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(Pokemon) Barrenon: New Adventures in Paradise! Empty

(Pokemon) Barrenon: New Adventures in Paradise!

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(Pokemon) Barrenon: New Adventures in Paradise! Empty (Pokemon) Barrenon: New Adventures in Paradise!

Post by Rocky on 9/24/2015, 6:08 pm

The subject of Fakemon (fan-made or fake Pokemon based on the official games by Nintendo, Game Freak, Pokemon Company, etc.) has been hot since the franchises inception, and I've always loved coming up with my own as a kid, but never got serious with it until this year!  Allow me to introduce you to my new Region, Professor, Players and Rivals and 3 Starters!  I hope you enjoy and support my little side project!
*Note: this is a self-insert fic written in 2nd person.  Replace all '____' (underscored spaces) with your name or Pokemon's name for better effect!

The Story of Change and Permanence

“Hunny!  If you sleep for too much longer, you’re going to be late for your meeting with Professor Areca!” your mom called you from just outside your door, knocking loudly as she held onto the white laundry basket.

Inside your room, the sunlight that pierced through the window scattered across your squinting eyes as you eagerly hoped to get just another five minutes of fulfilling sleep.  Just as you were able to roll over and get all the darkness you needed, the sounds of wild Flying and Bug Pokemon screeched loudly outside of the window, forcing your eyes open.  Grumbling and rubbing your eyes as you sat up in bed, your pajamas wrinkled up from the night before, you turned to look outside at the beautiful day that awaited you.

You had a fantastic view of the ocean and the beautiful tall trees rising up to touch the horizon from your room.  On the far right of your view the Northern mountain chain and Mt. Ashwall could be seen, it’s peak resting just above the clouds.  Your hometown of Cleanslate was so small compared to it!

“Today is the day, isn’t it?  I’ll be getting my first Pokemon from the Professor, and a Pokedex too!” you said excitedly, getting up to stretch.

Suddenly, your mom flung your door wide open and shouted, “You don’t have time to stop and bask in the sun!  You’ve got exactly 15 minutes to get ready and be at Professor Areca’s front step!"

You screamed in total panic and dashed past your mom to rush through your morning routine.  After a lightning fast shower, breakfast and packing your bag for the day, your mom opened the door and walked outside with you.  You could really feel the warmth of the day hitting your skin and smell the salty sea breeze coming from the east coast.

“It’s your prime time to shine, sweetie!” your mom cheered, excitedly.  “Oh, but before I forget, I have a little present for you!  I wanted to wait until you got home with your new Pokemon, but I just can’t keep it a secret anymore!"

“Mom, y-you didn’t have to…” you replied with an embarrassed stutter, scratching the back of your head.  Taking out a small package from her pocket, she handed you a little bow-tied present and clapped her hands together, watching you happily as you opened it.  Inside was a red and blue square device with a long white strap attached to the back of it.

“Can it be?!  The newest Pokegear model?!” you exclaimed in surprise.

Your mom squealed joyously as she picked it up and strapped the device to your bicep.  Turning it on with the touch of a button, the device activated and opened up to a bright blue screen with a simple ‘Welcome’ message written across the screen.  Your mom then detached the square tool from the strap from its velcro holding and showed you it in full.

“That’s exactly the reaction I was hoping for!  I got one of the last ones on release day, but that means you’ll have to update it constantly.  It’s an application-based system, so you can add various additional functions to it aside from what it came with."

“That’s so cool!  What does it have already?!” you asked, examining it with wide eyes.

“Well, let’s see…” she started, skimming through the menus with its touch-screen technology.  “Looks like that’s a Pokemon Team Screen, so you can check on your party at all times.  There’s also a Gym Badge Recorder, so even though you keep the real badges in your case, you can easily look up your information about each badge you earned!  This last page seems to be for your money and basic trainer information.  You can download the physical card you get from the Professor by slipping it into this slot on the machine, but I’ll make sure to create an account for you by the time you get home!"

“Wow, mom, this is the best present yet!  Thank you so much!” you beamed, giving her a hug.  She returned the embrace and handed you back your new gear.

“Oh, geez, I’ve been keeping you!  Looks like you’re already two minutes behind schedule!” she gasped, quickly pushing you off your front porch and onto the sidewalk.  You immediately broke into a sprint, tripping and stumbling until you got a good rhythm going.  It wasn’t going to be a far run to the Professor’s laboratory, but you had to hurry now more than ever!


“It’s right over there… that’s her place!” you said to yourself, eyeing up the tall white, pink and blue building standing tall before a clear-paned greenhouse.  A shimmering gold and silver lock and key medallion topped the tallest tower of the lab.  The architecture of the place really looked like a mansion-sized beach house, a hammock and swing set even set up out front.  You hurried up to the front steps and rapped on the door, panting and holding onto your chest tightly.

The door was then opening up from the inside; standing in the way was a kid around your age with tan skin, deep red hair and a big smile spread across her face.  Her shorts, tank top and no-sleeve jacket definitely looked fitting for a day like this; even her perky hair was pinned up in pigtails!  Her eyes lit up as if she was happy to see you here!

“You’re finally here!  I’ve been waiting for you, ______!” she said cheerfully, throwing aside the door long enough to drag you inside by your wrist.  Once inside, you barely had time to look around before she continued.  “We were worried at first, but then Mama told me you’d be just fine!  My name is Benny, short for Benita, if you’re wondering."

“Your Mama?  Are you the Professor’s daughter?” you asked curiously.

“That’s right!  I have a brother too, but he’s waiting in the back with her.  It’s great to finally meet you, by the way!” Benny said, signaling you to follow her down a couple hallways.

Once in this new section of the building, you noticed it looked a lot more like a real lab rather than a mansion-sized beach bungalow; tons of cabinets and desks covered in books surrounded by large humming machines attached to various other mechanisms and generators.  There were a lot of Pokeballs on a special shelf in the far back of the room, but three of them were missing from the shelf.  With your eyes trying to find them, you eventually located the missing capture devices in the arms of a lab-coat wearing woman with dark maroon hair and dark skin.  Her thick figure matched her wide smile as she laid eyes on you.  A chubby boy around your age with dark brown hair stood next to her, just now looking up from what appeared to be a Pokedex.  He seemed pleasantly surprised to see you with his sister and rushed up to greet you.

“Gosh, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but start looking through the Pokedex while waiting for you!  I’m-I’m glad you made it, though - my name is Quieran and welcome to my Mama’s lab!” he said cheerily, a faint blush barely surfacing on his cheeks.

“Well, now, don’t hog my new assistant all to yourselves!” the woman spoke up, coming closer to you.  Her deep blue gaze was calming and assuring, but her loud voice carried so much energy.  “As my son and daughter said, welcome!  I am Professor Areca, the top Pokemon scientist in Barrenon!  You must be ______, right?"

“Y-Yes, ma’am!  It’s a pleasure to meet you all!” you said with a quick respectable bow.  “How can I help you?"

“I’m glad you asked.  Do you see these Pokeballs?” she asked gesturing to the three orbs in her arms.  “Inside each of these capsules is a special beginner’s Pokemon waiting to be unleashed!  They’re all very unique, and each have their own line of evolutions.  I’ve worked very closely with some of the other Pokemon Professors around the world in order to make sure these particular creatures were of the tamable sort~  Though from this point on, unless you’re very lucky, you’ll have to tame your own wild Pokemon!”

“Wow, really?!  So we can have one?!” Benny said, shaking with energy and pumping her arms.  Her mother nodded and grinned.

“Would you like me to introduce you?” she asked the three of you.  Of course you responded with great enthusiasm, so Areca stepped back a little and dropped all three Pokeballs at once!

Bursting out of the red and white containers, three colorful critters shook themselves up from what seemed to be a long nap.  A golden-furred bipedal Pokemon stood to the left, a shining blue, pink and yellow fish Pokemon hovered in the center and a quadrupedal green and brown Pokemon with a long nose sat on the right.  Each of them had very large and expressive eyes and had a different cry from one another.  Professor Areca began to explain, watching the faces of you and her kids with excitement.

“These three are Pywra, Breamie and Aardew, respectively,” Areca told you.  She placed her hands on her hips and stepped back further so the three Pokemon had a chance to stand up and greet their company with confidence.  One of them locked eyes with you and turned in your direction.  You grinned; it was the cutest and coolest one of the bunch, too!  “These Pokemon are in their first stage, which means they can evolve twice more before entering their final state.  I’m still preforming research with Professor Sycamore to see if they have a chance to take one more step past their final form, but that’s for another talk.  As of today, we know a lot about these three, and after working with Professor Juniper, we’ve discovered that they’re all descendants of the ancient Pokemon that are said to watch over Barrenon!"

“D-Does that make them legendary Pokemon?!” Quieran asked, his mouth agape with awe.

“Not quite, but if you raise them to be strong, smart and graceful, they might fool just about anyone!” his mother replied with a chuckle.

“Wowie!  I really can’t wait to see what you all become!” Benny squeaked, inspecting them all up close by crouching down beside them.  One of the three huddled up to her and rubbed it’s nose against her hand, wanting her to pet it.  She happily obliged, even giving it a hug.  “This one likes me a lot!  Can I have this one?!"

You let out a sigh of relief; it wasn’t the one you were looking at, but now was your chance to make that move.  “Then, _______ will be my choice!” you blurted, leaning down to say hello to your new little friend.  It cried out in eagerness, wanting you to give it affection too.  Picking it up in your arms, it felt soft and new, like a baby.  You could already tell that it was going to be your new best friend!

“_______ seems to really like you, ________!  Well, Quieran, it looks like _______ will be your assistant,” the researcher said, lifting it off the ground and passing the smiling creature to her son.  He looked like he was going to cry tears of joy.

“D-Don’t worry, little buddy!  I’ll make sure I’m the best trainer ever and take care of you for as long as I can!” he told it passionately, the Pokemon nodding and nudging his chest with its forehead.  For children of a Pokemon Professor, they must not have ever had a real Pokemon companion before now.  It was really a wonderful sight to see - humans and Pokemon, partners forever!

“There’s just a few more things I have yet to give you before you begin your own journeys,” Areca said, holding up her pointer-finger as she walked over to a large computer on a desk.  A printer machine had ejected three laminated objects, and she pulled three rectangular devices from the topmost desk drawer.  Walking back over to you and her kids, she handed you one of each items.  After that, she’d dug into her large lab-coat’s pockets for lots of small, shrunken Pokeballs!  She then handed you five more, in addition to your chosen starter’s ball.

“These are your Pokedexes, Official Trainer’s Cards and Pokeballs,” she explained, then gasping lightly at the sight of your Pokegear.  “Ah!  So you already have the Pokegear!  Good!  You can slide your Trainer Card into it when you get the chance, but it also acts as an ATM.  You can use your cards to pay for things, but be careful how much money you spend on things.  Save up to buy the better deals, and the more you explore around the region, the better items you’ll find.  It’s really quite convinent.  If you need help on how to catch wild Pokemon, be sure to help each other out before you part ways - officially, the three of you are rivals for the Pokemon League Championship!"

“What if someone doesn’t become the Champion?  Like, no matter how hard we try?” Quieran objected, stuffing his new tools into his pockets.  His mother shrugged and put her hand on his shoulder.

“It’s really up to you to do whatever you feel like!  However, if you feel like being a Pokemon Researcher is more your style, then I suggest you come back home to your Mama to help out around here!  We could always use more field workers!” she assured with a playful smile.

“Then let’s start weeding out the wussies!  ______!  Let’s battle right now!  I bet I’ll win!” Benny shouted, getting up and rearin’ to go.

“What about your brother?” you asked, shocked.  “I mean, I’d be happy to accept but-"

“I already know he’s a wimp!  Come on!  Let’s go outside!” she teased, watching him get flustered, then winking at you before bolting for the door.

“Hey!!  I’d like to see you say that when I get more badges than you!” he whined, racing after her.

You chuckled, then looked back down at your partner, still comfortably in your arms.  “Well, what do you say?  Should we try out your battle-readiness?”  It nodded and smirked at the sheer thought of winning.  As you followed the siblings outside and into the world with a whole different perspective and a brand new companion, you knew that there would be plenty of adventure coming your way!  All you had to do was be the best there ever was!

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