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A Helping Hand

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A Helping Hand

Post by Luna on 4/6/2015, 5:49 am

The circle of life is an amazing yet terrifying thing. A human or pokemon is born, then they live a life full of emotions, adventures, love and hate, only to pass on some day. This story isn't meant to be sad or an epic. It's just meant to be the tale of the life I lived....

Chapter 1

My name is Lu. I'm a decendant of the Great Lucario who stood by Sir Aaron several hundred years ago. The power of aura is passed down from Lucario to Riolu through the generations.

 I come from the Almia Region; a place northeast of any major areas. Within that region, there is a castle. It's pretty rundown but pokemon still find it to be a sanctuary. My brother and I help our father guard an old artifact known as the Tear of Princes. The two of us focus our aura on a barrier that blocks off the room that the artifact is in, and our father guards the artifact itself. Nothing was meant to get through it. Until one fateful day...

I like to sit behind one of the broken down Riolu statues that stand to the left and right of the barrier, so I'm out of the way of other pokemon. My brother and I began dozing off when we heard something we hadn't heard in a very long time; footsteps. We jumped up and barked a warning to out father who responded with telepathy. I didn't like using telepathy. Way too much strain for me.

My brother and I stood in front of the barrier, ready to take down whoever was going to try and break in. To our surprise, it was a Ranger! We had heard rumors from other pokemon about the events that were transpiring all though this region, but to see a ranger here only confirmed them.

That didn't matter. Ranger or not, we weren't allowed to let anyone pass. The two of us took our stances and issued our challenge. 

The ranger rolled up the sleeve of the thermal that protected him from this cold and revealed a Styler. I looked over to my brother who shook slightly. We both knew that we were outmatched, but we had to fulfill our duty. He couldn't be allowed to pass.

The two of us leaped at him, the bone on the backs of our paws glowing and elongating into metallic claws. We slashed at him, but he was pretty agile; we couldn't get a hit in! The ranger shouted something and aimed his styler at my brother. The small top shot out and, following the pattern the ranger's fingers traced in the air, circled around my sibling. The trail that followed the top closed in on him as he ceased his attacking. I leapt backward out of range of the styler. I looked at the two that now opposed me. The ranger aimed his styler at me, and my brother stood idly by his side. Once more, the top flew out only this time circling around me.

I refused to end up under the control of a ranger! A flip up onto the top of one of the statues gave me a height advantage over the ranger, but the top still followed. 
Deep Breath. Focus your energy. Concentrate.

A blast of blue energy rocketed from my paws, shattering the trail from the top.
"I cannot allow you to pass!" I shouted via telepathy. 

The ranger leapt high above the blast and shot another top in my direction. This top was different; my brother was channeling something through it. I attacked the trail, but it seemed to be more resilient to my attacks! The trail closed in on me no matter what I did to try and escape. I could feel something take hold of my mind as I tried to fight off the control. 

As I fought the capture, the barrier flickered then fell. I dropped to my knees and held my head as the ranger progressed forward. 

"I'm sorry..." I whispered in my head. "I failed you, dad..."

"You did what you could. Do not say you have failed when you did what you-"

Our connection was cut off as I heard The Guardian speak to the ranger in human tongue.

"...ry well. You have proven yourself worthy to carry the Tear of Princes. Take her with you."

I hope he didn't mean me. My head was in pain as I was still fighting the capture. This was my home; I couldn't leave! A Lucario walked out of the back room with the ranger. The pokemon placed one of his paws to my head as the control was removed. I looked up at the Lucario and spoke through telepathy.

"No! I refuse to leave!"

"You have to." he responded, crouching down and moving his paw to my shoulder. "I need you to make sure that the ranger saves this world. Your brother and I will await your return, Lu."

I nodded silently, a heaviness in my heart. The ranger motioned for me to climb up onto his shoulder.

"Just becaue I agreed to go with you, doesn't make you my master." I snarled, refusing the ranger's actions.

"No, but it means we're partners. So you need to trust me or else travelling is going to be very difficult."

"...I refuse to sit on your shoulder."

"But all the trainers and their pokemon do it!"

"Do words go right through your ears, human? You are NOT my master." I hissed once more, before casting a glance to my father. "Please... Father... Don't make me do this!"

The great Lucario turned and walked back into the back cavern without a second glance behind. I turned away from the back entrance, and with a downcast look, walked off. The ranger jogged to catch up with me.

"So our next stop in the Harbura Desert. There we need to face the Sand Guardian and secure the Yellow Tear of Princes. It'll be quite the adventure, so I'm glad you can be a part of it!" He spoke, cheeriness in his voice. "I should introduce myself, shouldn't I? My name is Kellyn; what should I call you?"

I stopped moving and looked at him out of the corner of my eye. He will not have the honor of calling me by my name. I refused even that.

"You come in to my home, take away the Tear, steal me away from my brother and father, and want to be my friend? You want the right to call me 'partner'? That is something else I refuse. You will be known as Human to me, and that's it." I turned my head and continued to walk down to the entrance of the castle.



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