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Breaking Life

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Breaking Life Empty Breaking Life

Post by Maxwell on 11/1/2014, 12:19 am

Part 1:

Her hand trembled violently as she aimed the pistol at Decoda. She quickly aimed at the others as they tried to get close, halting their actions. Loka looked at them through the cracked visor of her helmet. Her breathing was audible and raspy, as she took a step back.

"Don' move!" She shouted, taking the safety off and aiming at Decoda once more. "I'll kill ya!"

Decoda set down his pokeballs, put his hands up, and took a step towards Loka. He flinched at the sound of her gun going off, the bullet wizzing past his shoulder. His allies ducked for cover and stayed to the ground to avoid getting accidentally hit. He stopped walking when he got about 2 feet from her. The gun was now pushed up to his chest.

"Loka... Stop." Decoda started. "This isn't you. You aren't being yourself; just a puppet on Nascour's strings." he slowly placed a hand on hers and lowered the gun. It clattered to the dusty ground beneath them. Loka fell back against a crumbled wall, staring up at Decoda through the cracks in her helmet. The young musician knelt down and took the helmet off of her. Tears were streaking from her sole eye. It held a look Decoda had never seen before; fear. Anxiety. He knelt down and placed a hand gently to her cheek, looking at her with blue eyes full of concern... and something else.

"You'll be alright... I promise you." he whispered to her, stroking her cheek. She smiled at him ever so slightly before ramming the switchblade deep into his stomach. Loka listened to him gasp and cough in pain before pushing him off to the side. She stood up and watched Decoda try and remove the blade. With a satisfied grin she picked up the gun and casually, yet steadily, aimed it. First at Cerise, then Rizu, then Catia.

"Who wants to join him?" she spoke, looking at Catia as well as keeping the gun on her. "Ya have a thing for him, so why not take ya out next?" Catia slowly stood up, surprised that Loka let her. However, when she started to advanced on the armed trainer, the reload motion halted her actions. "After all, you've tried stealin' Wes from me, an' Decoda too when I tried to try somethin' with him. It was almost as if..." she tapped the gun to her chin before aiming it at Catia once more. "As if ya didn't want me to be happy, or even try to experience love again..." Loka scoffed and shrugged, moving her hand slightly. "Bang."

Catia let out a small screech and covered her face, covering her face. Loka simply laughed at her, then aimed the pistol at Cerise. The crazed look in her eye softened.

"Young Cerise..." She started. "So innocent an' pure o' heart. Good or evil, I'll never be able to bring myself to hurt ya. There aren' many people like ya left in the world, an' I'd rather not lessen that number."  So she simply aimed back at Catia and fired, unblinking. The girl let out a scream before she hit the ground, blood pooling from the bullet wound right below her sternum. Loka rolled her eye and growled. "Oh please, it wasn' like I hit anythin' important!"

She stepped over to Rizu who pulled out a pokeball and motioned to challenge her. She smiled at him and wrapped him in a tight hug.

"Rizu, so quick to fight. Family ties can be so strong, yet mean absolutely nothin'!" She then cracked her little brother upside the head with the pistol, the pokeball falling from his hand as he crumpled to the ground. She turned to Cerise. "Oh don' worry, they won' die, unless you don' get 'em the attention they need."

As Loka walked away, Decoda weakly grabbed her hand. She looked down at him and scowled, wishing he would pass out already. He looked up at her with pained eyes, as he slowly used her to help himself stand. Loka didn't budge, allowing him to fall against her. She could feel the hilt of the small blade against her armor.

"L-Loka... What happened to you...?"

"I found my place." she spoke, pushing him away. Decoda stumbled back, but managed to stay upright. "I found where I'm needed, an' not held back."

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Breaking Life Empty Re: Breaking Life

Post by Phirania on 11/1/2014, 9:10 pm

Welp, happy halloween everyone!

But this seems like an interesting story! I'm looking forward to seeing where it progresses from here! oddish!~

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