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Pokemon Beyond the Tall Grass: Chrono's Resolve

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Pokemon Beyond the Tall Grass: Chrono's Resolve

Post by ShadowFantasy on 12/17/2014, 4:18 am

Seven years later....

"Chrono! We need a hand over here!"

Nurse Joy called, Chrono looking up from his journal and nodding to Jade, his Purrloin that he'd rescued years ago, before going to the young woman's aid. As he rushes into the Pokemon ICU, he finds Nurse Joy with her Blissey and what looks like a Meowth with the charm on its head missing. It was crying and quite upset as he walked over to it and started looking it over before turning to Nurse Joy.

"What's wrong with it besides its missing charm?"

He asks her, the young Nurse gesturing over to a Gulpin that seemed to be having difficulty breathing.

"That Gulpin somehow got ahold of it and swallowed it. It's choking on it now and I don't know what to do with it!"

She exclaimed, the Blissey next to her patting her back a bit as if to tell her that everything was going to be okay. Chrono sighed and nodded, getting some rubber gloves on and walking over to the choking pokemon. He really didn't like poison type pokemon at all. They had the nasty tendency to either puke on him or accidentally poison him. Not that he really minded being poisoned because his natural gifts made it so that it was never the hugest of deals, but it was still something he'd really rather not have to deal with. He motioned for Nurse Joy to come over and looked up at her.

"Hold its mouth open as much as you can. I don't want it accidentally eating one of my gloves too."

He told her, the young medical nurse nodding quickly and doing as she was told. Chrono then carefully reached into its mouth and felt around for any sort of hard object inside of its gullet, finding something smooth and oddly shaped in there before grabbing a hold of it and taking it out. He winced as some of the creatures stomach acid's touched his gloves but he soon had a near perfectly preserved Meowth charm in his hands and he quickly took it over to a nearby sink and washed it off. After neutralizing any kinds of poisons that might have been contaminating the charm, he was met with a sound glomp on his hand from the Gulpin, who was doing its best to show its thanks and making Nurse Joy giggle at him. He sighed and moved his hand out of the creatures stomach before patting it lightly, taking out a small array of variously colored poffins and offering a green one to it. The Gulpin quickly nommed it and gave a happy cry before Blissey showed it out of the room. After that he went back over to the Meowth and showed it the charm, to which the scratch cat quickly snatched it from him and put it where it belonged. After giving the now very relieved Meowth a quick blue poffin, Blissey showed it out of the room so that Chrono could wash up. He was soon met with a happy hug from Nurse Joy, making him chuckle.

"Oh my god thank you so much! I didn't know what to do with this and I didn't want to lose an arm or something to that Gulpin's stomach acid's."

She told him, Chrono smiling and nodding to her.

"It's not a problem really. I just wish I knew more than just the basic's of Pokemon medical science. I could definitely help out a lot more if I did."

He told her, the Nurse sighing and nodding.

"I know and I'm really sorry that there's not a very good medical program here for you. Wasn't the one you wanted far off in the Kalos region?"

She asked him, Chrono nodding in reply.

"'s expensive though and honestly Jade's been getting really restless lately. I think I need to either find her a friend to play with or I need to do something about being here for the rest of my life."

He admits to her, the Nurse nodding in agreement before getting an idea.

"Why don't you ask Professor Green about that? Maybe he'll have something you could do to help you out?"

She suggests to him, the young male nodding in agreement.

"That sounds like a good plan. I think I'll do that. Thanks Joy."

He tells her, the nurse quickly smiling as they exited the room.


Later that day, Chrono took Nurse Joy's suggestion to call up the good Professor and ask him for maybe a way to fulfill his life's goals and make his Purrloin Jade happier about being cooped up so much all the time.

"I know the perfect way for you to do everything you want to do. I actually have a small group of traveler's that are probably around Vermillion City right about now. They're very friendly and I'm sure they'd handily welcome you to their little group so that you can travel and learn as much as you want about Pokemon and how to take care of them! I have a spare Pokedex somewhere around here that'll help you out with learning all about the different pokemon that are out there and their habits, environments, even their special qualities that might make them difficult or easier to treat than other pokemon. If you want, I can send the pokedex over to you immediately and you can try to meet up with them. If you take a ferry from Olivine City then it should transport you to the port in Vermillion City. Once you get there you'd be looking for a couple of young boy's and a young girl. One of the boys is a nice young man named Cerise that wants to be a pokemon breeder so I'm sure your interest in pokemon medical science could be very useful to him should he hatch any eggs along the way! How about it?"

He explains to him, Chrono giving a big grin to Jade as she paws at his face and purrs. Seems that she wanted to go on a journey just as much as he did. And who knows, maybe he'd even find some pokemon that Jade could play with or even some that can help him treat injuries just as well if not better than he can!

"I'd appreciate that very much professor. I'll head to Olivine as soon as I can get a map from my mom. And thanks for this opportunity. I can't wait to meet this group of yours. They sound very interesting!"

He tells him, the professor chuckling in response.

"Good luck to you Chrono! The journey they're on is full of danger but also great rewards. Never give up and you'll definitely achieve your medical dream's!"

The professor tells him, the two finishing up their conversation before saying goodbye to each other. Jade purred and rubbed her head on Chrono's face, making Chrono chuckle and pet her smooth purple fur gently.

"You heard all of that eh Jade? Well I can tell you that we're definitely going to leave this place as soon as we can. I want to learn everything I can and become the best Doctor in the world someday. It's going to happen if it's the last thing I do!"
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