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Forum Formats Concerning RPG

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Forum Formats Concerning RPG Empty Forum Formats Concerning RPG

Post by Rocky on 7/7/2014, 6:20 pm

So I was browsing the Discussions sections again and found myself fixed on this post from Blastion a while back.  This quote can be found under General Discussion -> How Do Powers Work In The Geneforce Universe.

Blastion wrote:"In fact, how about we put in the RPG Section a "Format" Thread or Section?
This way when someone starts an RP they can say at the top of the post "RPG Format: Geneforce Standard", "RPG Format: Medusa Galaxy" or "RPG Format: Free For All", "RPG Format: Powerless" etc etc

This way RP'ers can see the world's default power format.

While this may not be required at all since people explain their worlds anyway, it may be useful if someone wants to start an RP with the same set of rules as another RP, but wants to make it slightly different, or even set up a main story that just so happens in the same RP but in another part of it's world."

Let's talk about this one.  I may be misunderstanding this, so forgive me.

It appears as if this is already taking action in the Contest, as well as Princess Admin Luna's Pokemon Reboot topic, so I put those on high pedestals for cracking down on non-active players and setting the bar for the RP.  Check them out and you'll see what I mean.

To set up this RPG Format, it really does depend on the RPG and the creator of the thread.  We shouldn't generalize them all by creator, as some may want to try different things.  However, Zazul has proven over the years that creator specific RPGs can work if the other players are familiar with their work (source: Geneforce: Next Generation Episodes).  So if you DO prefer to stick to a certain style of RPing, that's fine.  Just say so here, or in your threads' rules/regulations section.  ^_^

For those who like to mix it up, how about we come up with a code/tags/whatever for the title of the topic?
If your RP is meant for funsies, a light hearted romp or is purely for crack coupling, why not use AU (Alternate Universe), Non-Canon, Lulz even?  I really don't care what it is, just make sure you stay consistent.  That's honestly why I made this a topic to discuss things on so we can agree to certain labels.
As for increased difficulties, let's take a page from the ancient book of the past, The Unbalanced Galaxy (Moderate RPG'ers+).  Good.  It defines more detail in the Original Post, but enough to draw players in with the topic intensity in description.  Do we want to stick with generic labels like:
(Silly - flying potatoes, fantasy land stuff, thhhppppppptttt)
(AU - special rules unique to the RP)
(Crack - any couple really, any friendship, no higher maturity rating than PG-13 for fics)
(Simple - not strict at all, post rate is slow, nobody dies, happy endings, potential twists)
(Moderate - some kind of strict, minor characters and side characters could be killed, you should be good at writing if you're here)
(Intense - so strict you could be booted out, involves killing major characters, possible plot twists)
(Hardcore - also at the upmost strictness, definite death of characters and maximum drama/violence/borderline offensive - this one honestly shouldn't be here since that would violate the rules)
(Table Top - identical to moderate or intense, may involve dice rolling and character sheets, as well as original characters)
(D&D - dice rolling, constant updates, character deaths)

The title alone is not going to be enough to determine how serious your RP is. A Day At The Amusement Park turned into the entire aforementioned Geneforce series, so this really should be brought up.  Even Ray/Pleadies had a leg up on this by creating a separate topic describing what kinds of tags he uses for his RPs and Fics, though I will no longer encourage that.  That's why I wanted to settle this here.

I also see nothing wrong with multiple labels per thread.
If you want an "Intense Crack" RP, go right ahead.  If you want a "Silly AU", be my guest!  ^_^

Geneforce, I need your input!  Let me know how you feel about this idea!  Thanks!

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Forum Formats Concerning RPG Empty Re: Forum Formats Concerning RPG

Post by Phirania on 7/8/2014, 9:12 pm

Sounds good! I'm all for using this in the future! ^u^

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