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[Pokemon] Aura Fall; A Max/Eris Story Empty

[Pokemon] Aura Fall; A Max/Eris Story

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[Pokemon] Aura Fall; A Max/Eris Story Empty [Pokemon] Aura Fall; A Max/Eris Story

Post by Maxwell on 4/25/2018, 8:48 pm

The promise of getting her first egg was all the motivation Maxwell needed. At age 8, she had begun her training in Aura manipulation. This was something practiced by the descendants of Sir Aaron, the training itself dating back a little over 100 years.

The blonde sat in the deepest cavern on Iron Island, surrounded by iron ores and the sound of pokemon burrowing about their lives. Her eyes were closed as she steadied her breathing. This was the last session of basic training before she learned about the pokemon her partner would be; Riolu, and eventually Lucario. Max audibly exhaled, focusing her aura into her sight. The goal was to see the way out and tag Riley's aura, then successfully make it out.

"The aura... is with me..." She uttered quietly, keeping her eyes closed. Max slowly stood up and began walking, following the bright blue path laid out before her. Her moving form shuddered as she felt her aura clash briefly with Riley's.

If her eyes were open, the traversion through the 4 floors of the island wouldn't have taken 2 and a half hours. It was almost dusk when she emerged from the cavern. Riley and his Lucario were waiting patiently.

"You know, you didn't have to keep your eyes closed to get out." He chuckled.

"I know!" Max smiled. "I wanted to practice in case I was ever blinded!"

"Either way, you passed. Come on, let's go home, kiddo."

The boat ride back to Canalave was peaceful, as the sun finally set. Riley placed a hand to Max's shoulder and smiled.

"You've really improved since you've started. Emma says she has something for you, to celebrate your advancement!"


Riley nodded and hoisted his daughter up onto his shoulders, together watching Canalave Port come into view. When they were close enough, Max's mother stood on the pier, an egg in her arms. The little girl didn't even wait for the boat to be fully docked; she hopped off the board and landed, hugging her mother tightly.

"Mom! Dad said I passed! I'm moving up!"

"I heard! This is for you, Maxie." She kneels down and holds out the egg. "Your lesson tomorrow will be egg care and hatching. Now, let's go home; dinners ready!"

The four of them went home, greeted by Emma's Lopunny.

~Three months later~

"Riolu, come on!" Max shouted. "We have to finish the course together!"

"Riiiii..." He growled, following Max closely.

Riley frowned as they leapt over the water trough before him and continued through the course. 'They aren't cooperating with each other; their auras are completely out of sync!'

"You two need to work together if you want to pass this lesson!" Riley called out. "Connect your auras, work together, and THAT'S when you'll give him his name!"

"I'm trying!"


Dusk falls, and their lesson still wasn't completed. Riley crossed his arms as the two little ones silently boarded the boat home. Once more, Emma was waiting. Riley sighed as Max and her partner walked past them into the house.

"They still didn't pass this lesson." Riley explained. "I don't know what to do. If they can't pass, then they won't be able to become Aura Guardians."

"Maybe they just need more time?" Emma looks into the living room, where they both sat, in meditative silence.

"Its been almost a month since we started this lesson, dear."

The parents went off to bed, leaving the girl and pokemon alone.

"'re why I can't pass, you know." Max said quietly, opening an eye.

"Riii... Rio." It opened an eye in return, growling.

"You won't listen to me! You're supposed to listen to me to pass!"

"Lu! Riioluuu Ri!" Their voices grew louder with each exchange.

"Then leave if you don't like me! I don't like you either!" Max shouted angrily.

The aura pokemon stood up and snarled, leaving through the front door with a heavy slam. Riley entered the living room to find his daughter alone, staring at the front door with teary eyes.

"Dad... I messed up." She didn't look at him. "I told him to leave... And that I didn't like him... I didn't mean it!"

She grabbed her jacket off the couch and ran for the door.

"I have to go after him! He could get hurt!"

"Maxwell, wait!" Riley grabbed for her arm, but she slipped out of the jacket and ran. He started giving chase, but soon lost his daughter on the streets of Jubilife.

Max found herself in Eterna Forest, thunder rumbling above, and the eerie darkness surrounding her. Her body wouldn't respond to the use of aura; she was much too frightened.

"R...Riolu...?" She called out, screeching as lightning cracked the sky. The rain started out as a drizzle, before outright pouring. Max tried to pull her jacket around her, but realized she didn't have it. "Riolu! Where'd you go? I'm sorry!!"

She ran deeper into the forest, before coming across a rundown mansion. Soaked to the bone, Max hurried inside. The little girl shivered as she stepped across the creaking, rotted floorboards. A cold shiver ran down her spine as she entered the abandoned dining hall. The candles on the massive table lit with a gentle flame, warm and inviting. Max sat on one of the rickety chairs, attempting to use the candle to warm up.

"Riolu, I'm sorry..." She whispered, hugging her knees to her chest. "Please come back..."

Max perked up when she heard the light puttering of footsteps nearby. She hopped out of the chair and followed the sound.

"Riolu...?" She called, entering the small room through the door under the stairs. Lightning cracked again, briefly illuminating the room to reveal a small hunched figure in the corner. "I-Is that you...?" She took a few steps forward, extending a hand. The figure's head snapped around 180°, hissing and snarling as the mouth split open into fours.

Max screamed and fell back, scrambling to the far corner as the figure slowly advanced on her.

"ERIS!" She let out another scream and covered her face, but was met with a sudden surge of protection. She slowly uncovered her face, revealing to herself Riolu, protectively standing in front of her. He looked as if he'd been fighting, covered in cuts and bruises. Eris looked back at Max and gave a smirk. For. The first time, she heard his voice clearly in her head.

"...I'm sorry too, Maxwell." Eris said. "I was mad you were blaming me..."

"We're both at fault." Max frowned and stood up. "Let beat this thing and go home!"

They faced the ghost together. Max called out maneuvers and Eris followed, their motions in sync with one another. The ghost eventually disappeared, and the two swiftly left the Old Chateau. When the duo finally returned home, they were covered in scratches and bruises, dirt and dead leaves. Both Max and Eris were soaked through and through.

Emma and Riley fussed and scolded the two of them, before holding them both close in a tearful hug.

They spent the next couple days recovering from the colds they syncroniously attained, before being able to breeze through the rest of their training.

~2 years later~

"Eris! We did it!! We're aura guardians!" Max hugged her partner tightly, lovingly.

The Lucario smiled, placing a paw to the back of Max's head and patted it softly.

"Yes, Maxwell. We did it together."

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