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The Haunting; A Horror Story Compilation Empty

The Haunting; A Horror Story Compilation

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The Haunting; A Horror Story Compilation Empty The Haunting; A Horror Story Compilation

Post by Maxwell on 1/16/2015, 12:09 am

(Please do not Post any Comments to the stories on this thread. There will be one created in the General DIscussion for you to post in, as well as give me ideas for any future Horror Stories)

The Red Wolf.

She snapped awake out of a deep sleep, screaming aloud in terror. In her nightmare, a large red wolf had been chasing her around and around the castle. She was alone in the large household, and the wolf was gaining on her with every step. She kept running in and out of the rooms, running and hiding from the beast. Her lungs were ready to burst as the large beast finally pounced on her and ripped out her throat. Luna lay shaking for hours, unable to sleep after such a terrifying dream.   

But morning finally arrived, and the day was completely normal. Luna forgot all about her dream, until Blastion reminded her that he had to leave for a few days. Luna's blue fur paled visibly. In her dream, the red wolf had come to kill her while Blastion was away. Her normally cool demeanor broke, and she begged him to stay. Blastion was a bit surprised as she clutched his hands, tears in her eyes. 

"Please," She sniffled. "Let me go with you! Stay here! Something!"

The firefox shook his head, telling her that this was a solo mission. He would get into some trouble with this employer if they found out he had help with a solo mission. He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips then forehead, told her he'd be back in several days.

Fearfully, Luna hid herself deep within the castle, as soon as Blastion had used the Lunar Gate to leave. She wandered the innards of her home aimlessly, her castle workers wondering what was wrong with their princess. When several asked her of any issues, she simply laughed off the questions, claiming that the only thing wrong was that she hadn't gotten enough sleep the past few nights. They nodded in understanding and went about their jobs. When it was time for them all to go back to their families, Luna begged a several of them to stay. A couple of the guards agreed to accompany her throughout the night, having been promised extra pay and rooming for them to seep in. 

The thought of at least a few people within the walls of the castle made her feel a lot safer. Luna walked the halls a bit more before retreating to her room for the night. She sighed, a bit content as she heard a guard walk past her room. She closed her eyes and fell into a sleep.

Luna snapped awake suddenly, every muscle in her body now tense. She heard the crashing of glass from a window in the hall, the cracking of the shattered pieces being crushed under the weight of something big. She cursed herself mentally for having the guards sleep so far away from her room. The sound of shuffling and growling could be heard slowly approaching her room. It reminded Luna of the sound she made as Deitengu when she was on the hunt. She could hear the clicking and scraping of the creature’s claws on the marble flooring. The musky, foul smell of wet animal fur combined with the meaty breath of a carnivore, drifted into the room. 

She could hear the beast's panting right outside her bedroom. The door broke open, wood and ice splintering across the floor. A large red wolf shook the broken pieces of the door out of it's fur and trained it's eyes on the terrified princess. It let out an earsplitting howl and charged at the ice hedgehog. She leapt from her bed and rolled across the floor. Luna felt the splinters dig into her arms and legs as she narrowly avoided a furious swipe from the Wolf's massive claws. She ran out the door and down the empty halls, looking behind her every few seconds. The wolf ran into the wall then turned and gave chase.

She ran herself into a dead end hallway, turning around as the wolf advanced on her. She had to react quickly; if she didn't, she would be ripped apart. She envisioned herself sharing a form with the demon in trapped in her soul; Deitengu. Luna slammed past the wolf as she shifted forms. A much smaller, but just as vicious version of Deitengu scampered through the halls, Luna in complete and total control. The growling and snarling was close behind her, the wolf easily matching her speeds. She could feel it's teeth sink into her tail and pull harshly, trying to pull her back. Lu-Tengu let out a pained snarl that turned into a howl, her claws scratching deep into the floor as she was slowly pulled backwards by the sheer strength of the wolf. Luna wouldn't let herself fall now. Her body screaming at her to stop moving and a searing flame of pain rushed from her lower back up to her brain as she painstakingly had her tail severed from her body. The wolf was thrown back as Lu-Tengu darted forward. It shook its head, tossed the limp tail to the side and tore after the bleeding princess.

The wolf veered away from her suddenly, and Luna felt a rush of hope. She couldn't hear the wolf now, nor could she see or smell it nearby. She kept running around the halls, heading towards the front foyer. To her intense relief, she heard the sound of a guard coming down the hall from the left.  Her guard could save her! 
Her heart stopped in panic and Deitengu forcibly shifted the ice princess back to her original form. She watched the unaware guard get pulverized into the ground as the wolf used his body as a springboard. It sprang upon Luna, huge teeth tearing into her flesh and ripping out her throat.  She fell under the weight of its body, hot blood spilling all over the ground, now feeling the beast's claws holding her gently. The last thing she saw was Blastion with a mortified look on his blood covered face, shifting from wolf to man once more. Luna's eyes then closed for good.

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