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ShipFics: ChikoRibbi: The Crush Empty

ShipFics: ChikoRibbi: The Crush

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ShipFics: ChikoRibbi: The Crush Empty ShipFics: ChikoRibbi: The Crush

Post by Rocky on 1/18/2016, 4:03 pm

So, if it wasn't insanely obvious by the sheer amount of artwork I've shown some of you, I've got ahhh... problem.  >//w//<  BUT it's a good kind of problem!  Anyway, thanks to my finishing of my X, OmegaRuby and Super Mystery Dungeon games, I've decided to write numerous fics about my characters and the things that they do!  This one in particular features my characters from Super Dungeon, Chikorocki (my Pokeself insert) and Ribbi (my partner).

If you don't like Romance/cutsey-cavity-inducing shippy stuff or Pokemon shipping in general, then you won't like this at all.  Or any of my fics to follow.  It does feature one battle, but that's not the priority of this particular story.  It also takes place in the same universe as Super Dungeon, but there are no spoilers if you have not finished the game, so don't worry!  If you are okay with the former details, then I'm happy to share!

The Crush:

The long flowing leaf on the Chikorita’s head flowed daintily in the breeze as she walked along the tiny beach of Serene Village.  It was easier for her to enjoy walking along the sand without it getting caught in between her once-human toes.  She looked out over the calm waters and up at the tall tree on top of the hill.  It looked like it would be a fantastic view from up there, but she wasn’t sure how to get around to it.  From behind her she could hear the everyday sounds of the plaza, but one sound stood out to her.  The faintest little hopping noise coming from that fairly annoying classmate of hers that she’d met her second day here...

“My name’s Ribbi!  Easy to remember, right?” she could remember him telling her in that goofy voice of his.  His silly grin and large yellow-sclera eyes always stuck out in her mind.

“I-It’s nice to meet you, Ribbi,” she recalled telling him, still rather shocked that all these Pokemon were able to talk, or more specifically, she could talk to them.  “You can call me Chikorocki.”

It was a stupid name that she chose for herself, but it was temporary.  ‘Rocky' was the name she remembered upon entering this new body, but to call a Grass type ‘Rocky’ didn’t make sense in her head.  She’d rather be called ‘Chikorocki' for the time being.

“Chiko…rocki…” he had repeated back to her.  After she nodded in approval, he didn’t seem to think twice about it.  He just kept smiling.  It was at that point that she found herself staring at that adorable little face for too long, completely missing everything he was saying to her.  He’d caught her fairly quickly, too.  “H-Hey, you okay?  I just asked if you wanna see the rest of the town, but you seem kinda spacey.  Are you still tired?"

Shaking herself out of her flashback as the hopping finally stopped, Chikorocki turned just her head around to find that her assumption was correct.  Ribbi was here and looking as stupidly cute as ever.  The bubbles on his back were gleaming in the afternoon sun, and his light blue skin seemed to glow with life and youth.  His short stature and docile posture emphasized his sweetness; she was sure to get a cavity just from looking at him for too long!  It was strange to her - a former human - to think of a Pokemon could be this cute, but she couldn’t help but feel this way, even if he was the obnoxious type.  There was one part of her that wanted to ditch this annoying little ball of Frubbles for good, but that other half wanted to stay and hug him until it hurt.

“Hey, Chikorocki!  I can’t help but notice, every time I see you, you look like you wanna hurt me…” he said, half smiling, then cupping his hands over his mouth, trying to stifle a giggle.  “…but then your face is just too funny to take seriously!  Hahahaha!"

With his outburst in laughter, she tried to change her facial expression to something less ‘hilarious,’ but the damage was already done.  He was about to calm down from his laughing fit when she puffed up her cheeks in embarrassment.

“H-Hey, no!  Don’t get mad!  I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean to!” he cried, trying to stop her from leaving by standing in her way.  She stood still for a moment longer to listen to what he had to say.  “I just wanted to know if you wanted to walk to school with me tomorrow!  Maybe we can hang out afterwards, too.  I-I promise I won’t comment on your face anymore!"

The gesture was sweet and if her mood wasn’t absolutely ruined, she might’ve said ‘yes’ right away, but she hesitated just to punish him.  “I guess so, but I can’t do much with this face, so if it looks funny, don’t blame me!"

“I know exactly how that is, believe me!” he said, squeezing his own plush, blue cheeks.  They looked so soft and squishy!  “I think it’ll be really fun, though!  We’ll get to talk about anything and everything!  Oh, d-did you wanna hang out, n-now, too?"

He definitely was way more nervous about talking to her after she got upset; that was clear by his stuttering.  At least she got him to ease up on the fun-making… for now.  Did she really want to hang out with him, now, too?  Seemed a little overwhelming, but… he was so cute...

“I guess so…” she uttered, her puffy cheeks shrinking and morphing into something more shy and withdrawn.  Being shy about hanging out with others wasn’t abnormal for her.  It took a lot of energy out of her, but Ribbi just kept coming back for more...  “What did you have in mind?"

His little black pupils brightened up like the starry night sky.  Chikorocki could feel her tiny heart explode within her chest.  He croaked out his joy before rushing her and pulling up both her front feet.  He started to move backwards with her, urging her to follow him until he nearly tripped.  She promptly lowered her feet and simply nudged him forward with her head, indicating she would follow so as long as he didn’t try that again.  He understood and began hopping quickly down a path that led back to the school.

“Isn’t this the school’s forest?” Chikorocki asked once they got to the entrance.  She wasn’t sure if they were allowed to go here after their lessons, but Ribbi seemed oblivious to her concerns.

“Yeah, I think I dropped one of the looplets Vice Principal Watchog gave us in here.  I’m gonna need it if we keep going out like this and I don’t wanna borrow from anyone,” he told her, hopping closer and closer until the shadow of the trees blocked all the sun shining on his body.  “With yours, though, you could definitely help me get it back!"

“Just the two of us?  In there?!” she said, nervously following him into the entrance.  “What if we get lost or separated?  This looplet is the only thing I have on me!  You didn’t give me any time to go get my bag!"

“Chikorocki, you sound so scared!  You really must do your best to keep your cool during the day when we go out on trips like this!  If I knew, I wouldn’t have -“ Ribbi started, sounding half-serious thanks to his tone.  He may well have been kidding, knowing it wasn’t the forest itself she was scared about, but she couldn’t tell.

“No, it’s not that!” she cut him off, shaking her head as she followed him in further.  “Besides, who else would really come with you?”  She refused to let him know that he was the one she was most worried about.  Such a cute Pokemon lost in the forest, all by himself… she couldn’t forgive herself if she let that happen!

He stopped for a solid minute to think about what she’d said, his pupils flattening because he knew she was right.  He had no other friends to take with him, nor would they be willing to go in here to correct his mistakes.  By this point they were through the first section of the forest; still not too deep to turn around, but it wasn’t likely he’d lost it this early on.  Ribbi then sighed and turned around, lowered his eyelids and pouted at the Chikorita.  “You know, something tells me you really don’t want me to get that looplet.  Are you working with Pancham and Shelmet, trying to get me in trouble for losing school property?!"

She reared back in surprise at his accusation.  Not only would she have nothing to gain by just being a tattle-tale, but she legitimately hated whenever the others made Ribbi look bad for seemingly no big deal.  “I have no reason to get you in trouble, Ribbi!  I’m not kidding, either!” she exclaimed, rushing up to him and getting in his face.  She was definitely taller than him, even though she was considered a young Pokemon, but Ribbi didn’t have trouble matching her glare despite their height difference.

“You'd better not be tricking me!  If we get out and see the whole school staff waiting, I won’t wait for you in the morning!” he half-shouted, giving up the staring contest to march off deeper into the forest.  Resuming her “escort” mission, she could hear him mutter to himself, “…she smells really nice, though…”

Her heart fluttered and her cheeks flushed upon hearing that.  It seemed to wash away all the frustration she felt towards him.  Quickly looking over at him, both of them now walking side by side, she could see him loosen up, too.  He wasn’t mad at her at all.  He just didn’t want to get in trouble, again.  It made sense.  Everyone seemed to be against him, but why?  Was he really such a “problem-child?”

Her thoughts were interrupted by his voice, yet again.  “I think this is close to the spot where I lost it… Can you help me look around over there, while I look here?” he asked her, pointing to across the clearing.

“D-Don’t you wanna stay close in case we get ambushed?” she said, knowing he couldn’t take as much damage as she could in a battle.  Just as he was about to hop off to go look, he froze in place, like he finally put the pieces together in his head.  She shivered, afraid he figured out she had a crush on him.  He spun around with a big smile spread across his face.

“Chikorocki, THAT’S what you were worried about?!  Me?!” he said, sounding legitimately surprised as he gestured to himself.  She remained still as he continued.  “All this time I thought you were in cahoots with those bullies, but you were just worried about me getting into a fight I couldn’t handle!  Hahahaha!  Look, I know I fainted the last time we were on a team together during that one lesson, but I’m training really hard so my attacks can hit enemies before they can hit me!  You don’t have to block me too much, anymore… I think..."

Dodged a Bullet Seed.  “Are you sure?” she asked, playing it off like he was spot on.

“Yeah, yeah, it’ll be fine!  As soon as we get that looplet, we can go, I promise!” he told her as he waved his hands up and down, his pupils turned to slits once more.

As he went to go in one direction she reluctantly headed off in the other.  All while looking for the shiny blue, white and gold item, she looked behind her every so often to check that he was still in sight.  When she wasn’t looking, however, he was; it wasn’t that he was concerned about her getting into trouble, but it certainly helped him feel safer in an otherwise massive forest for someone of his size.  The two so far hadn’t had any luck, but when Chikorocki looked over to check on Ribbi for the last time, she noticed he was checking on her, too!

“I-I thought I was looking over here!” she yelled to him from across their gap, her heart pounding at the sheer thought he was concerned for her.

He flushed since he’d been caught, but responded firmly, “Yeah, you are, but I don’t think it’s in this area!”  The two met up in the middle again, blushing a little and not making eye-contact with each other.  “We should go check the next area.  It has to be there…"

“If we both look together, we’ll have two sets of eyes working on the same area.  You might pick up something I won’t,” she suggested as they moved on.  “I really didn’t mean to distract you with my constant looking, though…"

“N-No, you didn’t distract me!” he affirmed, surprised she admitted to watching him.  “I didn’t even know it, honestly!  …Chikorocki, you don’t think I can really take on a battle all by myself?"

“Honestly, after what happened that last time, no, but if you say you’ve been training, I’ve got no choice but to believe you,” she told him, frankly.

He seemed a little disappointed in that reply.  “Oh… you’re not that confident in me."

Her frustrated expression returned to her face.  “Ribbi, I didn’t say that!  I’m positive you can take out anybody, one-on-one, but if the opponent hits you once, you fall fast!  You don’t even have any healing moves, do you?  Not that it’s a bad thing, but without any extra energy to stay moving, you’re not going to last long against any hard-hitters.  Do you understand what I’m saying?"

The little blue Froakie shrugged, getting it, but still pretty sad from her criticism.  “Yeah, yeah… I think I got it.  Geez… Guess I need you more than I thought,” he drifted off, but stopped himself suddenly and backtracked.  “I-I mean as a fighting partner!  Classmate!  Teammate!  Whatever you wanna be called!"

Chikorocki smiled at his choices.  “All of them sound pretty good, but I like ‘partner' the best.  It makes it seem like we’re reliable.  It’s good to have someone to count on when they aren’t sure they can do it on their own."

“Heheh, I actually kinda like that one too!  Classmate doesn’t work because we won’t be in school forever, and teammate doesn’t sound like we’re close at all,” he happily added, sounding a lot less nervous.  The Chikorita’s eyes shimmered at his answer; he considered them close friends?!  How sweet!

A little further inward, the two of them stopped in a new clearing.  Ribbi and Chikorocki took to nearest bushes first, inspecting them each a lot better than before.  As they searched all around this new section, neither of them could detect the light footsteps of a Mienfoo and Blitzle behind them.  The electric type was wearing a familiar object around one of its ankles, already equipped with two emeras, one gold and the other green. Mienfoo crossed its arms and pouted, whispering to its worried-looking companion.

“Looks like that idiot is coming back for it.  Tch, doesn’t he know the rules?  It’s finder’s keepers around here,” it huffed, referring to the Froakie.

Blitzle looked down at the prize it had found earlier, wrinkling its snout a little.  “But that doesn’t apply if it really does belong to someone else, right?  I don’t wanna take it if he needs it that badly."

“How else can we use emeras, then?  We haven’t found any gold to trade Kecleon for one of these ourselves, so let’s just keep this one and go another way!” Mienfoo angrily retorted.  Just as the two were about to turn around and retreat, a few leaves flew between their heads at top speed, shocking them both.  They quickly flipped back around to see who just attacked them.

“Looks like you two had it this whole time!  If you hadn’t come along, I would never have found it!” Ribbi exclaimed, half happy, half miffed.  The Chikorita beside him narrowed her eyes and flicked around her leaf.

“Th-they must have heard us!” Blitzle stuttered, still rather startled.  “L-let’s just give it back and try again another day!"

“No way am I giving this up without a fight!” Mienfoo aggressively replied.  “Hey!  We found what you lost, so it’s ours now!  If you can manage to knock if off of that hoof, then you can have it back.”  It struck a firm fighting pose as it stepped forward.  “But it won’t be easy~"

Chikorocki looked to Ribbi, who was getting quite fired up about this.  It must have been the thrill of the fight getting him pumped up; she hadn’t seen him this excited before.  She wanted to tell him not to worry about showing off any of his newly acquired powers, wanted him to understand it was just a looplet that they could easily replace with enough saving up.  Something in the back of her mind, however, told her that no matter what she said, it would just be ignored.  He, too, stepped forward, ready for a one-on-one face off between him and Mienfoo.  Blitzle looked fearful of what might happen, and Chikorocki stood where she was, close enough for her to jump to his rescue if he needed it.

“Alright then, I’m ready when you are!” Ribbi said, his eyes glowing with energy, his stance upright and his knees bent.

Mienfoo lunged forward, but pulled back just as it was about to touch the Froakie.  It caused him to block with some bubbles, but much too early, as it had planned.  Mienfoo then spun around into a big kick that knocked away the bubble-shield, shocking Ribbi with its Fake Out.  Mienfoo’s real punch came quickly after, smashing into Ribbi’s chest and sending him right into Chikorocki, who dove behind him to break his tumble.  He used her back to get up before quickly balling up some water and blasting it at the Fighting type.  He kept going with Water Pulse, hoping to land more and more hits on Mienfoo; it wasn’t long before his foe got the pattern down and began dodging.

“Try something else!  You’ll run out of power if you keep doing this, Ribbi!” Chikorocki guided him, trying so hard not to team up on the Pokemon.  Out of the corner of her eye, however, she noticed the Blitzle backing away from the fight more and more.  It was only a few steps away from running back into main part of the forest, and then that looplet would be lost to them forever!  She had to try to get it back, so as she watched Ribbi attempt to land a Quick Attack on Mienfoo, Chikorocki slowly eased her way over to the Electric type.

Blitzle detected her approaching, gasping as if it didn’t want her to pick a fight with it.  “P-Please, don’t hurt me!  I just wanted to use emeras, too!”

Chikorocki shook her head, trying not to look so angry.  “It’s okay, I get it!  Ribbi just doesn’t want to get into trouble for losing it.  It’s technically not even his.  It belongs to our Vice Principal, so he would be upset at us if he found out we lost it!"

“Oh, I see… Well, can’t you just tell him that you gave it away to someone who doesn’t have one?” Blitzle stated, trying to barter a little with the Chikorita.  It winced as it watched Mienfoo take a crippling fall after missing a High Jump Kick.

“I’d really like to just give it away to someone less fortunate, but that’s not up to me,” she said, understanding its intention.  “What if I traded you something for it?"

Blitzle’s mouth popped open in surprise.  It looked side to side, then back at Mienfoo, who just barely missed Ribbi with that Low Kick attack.  The striped Pokemon then nodded in agreement and the smiling Chikorita unrolled the edge of her leaf to reveal a ripe blue Oran berry.  She swiveled the leaf around to show Blitzle what she had to offer before saying, “This is unfortunately all I found while I was in here.  I came a little unprepared today and don’t have anything else in my leaf, otherwise I’d offer that too.  Do you think that you could trade me the looplet for this revitalizing snack?"

“Mmm… with that I could have the energy to look for gold elsewhere in the forest so I could buy my own…” Blitzle started, trying to figure out if it was a decent trade or not.  “But with this looplet… I could find a bunch of power ups…"

Chikorocki was about to further debate her case when she heard Mienfoo scream out, “I’ve had enough of your dodging!”  Chikorocki turned her head to see what was going on, just in time for Ribbi to collide with Mienfoo’s foot.  As the little blue Pokemon shot across the clearing and into a puddle of water, the Grass type bolted to his side, letting the berry roll off her leaf and onto the ground.

Ribbi was an absolute bruised wreck.  She couldn’t tell from when they were fighting, but he had managed to survive a long time with the damage he’d taken.  Right now, he looked like he was about to pass out, from his heavy breathing to his slow movements; he could barely escape that puddle.  Without hesitating, she pounced into the puddle beside him and used her leaf to move him onto her back.  Once she felt him securely positioned there, she got up and carefully began to walk towards the exit of the forest.  Her face was no longer sporting a happy smile.

“Well, at least we got to keep the looplet, right?” Mienfoo smirked, putting its hands on its hips with pride, panting in between words.

Blitzle looked down at the dropped Oran berry, then at the object on its ankle.  Frowning at Mienfoo, it used its other hoof to slide the looplet off and stepped away.  The Fighting type’s eyes widened.

“Wh-what’d you do that for?!  I won the fight!  You keep it!"

The Electric type shook its head as it strode over to the berry.  “No.  The Chikorita convinced me to trade for it.  I’m going to use this berry to see if I can find more money elsewhere.  I can always just crack the emeras I get and use them that way, though it would be nice to hold them."

Chikorocki stopped as she neared them, hearing what Blitzle had said to its companion.  She was surprised it took the trade!  Did she really convince it that it was a good deal, or was it just being nice after hearing Ribbi’s dilemma?  Regardless of what the truth was behind the matter, she sighed in relief and smiled widely at the Pokemon, scooping up the missing looplet with the edge of her leaf and carrying it like so.  “Thank you.  I hope you find one soon!” she added, continuing her walk down the path out of the forest.

Behind her she could hear Mienfoo complaining how its victory was all for nothing, but she could tell Blitzle was doing its best to reason with it.  She was so glad it worked out in their favor, even if Ribbi did get hurt quite a bit.

As they were leaving the forest by the school, the sun was setting over the horizon.  Chikorocki’s back was really starting to hurt by this point, and Ribbi was still barely conscious.  Instead of taking him all the way home like this, she gently rolled him off of her and put the looplet beside him.  He wasn’t getting up right away, so she nudged him with her head a little.  It made her blush, realizing her face was so close to his, but this was meant to help him.  He finally opened his eyes and weakly attempted to sit up on his own, but she could tell he was really sore.

“Mmmm… Chikorocki… I won, right?  You saw me… didn’t you?” he murmured, massaging his face.

“S-sort of… While you were convincing Mienfoo with your fists, I traded that Oran berry we found for the looplet.  I ended up carrying you all the way out, since you got so tired,” she told him, taking a seat across from him.  “…but yes, I did see you.  You were putting up a really good fight, Ribbi.  You really have been training hard!"

His tired eyes sparkled with happiness as a big smile broadened on his black-and-blue cheeks.  He found the looplet next to him and picked it up, starting to laugh.  “Heehee, it’s so stupid!  I put in all this effort for this… but all I needed to do was talk it out,” he chuckled, looking up at Chikorocki as he dropped it back to the ground.

She happily closed her eyes for just a moment, happy he accepted what happened, only to feel a gentle push against her front.  She opened her eyes wide, realizing Ribbi was suddenly hugging her!  Her breaths shortened and her cheeks flushed a bright red as he squeezed his arms around her neck.

“Thank you, Chikorocki.  You may not wanna be around me all the time, but… I kinda really need you…” he explained, slowly removing himself from her heating little body.  It wasn’t obvious with the remainder of sunlight shining on his face, but it looked to her like he was blushing too as he retrieved the item from the ground.  “The only downside about this is I’m still really hurting!  My pop’s is gonna kill me if he knew where we were and what we were doing, but do you think you can maybe gimme a lift home, anyway?  I won’t ask you again, I promise!"

Chikorocki sighed as she got up from her seat.  Still a little red in the cheeks, she replied, “Yeah, but you shouldn't make this a habit!  You’ll kill my back if you do."

Ribbi quickly hopped back onto her, grinning.  “Thanks!  Hey, maybe when I evolve I’ll be able to repay the favor!” he exclaimed as she began marching off school grounds.

“Yeah, right… If evolution is all about getting bigger and stronger, I’ll probably be the size of a tree!  How would you lift that?” she joked, shaking her head lightly.

“Then I’ll get strong enough to lift you!  I could maybe learn moves like Strength or Seismic Toss!  Only I wouldn’t toss you,” he jested, holding onto the back of her neck so he wouldn’t fall off.

“Hehehe-How nice of you!” Chikorocki laughed as she began to cross the bridge that lead out of the plaza.  “Now that I think about it… evolving with my name doesn’t sound right… I won’t be a Chikorita anymore, yet I’ll be called Chikorocki…"

“Then I guess we share the same feelings on that, too,” Ribbi replied with a smile.  “I’ll be known as Ribbi, such a wimpy sounding name for the powerful Pokemon that I’ll become!  I can’t imagine people around the world fearing or respecting me with that kind of name… until they see me! What a surprise!"

Chikorocki couldn’t agree more; she was so caught up in the moment that she couldn’t stop herself from saying, “Ribbi’s one of those cute names that you give somebody really strong, and then your enemies feel embarrassed for being beaten by a guy named ‘Ribbi!’  Either way, it suits you, for now~"

The little Froakie’s face suddenly flushed a bright red, his heart racing in his chest.  They had finally arrived at Nuzleaf’s house, and just as Ribbi had gotten off Chikorocki’s back, she saw the heat lingering on his cheeks.  Realizing what she’d said, she panicked, her leaf and fur standing sharply on end and her eyes wide with shock.  Trying to speak but spewing nothing but garbled “goodnights” and “I’m glad you got it back,” she threw herself in doors before the Frubble-covered frog could reply.

He remained before her door for a moment longer, smiling widely and covering it up with one of his hands.  “G-Goodnight, Chikorocki.  I think you’re pretty cute, too…” he said softly to the closed door before hopping carefully back to his house next door.

The blushing Chikorita peered ever so slightly through one of the windows at him, making sure he got inside safely.  She didn’t mean to leave him only a few steps away from his destination, but if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have known what he thought of her.

Everything that had happened in the past few days had automatically been worth it, just for this moment.

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