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Time Thief; Trail of Autumn

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Time Thief; Trail of Autumn

Post by Luna on 12/11/2015, 7:56 am

It is impossible for one to turn back the hands of time... Or so you may think. Some say time is but an illusion, others believe it akin to omnipotence. Perhaps they were right, perhaps they were wrong...

My first experience with time was about 6 years ago. My mother was out collecting eggs and my dad was turning the horses out to pasture. The only job I had, being 7, was to feed the pigs.

I headed for the storage shed to get a bucket of slop and then make my way over to the pen. To get there, I had to pass the stables. I sometimes liked to stop and watch my dad try and reason with Decoda; a young colt that my family recently bought. He was strong for a young horse, and kind; when he wanted to be. Decoda’s favorite pass time was stealing my dad’s hat and running away with it. He’d usually end up listening to dad, but today, something wasn’t right.

I was a bit late on my route, so when I finally hit the stables, I found my dad collapsed on the ground. Decoda nudged him, then trotted over to me, whinnying anxiously. I dropped my bucket, ran to his side, and shook him. There was a burning sensation in my eyes, and a lump in my throat. Nothing seemed out of place, so what could have possibly done this? Eyesight now blurry from tears, I tried to comfort Decoda. I began feeling this pressure build up in my head, and the hand that Decoda was nudging quickly lost feeling. As a 7 year old, a headache was enough to scare me. This... this was completely different. I remember shutting my eyes, trying to make the pain disappear.

When I opened my eyes, I was back at the shed. I couldn’t shake what happened, so I ran right for my dad. He gripped his chest and dropped to his knees. I remember the words he choked out before he stopped moving; “Call 9 1 1.”

My father ended up dying in the hospital that night. My mother was in tears, and I didn’t know how to feel. It felt like I could have done something to prevent this, but here I am; a 7 year old with a power that you’d read about in a comic, or a sci-fi book. I didn’t know what to think then, or when my mother put me up for adoption.
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Chapter 2: Senzo

Post by Luna on 12/11/2015, 8:01 am

Adoption is a terrifying thing when you’re a child. You’re in a new house, everyone is a stranger, and you’re not sure if the care they show is real or not. Sometimes the other kids are too loud, or too bothersome. In the end, there’s that one kid that becomes your inseparable friend.


Miss Amelia was an old, but simple woman. Short white hair, and soft bluish eyes. She had many wrinkles, and we’ve never seen her mad. If one of the kids did something, she would simply pull them aside, and ask why they did what they did in that sweet voice of hers. We’d hang our heads and give her the truth. It usually ended with us apologizing to each other, then sitting down in the living room and watching whatever was on TV.

There was one other boy here, who was 8. He and I were the oldest kids in the household, and anyone who came, wanting to adopt, usually overlooked us. People these days usually wanted to adopt toddlers. Anyways, back to the boy. He had slightly curly brown hair, and matching eyes. Senzo had this sense of adventure, and I usually got brought along. At one point, the playground in the back yard was a huge flying ship. He was the captain, and I was his first mate. We flew all around magical islands in the sky, fighting bad guys and freeing different people. Our magnificent sky ship was known as the Vermilion Arrow; rival to the ship Ravenous Vulture. Senzo and I went on the best adventures.

“Hey Artemis,” He once said. “Do you think we can still have these adventures when we’re adults?”

“Of course!” I remember myself saying. “We’re going to be friends for a long long time!”

We remained in Miss Amelia’s foster home for several years, watching younger kids come and go. Both of us came to the conclusion that we would never have a home. We were joined by another girl, who was 11; the same age as me. Ikari was incredibly smart; borderline genius. She also had this maturity about her, as she physically helped Miss Amelia around the house. Despite our growing age, Senzo and I still went on adventures. Even Ikari joined us. She added a lot of different things; robots, magic, and a lot of science. The three of us piloted large walking robots, rescuing the Elf princess of Magic; an adventure the three of us never ceased to enjoy.

There was something about Ikari that I couldn’t quite figure out. She was always mixing stuff together; the chemicals under the sink that Miss Amelia told us to never touch. It always smelled at first, but after she was done, they only way I could describe it was magical.

At first the little mixtures was small things; drops that changed an object’s color, or made something smell different. They slowly evolved into things that could kill bugs and rats, make plants grow faster and bigger, even boiled water instantly. It wasn’t long before rich people heard about her and her smartness. Ikari was adopted by a young couple; Miles and Lexia Fawster. We still hear about Ikari every once in a while, and it sounds like she loves her new family.

Once more, it was Senzo and I. It was weird to save the princess without Ikari, and being a Sky Pirate now seemed a bit dull. He and I sat in on a Saturday and tried to figure out what we could do next. It was impossible for us to have run out of adventures! At least, that’s what we thought until school started.



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