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.:Birthday Gift:.  Empty .:Birthday Gift:.

Post by Maxwell on 6/30/2014, 5:47 pm

Here's a poem I wrote back in '12. xD

She lived a life of solitude.
She lived a life of vain.
She lived a life in which there was
A strong, ongoing pain

She had no friends on which to lean
And cry her issues to.
She had no friends to give her love
And hope and kindness too.

She thought about it day and night;
She lay upon her bed.
Her mind made up, she grabbed the gun
And put it to her head.

Right then a ring came from her phone.
She pulled the gun away.
Her mother was on the other end
And she just wanted to say,

"Happy Birthday, my sweet little girl.
Today is just for you.
I care for you with all of my heart.
I hope you know that's true."

These words ran through her mind so much.
The gun was down for good.
She had changed her mind about her life
And then she changed her mood.

She thought about that specific day
And what her mom had said.
The gift her mom gave her that day
Was the gift of life, again.

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.:Birthday Gift:.  Empty Re: .:Birthday Gift:.

Post by Rocky on 7/1/2014, 1:14 pm

*eternal clapping*
VERY well done, Luna.  Excellent.
Where would we all be without our parents/guardians?

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