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Geneforce: Tropical Conversion Empty

Geneforce: Tropical Conversion

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Geneforce: Tropical Conversion Empty Geneforce: Tropical Conversion

Post by Rocky on 5/23/2015, 10:13 pm

((Hey guys, because it's a little difficult to carry on a serious RP sometimes, Genesis and I have worked out a basic plot for our main characters' meet up story! It won't be very much longer after these first two chapters, and the action does slow down a little bit after this, but not everything can be violence and fighting. It'll probably only last about 5/6 posts at max. ^_^ Either way, this story is canon to the current Geneforce Universe and takes place sometime after Black Ice Friendship. Enjoy!))

Chapter 1: A Little More Explanation

There was just something about the air on Planet Conger Fee tonight that made Genesis’ quills stand on end. It was a feeling he’d felt often, but he could never get over the scent and the change of pressure in the atmosphere when a new demon had entered his territory.

“Are you okay, Genesis?” Juliet asked her wired friend, turning off the running water in the kitchen sink. Dinner had just been finished and the plates and utensils needed to soak for a bit before the hedgehog girl started washing. Tonight was her night to do them, after all.

“I’m fine, but I’m going to take a quick trip around Brights Ville to make sure we can sleep tonight,” he stated firmly, getting up from his chair. Juliet paused for a moment before adding something.

“Don’t forget to put on the magic barrier! That way you’ll go undetected like regular citizens,” she said, Genesis nodding before he turned the corner to head for the exit.

She could hear the smile in his voice as he said, “Regular citizen?! Me?! Hah! I’m anything but, but I’ll do my best!” He then briskly left his little home, following the slowly setting sun’s path into the city.

As the evening stars flickered on in the sky, there wasn’t really any way to see them from the city. The light pollution here was pretty strong, but that was most likely because the people felt unsafe in the dark. Ever since he was younger, Genesis was told that with the darkness comes monsters and demons, and that it was light magic that protected people, regardless if they knew it or not. Conger Fee was no stranger to dealing with evil creatures and terrible people, and Brights Ville was one of their major hubs of destruction, which was why Genesis decided to move close to this place in particular. Aside from the city having a little bit of everything that he needed to live his life, and being the place where he met Juliet and Emily, he felt like he had to protect these miserable mortals from danger.

In this sense, Genesis was somewhat of a vigilante-figure, but he preferred to go simply by “Genesis of the Wind,” specifically because he thought it was a cool alias. He hadn’t let many people know this much about him though, seeing as ‘of the Wind’ sort of added a little too much mystery to his name and he didn’t like snoops all that much. Instead, he went by his first name only. While saving people in this particular setting seemed to be a pretty recent pastime of his, he felt it was his right by nature to do this. He was happy to help, but he had to be careful.

That’s what tonight was all about.

Every now and then - it didn’t really have a certain pattern to it - the winds would change and Genesis would feel a sort of pressure coming from somewhere distant. He would follow this feeling for quite some time before it eventually lead to a battle with these things he called “demon pawns.” These demon things were dark, lifeless, remorseless beings that transcended time and space, and their powers were never really the same as the last. Genesis had to constantly develop new strategies to beat them, him being the only one on this world that could do such a thing - at least, as far as he thought. Again, he knew somehow that it connected to his light magic. It was hard to figure out what it was that they were truly after other than mercilessly slaughtering other sentient beings for their life energy, as nonsentient things did not give off as much power as they did. It could have been just that, but after what happened years ago, Genesis could not forgive them, or their leader (simply addressed as “the Demon”) for what they had done...

As he finally wandered into the streets of the city, Genesis looked around diligently for any sign of the demon pawns he so thoroughly hunted. Shop after shop, building after building, even inside of parking garages and alleys, his red eyes couldn’t find a single clue as to where he felt such a pressure. It was all so unclear… This job was never easy. Of course, he got quite a few looks as he rummaged around the cityscape, but those people were so unaware of the trouble they would endure if he wasn’t there. He had learned to ignore such disapproval from society.

It was then that he heard such a blood curdling scream coming from downtown! He ran as fast as he could without channeling his wind magic, his treasured wooden staff magically appearing inside his hands. He finally laid eyes on a sky scraper - a corporate building called “Insta-Sured” - where the very creature he was looking for was sapping the worker's life force energy through broken windows. Furious, he leapt up on some trash cans, then wall-jumped up two neighboring buildings until he was high enough to shoot an energy blast from the palm of his hand.

He fired the blast of power at the being, landing a direct hit, knocking it backwards and out of the view of the innocents. Because he was guarded by his magic barrier, as Juliet had said, it disguised his energy wavelengths as an average creature. When the being got back to an upright position, still high in sky, it couldn’t find Genesis anywhere - that is, until he started rapid firing his energy balls straight at it! Knocking the thing out of the sky, the green and red-striped hedgehog jumped down from his perch and ran towards the fallen foe. The fall made a big crater, as demons (even as pawns) were so dense with dark magic and evil power that they even did damage when eliminated.

Unfortunately, the elimination wasn’t completed, as Genesis found that once he got there, the crater was empty. His eyes widened in fear, as countless screaming civilians ran for cover around him, their vehicles abandoned and the sidewalks vacant. Suddenly, the demon pawn had warped behind Genesis and smashed him in the back, sending him flying into the crater. One bruise on his forehead later, Genesis quickly picked himself up and high-jumped out of the massive pothole. Using two hands on his staff, both in the middle, the hedgehog starting spinning the stick like a baton. Faster and faster he twirled, a massive gust of wind pushing the demon pawn back farther and farther, even though it tried to move forward. Finally blowing the creature beyond downtown’s limits, Genesis stopped his spinning and ran forward, running with the staff like he would a two-handed sword.

When he got to it, he waited until the creature had nearly touched the ground before whacking it far out of the city limits like a baseball! He left the city to follow it, but the darkness made it harder to see anything, especially a creature who looked like it was made of shadow. The darkness quickly surrounded him the more he looked, making his vision worse by the second. Just when his back was turned, a force smashed him back to the ground. The same force began rapidly punching at his head and back, hammering him further into the dirt.

Genesis timed the punches, despite all the pain he was feeling, and when there was an opening between the time one fist left his back and the other was heading for him, he rolled over and kicked the demon pawn out of his way. The being’s body fell quickly, but it had enough time to get up and run - right in the direction of Genesis’ house!

Even though his body grew tired the more he pushed himself to run, the hedgehog’s heart pounded with adrenaline. He had to hurry home before it got to Juliet and Emily; hopefully, the younger girl wouldn’t be home yet, as she had been over a new friend’s house today. Juliet could at least handle herself, though she was still training to perfect her skills. Either situation wouldn’t be desirable, but now he had lost sight of the demon pawn and he was only a short sprint away from his home...

Genesis forcefully jumped up on his rooftop, searching the grounds for any sign of his opponent. When no target was detected, he hurried down and entered the house, calling for his friends desperately.

“Juliet! Emily! Are you still here?! Hello?!"

“Hi, Genesis! What’s the matter?” a youthful, chipper voice rang out from the living room. As he looked inside, he saw endearing little Emily standing up from the couch, the television on before her. “I just got home like, 20 minutes ago, and Juliet said you were out demon hunting again, so I wanted to wait for you!"

“T-That’s great, Emily, but where is your sister?” he said worriedly, pushing past her to look though the living room window.

“Upstairs, actually, probably scribbling in her diary or something,” Emily said as she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

“Then we’re going up there too! I just lost sight of one of those demons! It was definitely headed for here, especially since she doesn’t have her magic barrier up!” he told her, grabbing one of her folded up hands and dragging her up the staircase.

“Wait! You gotta knock first!” she shouted, as he rushed down the hall to Juliet’s bedroom.

Without a moment too soon, Genesis kicked open the shut door and screamed, “KNOCK KNOCK! I’M ALREADY IN.”

To their left, Juliet sat on her bed, startled beyond belief and quickly putting away her diary under her pillow. “Genesis!! Emily!! Did you put him up to this for a cheap laugh?!” she yelled, the blush rising to her cheeks.

“No time for laughing, now, Julie, we’ve got a demon on the run and-!” Genesis began, but stopped as he saw a dark figure whizzing past her bedroom window. “-and it JUST GOT ON THE ROOF!"

The green hedgehog let go of Emily’s hand as he ran to the window and began to climb out of it, leaping up onto the thin shingles from the tiny window ledge. Despite his condition, when the girls were threatened like this, it felt like he could access a whole new kind of energy!

He finally stood face to face with the demon pawn, it’s glowing white eyes fearsome and glaring. Doing his best to remain calm, Genesis began to charge up another energy blast, but before he launched it, the demonic evil came straight at him. Genesis leapt high into the air to avoid the rush, only to look down and find that the pawn was following his movements. The creature uppercut the wind mage higher up, knocking his charge loose and letting the ball of energy fall in an explosion next to the house. The pawn then pulled him by the legs downward, sending him crashing into the tiled roof. While it didn’t destroy the roof completely, a few of the windows in the house shattered, and the broken panels tumbled off the slanted top, taking Genesis with them.

He could hear a scream before landing hard on a watery surface, then slowly sinking down onto the soaking grass. He opened his eyes to seeing a large liquid encasement break around him, hearing the voices of Juliet and Emily coming closer towards him.

“Genesis! Are you alright?! That was the best I could do, but does anything feel broken?!” the older sister asked, her eyes filled with worry.

The younger girl quickly jumped onto his soaking wet body for a big hug, her voice wavering with concern. “I’m sorry I didn’t take you seriously, before! We’re here now, don’t worry! We won’t let it hurt you!” she shouted at him, breaking her hug so he could get up onto his knees.

He felt so relieved to see that they were still okay, despite the small blast that looked as if it only affected the back of the house and the dented rooftop where he had crashed. The mere thought of the two being there for him like this was so comforting, so encouraging...

“Tsh, I-It’s okay, I’m okay…” he told them softly, his voice reflecting the pain he felt in his body. “We can get this guy… and make him pay for what he’s done!"

Genesis finally rose to his feet, gripping his staff and thrusting it outwards. The two girl then mimicked his stance, both of them touching each horizontal end of the staff. They took a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling in unison, as they had practiced before. The green hero could feel their Life Forces beside him, strong and determined. Within the few moments that they touched the staff, he drew a little energy from within their Spirits and opened his red eyes. As he walked forward, the girls let go of his staff and readied themselves behind him, as a backup duo of sorts. They may not be as strong as he, and in Emily’s case, completely powerless compared to her sister, but they did what they could to help him succeed.

The demon pawn then met Genesis face to face, a few yards apart from him. It’s Emission was strong, much stronger than all the other demon pawns he had defeated in the past. It must have gathered more energy or favorability compared to its predecessors, the hedgehog mused to himself, but that wouldn’t stop him from wrecking it like all the others.

“Your stay is unwelcome, demon spawn! I command you to leave this place at once, or be forced into your demise by the power of Genesis of the Wind!”

The creature then exploded in a fiery storm of darkness, the shadowy embers of the flames that surrounded it sparking in their direction.

“Oh, you wanna show off, huh?! I bet I can show off more than you, pal!” The green and red-striped hedgehog flipped his staff around and used the rounded end in a sweeping motion, brushing the dark embers off the ground and turning them into golden light. He then held up both of his hands, palms facing outward and creating an inward circling motion with them, then quickly shoving them outward. The light particles he created were then thrown suddenly at the demon pawn, like tiny golden bullets; the little particles seemed to be extinguishing the flames, too!

The pawn wasn’t through that easily, though, as it then noticed the “unarmed” sisters behind Genesis. As the green mage fired another set of swept up light blasts, the creature dodged them by jumping over the barrage, and landed on the hedgehog - or did it?! As Genesis braced for impact, catching him off guard, he’d noticed that upon looking behind him, Juliet’s arms were raised as she had placed a thin, but successful shield of water around her friend, stopping the demon from crushing him. When Genesis was ready, he broken through her water shield and wind-up-punched the pawn off of him. It landed beside Emily, who began to kick it in the head as hard as she could, making it dizzy.

It began to twitch violently after a few kicks though, so she hurriedly backed off so Genesis could run up to it and use his staff like a golf-club, sending the evil being back into the air. To prevent it from going too far, Juliet channeled her energy through her body and used the grass’ dew water to form a long pillar of water; she hardened its surface to prevent it from passing though the tall pillar, forcing its body to slam into the structure. She then released her grip on the water, sending it crashing down upon the extinguished shadowy flames of the pawn.

Genesis could feel the battle was turning in his favor! Soon the demon would be vanquished and peace would be restored once again! Maybe this time it would send a message to the Demon overlord, let him know that Genesis was coming for him! There was no way he could lose this now, no way at— wait, what was happening now?!

Genesis skid to a halt, the girls right behind him as they watched the creature slowly stand to its feet. It took both of its claw-like hands and stabbed itself in the chest, beginning to rip and tear apart its own body! Soon they could see a second head emerge from its neck, followed by another set of legs and arms, until it had become two beings! The flames had died around it, but it sacrificed that super power to make two of itself! The trio watched in horror all throughout the separation process, and seemed to freeze in place as they watched the creatures charge right for them.

The demon doubles smashed through Genesis, Juliet and Emily, sending them all back with their powerful tackle. Even Juliet wasn’t fast enough to catch their fall this time! The green mage hit the ground with a hard thud, as did the girls on either side of him, but he was the only one awake - they had knocked his friends unconscious!

One of the demons then proceeded to walk up to Genesis and grabbed him by his top spine, his body too limp right now to do anything. The other demon followed suit, but before grabbing onto his chest, it transformed his hand into a transparent mess of shadows. Genesis screamed in a mighty pain as the pawn phased right through his torso and into his Spirit!

The screams stopped when a fury of whipping water slashed off the pawns arms completely, causing the opponents to fall back and screech awful noises. The one that had reached inside Genesis, however, successfully pulled out a thin thread of energy; quickly, before the violent water tentacles reached them, the pawn grabbed onto its counterpart and sliced through the air before them with the thread. The thread had vanished, but a mystical purple swirling portal of sorts had opened up before them. Without a second thought and just before the raging water could attack them, the demon pawns dove inside the portal, closing it up behind them.

Genesis fell to the ground again, watching the severed arms of the demon pawns disintegrate upon the grass, panting heavily and shedding a few tears. The water had fallen down now, the sounds of splashing stopping as he heard another whump-sound on his right. He turned to find Juliet, pale and exhausted, a soft glow from the tiny blue gem on her necklace shining through the top of her floral dress. She really did save him… she was already learning so quickly… he felt so grateful to have met her…

…she was the last thing he saw before his shaky arms could no longer hold his weight.

Morning had come at long last, and the trio were forced into rest by their own exhaustion. They had returned to their house, and as wrecked as the lower level was, now was not the time to fix it. The three of them tried to replenish their energy with a large meal, but all throughout the sharing of their food, much discussion occurred.

“So it really stole some of your powers?” Emily asked her friend, taking a sip of her fruit juice. Genesis stuffed an egg roll into his mouth, nodding.

“I think that’s what happened. It just felt so horrible, worse than anything I’ve ever felt before. I had no idea they were so capable…” he said concerned through his chews. “I didn’t see where they went though, but the pressure is gone for now."

“I did,” Juliet added, putting her apple core onto her plate. “It was weird… they took something out of you and somehow made a portal appear. It was so creepy and I tried to grab them before they went through, but I was too slow."

“You did the best you could, Juliet, and I’m so happy you pulled that move. If they had gotten any more out of me, they could have done some terrible things. It’s also very impressive that you’re getting better with your attacks,” he finished with a light smile as he picked up another egg roll.

“Yeah, you’re really amazing, now, sis!” Emily cheered, loudly chewing on hash browns. “Those defense and offense magics are gonna be super useful if we have to fight more of those things!” Her older sister began to blush from hearing the compliments, but didn’t respond with her thanks because she was eating her toast. She simply shook her head and cupped one of her cheeks in embarrassment.

“I wish you two didn’t have to fight with me like this. Though I appreciate your efforts, I’d be so sad if you got hurt, not to mention your parents would go insane… That’s why I want to try following them on my own,” Genesis stated, finishing off his plate and putting down his fork gently. The two girls only looked up at him in surprise.

“No way!” Juliet fired back, now finished with her plate. “Emily and I both know you can handle most of these monsters, but last night we dealt with something so powerful that you needed us to help! Don’t try to deny it, Genesis!"

The green hedgehog looked down at his empty plate sadly. It was true; sure, reminding him that he was in so much pain that he cried didn’t help, but that was why he was so worried. She drained herself so much that she passed out, and Emily did her best too, remembering that he also borrowed some of their Life Force Energy to make it through that fight. He didn’t want to lose them, especially not to some runty underling of a demon! He only wished he could express this concern to them without making himself look foolish...

“What am I supposed to do, bring you two with me?” he said, sounding a little fed up with his own worries. At this notion, Emily clapped her hand to her chest, swallowing the rest of what was on her plate, then raising the same hand in the air cheerfully.

“Yes! Please! Bring us with you! I’ve always wanted to try that concentrating door thingy you do!”

“What she means is, she wants to help you anyway we can. It’s not that we think you’re weak, not at all! We only want to support you and help you get through this mess faster,” Juliet finished confidently, smiling along with her sister.

Genesis’ eyes started watering; he refused to let his tears of joy fall, but he was overjoyed with the response he got from the girls. This is why he loved them so much, so quickly; they were so accepting of the situation, so eager to learn and helped him grow stronger every day. It was their passions that fed his fire, and he felt that fire roaring inside of him. He frown quickly flipped upside down and into a grin as he got up from his seat triumphantly.

“Okay! Let’s get ready, because we’ve got a Dimensional Door to search through!"

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Geneforce: Tropical Conversion Empty Chapter 2: By the Bull's Horns

Post by Rocky on 5/23/2015, 10:16 pm

The heat was beating down hard this month on Planet Tropic, making Rocky Kaos sweat even before she began working. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with one of her long sleeves, but was detected by her new loud and quite prissy companion.

“Looks like someone didn’t dress smartly, today!” Lizzy sassed, her squeaky voice already getting on Rocky’s nerves. “Why would anyone wear long sleeves on a planet called ‘Tropic’ anyway?!"

“It’s because the world isn’t hot or tropical all the time. That was a failure on the early settler’s part for picking such a specific name…” the brunet sighed, glaring down at the little girl. “We also have seasons, despite their length in time, and deserts can become quite cold at night, as they are in Pinappelum."

“Okay, so I don’t know Geography or weather! No need to rub it in! I’ve only been taught important things in my life, like how to run a kingdom!” the squirrel monkey huffed, stamping her foot on the ground before pointing to a massive stony ‘structure,’ or what was left of it. Rocky was about to rage at her for dissing two of her favorite subjects - how dare she call Geography and Meteorology, two of the many things Rocky needed to know to use her super powers, unimportant?! - but held it in to appease the picky Princess.

“Then what is your first job for me, your highness?” the taller humanoid grumbled. The blonde girl’s curly pigtails bounced in excitement as she lightened up her mood upon hearing such a title. She turned to the destroyed and decaying castle before them, ready to explain.

It had been a few months since she had met this stubborn little girl, but it was how she met her that mattered most to Rocky. After her special visitor had returned to his proper timeline, the young Princess was very eager to recreate her long lost Orchid Kingdom. Of course, many Kingdoms required home bases, and this old Cornucopian Kingdom’s ancient base was modeled after a Mobian Medieval Castle, presumably because the creatures that ran it were of Mobian origins. Elizabeth, or ‘Lizzy’ as she preferred to be called, was the last long lost heir to that forgotten throne, but because she had been thrown into the future by some wacky thing called “magic,” the Orchid Rule was overthrown by Cornucopian government.

It was ironic that Rocky - a definitive representative of that very government system - was helping such an early rival in the government’s conquest, but secretly, she felt that even Lizzy would put the country in better hands than it was currently in. She had even checked all of her rulebooks on the matter, and so far nothing had said that she couldn’t help rebuild a Kingdom~ Perhaps in the near future, this country could be vastly improved with Lizzy’s apparent knowledge on leadership and monarchy? The robot girl could only hope for the best.

The young mammal began to explain to the Tropican superhero that all she required of her was a new home. Of course, being geokinetic, Rocky was the perfect person for the job; the only person really, as Lizzy highly doubted that she could hire some big construction company to do this for her. Expressing her reluctance for the temporary gig with a sigh after looking over some plans that Lizzy’s current caretaker, Raven, had written up, Rocky trudged over to the wreckage and got into position.

The squirrel monkey was told to stay somewhere safe and far away from the construction process in case she were to be injured, but she wanted to stay some kind of close by so that she could judge and observe the process. As much as Rocky hated to be watched while she worked, she proceeded to activate her geokinetic powers and started to preform.

Geokinetics was easier said than done. Not only did it involve knowing the material the user was manipulating, but knowing of its Life Force Energies and a variety of movements was equally necessary. All of this was told to Rocky when she was very little, when her parents first knew about her special gift. For a short time, they had hired a trainer to teach her these things after school sessions, but the more sick Rocky became at that age, the harder it was for her to make all her classes. Instead of learning institutionally, Rocky had to practice on her own, figuring nearly everything out for herself after her body had been transformed. In this way, she was somewhat proud of her self-teachings, but performance wise, her techniques were still sloppy and imperfect. Even the way she manipulated plant life was poorly done - she often over exhausted herself before the technique was finished, making the initial movements powerful, but not meant for lasting long.

After a few hours, the sun creeping into its afternoon position, this was starting to reflect in Rocky’s work. The girl’s body was drenched in oily sweat and her typically puffy and perky hair was droopy and greasy. Lizzy detected this and strode over to her, holding out her palm to stop her. Rocky dropped the boulder she was eroding down so it would fit on one of the walls.

“What?” she spat, angry at the yellow furred mammal for stopping her progress.

“You seem really tired. Like, REALLY tired,” she told her, her eyebrows rising and her round ears swiveling back. Rocky kept staring at her, not sure how she would have known. To her, all this was normal. “What I mean is, see how you did that wall? Now look at this one. See the difference?"

The robot girl’s chest and cheeks puffed up as she listened to this snide comment about her construction. She wasn’t really welcoming to criticism, especially when she knew for a fact that this girl had never done a single thing like this before in her short 10-year-old life. The more she looked between the walls though, she realized that she was right. The current wall she was working on looked much more out of place than the previous one she built, but this was only the second wall… how in all of Tropic would she get this castle done within a decent amount of time?!

As the pressure kept building, and the longer Rocky stayed silent and angry, the more Lizzy became concerned that she would just walk away and never help her again. She really needed this place done right, not done in a hurry! “Look, Mrs. Kaos,” she began again, using the term ‘Misses' to address her future marriage and motherhood to the squirrel monkey’s crush. “Why not take a break every so often? If you come back to it later, you can do a better job! Just like Wrath said, you’ve gotta relax and stop straining yourself!"

“Don’t mention him to me,” Rocky finally uttered, turning back to the little girl. Now wasn’t the time to get upset, but even though it had been a couple months since he was here, that didn’t change the fact that she missed him so much...

“I’m only trying to help and motivate you!!” the Princess shrugged, a nervous grimace spread across her face.

Rocky finally let out a shaky sigh. “…Fine, but at this rate, the castle won’t be finished for a while…"

“That’s okay! It could take a week for all I care, but I don’t want to be future Queen of a disproportionate Kingdom!” she chuckled, waving for her to follow along. As Rocky followed to Lizzy’s little observation area, the monkey girl looked at her hard working helper again. “By the way, how do you robot-people keep clean? Your clothes I can understand are normally washed, but what about yourself?"

“Steam, mist and special cleanser. It’s the only thing that actually works without harming the endoskeleton. Trust me, that was among the first things I’ve learned upon getting this body,” Rocky shared, much calmer now that she was walking away from the site.

“Ohhh, that kinda makes sense. Like an Uca or something… right?"

“I guess so. Comparing me to a vehicle is… interesting, to say the least…"

After taking an hour’s time to rest, Rocky went right back to work, feeling a bit better now that she knew she could take her time with things. Lizzy remained at her spot, eager to see the finished product even though she had told the super girl to calm down. Without a way back to her normal time, she had to make the best of the present and this was the only way to do so.

As Rocky set down another few stones and pressed them together using a combination of her plant and stone manipulation techniques, she took a step back to see what her next move should be. Doing this allowed her to see the other wall she had constructed for comparison, but she also noticed something else strange… a dark silhouette figure emerged from the shadow cast by the castle wall.

“A living shadow…? That’s not possible…” Rocky muttered under her breath, switching positions for something more stealthy. Lizzy had noticed this change in her behavior and wondered what was happening. Was she just trying to rest or was she plotting to escape this construction job?!

“Rocky! Rocky! What are you doing, Mrs. Kaos?!” she called worriedly, hopping out of her seat and over to the site. When she got closer, the creepy figure Rocky had been observing heard the noise and began to panic. It turned around and saw a tip of Rocky’s hair, then vanished into thin air.

“Dammit! Where did it go?!” she cursed, smashing a frustrated fist against a grounded boulder, denting it a little. She turned around to see the little yellow furred girl approach her. “Lizzy! What have you done?!"

“That’s what I was going to ask you! What happened? Why did you stop building?” the Princess asked. Rocky looked again at the darkness, hoping to see something move again. Now she was sure to look like a fool...

“I thought I saw something… a shadow that moved. It doesn’t seem likely, but would this castle of yours be haunted, by any chance?” she returned, getting herself back up to a normal posture.

Lizzy cocked her head and furrowed her brows. “Wrath and Raven thought the same thing when they first met me, you know! If this place was haunted, then I was the only ‘ghost’ in there! Besides, before I met them, I’ve lived in this broken down place for a short time after Stella brought me here - I would have known about any ghost present!"

“Okay, okay, I get it, there aren’t any ghosts here!” Rocky responded to Lizzy’s little rant, not meaning for her to go off like that. “Still… I don’t feel comfortable around this place anymore…"

As she finished announcing her worries, a terrible shrieking noise filled the air around them, forcing both Rocky and Lizzy to cover their ears and shut their eyes tightly. As they winced in pain, hoping their eardrums wouldn’t pop, the two felt a cold rush overcome their bodies. The screeching stopped and Rocky opened her eyes wide to see a vicious demonic figure stand before them. Upon instinct, she hurled a tightly balled fist into its torso, sending it flying backward far into the trees.

“Lizzy! Open your eyes! That’s the thing I saw in the shade!” Rocky shouted, switching her stance to something more battle ready.

The squirrel monkey quickly ran into Rocky’s side, grabbing at her blue dress and thick thigh for comfort before looking over at the offender. “Eeek! It really is there! What does it want from us?!"

“Probably just some trouble maker. It looks like its made of smoke, but it should have disappeared when I hit it. Doesn’t matter, though, I’m taking it out before I finish building your castle!” Rocky told her, her wide eyes filled with determination. Lizzy released her grip quickly, but had no idea on where to go since she was unfortunately powerless. She looked around the area, scared to hide in the castle in case it crumbled, or the trees in case the creature followed her. She couldn’t stay out in the open though, that would be too obvious!

“Where should I go?! What should I do?!"

“Stay right here - you’re faster than I am, remember?! You can outrun a falling building, easy!” Rocky shouted as she started running straight for the charging demon. The two bodies collided, but Rocky was able to check it completely off to the side, the muscles in her arms and chest hurting a little bit afterwards. What was this thing made out of?!

The pawn’s white eyes narrowed as it prepared to charge a purple beam from its hands. Upon firing it, Rocky dodged the blast, but shot up a chunk of rock from the ground below in the shape of a shield. She began to charge at it again, thrusting the shield forward and shifting its shape into a jousting lance and piercing it directly into the creature’s head! What scared her the most, was when the rock lance crumbled, the being’s head reformed back together as if nothing had injured it in the first place. If her attacks didn’t harm it that much, what good was it to fight like this?

“Who-Who are you?! What do you want with us?!” she demanded, a little nervous now that she had run out of ideas.

The creature remained silent, as if it could not speak. This worried the robot girl, hoping she wouldn’t have to engage any higher stage of power to defeat this thing… but it looked like she had no choice…

Before she could concentrate to reach this higher power, the creature had retaliated with a set of swift punches to Rocky’s body, the final shot sending her sliding backward and into a push-up position. Growling in rage and on her way back up, Rocky had ripped up two thin, sword-like pieces of stone, dual wielding them as she started violently slicing away at the demon pawn. Her lack of speed proved to be inefficient at this time, as the pawn dodged most of the attacks and reformed its body when it got hurt. Rocky tried to surprise it with a spin kick in the head, followed by a handle-smash to the head but the pawn saw an opening and uppercut the girl into the air, knocking her some distance away.

“ROCKY, NO! GET UP!! DON’T LET IT WIN!!” Lizzy shouted, doing her best to be cheerleader as she tried all sorts of hiding spots and positions. “If only I knew that this thing was coming, I wouldn’t have made her work so hard!"

Hearing the hopeful cheers of the young Princess forced Rocky back to her feet, stumbling and tripping up all the way. With tears streaming down her sweaty cheeks, Rocky prepared for the ultimate attack. Regardless of how all her other rock-based attacks handled the situation, she had to try just one more time before she gave in… just one more… time…!

Another series of complicated movements later, Rocky finished off with a hard stomp and roared as loud as she could. Underneath her, the massive stone and dirt head of a draconic beast began to form, bringing the girl up about 15 feet in the air. One more swift thrust of both of her fists forward opened the mouth of the boulder beast, and opening her palms allowed hundreds of thousands of large pebbles to shoot like bullets out of its mouth. The demon pawn tried to avoid the barrage of rocks coming directly for it, but they came too fast for it to be less than torn into shreds. The beast head, however, was soon out of ammunition, caving in on itself for the rest of its power and destroying the ground around it. Rocky fell with the mess she had created, having a hard time trying to get up.

It was then that Lizzy had rushed over to help her up, dragging her back to “safety” and screaming at her for being so reckless. Rocky could barely hear what she had to say, though, her head and heart pulsing with the remnants of rage and pain. She finally hit the ground half way across the field, Lizzy starting to cry, feeling quite guilty for what happened.

“Rocky, I’m so sorry!! I should have been more careful with you, I don’t want you to die now!! Not after all you’ve been though, not after all you’ve worked for!!” she squealed through her weeps and sobs. All this noise, however, recaptured the attention of the demon pawn, who was again, slowly but surely reassembling itself, but not as it once was. Rocky had torn its body apart so much that it could no long hold its original bipedal stance. Instead, it was only but a large, comet-shaped face and mouth, burning a dark, shadowy flame as it screeched again. It finally locked its eyes on the frightened Lizzy, too scared to move as it dashed straight at her.

As it got closer and closer, its mouth opening wider and wider, revealing that it was charging another powerful purple blast, everything seemed to slow down. Out of the corner of her eye, Lizzy saw another dark silhouette of a figure standing tall atop her broken castle. It seemed to grin, and fly off again before the squirrel monkey noticed the demonic creature had fired its blast. Bracing for impact, she had not noticed Rocky get up from the ground and quickly raise a thick dirt and stone wall, hoping to block the beam from hitting them. When she saw that it had went straight through the wall, Rocky’s heart stopped.

In the next instant, something green had shot in front of them. The green being not only punched the purple blast into the sky with merely its fist, but leapt forward, through the blast opening of the dirt wall and kicked the demonic creature back towards the trees!

Rocky was speechless and fell to her knees, her mouth and eyes still wide open. Lizzy opened her eyes again to see this mysterious hedgehog-like creature turn around to them and smile from its position behind the now decimated wall of safety.

Who?! What?! How?!

The green hedgehog with the red stripe on his topmost spine then began to energize something of his own in between the palms of his hands. A golden ball of light soon began to take shape, as he lifted one of his hands from the ball. The dark creature roared once more before making its final attempt at ramming him. Once it got close enough the hedgehog shouted a single word at the foe and unleashed the canon of light before finally disintegrating the monster!

The dark embers of the fallen fiery creature popped out of existence as the demon pawn vanished from sight completely, and everything fell silent.

“So that’s it, huh? They are vanquished with Light energy, not just wind or water… I think I understand why it was so hard to beat now!” an older girl’s voice said from behind Rocky and Lizzy.

“It’s a good thing we gained a lot of power back from last night! Then again, Genesis gains his energy back much faster than any normal person does,” another younger voice responded, a bit more giggly than the first. The Tropican girls then turned around finally to see two blonde hedgehog females standing there, perfectly unharmed.

With a weepy, tired voice, Lizzy then asked, “W-Who are you…?” Rocky remained silent, her heavy breathing speaking plenty for her. The two girls continued smiling, as their green friend began to walk over towards them. His exuberant and shining grin and happily closed eyes made him appear like nothing was wrong; it was quite the contrast compared to the battle-worn superhero, who began to stagger to her feet.

“Juliet! Emily! Didja see me?! I was awesome, wasn’t I?” he boasted with glee, posing valiantly, not a single drop of sweat on his head from the fight. All Rocky could feel was shame, bitterness and disgust with herself, glaring at the show-offy mammal.

Her increasingly malicious thoughts were put to a halt however, once Princess Lizzy suggested that the group move off to her safe zone for some explaining.

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Geneforce: Tropical Conversion Empty Chapter 3: The Hedgehog That Broke The Robot's Back

Post by Rocky on 5/23/2015, 10:40 pm

Lizzy had just finished pouring the five their tea from a small kettle, boiled atop a little portable cooking station she had brought with her. The others were crowded atop a large patterned picnic blanket, sitting calmly underneath the blooming and beautiful Tropican Orchids. Rocky had chosen to sit across from Genesis, as far from him as possible, but Lizzy had no qualms with taking a seat beside his two lovely companions. The plate of delicious herb cookies that had been also placed out were quickly devoured by the crew, as tired and hungry as they all were.

“It’s a good thing I brought lots of cups! I was worried they’d break in all the construction, so that’s why I packed so many!” Lizzy explained, glad that the situation turned in her favor after all that fighting and destruction. “My friend Raven always told me that having tea with someone new is the best way to get to know them, and my Princess training has taught me to always be a good ice-breaker, so I’ll start!"

The other four watched as Lizzy put down her cup to stand and politely curtsey as she introduced herself. “My name is Princess Elizabeth the Squirrel Monkey, future Queen of the Orchid Kingdom. Those who know me informally call me ‘Lizzy’ for short, but you may address me as either Princess or ‘Lizzy!’ This happens to be my land, you know! My family’s lived in this place for centuries, and we can be traced back, on my mom’s side, to the very first Tropican settlers! Unfortunately, due to some mishaps through time and space, my people have been lost and I’m the very last of the royals to see the light of tomorrow! I appreciate your help, newcomers, as you have helped save my Kingdom by defeating such an evil beast. You have the thanks of the one true Princess Lizzy!"

Emily’s eyes grew wide with fascination as Juliet clapped and Genesis scratched the back of his head, blushing slightly. They all felt rather flattered for such a big thank you, especially from some who they believed to be a true royal! Rocky looked away, recalling that it took much more convincing for her and her sister to believe such a silly-sounding story, but when Wrath had backed this young girl up, everything changed for the better... oh, how she missed her future son’s company...

“That’s super cool, Princess Lizzy! I never thought I’d ever get to meet a Princess straight out of a storybook!” Emily happily shouted as the squirrel monkey girl took back her seat. “So I take it that’s why you don’t have a pretty gown or a fixed up castle, huh?"

The monkey girl scratched her nose a bit and looked down sadly. “I had a decent dress, but it was destroyed when I first got here. My castle was already ruined, thanks to the war that happened after I left, but it got even more damaged because the witch I used to know tried to kill me over it! Obviously, it didn’t work, but that was all thanks to Rocky’s-"

She had turned and gestured towards the robot girl for solidification, but the glare she received just before mentioning Wrath’s name and true identity to these complete and utter strangers scared her into changing the subject. “Anyway! I’m safe now, and that’s all that matters because now we can finish rebuilding my old home! That’s what Rocky’s really here for!"

“So your name’s Rocky, huh? Pretty funny, seeing as you were doing some really cool stuff with that stone magic of yours! Hahaha!” Genesis jeered, jokingly of course, but how could he not? It was a pun in and of itself! The owner of that name, however, turned her head quickly to shoot him an unforgiving look.

“It’s a nickname. It only made sense to use it, especially if you knew my real first name was. Speaking of names, I’m surprised you hadn’t recognized mine. What part of Tropic do you three originate from?” she asked strongly, trying to get some information out of them. The trio glanced at one another, a little taken back by the questions being turned on them.

Previously, the hedgehogs had come to an agreement that if they were to interact with anyone in any world they were drawn into, they would keep their personal information a secret, including the fact that they were from a completely different world. Juliet was the first to attempt these fabrications. “Ah, see, we’re kind of nomadic, so we’ve been to a lot of different places!"

“It really shouldn’t matter where we’re from or if we’ve heard of you or not, unless you happen to be a Princess or someone important too…” Genesis shrugged, trying to dance around the question with his calm and cool attitude. Again, with this question of importance!

“I’ve been in the news for a little under a decade, hedgehog. The only way you could miss hearing about me or my little sister is if you lived underground for most of your life, but in all seriousness, the name ‘Rocky Kaos’ doesn’t ring any bells? What about ‘Tropican Sister?’ ‘Super Sister?!’ ‘Rocky the Robot?!’ Anything at all?” she continued, genuinely surprised her heroic reputation hadn’t been detected by these three before. Sure, she hand’t been around for long, but most of the world at least knew OF her and her sister, Tori!

“Not in the slightest. Then again, I don’t really read the paper, so I may have missed a few crucial events here and there. If you’re a superhero though, I sort of take back what I said, but…” Genesis paused, letting his sentence run off and watching the confusing on the humanoid’s face contort into frustration. “If you can’t beat a simple demon pawn, we’re probably not on equal levels!"

Lizzy and Emily gasped in unison, Juliet blushing with embarrassment for what he just said. Even to her, it sounded insulting! “Genesis, we had just discovered the real weakness of the demons, ourselves! Do you sincerely expect someone to know everything we do about them, when they clearly had never fought such a monster before?!"

“Hey, I don’t really mean to offend, but come on! It was a pawn! No biggie, right?” he said, trying to smile and wave off the tension to the best of his conceited ability. Rocky only became angrier, gripping the ends of her dress tightly.

“How dare you humiliate me like this! Not only do you apparently wait around for the right time to jump into action like an inconsiderate “hero” that you claim to be - as you apparently said you had been watching me struggle since I started using my Geokinesis - but you further put me to shame by coming in at the last second, and merely destroying that thing with a single attack!” she screamed, quickly rising to her feet for intimidation. “You’re no hero! You’re an attention hog with a sparkler stuck in your palm!"

Another gasp from the younger girls indicated that this scenario was getting quite heated. The green hedgehog chuckled before carefully getting up to compete. Juliet had just barely missed the opportunity to pull him back down by the hand, but as she stumbled down, she witnessed something she felt was rather stupid.

“Alright then, Rocky! I can tell that we’re not going to get anywhere with just a shouting match, so how about a one-on-one, you and me? Your magic versus mine! Let’s go all out and whoever wins gets to admit to the other that they are, in fact, a hero!” he demanded, his tone still quite jovial compared to hers.

“No, don’t do it! You’re still so tired from all that building, Rocky!” Lizzy protested, her whimpers drowned out by the bull-like-snort of the robot girl.

Blinded by fury and fueled by her pride, Rocky accepted the challenge with a slow nod and walked off with the green hedgehog back into the open field.

“I really hope they don’t overdo it… They’re both great, I’m sure… why do they need to fight like this?” Emily sighed, worried for both parties’ safety.

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Geneforce: Tropical Conversion Empty Chapter 4: Battleworn

Post by Rocky on 5/23/2015, 10:44 pm

With each of the competitors on either side of the designated fighting grounds, the girls by the tree-line acting as judges and potential referees, the battle had begun once Genesis twitched the top of his fingertips twice, telling her to come to him, first.

In the back of his mind, the wind mage had planned to study this girl a little more than what he could see far away. If he battled her up close, he could figure out what made her so allegedly powerful on this alien world. Right now, he had no idea what kind of stuff she was really made of and of course, he hadn’t intended to kill, but then again… upon opening the dimensional door this this place, he did think of her as the demon pawn at first…

…and, there was another half to that demon… could it be possible that it transformed into her, disguising itself as a geokinetic and killed off its other half so it could hoard all the power to itself?!

As Rocky ran forward, manipulating her arms into motions that the green hedgehog had never seen before, she channeled the powers of her Geokinesis forth and began rising up on a moving mound of dirt and stone. As the earthy wave headed for Genesis, he leapt into the air to dodge, but on his way back down, Rocky had prepared sharp stone spikes for him to land upon, rising up to meet him. Just before they could pierce through Genesis’ feet, he inhaled deeply, then blew outwards, creating a levitating wind draft that took him even higher above the spikes. With a little mid-air roll, he redirected his landing off to the side just as Rocky ended her ride on top of the wave of stone and dirt.

Facing each other once more, this time, he charged forward, magically withdrawing his wooden staff in a fleet of golden sparks. Using the smaller end to vault himself high into the air once more, he came down on Rocky fast, ready to smack the staff into her like a bat. The robot girl was nearly hit when she pulled up another wall of protection, curving the dirt and stone over her head. Genesis smashed through the wall anyway, but Rocky was no longer underneath the shield. Instead, she had rolled over to the side, ready to launch some levitating pieces of loosened rock at the flighty hedgehog.

“You’re pretty fast and you can jump high, but when you’re on my turf…” she stated firmly, holding out her balled fists. “I can’t lose to you!"

She then twisted her fists in the air, digging the unsuspecting hedgehog’s feet into the ground before resealing him up so he couldn’t move. He tried to break free normally, physically straining his lower half get out of this mess, but Rocky had already begun launching her rocks at him. All he could do was hit them away with his staff, take a few pelts to the head and torso and duck under the larger ones. This was brutal! What kind of superhero would torture their enemies with this kind of fighting?! It seemed clear to him now that he had to try a little harder to beat her.

Once there was an opening, Genesis quickly charged both of his hands up for a double blast, firing them down at his feet to tear away the binding stone at his feet. Finally freed from the planet’s grasp, he ran out of the open holes as fast as he could, starting to spin his special staff above his head. Faster and faster he spun his staff as he literally ran circles around Rocky. She continued to fire some of her spare ammunition at the mage, but once she had run out, she had realized that the wind that surrounded her had become more dense and harder to breathe in. Indeed, within moments, she had realized that thanks to his wind powers and agility, he had created a powerful wind tunnel around her, its high speeds forcing her down to her knees. Because it was artificial, the pseudo-nado hadn’t lasted much longer, but it still gave Genesis enough time to come in for a body tackle that sent the geokinetic flying backward. With the wind certainly knocked out of her system, she began gasping for air as she rose to her feet.

“So, you through yet, or what? I can call this off any time!” the hedgehog smirked through the fading twister. From what she could see, he looked pretty banged up too, panting in between his words, faintly.

Rocky coughed a bit before saying, “Don’t even think about it, breezy!” and started to preform another series of complex feet and hand motions. This time, she had generated a large, solid, dirt and stone pillar that ascended the shaky Genesis high into the sky. He seemed confused by this action, not sure what to do at this point. He took this brief moment to look out in the world around him, noting that this kingdom area was quite beautiful. He then did a double-take at the shadows of the afternoon sun setting behind the trees - one of them seemed to move about! So the other demon was still alive, probably looking for more Life Force Energy to steal! Who knows what kind of power it had access to on this strange planet?!

It wasn’t until he felt the pillar beneath him rumble again and again, that he figured out that she was taking out chunks of his new observation tower, breaking his sudden epiphany. He thought about bailing, but realized he was up much too high for him to try any sort of safe landing, and he didn’t have the runway room or wind speed up here to use his staff to fly. However, he had no choice to dodge the very chunks she had taken out, being launched upwards at him like a cannonball! He had smashed the first two, but ducked underneath the third by just a hair. The fourth that came at him, however, hit him square in the chest, causing him to teeter on the very edge of the pillar, nearly falling to his doom. The fifth wasn’t any more forgiving, smashing him the back and sending him careening of the edge of the pillar, screaming almost all the way down.

What surprised him next was the sudden sight of a plush-looking bush, covered in beautiful flowers waiting for him at the bottom. He landed into its leafy cushion, his eyes wide with confusion and pain. He was too bewildered at this act of “kindness” to block the fist full of vengeance crashing into his face. He was sent flying backward, but not without dragging the wind with him in his direction, hoping to land on his feet. While that technique had failed him, the remaining and still quite tall half of the pillar had also been pulled by the wind, beginning to tilt into a fall, loosened at the base by the damage Rocky had done to it; unfortunately for her, she was too slow to get out of the way as the stone and dirt pillar collapsed completely on top of her body.

Both of the fighters hadn’t moved for a full minute, causing all three of the girls on stand by to scream their names and run to their friends.

When Lizzy got to Rocky, she quickly did what she could to uncover the robot girls’ face, using all her 10-year-old strength to at least dig out her face for her to breathe. Juliet and Emily had turned Genesis over onto his back, the older sister immediately attempting to channel her healing powers from her hands into Genesis’ chest. Emily listened closely to his mouth, waiting to hear him breathing. Luckily for them, she had picked up the sound in just a moment more, leaning back as the male hedgehog opened up his tired red eyes.

“Genesis! You’re alright!"

“We were so worried, we were sitting on the edge of our seats- err, the picnic blanket!"

The concerned sound of the girls’ voices brought such a pleasant feeling to the mage. Though deep inside, he felt that he had lost this fight. There was something about Rocky’s power level that seemed off the charts, but what was it that made her so durable, so powerful? Was she maybe using her Serious state for the entire battle? He’d only been at his Base level for this fight. Maybe if he activated his Serious stage… would he have beaten her? All that thinking aside, he quickly tuned into the cries of Princess Lizzy, who was doing her best to bring Rocky out of the tower’s rubble.

His eyes widened when he realized that his wind caused this, feeling horribly guilty for mentally accusing her of being a demon and potentially crushing her bones into dust with this final move. Without words, his two friends helped him up to his feet and together, the four of them finally uncovered Rocky’s barely-breathing body. Using her healing magic on her, Juliet also brought a little more life into the robot girl as she did Genesis, getting her eyes to open at long last.

“You’re okay!! Thank Sky King!!” Lizzy yelled, pulling the girl up by the arms so she could at least sit upright. Rocky let out a pained sigh as she laid eyes on the equally dizzy and bruised up Genesis.

“Go ahead… tell me how much of a great hero you are…” she whimpered, starting to cover her face to cry in shame. Juliet then put a hand on hers to stop her from hiding, accepting smiles on each of their faces.

“I’ve already talked about myself enough,” he said, shaking his head with a light smile. “But I guess I can believe you’re a hero or something… you know, that one plant thing you did really surprised me. I didn’t think you’d let me live through that fall. That’s what made me think, maybe you were telling the truth about your status after all!"

“...I appreciate that you didn’t you use any of that light beam stuff on me, too. Getting fried like that terrible creature did would’ve sucked…” she responded, wiping away some of her fresh tears. While she was being totally serious, that got the others laughing a little.

Despite both of their prides being hurt and not wanting to admit defeat so easily, the two opponents felt a little better about their fight ending in a draw than anything else.

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Geneforce: Tropical Conversion Empty Chapter 5: When the Conversion Ends and the Diversion Begins

Post by Rocky on 5/27/2015, 6:22 pm

Night had fallen, and after making a short phone call to her parents and sister for confirmation, Rocky had been given permission to stay with Lizzy and the mysterious three hedgehogs for the night. It hadn’t been easy to convince them that this was important for her to do, but because of her track record from the past few months, they had gained a little more faith in her capabilities.

The Princess, on the other hand, thought it was a good idea to stay in a part of the castle that had remained largely in tact. It was the living quarters wing, and Lizzy’s old room had slowly been undergoing small restorations by the Princess herself. On display in broken closet was her original dress, tattered and ridden with holes. Burnt curtains, rugs and bed sheets covered up a lot of the musty floor and broken windows. The other old fashioned bed chambers were ruined in the worst way, but the little things around the room had certainly proved her ownership of the place. The room was rather large, perfect for a campout for all five of them. While they had no spare clothes to change into or any blankets to sleep under, Lizzy lent some of her spare, makeshift “pillows” (rugs wrapped in cloth). While both Rocky and Juliet thought of the idea as dangerous and hazardous to their health, Emily and Genesis were more than thrilled to stay in a old joint like this, forcing the skeptics to tag along. After moving their campsite indoors, using the lights from the special teapot cooker to illuminate the room, Lizzy made another pot of the beverage for them to cool off before bed.

“See now, don’t you guys feel better about everything? Tonight we celebrate the making of new friends and allies! Right, Rocky and Genesis?” Lizzy asked cheerfully, trying to make them forgive one another and forget about the fight they just had.

Genesis shrugged, looking to the side, not really thinking about the fight any more. Instead, he was focused on finding that demon pawn that wast still loose in this very area. He had to get out and search, but without anyone noticing him. To his surprise, Rocky had loudly clanked down her tea cup, signaling that she had finished her drink. She then started to get up from her seat on the cold floor and stumbled to the exit of the room.

“Don’t worry, I’m not leaving. I’m just going out for one last look around to make sure that we’re safe here,” she told the others, nodding before heading down what remained of the hallways and stairs. With the robot girl on the look out, Lizzy, Emily and Juliet felt a bit better about staying here for the night, but Genesis grew concerned.

‘If she runs into that demon pawn while she’s out there, she’s done for… she may be a hero or whatever, but that didn’t help her the first time she fought one of those things. I’ve got to beat her to it. With these things finally gone, we can get back home and go about our lives like normal… at least until the next one appears…’ he thought to himself, focusing on the doorway of the room. He quickly snapped himself out of his zoned-out expression with the call of Emily.

“Genesis! What do you think?” she asked him, cocking her head to the side, adorably. The hedgehog must have missed a good chunk of the conversation outside of his thoughts. Giving her a confused look in response, her big eyes suddenly appeared sad. “Wait, you didn’t hear anything we were saying??"

“It’s okay, Emily!” Juliet said, patting her sister on her little head. “What we’ve just discovered, Genesis, is that Princess Lizzy had been accidentally transported to the future through magical means! Do you think there’s any way to reverse it?"

He nodded quickly in response. “Sure, but I’d have to know the spell and how far in time you went. Maybe there’s something I can do?"

Lizzy tapped the edges of her teacup with her fingers, pressing her lips together tightly in frustration. “I’m from the 2nd Millennium. Nearly 2,000 years ago… And there’s one other thing that you should know.. I’ve been cursed."

Emily gasped, squeezing her shoddily put-together pillow against her chest. Juliet’s mouth dropped open, and Genesis listened intently for her to continue. Curses weren’t something he dabbled in, but he did know of them. That was the kind of dark magic he didn’t understand, nor really want to.

“The curse happened when I was a little girl, so I’ve had this for quite some time even though I know next to nothing about magic. My parents, the King and Queen, were paranoid that superpowered creatures would try to invade the castle and cause harm to the royal family, so they had hired their most powerful sorceress to cast a curse-like spell upon us. This spell would prevent us from being affected by all magic, ever. There’s been no way to break it, but when my kingdom came under attack by that same traitor’s witch and the rival kingdom, I saw some loopholes. My parents were crushed to death by these very crumbled walls…” she paused, trying not to cry through her recollection. “…not by the magic that initiated the push and shove spell Stella had cast upon it… Then she came for me. I must have used my curse against her by holding onto her broom-wand too, because we activated a very rare and hard to master magic, according to her - time travel magic - and it sent us both into the present. It was so scary and shocking, and I’d never felt anything like it… but that was the last experience with magic I had felt. Since then, Stella tried to kill me, but all her magic failed."

Genesis then looked down in thought for a moment, wondering if there was anything he could do. He looked back up, only to explain, “Sorry Lizzy, that sounds like something beyond my control. The most I can do is-“ he then cut himself short, almost giving the three of them away. “…is that light and wind stuff you saw earlier, eheh! My brother probably has some knowledge about time and space, seeing as he’s a pretty powerful mage, but he probably could care less for any friend of mine, heh!"

“Chris is so mean, he probably wouldn’t wanna help Lizzy at all…” Emily said, shaking her head with a frown. Lizzy was simply taken aback by the term Genesis used to describe her.

“You mean, we’re friends? Really?!” she squeaked, somewhat excitedly. The three of them grinned happily.

“Of course, Princess! If you don’t mind our company, we’re happy to be yours and Rocky’s friend! We don’t have that many, in all honesty,” Juliet confessed, finishing her tea. “Especially ones with super powers and royal blood! It’s pretty great to have met such an interesting pair!"

“Yep, yep, really cool! I hope we stay friends forever, too!” Emily giggled, happily closing her eyes. “I wanna see the castle when it’s all done! Maybe you can invite us to a big ball, too? Please?"

The squirrel monkey girl’s eyes lit up with joy. She felt like this day was worth it after all, even after all the stresses from battle. “I’d be delighted to bring you all back here for a grand ball! I just have to figure out how to contact people in this modern day and age! I still don’t know how to use a phone, otherwise I’d ask for your numbers! Hee hee!"

“Don’t worry, we’ll be around every now and then. Nomadic, remember?” Genesis said, right before sharing a big yawn with the group. Emily copied him, slumping over onto Juliet’s lap, her pillow still pressed to her chest.

“Should we all try to get some sleep now?” the young Princess asked, starting to put away her tea set.

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. The more rest I can get, the better off I’ll be in the morning. Are you sure you don’t mind me staying in the same room with you girls?” he asked just to be sure, watching Emily cuddle up to her older sister sweetly.

Lizzy nodded and handed him one of her poorly made pillows. “It’s fine. This is the best room I can offer right now, and I’d hate to have you all by yourself just because you’re a boy! Besides, it’s not like we’re getting changed or anything - if we had to, then it might be another story!” she laughed, handing out more pillows to the other two girls. She turned off a few of the lights on the little machine, but left one dim one on for Rocky to find her way back in safely.

Meanwhile, the Kaos girl had finished trudging around the borders of the castle, and was about to make another round, when tiredness hit her hard. She yawned loudly, and slumped up against one of her half-done walls, her eyes slowly closing, even though she was standing up. Realizing the position she was in, she proceeded to push herself off the wall and keep walking, hoping to stay awake just a little longer.

Throughout the entire fight, Rocky had sought out not to kill Genesis, but to teach him a lesson, mostly on how he shouldn't be so cocky. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem that the message went through, even though she had exerted herself to the maximum for the day. Her emotions had been constantly fluctuating throughout the ordeal, switching between fear, hatred and victory, pumping her heart for as much power as she could get her endoskeleton to release. Because Genesis (and Lizzy, prior to him) pushed her limits, and with her dignity and pride on the line, Rocky couldn’t help but ignore Wrath and Kane’s advice for this moment in time.

Was she really that upset about them leaving? As the many happy memories she shared with them flooded back into her mind, she began to smile underneath her tired and pained tears. She stopped walking again, giving in to her current state of being and falling back against the stone walls of the castle. She could no longer block out the positive aspects of the long journey she took with her friends and family. It was much better for her to embrace the help that everyone around her was pushing her way, because now, more than ever before she was finally beginning to understand friendship. Whether or not it would last was totally up to her and the people she allied with, but if she gave these newcomers a chance like she did with Wrath, Kane, and the others, it could really benefit her in the end...

She had to look at the bigger picture of things, rather than focus on the small, indiscriminate details that constantly overflowed like a wave pool in her mind. What really mattered was right inside that castle, preparing her for a wonderful new future.

Upon cleaning her face up with her dirty, sweaty sleeves, she had finished her current round of surveillance and aimed to head back up to Lizzy’s room. As she turned the corner, however, she had seen another figure in the darkness. Hiding behind some grounded construction stone, Rocky squinted hard through the darkness, trying to figure out if it was another one of those demon things the travelers had mentioned. To her surprise, the figure was about the same size as Genesis; even the shape of the spines and ears looked like him! It was apparent that he was sneaking out of the castle, as no one else was following behind him.

A sharp chill rippled up Rocky’s spine the second he looked her way, but she was completely covered by the darkness of the evening and the rocks before her. Even her normally poofy hair was drooped just enough for her to be missed by his vision. She could not believe it - it really was him! What was he doing out here without anyone else? Did they know he was doing this? If they did, why was he sneaking around, heading right for the trees?

Could it be that he was secretly working for the demon creatures he spoke of, explaining his ability to vanquish them so easily and his knowledge of their existence? If that was the case, then what was he doing, going out to the forest? Rocky spent another few minutes watching him trot into the forest before making her next move. Obviously, she followed him, curious as to what he was tiptoeing about the landscape for; was it possible that he was after Chemical Chaos, the planet’s natural fuel source for all living and non-living things to absorb and gain power from? Granted, he knew nothing of herself or her sister, two of the most prominent users of such a power source, but that didn’t mean that he had know idea of what it was or what it did, perhaps in another language entirely!

As Rocky quietly pursued the hedgehog, touching each tree she passed as a personal marker for her to find her way out of the forest, she found him searching around a clearing, looking tired and fed up with something.

“Ugh, I can’t find it anywhere! There’s something in the air that’s throwing off my sense of direction, but I don’t know what it is… It’s a strange power, though… unlike most magic I’ve encountered, but not quite a strong of a signal as Chris’…” he said to himself, thinking no one would be able to hear him.

The “magic” that he was speaking of was likely the Chemical Chaos deeply and literally “rooted” into the trees around the land. Because the Tropic was practically made of this stuff, and everything that dies and gets replanted back into the ground leaves behind all the Chemical it had absorbed during its lifetime (and knowing the battle history around these ancient monarchal grounds), all the trees around the two of them were exuding with CC. Maybe… he didn’t know what CC was?

Rocky continued to watch him for another half hour, but became too tired to keep up the chase and retired back to the castle. She was not a moment too soon, for Genesis had returned shortly after, giving up his chase on the demon pawn he was actually searching for.

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Geneforce: Tropical Conversion Empty Chapter 6: Suspicious and Angry- I-I mean, Rocky the Robot

Post by Rocky on 5/27/2015, 6:25 pm

The next morning came all too soon for both Rocky and Genesis. As the last two to sleep were woken up the last, Juliet and Emily helped their tired minds and bodies down the makeshift staircase and outside the castle. Perhaps a bit of warm sunlight would help wake them up?

Groaning for more rest, Genesis pulled his two friends aside for a brief moment while Lizzy began speaking to Rocky about today’s building plans.

“Okay you guys, I’m not in the best of moods right now, so I’ll need your help big time today,” he told them, trying to clear his throat as he spoke. The girls nodded, patiently waiting for their directions. “I saw another pawn yesterday during our duel. It was in the forest, but I couldn’t find it anywhere last night when I look-"

“So that’s why you’re so tired!” Emily said loudly, only for Genesis to shush her a little.

“Yes, well, we can’t let them know that! I don’t want to start another fight with Rocky about how we go about getting rid of that thing, but I still need some time to look around the kingdom. How can we stall them?” he asked, rubbing his cheeks with his fingertips.

Juliet wrapped her fingers around her chin for a second before responding, “Emily and I can talk to them about tourism spots. We can just say that you’re out trying to rent us a car or something so we can get to our ‘next destination,’ or something along those lines."

Emily flicked up two thumbs and gave Genesis a wink of approval. “Yeah! No problem, Genesis!"

“I knew I could count on you two,” he smiled and sighed in relief.

Meanwhile, Rocky had been discussing more constructive plans for the day with the Princess, essentially boiling down to finishing as much exterior as her powers would allow. Just before Lizzy went off to collect her tea set from the room, Rocky held out a hand to stop her. The squirrel monkey turned around, wondering what the robot girl had to say.

“It’s about Genesis. I feel that he’s up to something,” she said, hoping to catch the monkey girl’s attention. “I saw him last night sneaking out of the castle and into the forest. It’s like he was searching for something, so I followed him after I finished surveillance."

“What? Genesis was sleeping with us, that’s not possible!” Lizzy protested, the light smile she wore audible in her voice.

“It is. You three must have been too tired to hear Mr.-Lighter-Than-Air wind dance his way out of the room…” Rocky retorted, the grumbling frustration in her voice making a come back from yesterday. “I just… I wanted to give him a chance, but after what I heard last night… something about not being able to find ‘it’ and his signal being thrown off by the Chemical Chaos in the area…"

“So, you’re going to throw his trust completely out the window, ruin the chance of making a new friend just because of a hunch you have about something he’s looking for?” the squirrel monkey questioned, much more attitude in her tone than before.

The brunet humanoid furrowed her brows and nodded. “If it means protecting this place and you, ‘Princess,’ then I will lay my social life on the line for what I stand for. I cannot let him gain access to the CC, and the more I think about it, the more I feel that our fight yesterday was just him testing his limits against a user of such power!"

This was ridiculous to Lizzy; Rocky couldn’t be so narrow-minded about this, could she?! The young royal felt like she had to address this to him now, ask him what was really going on. “Okay, fine, believe what you want, but I can’t see him wearing such a cunning mask!” she told Rocky, who then proceeded to get to work.

The miffed monkey quickly trotted her way over to Genesis before he left the group, grabbing him by the shoulder abruptly and spinning him around to face her. He appeared shocked and confused by this action, so now was the time to drill him for answers.

“Genesis, did you or did you not sneak out of the castle last night? You can’t change the subject, because this is something I need to know for sure! Your highness commands it, so!” she demanded, her pale pinkish cheeks puffy with frustration.

“Ahhh…” he began, already taking too much time to admit it or deny it. Juliet and Emily tried to speak for him, but Lizzy only held up a finger to their faces, telling them to be quiet. Genesis had no choice but to answer. “Y-Yes, but why is this a concern? I was helping Rocky… look around for anything suspicious."

“It’s true… but… Why would she not have mentioned such a thing in her accusations of you going into the forest to look for something?” Lizzy blurted, not really seeing the secret aspect of some confrontations. Emily and Juliet looked at each other, then Genesis, as his eyes widened further.

“She, what?” he said, sounding taken aback. Before Lizzy could respond, he was already on his way over to the working robot girl, who immediately stopped production of the castle wall when she saw him coming.

“I suspected she would tell you, but I have no choice but to call you out on your actions, Genesis!” she told him firmly, dropping the rock she held up with her powers upon finishing her statement. “You were out scrounging for Chemical Chaos, weren’t you?"

The green hedgehog rolled his eyes and moaned in annoyance. “Yes, yes, I was outside the castle after ‘bed time,’ but I was doing it to protect you four! If you understood the severity of the situation, you’d realize what I did was for the best, but I have no idea what this ‘Chemical Chaos’ thing even is!"

“Don’t lie to me,” Rocky spat, coming up to him and feeling the strength in her system returning. “That’s what was throwing off your senses, or whatever it was you were muttering! You were looking for a well of Chemical somewhere hidden in the forest, but the power coming from all around you was too much to handle!"

“I wasn’t! If you want me to say what I was looking for then I’ll tell you!” he yelled back, catching himself before he yelled anymore. He didn’t want to lose himself in a stupid argument. She merely needed an explanation, right? “I knew there was a second demon pawn around here. That’s right, a second one of the thing I killed yesterday. It’s been floating around that forest ever since our battle, but I didn’t want to strike panic among us by telling anyone that."

“Oh, sure! Don’t tell the damn superhero about an impending danger that could injure several dozen, maybe hundreds of innocent civilians! Don’t tell the one person who’s JOB it is to defend and protect all of Tropican life! Don’t tell the one person who’s future offspring will make or break the entire outcome of our planet’s future, because you’re too concerned with being a such a-!"

Just when Rocky was about to absolutely lose control over herself and attack Genesis, the pitch and volume of her voice rising with each passing second, a dark beam shot past all the other creatures from the very edge of the woods and hit the robot hard. The force of the beam had smashed her into the wall of the castle, knocking some of the looser rocks around her down and nearly crushing the girls and Genesis underneath their stony might. The green hedgehog quickly looked to where the beam had been fired and sure enough, it was the demon pawn he was looking for.

Its body emanated so much power, the shadowy flame engulfing its bipedal body larger than that of its counterpart from yesterday. The green mage began prepared his stand off, hurrying away from the girls so the three of them could help Rocky get up from her downed position. It couldn’t be that much harder to take this thing down, would it?

Channeling his light magic once more, he withdrew his staff from thin air; placing his open palms on the side of the staff, he started at the top and began twisting it all the way down, creating a sort of golden fire “sword” that he could use with both hands. With the weapon all powered up, he charged forward quickly, but the demon pawn did as well, its sharp claws exposed and ready to slash! Genesis’ light sword clashed multiple times with the creature’s thick and sharp nails, sparks flying between each collision. He tried to get in a swipe or two at the creature’s arms, aiming to cut off its hands as Juliet was able to do before, but the more he attempted that, the more the pawn roared an eerily fearsome noise, throwing the mage off his rhythm. He needed something to distract it!

As if on command, a massive boulder came flying out from the left, ramming into the demon pawn and sending it far off to the right. The stone wasn’t finished, however, and began showering itself with pebbles upon crushing itself down to gravel. Genesis turned around to find Rocky controlling the stone, the side of her body looking slightly burned where the beam had hit her.

“You can’t keep this going for long, Rocky! You’ll tire yourself out like last time!” he called to her, the time on his light sword ending with bright burst of energy.

She huffed through her nose, steam coming out of her nostrils. “I’m just getting started, hedgehog! Just wait and see, I’ll show you that you’re not the only one to kill these things!” She then charged forward as the demon pawn climbed out of the rubble the girl had tried to suffocate it with. Her next move was physical, but powered purely by rage, her eyes flickering from white with brown pupils to black with red ones - almost like she was undergoing more than a mental change; quickly, she waved her arms about and smashed them to the ground, generating long, thick vines from underneath the pawn. The tendrils wrapped around the beast, binding its feet to the earthy crust and keeping its arms high above its head. This gave Rocky the perfect chance to deliver a powerful punch-kick combo attack, followed up with a body check that sent flying out of the vine’s grasp and back onto the ground, some distance away.

She held onto her side suddenly, wincing and still feeling the pain from the previous attack. It was within that short second of observing her pain that the creature replicated her body tackle and knocked her into an incoming Genesis, both of them now grunting in immense discomfort and irritation.

“How I am supposed to finish it off when you keep getting in the way?!” he growled, using his staff to help himself stand back up.

Rocky rolled over onto her knees, shaking her head and hair free from the dirt she just collided with. “Maybe if you stopped running around down here, where I can damage it, and start doing your little spring-jumping show, we’d get somewhere!” she fired back, clambering up to her feet aggressively. This was not the time to be joking, but she could help but comment on his fighting style. The two of them were so drastically different - while Rocky was the more, grounded style of melee combat mixed with long ranged firing, Genesis moved smoothly and quickly with beams and balls of light and wind, using his speed and his jumps to reach new heights and attack from above or below.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized that much like how she partnered with her sister (who had very similar speed and skill to the hedgehog), Genesis and Rocky would make a pretty solid fighting team, fusing their styles defeat these kinds of enemies. However, she wouldn’t dare suggest it outright, seeing as she really didn’t want anything more to do with him and he would be too stubborn to let her have a go!

After yet another set of failed attempts by the Conger Feean and the Tropican on individual levels, the demon pawn had transformed its arms into silhouetted flamethrowers, using the flames emitting from its body to fire at the two heroes. The dark fire wasn’t easily extinguished by Genesis’ wind, either, as he tried to create several small wind tunnels with his staff and hands, to evade the quickly burning grassland. Rocky immediately thought of the forest, constructing a purely non-flammable stone wall at its edge with swift movements, stretching as far as she felt their battle would take them. The time the two spent trying to demolish the flames was just enough for the demon pawn to hunt down both of its opponents amidst the fire’s haze and beat them into the ground.

Juliet, Emily and Lizzy screamed as they watched their friends fall before the obstructing view of the hazardous smoke, the last thing visible to them being the evil creature cackling wildly.

“Stand beside me, you two, I can generate a shield if I need to, but it won’t last us forever!” Juliet commanded, readying her arms as her magic necklace began to glow a bright blue. Emily grabbed on to her sister’s dress and Lizzy’s outstretched hand worriedly, pulling both of them close to her shivering body.

“Shouldn’t we go find them?!” Lizzy exclaimed, horrified to think about the great superhero failing as a result of her carelessness.

It was much too late for Juliet to answer, though, for the demon pawn rocketed out of the dark mist towards them, forcing her to put up a very poorly constructed shield of water magic. The evil monster kept beating on the protective surface, the three girls quivering in tear-worthy fear. It became harder and harder for the water mage to hold up her stance, especially with each new blow bestowed upon her defenses causing her pain deep within her Spirit. Would this really be the end for them?!

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Geneforce: Tropical Conversion Empty Chapter 7: Unleash the Genecanon

Post by Rocky on 5/27/2015, 6:26 pm

Deep inside the haze of shadowy fires, nearly being choked to death by its toxic fumes, Genesis struggled to stay up and awake, crawling around on the ground and covering his mouth with one of his hands. He was initially looking for a way out, but found Rocky instead, her body sparking and generating a harsh whirring noise from her shoulder as she tried to get up onto her hands and knees. Coughing and spitting, Rocky’s eyes filled with oily tears caused by the disgracefully hot and smoky air that surrounded the duo. It was then that Genesis realized what she truly was, his mental accusations confirmed once her eyes flickered from white to black, then back to normal like a battery-dry flashlight.

“So that’s it, that’s why you’re so tough!” he called, muffled through his glove as he approached her on his stomach. She turned slowly to look at him, somehow hearing him even with all the crackling noises from the ravenous fire. A stiff, guilty nod followed immediately afterward. She could not speak, as she tried to hold what little breath in her remained, but he continued on with a quick plan he had concocted.

“You really weren’t kidding when you said ‘Rocky the Robot,'” he began, still trying to keep his mouth and nose covered so he wouldn’t inhale too much. “…but that doesn’t matter now! We can’t give up now, we have a demon to stop and our friends to save!"

Rocky then reached out her hand to his floor-bound hand, placing it atop his for a brief moment in understanding of the situation. The two of them shared a brief moment of silence, Genesis’ eyes widening in anticipation. She then slid her hand off of his and suddenly smashed it back down in the shape of a fist, shooting Genesis up sky-high on another pillar of stone and dirt, waving “bye” to him with her other free hand. It was hard for him to process what had happened until the pillar of rock stopped growing. Now that he was out of the horrendous haze, he uncovered his mouth and slowly stood up, hacking and coughing up what felt like both of his lungs. The air up here was so much better, much more breathable, anyway! Wiping the saliva off of his muzzle, he looked around for his target, finding the creep smashing and bashing on Juliet’s nearly broken shield! It would pay dearly for what it was doing, but first, he had some fires to stop!

Using the pillar to his advantage, Genesis began to charge up both hands with light balls, summoning the fantastic powers from within his Spirit. He the began to fire both rays of golden light like a sprinkler upon the ground; once they touched the dark fires, they exploded into a fit of harmless sparklers, clearing the toxins from the surrounding air as well. The sprinkler effect was noticed by the young Princess, who pointed and shouted at Genesis gleefully, glad to see that he was at least alright.

“Look, it’s Genesis! He’s saving my kingdom with his magical light!”

“Lizzy, please, watch your ha-! Ahh!” Juliet screamed, distracted by the joy coming from her little sister and their new curly haired friend, but in such a way that her shield had faltered. The demon now had full access to them, and with one sweeping motion of its arms, it tried to smash all three girls into the ground.

As quick as the darkness had come over the girls' heads, light returned, only for them to look up from their cowering positions and find that the monster was no longer attacking! They looked around the area to try to find out what had happened, happy to see that to their left, Rocky was still alive and beating the creature down to a pulp of screeching embers. Her raw fury was clearly projected as she not only physically pounded and kicked away at its very being, but a hot red aura-like Emission began to flow steadily outward the more she beat into it. With every landed hit it pulsed like a quasar, and when the Emission could stretch no further outward, Rocky grabbed it by the throat, tossed it up for a bit of extra height and upper cut the thing higher into the sky than Genesis’ stone pillar.

“GENESIS! END IT!” the robot girl yelled, her voice hoarse with anger. Right on time, the hedgehog ended his sprinkling of light and used the same move to rocket up into the sky after the demon pawn.

“GENE-!” he roared, waiting for the perfect time to flip around his light-spewing hands and fire an even bigger blast at the dark pawn than before. “-CANON!!"

The explosion of darkness into shining particles of energy was exponentially larger than anything he had ever seen before, ever tried before! He felt as if he reached a new level of his own personal training with this finishing move; all of his motivation, his efforts and his… teamworks were clearly displayed here, in the disintegrating golden rain he had created. All signs of the fires had dissipated and the wind that the explosion generated rustled every blade of grass and every leaf on the trees. The sky seemed clearer, and the ominous silence of the hunt was replaced with the sounds of glorious nature.

As the girls cheered all together, jumping and clapping in pure bliss, Genesis began his descent back to the ground, directing his body close to the pillar. No longer afraid to smile at Rocky, as she returned the gesture for the first time since they had met, he began to grind down the side of the pillar before ricocheting off of it straight towards the girl.

Rocky jogged forward towards him, crouched down and jumped upwards to reach his height. Outstretching both of their outwards facing palms, the two collided happily in a grand high five.

Once they realized however, what they were doing and who they were doing it with, the two of them dropped back down to the ground with withdrawn hands as if nothing happened. Their expressions fell equally as hard, not even creaking out a tiny giggle at the sudden change in mood.

“That was a close call, huh?” Genesis said, turning away from the girl and stretching casually. Rocky yawned and wiped the sweat off of her forehead.

“Sure, but I’ve dealt with worse,” she replied, shrugging off the battle, completely in contrast to the immense pain she felt under her skin. He was no better.

“Yeah, well, obviously. I mean, I do that kind of thing all the time, but I guess you do too, since you didn’t do that badly…” he told her lowering his eyelids a little to inspect his gloves. A bit torn around the edges and somewhat singed at the fingertips, but what could you expect when you fired light balls from them?

“A government-employed superhero CAN’T do badly, or the world would be in shambles. You’re not too far off from getting a title like that, yourself, you know,” she responded a little sharply, looking down at him with a playful smirk. She really meant what she said. After all, she did give the A-OK to the Morphosaries when they asked for a reputable source to back them up on their interplanetary trek for justice. She had good faith in her understudies (the few of them that there were), but secretly, she thought of Genesis as equal to her, especially considering they had tied in a duel the day before. Of course, letting him know that would merely inflate his ego, something she tried to avoid because it was too big for her liking.

The green mage sighed lightly as he took the compliment and turned slightly to face the humanoid. “It’s a secret to everybody, but maybe you are ready to know who I really a-“ he paused, the interruption coming from the three cheering girls running up to the both of them. They both apologized and thanked their heroes, but it was in this moment that the fighters realized how much pain they had repressed, groaning and writhing as their aching muscles and limbs demanded for medical attention.

Even after Juliet’s limited healing energy repaired what it could, Rocky had called for a local hospital to come down a pick them up, but Genesis told her not to bother with himself and his two friends.

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Geneforce: Tropical Conversion Empty Epilogue: Epic Adventures Await

Post by Rocky on 5/27/2015, 6:30 pm

As the ambulance sirens came nearer and nearer to the castle, the wind mage had withdrawn his staff once more and and borrowed a little bit of Life Energy from his partners through concentrating as hard as they could.  As Rocky and Lizzy watched in awe and amazement, Genesis then took the staff and drew a large light circle in the air.  The result created a spiraling and glittering portal of sorts, and looking into it was very hypnotizing.  What was this technique?!

“As much as I’d like to stay and help you resurrect your kingdom, Princess Lizzy, I have another place I belong to that needs my help even more so,” he explained, quite nobly actually.  “We must bid you farewell for now, but I really do want to come back and see the progress sometime soon!"

The young monkey curtseyed and gently told them, “I hope you come in time for my first ball as host!  All of you!"

Emily hurriedly then rushed to hug her, even letting a few good-bye tears drip from her cheeks and onto Lizzy’s shoulder.  “Bye Lizzy!  We’ll miss you a whole lot!"

“Of course we will!  I hope you take care of yourselves.  You two have very important jobs to do and you’ll need all the rest and energy there is!” Juliet agreed, shaking Rocky’s large, bruised-up hand softly.

Once the girls' broke their embraces, Emily hopped into the portal, followed by Juliet.  Just before Genesis got in, himself, he turned around and smiled at the two of them.

“Whenever you guys come back next, you better not bring anything destructive along with you!  I’ve got a lot more work ahead of me now that you three came along!” Rocky told him, gesturing to the completely decimated battle grounds.  “If you do that again, I’m gonna track you down and make you clean it up with your bare hands!"

He began to slip into the portal, laughing as he listened to Rocky’s warning.  Sarcastic or not, he found her threats amusing; likely because he knew she would carry them out whenever she made them.  She’d have to catch him first, though!  “Yeah, heh, okay!  Hahaha, by the way!  Did I forget to tell you that we’re from another world entirely?  So don’t worry about the damage control!  Bye-sies!"

And with that final word from the green hedgehog, the portal vanished into a puff of white smoke, leaving both girl’s speechless as the caravan of ambulances and Rocky’s family came as close as they were going to get without overturning their cars.  A young blonde humanoid wearing a worried expression and incredibly high jumps over the gaps and bunches of rock in the grassy field came rushing over.  Her high pitched voice and sudden entrance forced Rocky and Lizzy to turn around to face her.

“Rocky, Lizzy!  What were you two doing here for the past two days?!  Did you get in a fight or something?!” Tori Kaos demanded, her gloved hands on her hips.

The Princess shook her head softly and covered her smile up with her hand.  “No, Tori.  Your sister was helping me fix up the castle, remember?"

“This looks like a little more- or less, rather, than fixing, don’t you think?” the younger super sister retorted, her eyes rolling around in the direction of the sky-pillar and wall bordering part of the forest.

Rocky then held up her hands and slowly closed her eyes.  “I’m not exactly the best at construction, then.  If you had my powers, you probably wouldn’t fare much better, Tori.  If you want the truth, it was a bit of an accident regarding some missteps.  I just need a minor repair and I should be back in business."

From the looks of it, Tori didn’t buy what her sister was trying to sell her, but she didn’t want to waste anymore time prying at the subject and end up nowhere.  Together, the three of them walked back to the hospital vehicles, no one but Rocky and Lizzy any the wiser of what really went down in the Orchid Kingdom.

The End…?

((Thanks for reading my story, guys!  I hope you enjoyed it and I know there's a little bit more chapter in here than what I originally thought there would be, but I didn't want to cram everything in so tightly.  Either way, I plan to hopefully write more stuff like this in the future!  I had fun!  Anyway, see you around on the forums!  ^_^ ))

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Geneforce: Tropical Conversion Empty Re: Geneforce: Tropical Conversion

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