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Decoda's Story (PKMN:BtTG)

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Decoda's Story (PKMN:BtTG)

Post by RKRobot on 8/23/2014, 5:45 am

Inspired by Luna's "Loka's Story", I created the entire background for my Pokemon:Beyond the Tall Grass character, Decoda.  It's everything that leads up to him obtaining a Mudkip and meeting the Professor.  Enjoy!


The bright lights of an average two bedroom Pewter City home suddenly flickered out.  Beyond it, other houses along the dusty road began to dim as well.  Then the rest city was consumed by darkness.  This was one of the worst blackouts young Decoda had ever seen.

The 10 year old scruffy-haired boy reached for a flashlight in his nightstand drawer.  Crawling out of his bed and onto the floor to look harder, the gray pajama-wearing kid finally found what he was looking for.  He clicked the switch to turn it on.  He almost tripped over his electric guitar on the way out of his room, but got up quickly and  hurried out of the house.

Decoda wasn’t the only one worried about this, as when he brushed his shaggy reddish brown hair away from his blue eyes, he found several other families leaving their homes and looking towards the mountains.  Within those mountains, hydroelectric and wind turbine generators resided, powering the city and more importantly, the Pokemon Center.  As everyone looked on with great anticipation, an explosion of rock and dirt suddenly engulfed one of the tall wired towers and forced it to collapse.  There was no fire that caused it, so it seemed, so most of the town thought of only one thing - the construction crew was under attack by wild Pokemon.

Decoda bolted for the mountains, flash light in hand and dirty sneakers on feet.  While one of his neighbors had called out to him, he refused to listen to their concern.  He had to check on his father, one of the many men and women who worked on the site tonight.  Panting furiously, he couldn’t care less about stepping on pointy rocks or getting his pants dirty.  He was fueled by his adrenaline, the only thing that could carry him two whole miles at this time of night.

By the time he reached the very edge of the site, the young boy was exhausted.  His clothes and shoes were ruined by this long and enduring trek.  His flashlights battery was almost out of energy, blinking as if he were purposefully switching it on and off again and again.  He tapped the head of the light source against his bruised hands a few times before going back to climbing up and over most of the boulders in his way.  Now the sounds of grunts and screams grew louder, probably coming from wild Pokemon.  What Pokemon were so upset with these people?  Did they do something wrong?

The wide open chasm the crew often operated out of was completely wrecked, metal and stone smashed throughout the space.  Decoda looked over the edge of cliff, watching the group of 20 or so humans being chased about by violent Geodudes, Graveler and Onix.  He couldn’t see his father from this high up, even with the aid of the moon’s white light.  Shutting off his flashlight and finding the nearest set of stone-carved steps downwards, Decoda headed down into the mess for a better look.

Another explosion hit the very same cliffside as an Onix tunneled through the hard chunk of earth, shaking Decoda to his knees.  Thick edge pieces of the stairwell slowly crumbled away, forcing tired and weary boy to get up and run faster down the steps.  Stumbling over the last of the platforms and falling right on his face, Decoda began to drag himself away from the mayhem, clinging to the side of the stone wall.  Dust and pebbles swirled all around the chasm, making it even harder to see anything from down here.  The only thing he knew to do now was cup his cut and dirty hands over his mouth and scream.



A worried voice called back to him, but it wasn’t his father’s.  A figure finally emerged from the temporary clearing dust storm, running at him full force.  A young muscular female in shredded overalls and busted up hardhat rushed over, Decoda recognizing her as one of his father’s favorite co-workers.

“Melanie!!  Melanie, where’s Dad?!”

“I can’t find him anywhere!  We’ve already lost Johnson and Kevin-!” she said, her voice wavering with fear as she bent down to hug him.  She pulled back, and all he could see were her tear filled gray eyes.  Her torn and bleeding arms and face were much too hard to look at.  “Why are you here, Decoda?”

“The power went off at home and I wanted to come find Dad!” he shouted over the next blast of stone and rubble shattering the ground a short distance away.  Melanie spun around to cover the kid’s head and neck with her gloved hands.  She quickly scanned what remained of the cliffs for other ladders that the workers used.  Finding one across the chasm, she gulped and gestured with her chin over to the steel set of rungs he could use.

“Listen to me, you have to make it over there in one piece!  I’ll find your father,” she said, trying to sound as calm as possible.  Immediately, the boy rejected the idea as she let go of him.

“Not without you!  Not without Dad!”

“You’re so brave… but I'll be the one to find your father,” she smiled, removing her hard hat and putting it on his head.  Her eyes leaked another few tears as she turned back into the smoke and stone to do what she said she would.  Decoda’s eyes welled up with water, but only to rev up his adrenaline once more.  He bolted for the ladder after a massive Graveler rolled by, leaving behind sharp shards of flint and minerals behind.

A few Geodudes saw the kid fly by them, rearing back in surprise, then rushing in to attack with their powerful arms.  Two of them began trying to punch at Decoda as they gained speed, while the other went straight for the ladder.  It saw that it was bolted into the wall and knew that the little red head was running right for it, so the rock Pokemon began to pull as hard as it could on the metal ladder.  Furious that this creature was trying to prevent him from escaping, Decoda, finally reaching his destination, latched onto the contraption and began to climb up like a wild Mankey.

“You’re not gonna hurt anybody anymore!  Not while I’m around!”

As he reached the Geodude, successfully pulling off one of the middle rungs of the ladder instead of the whole thing off its hinges, Decoda delivered a punch so strong that it sent the Pokemon hurtling to the ground below.  His knuckles were bruised and bleeding and sent vast amounts of pain pulsing through his body.  Decoda screamed in agony, wrapping his other arm around the pole of the ladder to hold on and examine his wound.  He didn’t have that much time, as the other two Geodudes, the ones previously chasing him, were now on the top of the ladder.  Finishing the job that the other one attempted, the steel structure shook until its bolts were broken free.

Decoda was sent careening backward as the Geodudes pushed the poles forward.

His scream could shatter eardrums.

The fall would kill him.

A gust of wind rushed by his ears, and his body suddenly fell into another’s, but this one was more upright.  This one took him from backward to forward in a single swift leap.  Then Decoda’s eyes opened.

Before him was the tall, tan skinned, thin-eyed and dark haired Gym Leader Brock.  The smile he gave Decoda was brief, as well was his presence.  Not saying a word, he turned back towards the chaos in the chasm and leapt onto his mammoth Onix’ head, holding its horn as he went down to battle back the other rock Pokemon.  Decoda remained in his grounded position and his eyes slowly closed once more.  He was too drained from all energy to even move.

“Decoda!  Decoda!”

A voice familiar to him called his name, over and over.  The bright white light of the morning sun was blinding, but it did force his eyelids open the rest of the way.  He looked around to see most of the workers reunited with the town’s police force, while ambulance sirens in the distance carried off those who were injured or dead to the hospital.  He was surprised he wasn’t on one of them himself.


His eyes scanned in the other direction to find his father crouched down in front of him.  He chuckled playfully, holding out a bandaged up arm and keeping the other close to him, wrapped tightly in a sling.  His beaming son threw his arms around his father.  He was alive!  Thank Arceus, he was still alive!  After wrapping both his arms around his father’s neck, Decoda noticed that his punched-out knuckle was wrapped tightly in a bandage, cushioned by a cast.  He couldn’t move any of his fingers!  A little surprised at the sight, he pulled away, but another look into his Dad’s eyes soothed his worries.

“Why did you come here?” asked the older man with a smirk.

“I wanted to help you and make sure you were okay!  I thought you needed my help,” Decoda answered a little less than confidently.

“I got everything all under control.  Don’t you worry,” he grinned, and with his free hand, he reached into his pocket to pull out a red and white ball with a silvery button in between both colors.  The boy’s blue eyes widened.  “I caught one of ‘em to release in another part of the mountains, but now that I think about it…”

He paused, then continued as he passed the ball into Decoda’s hands.  “I want you to train it so you could help it become as heroic and selfless as you are.  It could certainly learn a thing or two from my model-citizen son!”

“But Dad, I didn’t… I couldn’t do anything!”

“Nonsense.  You got the neighbors so concerned about you when you ran off from home that they alerted the police.  And if it wasn’t for your screams, Melanie wouldn’t have run from that incoming Graveler when she did.”

“Melanie!!  What happened to her?!”

“She’s alright now.  She was taken away in one of the ambulances, but with a concussion, broken nose and a fractured rib.  She could’ve come out a lot worse than she did had she been crushed by that Rollout attack,” he nodded and looked down, his smile faded.  Decoda then looked back at the ball he held in his hands.  Inside was one of the monsters that attacked his friends and family.  He was unsure about keeping one of them.  What if it turned on him?  What if he didn’t take care of it and it abandoned him?  This would be his first Pokemon.  Now he wouldn’t need one if he went to see Professor Oak, but it was a lot to think about.

He finally put the ball in his own pocket.  “Thank you, Dad.  I’ll do my best for you.”

The two hugged once more, and got up to see the others, happy to greet both father and son.  Brock, surprisingly, was still here, but helping the workers on the cliff.  His and his family’s Pokemon down below helping to clean up the destroyed construction site.  He turned to the man with the broken arm and the boy he rescued.

“We’re all glad to have you alive and well, Encyrano.  We’ll take care of the repairs, but I don’t suggest you return to work for quite a while,” he said calmly.

“Oh, I’ve heard plenty of that from the doctor, already.  I appreciate your concern and for saving my son.  She… she would have given me hell for letting him go like that…”

“You both can rest easy now,” the leader smiled, but then glanced down at the small red and white ball protruding from Decoda’s pocket.  “You’ve caught one?”

“Oh, um.. well, my Dad did.  I don’t have any Pokeballs or Pokemon,” he added nervously, taking it out and showing him.

“I see.  Well, let’s see what you’ve got.”

Decoda looked at his Dad, back to Brock, then down at the ball.  He took his good arm and threw the ball down on the ground.  A capsule’s suction was heard and a glowing silhouette of a Pokemon materialized.  After the ball bounced back into his hand, a Geodude appeared from the glow, grunting and glaring at it’s new trainer.  Decoda recognized this one by the chip in its back - it was the same one that he punched to the ground.  The same one for the cast on his hand, and likely the same one that caused others so much pain.  The Pokemon also recognized Decoda.  It was almost shocked that it was supposed to obey this loud, punchy kid.  It folded it’s powerful arms as Brock began to analyze it.

“Technically, this is a traded Pokemon, since Encyrano is a registered trainer and caught it first.  From the Rock Throw attacks it was using yesterday, it’s pretty high leveled.  Maybe around 18 levels of experience.  You won’t be able to train it easily because it has trouble obeying other owners, even if it was just for a few short hours.  However, traded Pokemon can nearly double the amount of experience for every battle it participates in.  You also can’t nickname it, but I don’t see the point of that if you only have one of this Pokemon.  Oh, and one more thing…”

Decoda was overwhelmed by all this information and very much confused.  In an impulsive burst, he spun around to Brock and sighed, “What now?!”  He quickly covered his mouth, ashamed he said that aloud.  Encyrano looked worriedly at the leader, but he only laughed.

“I was just going to say that after you’ve properly registered yourself as a trainer, I’d like for you to stop by my Gym.  I want to ask you about joining my team so that I may study your training with your new Pokemon more closely and teach you the basics.”

The little red head gasped as both his and the Geodude’s mouths hit the floor.  Brock wants him to be a trainer at his Gym?!  Unbelievable!  His father was bewildered, but his eyes were wide with excitement.  Decoda was amazed - what a way to get him into the world of Pokemon!


“Zubat, use SuperSonic!” cried the young dark haired trainer from his side of the stony room.  The walls were cool and gray, but the kid’s sweat dripping from his brow begged to differ.  This battle was hot!

“Geodude, Smack it Down before you get hit!” a slightly deeper voice called out to his Pokemon.  He was confident that Geodude was evasive enough to miss this attack.  All those Rattata and Pidgey he fought had to make a difference!

“Geo!!” yelled the rock/ground type, ducking under the projecting waves coming from the screeching bat’s mouth.

“Watch out, Zubat!” the challenger shouted, hoping his Pokemon would confuse Gym Trainer Decoda’s best.

Surprisingly, the bat got lucky enough to hit the hovering rock with its attack, promptly stunning and confusing the grumbling Pokemon.  His attack was still in order, though, but instead of hitting the Zubat, it hit itself, and fell to the ground.  Too dazed to get back up, Decoda grinded his teeth and clenched his fists, declaring his challenger the winner.

“Dammit… Fine!  You’re the winner.  You’re free to move on to face Brock, but he won’t be so easy!” he growled, furious that his plan had failed again.  The timid little boy he was facing jumped for joy as his fluttering little bat Pokemon danced around him.  With an stuttered yet excited “thank you”, the two ran outside and to the Pokemon Center for a quick heal.  The bitter red head snorted as he headed to the middle of the small field to fetch his Pokemon.  He bent down on one knee and patted its head lightly, trying to snap it out of confusion.  When the Geodude woke up, it looked up at its trainer and frowned.

“I know, man, it’s hard.  You did your best today.  I think they’re using something from the store that’s getting them faster and faster these days.  Maybe you need to build up your defense some more,” he spoke to the Pokemon, who only nodded with a weary gaze.  Decoda then picked up his little friend and carried him off to go tell Brock of the news.  As he walked behind the Gym’s back door, he found Brock feeding his own creatures.  Thankfully the ceiling was tall enough to fit his Gym-only Onix.

“Hey, Brock.  Another one beat me.  He’ll be back soon.  You should get to the front,” Decoda said nervously, scratching the back of his head under his hat with one hand.  The other still held onto Geodude, who wanted to hop over to its friends to share the food.  Brock then turned around without a smile.

“I’ll go out shortly.  Decoda, I’m not angry with you,” he began to say as he picked himself up from his crouched position. “But your training seems to be slipping lately.  This is the seventh match you’ve lost this week, and Trainer Joel has defeated several of your opponents with almost the exact same team of Pokemon as you.  Is there something wrong?”

“Well, sir…actually…” Decoda tried to cough up, not wanting to look his boss in the eyes.  He was 14 now.  He had to do this maturely.  “Can I talk to you after the match?  I should really give Geodude a rest, anyway.”

The leader nodded.  “Very well.  Take as long as you need.  I’ll be in the arena waiting.”

Upon leaving the air conditioned, rocky gym with his Geodude in its Pokeball, he headed to the Center.  Hopefully, he wouldn’t run into that kid who defeated him a few minutes ago.  Luckily, by the time he got there, the place was deserted, save for a Nurse Joy he grew to know very well.  He approached the counter and handed over his only ball.

“Hey, Nurse Joy,” he sighed weakly.

“Oh, did you lose the match?” she inquired, putting the ball into the special healing machine behind the counter. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright.  It’s only the seventh time this week,” he placed a gloved hand to his head and rubbed off his sweat.  His nerves were going a little haywire since he had that meeting with Brock in a bit.

“Wow, you don’t come here that often!  What’s going on?  Are you working yourself and your Geodude too hard?”

“Maybe I am, but it doesn’t feel like I’m doing enough.”

“Have you been distracted with something else, perhaps?  Maybe a young lady or a family concern?” she wondered, finishing the healing process.

“It's probably is a pretty heavy distraction," he said, looking away as if he was trying to beat around the bush.  "I’m still doing all the exercises and spending all my days off trying to level up Geodude, but…”

Nurse Joy lowered her eyelids pointed her lips off to the side as if she knew this was a lie.  She only handed him back his Pokemon when he spilled the truth.  “Okay, okay, not all my days… and I have skipped a couple training sessions here and there to finish a song…”

“A song?  Are you a musician, Decoda?” she asked as her eyes gleamed with fascination.

“Sort of.  Not a very good one, but how else am I supposed to practice that and work at the Gym?” he shrugged, putting his Pokeball back into his gray pants pocket.

She giggled, then added, “I say, go with what you like to do more.  You could have a career either way: maybe as a successor to Brock at the Gym or maybe you could become a famous musician!  It’s not my place to say which one you should try, but I wish you luck with whatever decision you choose!”

The red headed teenager smiled up at the friendly nurse.  He nodded, bit his lower lip and waved on his way out of the Pokemon Center.  That got him in a better mood.  Now he could totally face Brock and tell him the truth.

When he arrived back at the Gym, the battle had already been finished.  Brock’s fallen Onix was lying on the floor, fainted while the leader himself was awarding the boy and his Zubat the Boulder Badge.  Decoda heard the speech so many times already he could recite it word for word.  What stunned him the most - even though it shouldn’t have - was the little trainer’s ability to persist through the fight and take his reward with pride.  These kids - these challengers - were often just a few years younger than him, and while he also knew that age didn’t have anything to do with ability, it sure made a difference in experience and wisdom sharing.  And yet in the four years that Decoda was one of Brock’s Gym Trainers, he felt like he hadn’t learned all that much.  Maybe that was kept him losing...?

The kid passed the teenager enthusiastically, hoping to move on to his next adventure and all the challenges in between.  Brock returned Onix to the Pokeball and headed off his leader’s platform to meet his young pupil.

“You’re just in time.  Now, come with me,” he smiled.

The leader had lured the young trainer outside.  The back of Gym had an excellent view of the sunset, the colors slowly fading into the mountains around the city.  Brock then welcomed Decoda to a seat on a stone bench near some cultivated vegetation.  When the teenager sat down, his boss reached behind a small shack on the opposite side and pulled out a long hose.  He began to give his specially grown herbs some water when he spoke.

“During my morning jogs, I can hear your guitar through the window.  You play well for someone your age.  Have you been up all night playing?” he asked, Decoda blushing from being found out in this very strange way.  Well, there was no point in trying to lie about this.

“Sometimes.  Other times I wake up with an idea and I have to try it out,” he confessed, tapping his foot nervously on the gravel and dirt mixture beneath the bench.  “But thank you…”

“Sure.  I had a feeling that it was getting in the way of your intense training.  You push yourself very hard, even though you look so tired when I see you come in.  I can’t give you any more time off, but I can talk to you to help you choose what you want to do,” he replied, turning off the running water and inspecting the flourishing plants for blooms.  “Have you talked to your father about any of this?”

“Not really.  He’s still really focused at work, now that he’s been promoted to Supervisor.  He wants to make sure that the committee knows they made the right choice.  But, um… he knows I play.  He got the guitar for me when I was six, so he’s known for quite a while too,” Decoda admitted.  Brock only nodded and turned to look at the young musician.

“Happy 8th Anniversary for you and your guitar, then,” he chuckled.  That made Decoda laugh a little too.  “You’ve got a special talent for playing.  I wonder how you would do in a Pokemon contest… Either way, have you ever considered becoming a professional instrumentalist?  You can become very wealthy if you be careful with your decisions.  Surely, it would bring greater honors to this town than what my family Gym can do,” he finished genuinely.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t wanna outshine you at all!  If I’m going to do anything, I’d wanna help out Dad and send him some money to help pay his medical bills.  The fame and fortune is only a footnote in any plans I would have for that!” he said as he waved his arms rapidly in a criss-cross pattern.

“Then again, if you choose to stay at my Gym, you are welcome to for as long as you want, but the only thing I advise is setting up a schedule for practicing one thing at a time.  It’s too difficult to handle your position at the gym, taking care of your Pokemon and father, and having time to practice your passion.  If the things are combined too often, your health and mental stability will suffer, and in turn, so will they,” he warned gently, standing up again.  “I don’t want to pressure you into a decision right away because these things take time.  My job here at the Pewter City Gym is welcome all trainers into their first real Pokemon League Challenge, but also to reiterate the basics of training their Pokemon and themselves for the hardships ahead.  I want to teach you those same basics so that you can succeed one day too, Decoda.”

With great respect and admiration welling up in his heart, the young red head grinned brightly at his boss.  For someone so young, Brock certainly had plenty of knowledge and strength of his own, giving Decoda plenty of hope for his own future.  Even if he hadn’t thought about it too much, he certainly did like working with the leader and the Pokemon he grew to love along the way.  He didn’t want to give that up just yet.  His musical career was much harder to reach anyway… there was all this to prepare and all that to discuss.  It would be a mess before he got started!  Here, he already had an established job with the best trainer in town and he was close to his father if he needed any help.  The most logical choice was right under his nose - he had to take it.


The morning mountain trail thundered with the steps of six trainers and all their Pokemon.  Leading the pack was Brock, running alongside his Geodude, who was using its arms to carry its solid body along the path.  In third was Decoda, 16 and accompanied by his rolling level 28 Graveler.  Physically, Decoda was not only taller and stronger, but his big blue eyes had slimmed and his chin had narrowed.  His rough skin was more capable of withstanding the grit of an intense work out, and tying up his his long brick red hair wasn’t a problem for these activities.  He and Graveler kept up with the troupe of other Gym trainers and their Pokemon well, breaking the start of a sweat by the time they reached the Gym again.

After everyone got all cleaned up and ready for the incoming trainers looking to battle, Decoda found his first match against a young girl with glasses.  A Pokeball and Great Ball she held in each hand.

“I’ll take your Graveler down, no problem!” she called from across the stadium.  “Go, Metapod!”

Decoda smiled at her as she unleashed her cocoon Pokemon onto the field.  Graveler stepped forward, and shook its arms up and down, trying to intimidate the opponent.  The Metapod wasn’t phased, so Decoda had to comment.

“I’m not so sure my friend agrees with you, here.  Then again, it’s been a quite while since we lost to a bug type.  I’d love to see how you plan to do that.  Rock Polish, Graveler!”

“Raise one stat, you lose another!  String shot, Metapod!”

The speed enhancement move allowed the giant rock to roll out of the way of the accuracy-lowering string attack.  It kept firing (and missing) until the girl ordered a different command to try and change things up.  “Fine!  Tackle it!”

The Metapod flew at the Graveler full force, knocking the heavy Pokemon back a smidge.  It easily regained its balance as Decoda shouted, “Use Rock Blast!”  With a grunt of approval, the Rock/Ground type chucked 4 decent sized rocks at the green, crescent shaped creature, hitting it four times and causing it to lose health drastically.  The young girl let out a light scream as she watched her Pokemon topple over.  Luckily for her, it picked itself up.

“Metapod, hold on with Harden!”

A shimmer of steel hardening flickered over the Bug type’s body, hoping to withstand the next attack.  Unfortunately, the red head’s next order would eliminate it from battle.  “Smack Down, Graveler!”

The stony beast stomped over and smashed a powerful fist into the cocoon, knocking it out.  The young girl reluctantly withdrew her dazed Metapod, and opened up her Great Ball as she called out, “You can do it, Pikachu!”

A small yellow and brown electric mouse popped out of the blue and white capsule, a slit in its tail signifying its female gender.  Decoda smiled widely.  “I haven’t seen a Pikachu in the longest time!  This calls for a special move!  Graveler, use Rollout!”

“Then Pikachu will use Quick Attack!  Hurry up!” the girl wailed, clasping her ball in her hands tightly.

The little yellow mouse barked in approval, charging with great speeds at the giant living boulder.  Graveler used this opportunity to spin into its own ball and tumble forwards, almost as if it was playing “chicken” with Pikachu.  Neither of them budged off their tracks, resulting in both Pokemon colliding and flying backwards into the walls of the stadium.  Pikachu came out of it much weaker than before, but now even Graveler was starting to feel a little worn out.  What level did she catch this one at?  No wonder it needed a Great Ball!

“Great job, Pikachu!  How about a Tail Whip followed by another Quick Attack?” the girl called to her Pokemon.  Graveler eyeballed Decoda, waiting for his next idea.  This Pikachu wasn’t at all like the last one they defeated.  They needed a move that would hit every time.  Like the girl, he told his Pokemon, “Okay, let’s use another Rock Polish and a Smack Down!  Finish the fight!”

A grunt of comprehension sent the Graveler straight into polishing itself off, but thanks to Pikachu’s tail whip attack, it slowly started to lose defense.  This made it feel uneasy, but as long as it’s friend felt confident in it, then it too, wouldn’t worry.  Graveler dodged three of the Pikachu’s Quick Attacks before finally getting kicked in the face by the little Pokemon.  It could feel its health reach the mid point.  It could only take so much more.

Decoda clenched his fists and teeth, but tried to conceal it as best he could so Graveler wouldn’t lose focus.  “Come on, buddy… you can do it…” he muttered under his breath.

The Rock/Ground Pokemon finally got back to its feet, ready to deliver the final move to the yellow Pokemon.  It was still pretty quick to dodge, so Graveler began to spin after it, furious that it wouldn’t hold still.  Then, the living boulder finally caught up to the mouse.  The Pikachu sparked wildly, and tried to distract its opponent.  Without mercy, the fainting blow smashed the yellow rodent down for the count.  Graveler dropped to its backside and panted.  Boy, was that battle tough.

The young girl then hurried to collect her Pokemon, and started to cry from such a devastating loss.  She glared at the bigger Pokemon, holding her little mouse close to her body.

“You could’ve been nicer to her!” she yelled, a light quiver in her voice as she turned to exit.

Decoda sighed, finally being able to relax.  Even though he fairly won, he still didn’t want to make her cry.  “Hey,” he called over to her from his side of the arena.  “The Pokemon Center is down the road, and we always accept rematches.  You can try again, later!  You’ve got a good start!”

The girl adjusted her glasses and turned around to him before walking out.  “Thanks,” was all she responded with, and ditched the Gym to heal her tiny team.

The evening came quickly, and Decoda bid his “goodnights” to his fellow trainers and Brock after a long day of battling.  The leader, however, stopped him before he could continue his walk home.

“Decoda, hold on.  I’ve got to deliver something to your father and I know he’s off from work today.  Do you mind if I come with you?” he asked, waving a small, plastic bag in his hands.  Decoda nodded and smiled, signaling him to follow along with a simple hand motion.  “Sure thing, sir!”

The walk home was peaceful, as the beautiful white stars came into full view as they neared the residential area of Pewter City.  Decoda struck up conversation with his boss to help with the tinge of boredom he felt.

“I usually come up with some song lyrics on the way home, inspired from all the battling, and write them down when I get back, but I don’t think you’d want hear anything like that,” he said sheepishly, unsure of how Brock would answer to that.

“I would not mind to hear you play sometime.  I’m sure the rest of the city would too.  We could hold the event outside the Gym on a Saturday.  Any players coming in to town that day could still fight the other trainers and myself, but also be able to listen to inspiring music,” he suggested, interested in making this a tourist attraction of some sort.  Decoda laughed.

“I don’t think I’m that good!  I’ve never really felt like I inspire anyone!”

“You inspire your Pokemon to do well, even though you could lose the ability to command it in battle in another few levels.  You have to continue to fight gym leaders like myself if you want to continue to inspire Graveler,” he noted, causing Decoda to raise his eyebrows.

“Really?  Graveler won’t listen to me if I keep training him?”

“That’s right.  You have to begin a journey with your Pokemon and complete all eight Gym Leader challenges to make sure you and your Pokemon grow stronger as a team,” he replied as he took out one of his many Boulder Badges from inside his pocket.  “All Pokemon see badges and as a sign that their trainer is skilled enough for them to lend their powers to you.  It’s the same way for Gym trainers to follow their leaders.  With enough battling experience, it’s easy for others to follow you.”

“It’s even easier if you’re half decent!” Decoda laughed, but he was certainly serious with that statement.  He had heard of too many trainers being cruel to their Pokemon, and bosses being horrible to their employees.  He would hate himself to no end if he ever caught himself being that heartless, mentally shuddering at the thought.  Luckily, his thoughts had stopped at the sight of his blue and gray-painted home.

The lights were on in the house, as per usual when his father was home.  A wide grin from Encyrano greeted the two of them joyfully as he opened the front door and stepped aside so his son and friend could enter the building.

“Brock!  It’s great to see you again.  Coming for dinner?  I should have cleaned up the place a little more, but-“

“No, sir, it’s only a gift.  I won’t stay long so you both could get your rest,” the gym leader interrupted, holding up one palm.  He then proceeded to walk over to the dining room table and placed his bag gently on its surface.  He turned around to them, relaxing his face into a smile.  “I’ve actually come to speak to you both about Decoda’s future.”

The older man brushed back his dark brown hair in surprise.  The teenager cocked his head, taking off the tan and orange cap that rested there.  “What do you mean?” Encyrano said before his son could.  “Are you firing him?!”

Brock then started to laugh and simultaneously pulled down the bag on the table from the item inside.  The object revealed was a special metal box, two clasps keeping it shut on either side of its handle.  Decoda walked up to it, getting a feeling it was for him.  He unlatched the smooth silver locks and pushed up the lid.  The contents forced his eyes and mouth open wide; a shimmering electric microphone, a red guitar pick, a set of headphones, a set of brand new strings and an amplifier the size of the box (hidden behind the other items) filled the case to the brim.  Encyrano looked on with awe and slowly approached the two staring at the equipment.  Everyone was silent for a few moments until Brock began to explain.

“I know when you decided to stay, your other hobby suffered with all the time you’ve spent at the Gym.  You’ve been working at my Gym for almost 6 full years, and I’m proud to say I’m glad you spent all that time here in the City, but your career as a musician won’t be available to you forever,” he stated smiling.

This gift was incredible, and not since Graveler had Decoda gotten something from anyone so amazing.  Of course, he recalled several gifts from his father, Brock, his fellow Gym trainers and Melanie that he certainly treasured, but this meant more to him because it hit on an emotional level.  It brought tiny tears to his eyes and the biggest grin to his cheeks.  He turned back to his boss and asked, “You mean, I can go out and play?  I mean, my music?  I can be a rockstar?”

“All of this is yours,” he said, gesturing to the things in the case.  “If you accept them, I will not be hurt if you do not decide to return to the Gym.”

Shaking his son’s shoulder’s excitedly, Encyrano added, “You could finally explore the other regions and cities!  I’m too tied down to my job to join you, but if you really wanted, you can go out and live your dream, son!”  His eyes were bright with glistening tears of joy.  Sure, his father didn’t want to throw his 16 year old child out in the wilderness, but that was the only way he could get out there and make a name for himself.  If he got far enough, he could make it to the Radio Towers in both Lavender Town and Goldenrod City in Jhoto and spread his talents even further!  Like any good father, he only wanted success for his offspring, and Brock had given him that chance.


The following two weeks were busy for both Decoda and Encyrano.  The teen had packed up his new equipment and guitar, along with a single change of clothes.  Money he’d saved up, leftovers from helping to pay the bills, was accounted for and put into a wallet.  Medical supplies were shoved in an outside zipper slot of the guitar case for easy access, but even after all this preparation for Decoda’s big leave, something bothered the red head to no end.  He stopped in his tracks after he had put his black, sleeveless jacket on, deep in thought about what would happen to his father if he wasn’t there to help him.

He couldn’t have Melanie or any of the other co-workers from the construction company help take care of him if necessary - they had lives and families of their own to worry about.  Asking Brock would be asking too much from him, and his friends at the Gym would be too worried about their battles to care about one of their co-trainer’s father.  Suddenly, the Pokeball on his brown belt twitched.  Decoda looked down at the little wiggling ball as his eyes widened.  Graveler then appeared beside the teenager in a glow of light, a smile spreading across its face.


Could it be that he wanted to be the one to…?  No, that seemed impossible!  Decoda had to ask.

“Graveler, do you want to help me?  Could you maybe watch out for Dad, protect him and keep him company while I’m gone?”

“Graaaah,” it nodded, patting the human on the back with two of its four arms.  Decoda was amazed that his friend had understood such a command, even though it would mean that the two of them would be apart for some time.  This would also mean that Decoda would be out of a Pokemon, but perhaps it would be beneficial, as there would no longer be a second mouth to feed or rush to a Center to heal.  This was still rather conflicting for Decoda, as he crossed his arms despite the aura of confidence emanating off of his Pokemon.

Then, a knock at the door came.  Without hesitation, the red head answered it, finding Melanie on the other side.  In her hands was a small wrapped box.  “Hello, Decoda.  I’m glad I caught you before you left.”

Once she was inside, she handed him the little present and smiled.  “Is this for me?” he asked, shyly.

“Sure is!  I made it myself.  It wasn’t easy, so I hope it tastes better than it looks!” she giggled, leaning against the back of the sofa with her arms crossed.  Her long braided ponytail swung over the opposite side, tied up with a red ribbon that matched her deep blue jeans and white t-shirt.  Decoda then began to open the box, finding himself face to face with a Leppa Berry Pie.  Messy as it was, he could see all the glittering pieces of sugar that topped the crumby desert and slices of berry sticking out of the top.  He was sure it would be good, and closed the lid of the box to let her know so.

“It looks great, Melanie.  Thank you so much,” he smiled, trying not to cry.  She noticed him holding back, and walked forwards into him, taking the pie from him and handing it to Graveler.  She then hugged him tightly, sad that he was leaving, but at the same time, happy for him.

“You’re a brave boy, Decoda.  I’ll bet your mother and father are so proud of you.  I sure am,” she concluded tenderly, heaving a deep sigh before letting go.  She wiped away her own fresh tears and put a firm grasp on his shoulder.  Her grip was harsh despite her small hands on Decoda’s upper arm muscles.  It was clear that even after that accident six years ago, she had recovered fully and had gotten even stronger since then.

A grumbling noise came from the side, and both of them looked to see Graveler about to devour the entire pie in one bite, the golden brown mess held well in it’s large rocky hands.  The Pokemon stopped itself and looked at its friends, blinking twice, a bit embarrassed about getting caught.  Then it put the pie back in the box and frowned glumly.  Melanie burst into laughter, followed by Decoda.

“It’s okay!  I can always make one especially for you, buddy!” she chuckled, taking the pie back from the hungry creature and thrusting it to Decoda.  He accepted the treat (again) with one hand, the other holding his gut from laughing so hard.


That evening Decoda had finally finished packing and lugged everything onto his back and into his hands.  Outside his home with his father, Melanie and Gym Leader Brock for the last goodbye, he hugged each member of his “family” once more before taking off the sole red Pokeball from his belt.  He turned again to his father, who was welling up with tears but smiling all the same.

“Here, Dad.  You need someone to help you out on the site, and at home.  Graveler said he wouldn’t mind,” he said, dropping the ball into the older set of hands.

“He’s gonna miss you,” Encyrano sighed, holding the ball gently.  “You might need the protection, too.”

“I can always catch someone else to help me, but right now you need an extra four arms to keep things under control!” he tapped the little button on the ball, releasing the Pokemon so he could say goodbye to his old friend.  Brock smiled widely.

“You’ve traded your Graveler, Decoda,” he said, as the giant boulder creature started to materialize beside him.

“Yeah, it’s the only thing I can do for-“ he was cut off by his former boss.

“That means Graveler will evolve.”


Just as soon as the Pokemon appeared, it grabbed his old trainer tightly with all of its arms, but then it started to glow once more.  It looked just like the time he evolved from a Geodude into a Graveler.  Decoda felt the strong energy surge through his body as the Pokemon held onto him.  Within seconds, the gray, stony faced Rock/Ground type became a larger, darker bodied, and more reptilian-looking creature.  His head protruded from his body and he lost two of his arms in place of brown skin and sharp claws.

Now hugging Decoda was a fully grown Golem.  Everyone smiled at the event and Melanie clapped.  The Golem pulled away from Decoda to show off its new body to everyone.  “Congratulations, Decoda and Encyrano.  You now have your very first fully evolved Pokemon, Golem!” Brock said as he proudly folded his arms.  “This is a special evolution that only occurs if you trade a Graveler.  It’s because of this technique that it’s rare to find them in the wild.  Luckily, they are stronger than their previous evolutions, providing perfect protection for their trainers.”

“Wow, that’s awesome!  Great job, Golem!” Decoda said encouragingly, wiping a single tear from his blue eyes.  He was so glad his first Pokemon had evolved so quickly, and he knew that his Dad would certainly utilize every ounce of his power for work and company.

With one last look at all the wonderful people he cherished, the red head finally inhaled deeply and turned around towards the road ahead of him.  His father, Melanie, Brock and Golem all waved goodbye as they cheered him on and hoped for the best.  Before Decoda turned the corner at the end of the road, he looked back one more time to see his father crying on Melanie’s shoulder.  Brock was now focused on Golem, examining the new evolution with his squinty eyes.

Decoda chuckled to himself, “They’re all gonna be just fine.  I won’t let them down.”


From that day on, Decoda kept in contact with his father, Golem, Melanie and Brock, happy to share his adventures through the rest of Kanto, all through Jhoto and around the city of Slateport in Hoenn.  In between his little gigs in Vermillion, Lavender, Saffron, Goldenrod, Olivine, and Blackthorn, along with two recordings at both radio towers, he had picked up reading the Kanto Professor’s work to try and replace the time he spent with his Pokemon.  As interested as he was, he always went right back to honing in on his musical skills, until the very day that he was called by the Professor he admired so.  Barely getting off the ship that took him to Hoenn, he went right back on after receiving a local mudfish Pokemon from the researcher.

This is where his real adventure begins…

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Re: Decoda's Story (PKMN:BtTG)

Post by Phirania on 8/24/2014, 12:15 pm

A really in-depth and fascinating look into Decoda's past! The struggle Decoda faces between his passions and reality was the most interesting part, I think! You really gave a good feel for Decoda as a person, and what he values!

Great job!

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Re: Decoda's Story (PKMN:BtTG)

Post by RKRobot on 8/24/2014, 12:45 pm

Thanks so much!! It was really cool to try and reinvent the character this way and now I'm really excited about writing for Pokemon characters!
I almost want to give my future Omega Ruby file to him so I can play the character. XD

I hope you decide to do this for Cerise too, because I would love to read about him!

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Re: Decoda's Story (PKMN:BtTG)

Post by Phirania on 8/30/2014, 8:53 am

You should do a playthrough of Omega Ruby with Decoda and put it on YouTube. I'm curious, though! How long did it take you to type this all out?

As for Cerise... I will only leave you with this...

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Re: Decoda's Story (PKMN:BtTG)

Post by RKRobot on 8/30/2014, 9:56 am

OOOOOOHHHHHHH MY GOD IDEAAAAA~  You are such a genius.
About 2-3 days of processing and typing out all the details is all it took.  Mega concentration, though.
I was originally gonna nix a lot of the scenes in here, but since I had been watching a ton of fan fiction dramatic readings and reviews, it kinda pushed me to make it fuller.  Not saying that I wanted to make it perfect, but I wanted to make it good and detailed.

GASPU.  WHAT DID YOU DO TO THAT SWEET BOY   *melodramatic emphasis*
I am still excite for it!!

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Re: Decoda's Story (PKMN:BtTG)

Post by Phirania on 8/30/2014, 10:16 am

Alright! Well, you certainly succeeded on what you wanted to achieve!

I DID NOTHING *shifty eyes* Huehuehue

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Re: Decoda's Story (PKMN:BtTG)

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