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The Best Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Team Ever (ART CONTEST)

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The Best Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Team Ever (ART CONTEST)

Post by RKRobot on 4/5/2016, 7:55 pm


Let's celebrate by having a contest!  Woo!
This month's theme is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!  Please participate if you would like points that you can save up for free commissions from our resident Admins Artists!  All participants will get points, (first place gets 25, second place is 15, everyone else gets 5), but you have to put something out to get anything at all.  You can't just say you're in.

Rules are simple: Draw or put together a picture of your ideal Pokemon Mystery Dungeon team!  It can be any group of 3 Pokemon.  The types we allow are:
-Official Pokemon by GF/Nintendo
-Fakemon/Fanmade Pokemon
-Fusions/Variations Pokemon

All you have to do is put them all in the same picture doing something.  That something may or may not include just standing around like a bum.

We will be looking for:
-If it is hand drawn/freehand, digitally drawn, traced or photoshopping it in if you aren't super confident in your art skills (IF YOU DO THIS YOU MUST SAY YOU ARE, OTHERWISE WE WILL CATCH YOU ON YOUR PLAGIARIZING ASS AND YOU WILL BE DIQSQUALIFIED).
-Anything can work; full color, black and white, sketch, comic, entire splash page, whatever works for you, it just has to look like something.
-Sh!t that will impress us.  Make us feel something other than "whatisthisIdon'teven."

We won't be looking for:
-Hateful artwork.
-Murder art/kill art/porn/gore/fetish art/etc.
-Art that makes fun of other users in any way.
-Low quality pixel .jpgs that aren't intentionally sprite art (if it is intentionally sprite/pixel art, it should be obvious enough and that works just fine).

You have the entire world wide web as your reference.  Please use it wisely.

The deadline is May 25th (muh burfdai).  Hope you all have fun and we can't wait to see what you all draw!!!

**If you have any questions regarding how to upload images onto the site, please PM Admin/Mod RKRobot, Genesis, Luna or Phirania for instructions.  Thank you!!


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