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[Closed RP] The Tournament of a Lifetime

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[Closed RP] The Tournament of a Lifetime

Post by Phirania on 9/11/2016, 10:56 pm

I swear I didn't mean to take this long.

Spinning out of the Prelude I wrote earlier this year, we have the actual roleplay that encompasses a diplomatic tournament between different planets that also lets some of the Mosaic Cluster characters interact again. Because of the nature of this particular RP, I’m afraid it is invitation-only for the moment. But in the possible event that there are sequels to this roleplay, there’s a strong possibility that I may open up entry to others, if they want to join in. Just a few quick house-keeping things before we begin:

- Please let me know if you’re struggling to keep up! I’d like everyone to have a fun time with this RP, after all!
- As per usual, godmodding is not allowed here nor anywhere else unless specified! But I’m sure you already knew that.
- Each planet's team for the tournament consists of four characters from each planet. In your first post, please provide a list of the four characters you will be choosing as representatives and a short summary of who they are and what their capabilities are.
- Please list your intended characters of use in order -- the tournament’s whole setup is dependent on it!
- I'd encourage you to write a short story regarding the team recruitment process for your world, but this isn’t mandatory!

It may be beneficial to read through the prelude again to be sure of what this roleplay will be about! So, without further ado!

Team Anount:

Vaesyr Solus
Pennatus Pouli
Sivica Null
Xanthos Ailuro

[Planet Anount, the city of Vaantas in the nation of Valica]
By the measure of Mosaic Standard time, two weeks had passed since Xanthos Ailuro had parted ways with Luna and Rocky in the aftermath of their respective diplomatic missions to planet Tropic, Rocky’s homeworld. Now, he found himself in the landing platforms of the southern city of Vaantas, the main hub city of Anount's intergalactic trade, waiting for the star vessels of Iciaura and Tropic to finally land. In just two days, the Arcana Melee would finally begin, and with it, bring glory and honor to the planet of the victor. The very thought of finally participating in the tournament got his heart pounding with excitement!

“They should be here soon…” Xanthos muttered to himself, his anticipation now drawing forth a strong urge to pace the length of the landing platform. The only approved star vessel landings for the next day or two would be for the participants of the Melee only, with newcomers Tropic and Iciaura coming in today, and the other tournament regulars coming to Anount either later on that very night or tomorrow. Nearby were a pair of Scales of Hiota -- divine warriors of the Ailuro people's faith that also served as guardsmen for royal family members, such as Xanthos. The Scales had prepped several specialized breathing devices for the visitors under the assumption that the sulfur-rich Anootian atmosphere may be difficult for visitors to breathe in. The multi-colored devices, similar in appearance to a necklace was developed by the Ukotee Confederation -- Koko immigrants of the Mosaic Insurgency War. The devices were a fusion of technological genius and magical aptitude, adjusting the air around the wearer to be breathable. Hopefully, it would be enough to make the playing field level for everyone.

He turned his gaze to the skies once more, awaiting the arrival of his friends.

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