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[Gene/Uniforce] Origins of Unity Empty

[Gene/Uniforce] Origins of Unity

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[Gene/Uniforce] Origins of Unity Empty [Gene/Uniforce] Origins of Unity

Post by Rocky on 6/5/2018, 11:19 pm

((Today, I come to tell you a story about a powerful group of beings in our Universe coming together as one for the first time.  This is the story of how the brave new heroes of the Mosaic Galaxy became allies.  I'm actually really happy with how it turned out!  ^_^))

Characters and Credits:
(Alphabetical Order)
Blastion - Blastion
Chris, Gearic, Xero - ShadowChris
Genesis - Genesis
Luna - Luna
Nova - Co-owned between ShadowChris and RKRobot
Rocky, Tori - RKRobot
Spirit - Zazul
Xanthos - Phirania

Please note that the original creators of these characters and their respective assets gave me permission to use them in the creation of this story.  I was given creative freedoms to put this piece together, and I feel this is the best incarnation I've been able to document.  Thank you for reading.

It was the XXX-year anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of the Mosaic Insurgency War.  Centuries ago, the Treaty was set to expire this very year and in order to renew it, one or two notable representatives from every participating planet was to show its interest in peace and sign the renewed Treaty.

As previously done by the world's former representatives, the ancient participants were told to arrive at Planet Tropic in order to be present for this event.  Space traveling vessels were quickly closing in upon Rei Priimak Shitekste (Tropic's Solar System) as Tropic prepared for their arrival.  This year had already been busy, especially for Tropic's two representatives.

No better choices were even considered during the deliberation of signing this treaty than the Tropican Super Sisters.  With the support of their parents, Rocky and Tori Kaos were given a big chance to improve the potential condition of their home world.  This Treaty had many benefits for all planets involved, but exclusively to Tropic, trade, transport and a network of battle-ready allies were the most important of things to gain from this.

The members of the Dominion arrived first, Tropic's former allies.  Of course, now that they'd lost the war all those years ago, the leadership had been more tolerant and accepting of their citizens' decisions, and immigration policies became more lax.  The Liberators' ships came soon after, reminiscing their valiant fight for the people's freedoms.  Once the representatives docked in Tropic's orbit and were allowed down to the surface, the official signing ceremony began.

While the war between worlds was called the 'Mosaic Insurgency War,' not all of the Mosaic had been involved, sparing the blood, sweat and tears of their residents.  Planets as close as Sirhc (or X-17) or as far away as Conger Fee were completely out of the reach of the Dominion or the Liberator's influences.  Some say the tides of battle would have turned if one of them had joined forces with either group, others say it was a blessing neither of them picked up a single weapon.  Regardless, those that did become involved were thankful they were here in the present, happy to finally come to a peaceful era.

Rocky and Tori met each of the representatives with great honor and respect.  They had practiced long and hard to get their neighbors' friendly gestures down correctly, from handshakes to curtseys to other strange actions they weren't used to!  After many hours of meeting and greeting, the mingling of the representatives subsided and they all came together in a special room where the signing was commenced.

Speeches and scribbles came one after another until the sun began to set on this productive day.  However, a mighty series of winds had begun to sweep the planet's surface, as if the entire world were subject to an oncoming hurricane, rather than just one part of it as nature would have it.  This unnatural occurrence irked Tropican's scientists, as they could not find a singular source of this change in weather.  Meanwhile, the storm worsened and everyone was forced to take refuge inside guarded buildings.  Thankfully, this weather hadn't interrupted the peace between planets, but it certainly prevented any of them from leaving Tropic's surface.

Rocky and Tori became worried about their world's reputation.  If they didn't do their job and protect the planet and the people that resided here, they might be the cause of a new war of the worlds!  A few other representatives were listening in on their worries and understood their thought processes.

From Iciaura, Princess Luna Matarex approached the Sisters with news of her icey Planet showing signs of melting.  From Iciaura's Moon-Planet, Blastion of Kokugen reported electrical storms caused by an intense heat wave that also did not have a source.  Xanthos of Anount also came forward with news that his world was drowning in floods, propelled by large, mysterious waves.

As the group conversed about what could have been the root of the problem, the travelers became unnerved and quite antsy about not being able to return home.  Like Luna, a monarch of her world, there were plenty of leaders that acted as their own representatives.  Of course, this meant they had to get home as soon as possible due to their previous responsibilities.

Rocky and Tori brainstormed about the possibility of someone from outside their worlds causing this problem.  It then hit Rocky - what if it was the magic users from Conger Fee, perhaps trying to stop this ceremony from having a happy ending?  She knew Genesis and his friends were very powerful, as she had previously fought with them, so if he had more allies like him, there was no doubt they could manifest several great disasters all over the Galaxy!

Thinking with her heart, Rocky explained her encounter to the other leaders, each of them finding this scenario within the realm of possibility.  Some of them refused to believe the Heroine's radical claim, as she had no real proof.  When Tori defended her by asking if anyone had a better idea, the trinity of representatives found themselves agreeing with the Tropican Sisters.

The Army then spoke to the Sisters - they needed to help them get everyone to safety as fast as possible.  Reluctantly leaving their new allies, Rocky and Tori left to go out and help the innocent citizens of their world.

As if he knew he was being spoken about, Genesis arrived mere hours later, finding Tropic in a great state of darkness and disaster.  Worried for his friendly rivals, the Super Sisters, he eventually found them braving the storm, trying to get survivors to safety.  With Rocky's earthly powers, she was able to ground herself and those she helped as they trudged through the high speed winds.  Tori was also able to defend her sibling against any oncoming debris, deflecting and destroying anything she deemed dangerous.

Genesis cut in and started to help the siblings get everyone to a proper shelter, only to be beaten by his rival in blue.  She blamed him for all this, as she did before, but he argued he had little to do with this, as his own planet was being ravaged by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Rocky appeared shocked, but she was too embarrassed by her potential false accusations to not continue this argument.

Tori brought the other three out to see Rocky fighting with Genesis, and the trio pounced on the Conger Feean.  They fought fiercely, each displaying a type of power Genesis had not yet fought before.  Defending their Tropican allies, they asked if he had nothing to do with it, why had he come and who really could be responsible for this?  Genesis quickly became aggressive as the battle raged on, forcing the others to get serious.  When he was at his limits, he had no choice but to utilize a certain teleportation spell, hoping this last resort of a move would convince these beings he was right all along!

This unique teleportation spell opened up a portal that led to a different world.  Furious still and becoming quite tired from using so much energy, Genesis dragged in Rocky, Luna, Blastion and Xanthos.  Tori escaped, rushing back to the building where all the representatives were located.  She told them everything that happened, which worried everyone that this mysterious stranger, Genesis, would be back for more and dispose of the representatives, group by group!

While Tori and the others had scrambled to find out what happened to the missing representatives, Genesis had brought the four fighters to a strange, dark, alien planet.  None of them recognized where they were, save for the Conger Feean.  In their weakened state, he told them he brought them to the place they needed to be in order to see what was really happening to their worlds.  He added that after using so much power to bring them here, he had essentially trapped the five of them there until he regained his strength.

Rocky and Blastion were about to wring Genesis' neck, when Xanthos and Luna stopped them.  Now that they were here, they had a chance to logically explain what had been happening to their planets.  Perhaps there was even a way to prevent these disasters from taking too many lives?  Rocky and Blastion quickly relinquished their rage and were brought back to the land of logic.

Luna and Xanthos decided that they needed to locate this Lord's Castle that Genesis spoke of, so they suggested that the group split up.  Genesis thought poorly of the idea all together, but Luna refused to let him off easily.  She and Blastion followed him in case he happened to be as mistrusting as Rocky had initially accused him of being, while Xanthos and Rocky went in a different direction.

Like a strong magnet, Genesis had pulled the Princess and her guard right to the Castle they were searching for.  However, it wouldn't be simple to navigate, as this particular building was magical and alive.  Due to these conditions, the paths and rooms constantly changed order, and sometimes cut off access to some rooms entirely!  Luna led the other two inside, hoping to reason with this Lord, one royal being to another.

Meanwhile, Xanthos and Rocky had just begun to explore what looked like an abandoned town, but right when they determined there was no one left, they heard a couple voices.  After they followed the sounds into an old laboratory, the Anootian and Tropican discovered a girl with a robotic effect in her vocals and a heavily armored guy.  They listened in and heard them discussing a mission involving observation and information collecting.  Rocky assumed they must've been talking about gathering data about their planets and how to really mess them up.  Xanthos agreed, but couldn't help there was more to this conversation that they'd missed.

Unfortunately, when Rocky and Xanthos tried to get out of there, the two were detected and the robot and the guard immediately cornered the intruders.  Xanthos tried to explain what was going on, but the female - addressed by the other as Nova - found no logic in his being there.  Xero - the armored one - attacked first, causing Rocky to jump to her ally's defense.

Back at the Castle, Genesis, Luna and Blastion had quickly become lost.  It wasn't long before Genesis whined about how bored he was and how badly he wanted to go home, but he was constantly reminded of the others' situation.  Genesis was perfectly content leaving the group to fend for themselves, seeing as how they were so strong when they had to be...  Blastion, however, begged to differ.  He was already quite on edge since they arrived, but Blastion was eager to recall that Genesis clearly cared enough about them to bring them here and even give them a clue about how to solve their problem.  If he really didn't care, he wouldn't have stuck around this long.

Right when Genesis was about to make a comeback, he recognized a frantic sequence of beeping coming from one of the rooms down the hall.  He rushed to the room and the others followed suit.  Opening the door, the trio found a robotic panda monitoring a wall of translucent screens displaying various rooms in the Castle.  The creature was apparently beeping at three intruders that had breached the Castle... and to his surprise, had also breached this room!  Genesis recognized the robotic life form as Gearic and approached him with a friendly face and open arms... but Blastion had different ideas.

Blastion jumped at the chance to fight with Gearic, quite literally.  Upon being attacked, the cute face of the robotic panda suddenly transformed (along with the rest of his gold and black body) into a huge mechanical monster.  Luna distracted the metal beast by destroying the security monitors, which allowed Genesis and Blastion time to escape the room and hide elsewhere.  Gearic wasn't about to take Luna's distraction lightly, and smashed the Princess through a series of walls.  Once she was out of the way, Gearic made his way to the guys, ripping and tearing apart the Castle as he attacked them.  It almost looked like they were running out of places to run and hide...

Weakened by the powerful duo of Nova and Xero, Rocky and Xanthos were taken hostage and carried off to the very Castle they had been searching for.  When Xanthos came to, he attempted to short out Nova with his electric powers, but he only jolted Rocky awake.  Together, they tried to come up with a plan of action, when they heard Xero screaming at someone through a communication device.

He sounded quite upset, compared to the unfazed Nova.  Furious about Gearic's rampage, Xero left her with the hostages.  It was only a short walk away from the Castle's huge moat and drawbridge, but Xero ran inside.  This was when Xanthos and Rocky attempted to trick the logical Nova into setting them free.  She didn't budge at first, but then Rocky used her emotions to fuel her logic and confused Nova.  With the guard confused, Xanthos used his other abilities to free himself, then Rocky from their prison and head into the building.

As they entered, they could feel it shaking and could hear screams of varying tones and volumes.  It frightened Rocky, but encouraged Xanthos to hurry.  The two eventually found their way to Luna, who was extremely weak from her previous attack.  Rocky helped carry her with them, while Xanthos tried to sense where the other life forms were located.

Blastion and Genesis were at wits end, using everything they had in their arsenal to defeat this monstrous version of Gearic.  Xero finally arrived and tried to calm his partner down, but Gearic informed him these two were responsible for destroying the Castle.  Now caught up, the armored guy became very upset.  He was about to join Gearic in battle when a different voice came from behind the metal monstrosity.

Genesis instantly figured out the voice belonged to the Lord of Shadows he was looking for all along.  Revealing himself as Lord Chris, the demi-godlike being began a seamless repair on the Castle while he walked to greet his immortal enemy.

Blastion understood there was a previous tension between the two, and when he asked, Chris explained that they are spiritual brothers, given life by means of the exact same celestial beings.  They were meant to rival one another for as long as the Universe allows, even beyond such a time.  Blastion suddenly became very fearful of Chris; one touch of his gloved hands reverted Gearic to normal, and soothed Xero's rage right away.

Genesis then remembered to ask about the strange weather going on all these important planets.  Blastion added how it had been horribly affecting a very important event, so much so that all of this could start another war!  Chris relayed to them that war was not his intention.  He merely needed to test out his latest invention.

When Blastion heard this, he attacked Chris, but Chris hit harder using his powerful shadow magic to silence and strangle the Lavaborne.  Suddenly, one of Luna's ice arrows shot through Chris' body, stopping his powers and knocking him out cold.  Xero and Gearic rushed to aid their master, but Rocky and Xanthos snuck up from behind them and knocked them out, too.

Luna had weakly hurried to Blastion's side.  Thankfully, after he saw her, he regained some of his life back.  Genesis was also happy to see the others again, wondering what took them so long.  Before Rocky could punch him in frustration, she began to cry.  She finally apologized for being so horrible to him.  He admitted he, too, should not act so impulsively, but promised her that if she improved, he would too.  The two rivals shook on their deal, and the five of them began to search the Castle once more.

After what seemed like hours of searching, the group of five found what was causing all this chaos.  The machine was labeled as the Crisis Generator, and all the coordinates were locked onto many planets all over the Galaxy.  Xanthos and Genesis were able to decipher the code of the machine and managed to stop it from affecting any planets.  Once the machine was certifiably off, Luna and Rocky destroyed the Generator for good measure.  Blastion used his pyrokinetic abilities to melt all of the blueprints for the system, just in case Chris decided to rebuild it.

Just as they finished destroying the cause of conflict, Chris appeared in the doorway.  It was as if nothing had happened to him.  Luna assumed he had healing abilities and just restored his being after he regained consciousness.  Though he was tempted to expose what he could actually do, he instead warned the group not to mess with his things so often, or he'll have to ban them from his planet, just like he banned Genesis.

Genesis remarked how he was still here, but Chris explained while there was always a way in via teleportation, Genesis wouldn't be able to get home the same way.

This frustrated the group beyond belief.  Genesis must have known this, which is why he also didn't leave them when he had the chance - he couldn't.  Blastion addressed this to Genesis directly, and the Conger Feean admitted he knew this from the start.  However, before they could start yet another rumble, Chris interrupted and said he had another way of getting 'parasites' out of his Castle.

The Shadow Lord led the five to a secret portal hidden in one of the Castle's many rooms.  He told them how this was the only way out... if you didn't come here on a space ship, of course.  Everyone was reluctant to trust him, until a familiar robotic voice chimed in from behind.  Nova came forward, explaining how she could detect truth in one's voice, elaborating on the fact that she knew her creator very well.  Rocky thanked Nova for her honesty.  Chris remembered this moment.

The crew stepped through the portal, one by one.  They followed Genesis down a long trail of light and magic, until he turned down a bright green road of energy.  He stopped before a large swirling portal.  On the other side was a faint, faded depiction of Tropic - the exact spot they left!

Genesis told his new allies he would be skewered if he were to enter this portal now, so he told them to go through first.  Before they left, they not only thanked Genesis, but thought that it would be good to keep in contact with him, should they need his services again.  Genesis had nothing but his magic to guide him to them, but they could always visit him if they had the time/means to travel.

Once the four went through the portal, the light vanished, and so did Genesis.  Thankfully, their work on the Crisis Generator had been successful!  The winds were no longer howling, the debris had stopped falling and all the representatives had come out of the shelter and noticed the return of the four heroes.

One of the representatives in particular, an Avalonian Celestial-Wondermold being named Spirit, expressed interest in how the disasters had ceased right before they came back.  He and many others were fascinated with this phenomenon, but the tired and the weak force of four only wanted to rest.

For the rest of the week, there was a celebration of the signing of the Treaty in addition to the heroic work the small group did for their people.  Many representatives had to leave sooner, but some that resided close by stayed.  During this time, Rocky, Blastion, Xanthos and Luna all became surprisingly close.  They also opened up their circle of friendship to those who were interested in their mysterious adventure.  Now that they all shared the same interests - protecting their citizens, the people they loved and the planets they grew up on - the crew decided to give themselves a special name among representatives.

The name they chose was Uniforce.  It meant, together, as a union, they were a mighty force among others.  Unbeknownst to them, there was another great force in the Galaxy, part of which they already knew... the Geneforce.

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