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NewGeneforce Pokemon League

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NewGeneforce Pokemon League

Post by Luna on 6/24/2014, 6:13 am

I closed off the Original League for reasons, but since X and Y are out, I think we should be able to handle the League again. Or at least the Gyms. There will be 8 gyms, but they will not be numbered. Once you pick what your type will be, let me know. When all 8 slots are filled, we can open it up so new members can battle us. I'll work on designing badges for your gyms once you tell me your type.

Because there are people that do not own X or Y, we will be using pokemon showdown.

I am Luna, the Ice Type Gym Leader. pleasure to make your acquaintance.



“siht i furgot that wheres that bitch Sirloin when you need her”
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Re: NewGeneforce Pokemon League

Post by RKRobot on 7/14/2014, 11:59 pm

"It's true that I look like an experienced Gym Leader, but it's only been a short while since I arrived.  However, my hard style and crushing moves should be enough to prove that I am experienced enough to face trainers like you!  I am Keinan, the Ground Type Gym Leader!  Get ready for the beat down!"

All I really need to do is practice how to use this program (Showdown) again, and I'll be set!  ^_^

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