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Pokemon: BtTG- The Story of the Ascended

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Pokemon: BtTG- The Story of the Ascended

Post by Luna on 9/11/2014, 3:26 am

            Powerful pokemon walked the earth long before humans and the pokemon you see everyday. Arceus, the father of all. breathed life into the human race while Mew bestowed pokemon unto the world. Arceus sent his children, The Legendaries, to guide the humans. He had them take the forms of humans and walk among them.

           As time went on, many humans became corrupt. The children of Arceus searched for humans that had not succumbed to darkness and corruption. When such humans were found, they were brought to kneel before the Great deity himself. Here they were judged. If they passed, the gained the blessing of the 'Avatar' that had picked them, thus becoming known as 'The Ascended Ones'. If they failed Arceus's judgement, they were killed right then and there. Should an Ascended be killed by Arceus, any other mortal with memory of the Ascended would forget them; except for other Ascended.

             The humans who passed, lived the rest of their days  in the service of Arceus. He would summon them if he had a task for them, which would be carried out with great pride; no matter the task.

          When the Ascended would die, Arceus would send the affiliated Avatars to select another human who they thought was worthy of the gift of Ascension. Some of Arceus's children went behind his back and chose humans to ascend without going through the judgement of the Creator. However, Arceus always found out, and seeked out these humans to judge them.

Many of them Failed.

         Arceus became furious with his children for ascending humans without his judgement. Despite his anger, and looming wrath, several of his children still ascended humans. This time, they were a bit more careful in hiding the ascended. It took Arceus longer to find them, but he did. He always did. As a punishment for his children, he forced each avatar to kill each human they ascended without his judgement.

        To this day, the Avatars still run the risk of Ascending humans when Arceus will eventually find them. To be ascended by an Avatar without kneeling at the hooves of Arceus; the Creator, is an eventual and inevitable death.

"To be Ascended is to accept the bond that an Avatar is offering to share with you. It's a great honor, but the decision of if it's a curse or a blessing is completely left in your hands."

-Pokemon Master Red; Ascended of Arcticuno.



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