemon with her. She pulled out her pokedex and nodded.

"I think it's time to find out what this thing is once and for all." Noir pulled itself onto her back and the two made their way to the biggest opening they could find. "Heyyy! Long, dark, and snakey! Where are you??"

Her taunting was greeted by the screeching roar as the massive beast flickered into view. Max aimed her pokedex at the creature and pressed scan.

~"Giratina; the Renegade Pokemon. This Pokemon is said to live in a world on the reverse side of ours, where common knowledge is distorted and strange. It was banished for its violence. It silently gazed upon the old world from the Distortion World. It's said to appear in ancient in cemeteries."~

"Holy shit..." Max gaped at the pokemon before her. She looked at the danger level of the pokemon; her dex was beeping and blinking bright red.

Not good.

"Noir, I think we're in trouble."


Giratina stretched out one of its tendrils towards Noir, who extended one of it's own. 

"NOIR DON'T!" Max dove for the disguised pokemon, but was only met with the ground. She frantically looked around for any sign where they could have flickered off to. "NOIR?! NOIR!!" She shouted hopelessly.

Her friend was gone.

She was alone in the dark.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

It felt like an eternity had passed as Max stumbled through the Distortion world. She was tired, sweaty, and her throat was destroyed from screaming. All she wanted was her partner to return to her and for the two of them to go home. She turned up and went down making a 180 to go left. At the end of this path was


Max ran towards her partner, taking advantage of the gravity for the generous leaps she made to reach her pokemon. She approached her friend who faced away from her. Carefully, she rested a hand on it's disguised head; which fell over. That only happened if someone it didn't trust touched it. Max knelt down, greatly concerned as to what happened to her dear Mimikyu.
"Buddy, come on; lets go home! Eris and Joker are waiting for us!"

The shadow claw raked across her face. a couple thin red streaks appeared and slowly leaked down her face. Max touched her face and looked to her hand. There was blood, but not a whole lot.

"...What did it do to you?"

Noir slowly turned to face Max, it's tiny eyes a bright red. Giratina flickered into view behind Noir, swaying slightly.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FRIEND?! GIVE HIM BACK TO ME!" She screamed, her throat tearing up even more.

Circles of soft yellow emanated from Noir towards Max. She quickly fumbled around in her back as a wave of sleepiness hit her. Her vision went in and out of focus, but she managed to spray the contents on an awakening on herself. This action caused both Giratina and Noir to growl savagely; something Max never heard her ghost type friend do. The awakening rendered hypnosis useless, and without Noir's target being asleep, Dream Eater and Nightmare would have no effect. The only move she had to worry about, was Shadow Ball.

That is, until Mimikyu flickered out of sight.

"Wait, wha-"

Max coughed violently and dropped to her knees as she was hit full force in the abdomen by Noir's new attack. She skidded backwards on her back several feet as the Shadow Ball hit next. As another Phantom Force hit her, she wrapped her arms tightly around the ghost type.

"Noir... I'm not going to fight you...." Max choked out. "I couldnt bear the thought of leaving you alone... so why do you leave me like this...?"

The mimikyu struggled in Max's crasp, calling for help. Max held on tighter, sobbing as she realized Noir had made it's decision.
"I love you buddy..."

She releases it from her grasp before turning away. 

"...Giratina... I ask that you send me back to the Real world... and please take care of Noir for me. He gets lonely easily... and... if you are able to... pet him and stuff... he likes that."

The renegade pokemon lets out a screech, soundwaves tearing open a gateway to the altar room of the cave. Eris and Joker looked in, completely bewildered. As Max was stepping through, she felt a tug on her pant leg. Through her tears, she looked down and saw Noir, gripping her leg tightly.

She looked at the little pokemon, then up at the massive one, breaking into a teary smile.
"....Thank you, Giratina. You know... If you're lonely, don't feel bad about visiting. Or ripping us from our dimension. Just find a way to give us a heads up or something before doing so."

Max picked up Noir who hugged her tightly, weeping it's wispy cries of apology.

"It's okay buddy. It's time to go home."

The reunited pair stepped through the gateway, throwing one last look at Giratina, who waited as they left. Max saw a glint of something mischievous within the dragon's eye right before the portal closed behind them. The two were smothered by Eris and Joker, expressing their great concern and relief that the two were same.

"Don't worry guys... Everything okay now."

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