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Ryo: Land of Blood and Fire

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Ryo: Land of Blood and Fire

Post by ShadowFantasy on 10/13/2014, 11:01 am

Ryo. Infamous in the land of the living to be the land of the damned. Blood and Fire all rules supreme and survival is the only rule. What does it mean that I've wound up here? I don't have any memory of how I got here nor do I really care. Everything's shadowed in mystery for me. Everything's so black and white. Weakling's die, the strong live to fight another day. I lost more than my fair share of blood over that. Not like it's anything new anyway.

I need to put the pieces of my memories together once again. Maybe then I'll figure out how I died. All I know is that everything that I've done here means nothing if I don't survive long enough to regain my memories.

I've heard tell of a crystal that can restore what once was lost to someone. It's in the deepest part of some place called the Brimstone Pit. Like hell if I know what that is. But I'm going to find it. I have to find it. And I will. Or my name's not....

Kyorhin Shierken.
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