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[Pokemon] Helioptile, the Generator Pokemon

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[Pokemon] Helioptile, the Generator Pokemon Empty [Pokemon] Helioptile, the Generator Pokemon

Post by Rocky on 6/5/2018, 12:22 am

It had only been a week since starting Pokemon Trainer's School in the Kalos region.  Rocky looked down at her schedule, still not used to all the changes she'd made to her life over the course of one summer.

At the top read her name, her education level and her current guardian.  Underneath that vital information, her daily schedule was displayed in a Monday-through-Friday styled chart.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday were the crucial, basic classes everyone had to take.  Tuesdays and Thursdays were different, though; on these days, most of Rocky's electives were present.

Today happened to be a Tuesday and Rocky was about to start her second class.  As she entered the room closest to the outdoor Pokemon battle field, she wondered when the 'battle' portion of her Battle Class would actually begin.

Finally, the teacher arrived only a minute after class started, but the students now realized why this retired Black Belt wasn't as punctual as he was the first two days.  Wheeling in a large cart full of shiny round Pokeballs, the teacher began to explain over all the excited noises coming from the class.

"Today, you will be choosing from this cart the partner you'll be practicing with for this term!  You only get one choice, similar to choosing your starting partner after becoming an official trainer - assuming all of you will take that path, of course.  Now, everyone, line up and choose one of the many options you have before you!" the teacher told his pupils, making a motion for everyone to line up single-file.

Rocky's eyes widened, but she refused to stand up too quickly, fearing she'd be ridiculed for being too eager.  Her hands started trembling so she balled them into fists and hid them behind her back.  She waited until she was near the back to jump into this 15-student line.  Again, she was scared of looking too anxious, even biting down on her lower lip.  This could be her one and only chance to see what it was like to really have THAT Pokemon...

One of the students broke her concentration before she selected her Pokemon from the cart.  "Sir, are there just Water, Fire and Grass types here, like the official starters of Kalos?"

"Great question!  Actually, the rest of the staff and myself have agreed to allow all kinds of types available to you kids!  Since there are 18 types of Pokemon, and 15 students present here, we've eliminated the chance of you getting any Water, Fire or Grass Pokemon!" the teacher admitted, causing Rocky's heart to sink.

"Wait, what if I wanted to try and see if Fennekin was a good Pokemon before I picked it at Professor Sycamore's?" another student complained, the tone of his voice reflected how upset he was about this.

"Let me explain," the elder man said as he folded his arms across his chest.  "We prevented students from getting a chance to try out Chespin, Froakie or Fennekin because a starting Pokemon is commonly kept close to every new trainer.  If your heart is really set on your first companion, you might neglect to try new things or in this case, new Pokemon of a different type.  Battling with different Pokemon can broaden your horizon and allows you to develop strategies for all kinds of uses!  Now, let's begin the random selection!"

One by one, Rocky's classmates chose Pokemon from all over the world.  Just like the teacher said, none of them were pure Water, Fire or Grass types.  None of them were even starters from another region.  When it came time for Rocky to chose a ball, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, hoping that while it wasn't what she wanted, it would be something she could appreciate.  She extended her hand to a ball all the way on the left, bottom row.  Right when she touched the top of it, it opened, causing her to jump.

A pair of bright blue eyes gazed back at her as it stood on the floor, its big smile in the shape of the letter 'V'.  It's body was yellow with a black hood of frills that drooped like long ears.  It's long tail flicked with excitement and its bow-legged stance made it appear smaller than it actually was.  It wasn't what she expected by any means, but Rocky was quickly enamored with its cute demeanor!

"Aha!  There you are, you little scoundrel!  Careful, this Pokemon's a feisty one!" Rocky's teacher warned her, putting his big hand on her shoulder.  Rocky looked up at him with furrowed brows as if to ask why.  He then explained, "Helioptile are normally quite docile or shy creatures.  This one has a naughty nature.  It's caused the other staff members and I lots of trouble when we tried to tame it for you kids!"

Rocky looked back at the Pokemon she chose - just like the Black Belt said, the naughty lizard was wiggling its fingers and sticking its tongue out at him in a taunting manner!  Rocky quickly grabbed the Pokeball it came from and tried to return it, but she missed... completely!  She missed so badly even the Helioptile stopped mocking the instructor and began to laugh at Rocky!

A few other students giggled along with it, making Rocky's face as red as a Tamato Berry.  She puffed up her cheeks and abruptly snatched up the scrawny little lizard.  Holding it tightly in her arms, it was unable to escape her firm grasp, but once Rocky returned to her seat with it, it turned around to see Rocky's embarrassed, flustered expression.

She let it go, allowing it to climb onto her desk.  What was wrong?  It was just trying to have fun.  Why was she so upset from a little silliness?  She looked like she was starting to cry!

Rocky let her long brown hair fall over her face, letting herself succumb to disappointment and fear.  She covered her mouth to prevent any audible hiccups and sniffles from being too loud, but stopped right away when the light of the classroom came through her thick hair-curtains.

Helioptile's paw reached out and touched Rocky's wet, fleshy nose.  His dry scales felt so weird on her skin.  It was like nothing she'd ever felt before.  Helioptile then pushed his round little head through her curtains, shocked to find her eyes so damp.  His little 'V'-shaped smile turned upside down and it squeaked, "Heee, heliop~  Loptile?"

It was like it was asking her, "Hey, what's wrong?"

At this moment in time, when it was just the two of them underneath the dark curtain of hair that shielded them from rest of the room, Rocky found enough strength to whisper back, "P-Pl-Please don't l-laugh at m-me..."

"It was only a joke," Helioptile seemed to say.  "I didn't mean to make you cry."

Rocky swallowed nervously.  "Y-You m-mean that?"

The little lizard Pokemon nodded and flipped his frown back into a smile.  He gently pat Rocky's nose one more time before exiting her hair-curtain.  She then heard a clattering sound.  Pulling apart her locks from view, Rocky saw that Helioptile had knocked his Pokeball off her desk.  It was obvious it was him, as he sat proudly in the middle of the desk like he'd just accomplished something important.  The ball didn't roll very far at all, but it certainly wasn't in her direct line of sight either.

"W-Why did you do that?" Rocky asked him, dabbing her eyes with the edge of her sleeves.

He crossed his short arms, making an 'X' shape with them.  "I don't like it, anyway."

Though her face was still very sad-looking, Rocky did manage to crack a smile at his gesture.  She appreciated that he tried to cheer her up, but she wasn't sure how the rest of her semester would turn out with this little rascal as her partner... Would he be just as rude and rowdy as he was a few minutes ago?  Or would he take her feelings into consideration and be a decent Pokemon after all?

It had only been a week since starting Pokemon Trainer's School in the Kalos region. There was still a long way to go.

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