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Character RE-Design Contest! (Art Contest)

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Character RE-Design Contest! (Art Contest)

Post by RKRobot on 1/12/2015, 12:56 pm

Welcome, New-Genners, to another cool contest idea!  Participation is not mandatory, but if anything, at least 2 people would be nice to see!

While talking with Luna, we've found that while we both adore and love all of our characters that we spent hours and hours upon improving and playing around with, some of their designs could use a little bit of work~  Not to say that any of our characters are outright ugly, but they have weaker designs compared to some of the others we've created.
I'm more than positive you can all say the same for at least a few of your characters!

A design takes some serious creativity, energy, time and effort to crank out, but everyone needs a bit of help now and then!  That's why we're asking you, NewGeneforce, for your ideas on how to make our characters better with your improvements in design!

Here are the rules:
-You cannot change the original species or body type of the character.
-You cannot change the character themselves, i.e. personality, background, whathaveyou.
-You can change:
  -the costume/outfit
  -the colors/color scheme
-You can draw traditionally or digitally, but you can also use a doll maker such as the following:
  -Mabinogi Character Simulator (here: )
  -Any doll maker on Doll Divine (here: )
  -Any doll maker on Deviant Art
  (If you use one of these, you must make sure you let us know where you pulled it from!  That way we can credit it, accordingly!)

Pretty simple, right?  Just give them some colors that work and a new set of clothes, really!  It would also be appreciated if the new design wasn't over the top or over designed, because then it might be too complex to draw.  ^_^;
But who would you be drawing?

You can draw any one or two of these characters.  At max, draw all of them.  At min, just do one from each of the offerings.
  -Luna's Characters:
     -Maya the Mermaid (reference image/description needed)
     -Beowulf (reference image/description needed)
  -RKRobot's Characters:
     -Lizzy the Squirrel Monkey
     -Zane the Hedgehog

Colors include a light blue body with brown tips, peach skin for muzzle and inner ear, and red, black and orange colors for clothing.  Also has white gloves and green eyes.

1st: The winning design will be used by the creators as the new design to do with what they wish - likely to keep it - and you will earn 25 Contest Points that you can exchange at the Prize Counter once your bar is full!  The more Contests you win, the more you can earn to save up for a free drawing, story, or whatever it is you wanted from our Mod Family!  Keep playing!
2nd and others: 5 participation points will be handed out to all participants by default, unless you win.  This design might be used, or might serve as an alternate costume, but not as utilized as the winner's design.

Deadline: The end of January, or January 30th!  Don't wait too long!

If you guys like the idea and still participate, we could bring it back with some of your characters on the line!  Only through popular demand will this happen!

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Re: Character RE-Design Contest! (Art Contest)

Post by RKRobot on 3/11/2015, 4:13 am


Hero Admin
Hero Admin

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Age : 25
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