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Post by Rocky on 6/22/2014, 9:38 pm

Here, participating Winners can select any offered prizes they choose.
Anyone can volunteer to be a Prize giver.  The current Prize givers are:

  • RKRobot
  • Luna

The list can also be modified at any time to add or relieve Prize givers.  No one is obligated to give prizes unless you are on this list.

Prizes can be exchanged for Contest Points/Earnings from you profile.
Here are the list of available prizes:

-An Outfit Designed For any One Character from Luna: 25 Contest Points
-A Weapon Designed For any One Character from Luna: 25 Contest Points

-A Traditional Free Sketch from RKRobot of any one character: 50 Contest Points
-A Traditional Free Inking from RKRobot of any one character: 100 Contest Points

-A Traditional Free Mini Comic of any Two Characters from Luna: 150 Contest Points
-A Digital Group Shot of 2-5 Characters from Luna: 200 Contest Points

-A Collab Digital Art between Luna and RKRobot of 2-5 Characters: 250 Contest Points

There are a few rules to abide by when accepting a Prize.

  • No Refunds
  • Harassment and pestering of the giver for the prize will terminate your prize and give you a Warning
  • Prize givers have up until the next contest to give their prizes out - any extension of the time needed to complete the prize must be talked about with the Winner who asked for it
  • Failure to give prizes at all will result in a Warning
  • Winners must be A SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE with their prizes
  • If the prize comes to the Winner as offensive or hurtful or misrepresents their character that was not requested as a joke (ex: a drawing of Vein given to user Blastion, requested as preforming wind magic, comes back as hentai is unacceptable) then they can redeem their Contest Earnings for something else from another user or they can try again from the same user.  This should not happen, but this rule is up just as a disclaimer.

Otherwise, the Prize Counter is reserved for Winners with Contest Points/Earnings to request their prizes available.  Thank you for participating in the Contests, NewGeners!  ^_^

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